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BRANDING – WHAT EXACTLY IS IT? Many of our clients ask us “exactly what is branding?” A simple answer - It is closely connected to your image, and is how the outside world views and perceives your company or business. It is your identity, and it is designed to attract your target markets, as well as represent your company. Many business owners mistakenly think that branding is an expensive exercise – not so, in fact it is not-branding that is the expensive option. There are three separate phases of creating a brand. •

Research and surveying

Building and designing the brand image

Visual Standards Guidelines.

In undertaking a branding review, your first task is to undertake an objective assessment of your current branding. How is it currently viewed? This is not a get-all-material-on-the-desk and see how it looks. This process involves a comprehensive survey to find out how your business is perceived within the marketplace, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, and evaluating what threats or barriers there are. Research and surveying Evaluate all available information regarding your product, your potential customers, and the marketplace. Look carefully at your potential clients, what their needs are, and what problems they may face. For instance, it is no good considering a potential client is a backpacker if your pricing structure means they can never afford your service or product. To build a strong brand, you must consider positioning. Positioning is understanding just what segment your target clientele will come from. Are they young or more mature? Are they wealthy or on a budget? Are they locals or are they foreigners? Many questions must be answered. Your branding must take all of this into account as inappropriate branding will completely destroy your marketing efforts. Good positioning is built on comprehensive market and product understanding and to be successful it must be well structured. Building and designing the brand image This provides a foundation for the framework for your brand. Key messages need to be considered, and all aspects of delivery evaluated and crafted into your branding. For the brand to be effective the correct colours, font and design must be used. It is not enough to say my logo is blue when there are thousands of blues to chose from. Visual Standards Guidelines To build a strong brand in your industry you must be consistent in the image and message put out via a proactive and consistent campaign. The Visual Standards Guidelines is a document that provides guidance for the application of the branding to all outsourced communications partners; advertising agencies, public relations, promotional companies, publications, on-line resources, etc. The primary goal of the Visual Standards Guidelines is to ensure consistent and cohesive promotion for the Brand across all media. There are countless considerations when establishing or reviewing your branding, and it is wise to engage a professional. If you need assistance, call us now on freephone 0508 667 372 and talk to Di to discuss how our team may assist, or send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you.

Branding - what exactly is it?  

A short article about what branding actually is

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