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St James & Emmanuel

Our vision

We believe we are called by God To grow a diverse, worshipping community, where we encourage belonging and nurture believing; together becoming followers of Jesus who share God’s love with the world.

Belonging Believing Becoming Welcome to St James & Emmanuel

Jesus once told a story about a tree that grew from the smallest of seeds. As it grew larger and larger the birds of the air were attracted to the shade and made nests in its many branches. Mark 4:30-32

Our church structure and visual identity are based on this story. St James & Emmanuel is like this tree with many branches, meeting in four buildings, with four Sunday congregations and numerous mid-week groups. Each of these branches offers a different and varied place of belonging. Our church is home to many community groups and voluntary organisations and, together with our church school, we offer a place of sanctuary and welcome for thousands of people and help them to fulfil their calling in the world. We hope you will find a place here too.

Our shared values

Our church has been shaped by its history. When the two Anglican churches of St James and Emmanuel united in 1981 it created a diverse Christian community.

We value and treasure our diversity.

Our diversity enables people with different personalities, experiences, and backgrounds to find a place to belong.

We value and treasure belonging.

From a place of belonging we find ourselves on a journey of discovery and growth in faith. From Sunday services and mid-week groups through to courses and our church school we nurture the journey of faith in Jesus.

We value and treasure believing. The journey of faith in Jesus is exciting, transforming and challenging. As we journey toward God we find that we respond creatively by expressing and sharing the love of God through local and international projects, the arts, and community involvement.

We value and treasure the journey of becoming. Our shared values enable our church to become the tree Jesus talked about in his parable; a place where people can shelter in its branches, experience the transforming power of God’s love and take this message out to the world. In order to nurture these shared values we feel particularly called to develop five key branches of our shared life.

0ur shared life...


We develop the unique strengths of each of our four diverse congregations. • We encourage everyone to use their unique gifts for the benefit of all. • We offer relevant and life-enhancing Bible teaching and inspiring worship. • We support the life of each congregation through a hub group of lay leaders. • We offer pastoral care to each congregation. We also feel called to: • Encourage greater participation with those on the margins of our church family. • Plant new congregations when appropriate.


We offer a diverse range of homegroups where we can get to know other people in a safe environment of loving support. • Our homegroups provide a place of sanctuary in our pressurised and complex world. • Our homegroups develop the life of faith through prayer, Bible study, and opportunities to serve inside and outside our church community. • We support and care for homegroup leaders, equipping them to provide imaginative and positive approaches to spiritual growth. We also feel called to: • Increase participation in homegroups. • Help other small groups, task groups or ministry groups within the church to take on more of the characteristics of our homegroups.

Youth and Children

We offer a diverse range of youth and children’s groups across the church and throughout the week. • We encourage children and young people to grow in all aspects of their life and faith in Jesus and participate fully in the life of the church. • We support, train and develop teams of adult helpers under the supervision and guidance of a trained youth and children’s minister. • We work in close partnership with Didsbury CE Primary School by providing practical support, good governance, pastoral care, and an integrated approach to the education and spiritual development of each child. We also feel called to: • Develop closer links with other local primary and secondary schools. • Develop our youth ministry. • Actively welcome children and young people with little or no church background. This ministry is undergirded by the Safeguarding Children guidelines.

Local Community

We work creatively with our local community for the benefit of all, seeking to serve and to learn from our neighbours as we share God’s love in word and deed. • We invest in our church buildings so that they support our life and mission and provide a high quality resource for local community activities. • We support those who care for the marginalised and needy. • We share resources and mission opportunities with other local churches. We also feel called to: • Support congregations in other parts of the deanery (Withington) and diocese (Manchester) when invited.

Global Community

We believe that care for creation and the world’s most vulnerable people is fundamental to following Jesus. • We support projects in deprived areas of the world. • We support our mission partners by prayer, personal interest, giving and going. • We are a community that works for and, where necessary, campaigns for a better stewardship of the world’s resources. We also feel called to: • Learn how to live a simple lifestyle for the benefit of all. • Bring environmental concern into all aspects of church life.

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Didsbury Park

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St James


Parish Office, 6 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6TR Tel: 0161 446 4150

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Vision Booklet  

We believe we are called by God to grow a diverse, worshipping community, where we encourage belonging and nurture believing; together beco...

Vision Booklet  

We believe we are called by God to grow a diverse, worshipping community, where we encourage belonging and nurture believing; together beco...