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WELCOME TO A SMARTER LIVING EXPERIENCE Smartech3 coordinates the technology in your life into complete, brilliant experiences - interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy.

own, but when they are joined together and played in orchestration - well, that’s a symphony of technology working in true harmony.

With one touch, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule and needs without touching anything at all. There are many smart devices available today - TVs, thermostats, door locks, even light bulbs that you can control with your smartphone. These devices operate just fine on their

Smartech3 coordinates virtually all the connected devices in your home to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind. With Smartech3 it’s easy to update and adapt your home to your changing needs today and in the future.



SMART LIGHTING CONVENIENCE AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY Automating the ignitions in different time slots of the day; managing the intensity of every spot lighting; turning the light on at your own passage. These are just some of the opportunities that can be achieved with the help of home automation.



AUDIO DON’T JUST HEAR IT, FEEL IT Today it is possible to release music in every room, even if your audio device is in another room. This is possible thank to centralised systems integrated to your audio source which allow a wireless diffusion.


CLIMATE ENJOY A COMFORTABLE HOME Setting automatically the temperature, turning on and off the heating or the airconditioning with remote control, will not only create a perfect climate for you, but it will also make you save up a lot on bills.



AUTOMATION GIVE YOUR HOME THE SMARTNESS IT DESERVES The latch of your roller shutters can be remotely controlled, both simultaneous and individually and in different moments. Moreover, it is possible to integrate the control of the windows with your alarm system.




SECURITY MAKE YOUR HOME MORE SECURE Monitoring your house when you are away, to ascertain everything is as you have left it, is possible with remote controlled system, that allows you to see what happens while you are absent.



DIGITAL ART CREATE YOUR OWN ART EXHIBITION Digital art allows a totally immersive experience of interactive art. Control what art displays where in your home. Theme rooms as you choose. Turn your home into a sensory art experience.


HOME CINEMA IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE EXPERIENCE Home theatre systems aim to achieve success at home the same auditory and visual sensations that are experienced at live events and cinema experiences. SmarTech3 designs and manufactures systems using the best equipment to provide the best service.





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