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The Cash Bash is a chance to truly motivate your top earners and celebrate their achievements with a night they’ll never forget – and an incredible incentive for the future.

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It is rare for an incentive company to recommend cash awards as a motivator, especially when all the incentive studies show that cash is ultimately not as motivating as more tangible awards or travel experiences. But the Cash Bash program is about far more than cash awards. It’s about driving sales performance with a potent combination of every incentive tool available to you. The Cash Bash combines all the traditional incentive awards uniquely into one program that culminates in a one-night, over-the-top event that offers winners an unforgettable experience in tandem with merchandise, travel and cash awards. The Cash Bash event is the reward of a sales competition. Winners earn the right to be among the select few who travel to the event venue to take part in the Cash Bash. Program participants have a specific amount of time in which to qualify to attend the Cash Bash, typically, anywhere from 3 months to a year. (The Cash Bash is often used by companies in the retail market as a spurt program to sell off their summer stock before newer models arrive in the fall.) The qualification rules are tailored to your needs – be it to drive performance throughout the range, from smaller stores to top performers, or smaller subsets focused on specific markets or products. Those that win are flown out to the destination selected for a fun-filled day of excitement, entertainment, prizes and glory. The day begins with registration, followed by a welcome reception to get everyone stoked for the wild ride to come. Winners will then be led into the Cash Bash venue and hailed as the champions with a fanfare appropriate to the event’s theme. The venue will be extravagantly decorated to deliver the WOW factor, incorporating the theme in a combination of live performers, lighting and set.

For example, when our champions entered the venue for a Sports Night Cash Bash in Las Vegas, they found high energy dancers in referee shirts and short skirts rocking out atop the bar all around the room as the music blared. Let the games begin! The three award focal points of the evening are:

• • •

Cash Bash Gaming System (ie, Pull Board) Loot Lounge Grand Finale

Cash Bash Gaming System The Cash Bash Gaming System is a pull board in common parlance: an electronic game in which each winner is called up to pull a specific number of times (or play a specific number of games) for cash prizes which are awarded randomly. The more pulls a winner has, the more cash he may walk away with, but the actual cash awards are distributed randomly even in cases where the game itself involves some skill. For example, in an ancient Rome-themed Cash Bash, the winners had to wield a Wii sword to stab mythical beasts in a virtual gladiator arena. With each successful kill, the animated blood spurted – and the cash prizes tallied. Veni, vidi, vici!

 about cash bash

Food, beverages and a variety of entertainment are provided all during the Cash Bash event, but the pull board or gaming system is done in small groups and acts as entertainment in its own right.

Loot Lounge The Loot Lounge is a merchandise heaven in which winners can select prizes based on a certain credit amount they receive. Upon completing registration, winners are taken to a surprise merchandise room just for them; The goal is to make them feel surprised, excited and appreciated. The Loot Lounge is usually created in a hotel suite to provide a private, VIP experience. Guests are greeted at the door, given a quick briefing, sign for their bank, and begin to peruse an incredible gallery of the latest in merchandise. They are also provided with a logo’d duffle for take-home items. Winners can choose to spend their bank on a few big ticket items (plasma TVs/surround sound systems/high-end appliances) or spread it among a large assortment of mid-range items (jewelry, clothing, electronics, sporting goods, household goods). Areas of the suite are separated into different zones according to how many chips or credits are needed for each item in the zone. Winners take the smaller items with them via the duffle, while larger items are shipped to their homes. The Creative Group team designs, stocks, coordinates and handles all back-end accounting for the Loot Lounge. In addition, we can handle all program administration, with custom management reporting, during the contest.

Grand Finale The Cash Bash Grand Finale builds to a roaring crescendo the excitement of the Loot Lounge and Cash Bash pull board. It keeps the winners together post-gaming and excited to win ever bigger prizes. At the Grand Finale, the top prizes are revealed and raffled off. These typically include high-end merchandise and oneof-a kind travel programs such as a trip to the Super Bowl, Olympics or other exotic destinations. The number of pulls alllowed, the credit amount received for merchandise and the number of raffle tickets submitted for the Grand Finale drawings can all be aligned to the winners’ sales standings, or awarded equally to all Cash Bash qualifiers. The idea behind the stack-ranked concept is to motivate those participants who may see themselves as a shoe-in to attend the Cash Bash to sell more and enhance their opportunity to win cash and prizes on-site. Elite Performers The Elite Performers event is another great way to motivate top performers to exceed their goals. Those who go far above and beyond the quota earn special recognition in the form of an additional day of VIP treatment. For instance, the top 25 would come in a day before the rest of the winners and attend a VIP evening event with your executives, fol-

