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Maximizing Your Return On Responsibility. Our culture created our record. From its very inception in 1970 – long before formal CSR metrics became central to companies seeking authentically reputable supplying partners – Creative Group has quietly strived to practice ethical corporate citizenship. More than in words, we have lived out – and continue to live out – these principles in our actions. Nevertheless, more people, organizations and businesses today are – quite understandably – requesting “report cards” to corroborate sound alignment with their own values, standards and practices. After all, everyone’s reputation is subject to the company they keep. For the value this transparency provides to our communities, employees, customers and future business partners, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the ways our practices hopefully sync with yours. Good for people. Creative Group directly supports a variety of worthwhile causes, not only through monetary contributions, but also through service hours and gifts-in-kind. Respected organizations such as The Salvation Army, Sharing the Harvest, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Clean the World and Community Blood Center are a few examples. CGI Gives Back ’10. This year-long community service celebration marked the company’s 40 yearanniversary through 16 community service projects – including Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans 9th Ward, American Cancer Society, Northern Illinois Food Bank, Children's Hospital Wisconsin, The Salvation Army and Meals with Meaning. Accelerating Client Initiatives. An account manager coaches a client to consider options to channel hotel, airline and other points earned through client spend to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A chef plans a menu around locally grown produce. A catering service manager performs the logistical steps necessary to ensure that surplus food from a banquet makes a timely delivery at a local emergency shelter. The examples are as multi-faceted as our capabilities – and often as unique as our clients. Creative Group adapts and supports client-specific CSR practices wherever possible. Employee Engagement. Attracting employees whose values mesh with those of Creative Group is crucial to rewarding employment match-ups. To a large extent this penchant for compatible values also reveals why the average tenure of Creative Group employees exceeds 10 years. This compatibility is strengthened by formal programs including: •

Continuous monthly core value themes precede each departmental and committee meeting. Core values demonstrated by employees and observed by peers or management are identified, recorded and integrated with each employee’s appraisal.

“Building Green Meetings,” a training module available through CGI University, Creative Croup’s employee education program, motivates account teams to stay abreast of the company’s evolving best practices with respect to green initiatives.

TQM training and refresher training.

Good for the environment. We applaud our industry’s efforts to establish metrics in defining “green meetings,” and we welcome the opportunity to contribute to and embrace the establishment of these standards. Creative Group’s own “green filter” begins with our ecological philosophy – borne out in the best practices and policies we communicate in writing through our account teams to their respective clients and suppliers. With our clients’ support, Creative Group partners with a strong preference for suppliers with formal and demonstrated sustainability policies and programs in place – even more so when they share our passion to mirror any client-specific nuances that can be accommodated through our full range of services: • • • • • • • • •

Destinations Transportation Meeting Venue Accommodations Food & Beverage Exhibits Communications Audio-Visual On-Site Office

Again, beyond our own business practices, Creative Group readily accommodates each client’s individual preferences in expressing their own corporate responsibility. These can be as comprehensive as a Fortune 100 Company’s realized goal for Creative Group to execute our first-ever totally green event that left a zero-carbon footprint, or as visible as the passion of Starbucks Coffee for the environment (as well as its employees, wellness, community, sourcing and diversity) in conducting its leadership conferences. A few examples of “small steps” here represent the myriad of ways Creative Group supports the rapid shift toward green meetings include: • •

• • •

Using electronic registration to eliminate paper use. Environmentally positive “leave-behinds” following events – including action in the areas such as biodiversity contribution, local cleanup effort participation, relevant fundraising and contributions, and environmental education. Materials reduction, such as using marker-boards instead of paper-faced foam board for directional signs. Reusing materials, as in gift plants that double as event centerpieces and attendee door prizes, eliminating waste associated with disposable floral arrangements. Conserving water and energy, and reducing waste: serving pitchers of drinking water instead of bottled water; not pre-filling water glasses at meals; using china instead of plastic or paper disposables; specifying bulk- instead of single-portion packaged condiments.

Good for business. Even seemingly small measures really add up. Managing 500 events around the globe with a total of 70,000 to 90,000 participants annually, Creative Group is focused on every aspect of our service delivery system. We respect others, drive out waste, reduce materials, save time and money, and leave places at least a little better than we find them. Most importantly, we define savings according to each client’s measure of savings. Understanding the importance of consistently evolving and implementing measures to care for communities – including employees, customers, attendees and suppliers –is no revelation to Creative Group. Our clients see how it improves everyone’s bottom-line performance. And when you get creative, it’s just the beginning of something greater.

Creative Group CSR Initiatives  

Creative Group CSR Initiatives

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