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The adventure of Sammy Squirrel

Hello, I lost my tree. I need to find it!

Produced with Key Stage 2 pupils from Dame Catherine Harpur’s School as part of a project on sustainable energy at Calke.

Sammy is fast asleep in his tree. Sammy’s tree is cold so he curls his tail around his body to keep warm. Sammy is cosy. Zzzz, zzzz.

Sammy goes out to look for food. When he comes back his tree is gone. “Oh no!” he says. “Where are they taking my tree?”

Sammy sees his tree in a lorry. He runs after it and jumps in the lorry.

The lorry goes down the road. Vroom, vroom.

Sammy sees people put his tree in a big machine. His tree is cut into small pieces.

Whirr, whirr, chop, chop. Sammy is very unhappy.

The men put the bits of wood onto a lorry. Sammy follows the lorry to a big house called Calke Abbey. Vroom, vroom.

The lorry goes into a yard. It tips all the bits of Sammy’s tree into a bin.

There is a big boiler, next to the bin. It is warm here. Sammy curls up and falls fast asleep. Zzzz, zzzz.

Sammy soon finds a new tree with food and friends.

Sometimes, on a cold winter night Sammy creeps back to the boiler and has a nice warm sleep. Clever Sammy!

The adventure of Sammy Squirrel  

Sammy follows his favourite tree form The National Forest to the National Trust's Calke Abbey.

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