The Grand Finale for a Sports Night Cash Bash featuring ESPN Sports Announcer Kenny Mayne

lowed by a once-in-a-lifetime activity the following morning, prior to the official start of Cash Bash. One recent Cash Bash program featured exotic car racing and a helicopter tour into the Grand Canyon for the Elite Performers in addition to the ability to hobnob with company executives. Additional Entertainment Throughout the Cash Bash event, food, drinks, and a number of entertaining vignette performances keep the fantasy alive, the action moving and the winners always surprised and delighted with what’s next. For an ancient Roman-themed Cash Bash in Las Vegas, the additional entertainment might include Roman Temptresses with large palm fronds to offer guests a gentle, tickling breeze, mythical Grape Goddesses to feed the warriors grape shooters as they reclined on the sofas, and Massage Nymphs to give the winners The Emperor’s Rub. As the winners stroll through the venue, decked out like a Roman palace and including an arena, they might discover a bathing Naiad presiding over her fountain, a Snake Goddess with a live serpent and a Scorpion Oracle who uses her pet to tell fortunes. On the main stage, entertainment might include a mock battle of two gladiatrixes, a stunning display of strength from veteran Cirque du Soleil acrobats, costumed as bare-chested gladiators, and nearby, a live tiger in a cage, attended by its professional handler.

CASH BASH SAMPLE AGENDA The Cash Bash program can be extended pre- or post-event; This is a sample for the purposes of discussion. Day 1 Top 25 Winners Arrival Day Top 25 Evening - VIP Dinner & Activity Day 2 Top 25 Day - VIP Activity & Lunch Main Arrival Day for Winners Registration Surprise Loot Lounge Pre-event Reception with food and beverage Cash Bash Event - gaming, entertainment, grand finale Day 3 Departure Day

EVENT CONCEPT & COMMUNICATIONS The Cash Bash event and all its communications are based on a concept designed to excite and engage your participants. Whether the concept draws from another era (eg, ancient Rome or the distant future) or a particular genre (eg, a Vegas-style fantasy sports night), our job is to make the event so fully realized, so over-the-top, as to be unforgettable.

 about cash bash

Momentum builds from the first Cash Bash communication to the Grand Finale, leaving winners eager to earn their way again to the next Cash Bash.

To get participants motivated and engaged during the qualifying period, a communications campaign is a must. This usually includes communications deliverables such as these: Logo - Displayed on all communications and wearable event swag, the logo identifies the event to participants, Video - A humorous launch video is a great way to reveal the nature of the theme and give participants an idea of what’s in store for them without spilling all the beans. An email communication links participants to the video and urges them to register to compete for Cash Bash. Website - The video would appear on the program website, which may also be used to facilitate registration and communicate event objectives, highlights, hotel accommodations, standings and program rules. At your option, it could also host a Cash Bash webcam live feed during the event, or be used to recognize the Elite Performers or top Grand Finale prize winners post-event. Environmental graphics - Poster(s) or other signage for the office or dealership help keep the Cash Bash top of mind. Brochure - Highlighting the event, prizes and accommodations.

Dimensional items and ongoing communications Whether via email, snail mail or a combination of both, we recommend staying in touch with participants on a monthly basis. Ideally, a link to standings would be key to these communications as well. Small dimensional items that capture an essence of the theme – say, a foam gladiator headpiece for a Roman theme – help participants get in the spirit and engage. Online interactive game - To keep communications a twoway street, we can design a trivia game themed to the event concept. For example, for our ancient Rome theme, we suggest “WWCD? (What Would Caesar Do?),” an episodic interactive game in which common sales dilemmas are presented and solved through the wisdom of Caesar, who offers multiple choice answers to the dilemma presented. Companies can use this game not only to engage participants, but to reinforce sales training and motivate participants in a fun and amusing way. Those who answer the most questions correctly win the game. Monthly winners can earn symbolic gifts, such as gold coins or a laurel leaf, with the top winner over all episodes earning a place in the Grand Finale raffle at the event. Pre-trip communications - All communications to winners are branded and designed to begin to deliver the promise of the event.

PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION Creative Group uses its proprietary CreativeEDGE™ technology for efficient, flexible program administration. The administration needs for the Cash Bash vary, but may include: •

participant standings during the program qualifying period.

management reports detailing sales performance.

maintenance of all mailing lists.

all event budgeting and logistics.

all merchandise and cash award accounting and reconcilation.

efficient fulfillment of Grand Finale prizes

tracking responses and overall participation in the online interactive game or email blast communications.

COUNT ON CREATIVE GROUP At Creative Group, we know that to make Cash Bash a true reward and thank you, the venue, staff, hotel rooms, food, communications, entertainment, and post-trip experience all have to be executed flawlessly. The winners must feel like your company has taken care of them like never before, and have the time of their lives at the Cash Bash event. A driving force in the meeting and incentive industry with over 40 years of experience, Creative Group, Inc. has created and facilitated thousands of successful events that have helped companies like yours engage and reward employees, increase sales, productivity and morale. From rules structure through execution, our team is prepared and excited to have the opportunity to partner with you to create this one-of-a-kind event tailored to your goals, audience, culture and budget. Click the images below to view brief Cash Bash videos.

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