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CHANGE  AGENTS:   Are  You  Ready  to  Unite  and  Mobilize  to  Create  the  New  World?  

An Invitation  to  Host  a  ‘Creating  the  New  World’  Workshop     The  New  World:    We’ve  dreamed  about  it.    We’ve  recognized  the  need  for  it.    We’ve  called  for  it.    We’ve   talked  about  it.    We’ve  written  about  it.      

And now,  we  must  create  it.    Together.    

As visionaries  and  change  agents,  we’ve  been  preparing  for  this  crucial  next  phase  of  our  work.    We’ve   seen  a  brighter  future.    We’ve  opened  our  hearts,  sharpened  our  minds,  honed  our  skills,  and  deepened   our  spirits  in  service  to  it.         We  have  prepared  long  enough.    Now,  we  must  lead  the  way.    Together.        

We must  guide  humanity  in  the  most  profound  task  it  has  ever  faced—Creating  a  world  that  can  sustain   human  life  and  support  a  thriving  new  humanity.    As  leaders,  we  must  mobilize  the  hearts,  minds,  and   resources  of  people  and  organizations  everywhere  to  work  coherently  toward  this  common  goal.  The   future  of  the  human  species  on  earth  depends  on  it.      

We know  this.    And  now,  it’s  time  to  do  it.    

As conscious  servants  of  the  greater  good,  we  have  put  forth  tremendous  energy,  expertise,  resources,   and  preparation  to  arrive  at  a  point  of  pregnant  pause:    “What  now?”      

Among us,  we  know  we  have  the  reason,  vision,  power,  and  technology  to  create  the  world  we’ve  been   calling  for  and  dreaming,  speaking,  and  writing  about.    Our  biggest  obstacle  has  been  harnessing  all  this   inspiration  and  energy  to  literally  manifest  the  world  we  know  is  possible.    As  leaders,  we  sit  with  the   question,  “How  do  we  lead  a  coordinated  global  movement  of  coherent  and  concrete  world-­‐building?”    

Creating the  New  World,  Inc.  is  embarking  on  a  western  U.S.  tour  in  July  and  August  2012            

to offer  change  agents  and  their  communities  a  practical  way  forward—a  way  to  unite  and  mobilize  as  a   collective  force  shepherding  the  tangible  creation  of  a  world  that  reflects  our  deepest  truths  and  highest   aspirations  as  human  beings.      We  are  seeking  local  hosts  for  a  one-­‐day  workshop  to  share  how  we  can,   together,  do  just  that.        

If you  would  like  to  bring  this  opportunity  to  your  community,  and  you  are  willing  to  help  find  a  venue,   promote  the  workshop,  and  assist  with  on-­‐site  logistics  and  local  coordination,  please  contact  us  (see   following  pages  for  more  information).      


About the  Workshop   This  workshop  is  a  special  introduction  to  the  Creating  the  New  World  world-­‐building  movement  design   intended  for  change  agents  and  their  communities.    Its  purpose  is  to  inspire,  empower,  and  coherently   mobilize  change  agents  to  lead  personal,  community,  and  planetary  transformation,  and  activate  a   coordinated  global  world-­‐building  movement.  As  a  standalone  workshop,  it  offers  activities  and  tools  for   personal  transformation,  as  well  as  opportunities  for  participants  to  apply  their  gifts  and  passions  in  a   coherent  way  to  create  a  bright  future  for  humanity.  As  a  preliminary  component  of  the  larger  world-­‐ building  movement  it  represents,  the  workshop  is  intended  to  orient,  gather,  and  begin  mobilizing   people  to  literally  create  the  New  World.     As  participants,  you’ll  walk  away  with:   • • • • • • • • •

A new  perspective  and  exciting  vision  for  your  life,  community,  and  world;   Practical  tools  and  powerful  insights  to  fuel  your  personal  and  professional  development;     A  clear  line  of  sight  between  a  world  in  crisis  and  an  amazing  new  one,  and  a  viable  way  to  get   there.     A  clear  understanding  of  the  connection  between  personal  and  planetary  transformation;   Practical  ways  to  take  your  life,  projects,  and  community  to  a  new  level  of  aligned  action;   Clarity  about  your  power  and  role  in  creating  a  bright  future  for  yourself  and  your  world;     A  forward  strategy  for  your  next  steps  as  an  empowered  world-­‐builder;     Opportunities  to  lead,  co-­‐create,  and  be  a  part  of  a  coherent  world-­‐building  process  in  which   ordinary  people  create  an  amazing  New  World;  and   Hope  for  the  future  from  knowing  we  have  the  reason,  vision,  power,  and  technology  to  create  a   thriving  New  World,  AND  a  viable  way  to  harness  our  collective  energy  for  actually  doing  it.  

During  the  workshop,  we:   •

Explore what’s  happening  in  the  world  and  inside  ourselves  at  broader,  deeper,  and  more   meaningful  levels  than  we  typically  do.  

Connect deeply  with  who  we  TRULY  are  and  how  we  TRULY  want  to  live,  and  with  our  power  to   create  the  lives,  communities,  and  world  that  reflect  that.  

Experience unifying  energy,  principles,  and  practices  that  have  the  power  to  unite  us  all  in   common  purpose.    

Expand our  concept  of  reality  and  the  amazing  possibilities  this  awareness  brings  with  it,  for  our   life  and  the  world.  

Discover how  interconnected  everything  is,  how  liberating  it  is  to  live  with  this  understanding,   and  how  to  tap  into  fundamental  forces  of  Creation  to  manifest  the  world  we  want.  

Recognize the  possibility  and  promise  of  creating  a  whole  new  way  of  living  in  thriving,   abundant  communities,  created  without  the  limitations  of  our  current,  failing  systems.  

Learn about  and  use  a  simple,  powerful  Creation  Framework  that  harmonizes  large-­‐scale  global   creation,  while  empowering  autonomous  individual,  organizational,  and  community   development.  

Have an  opportunity  to  co-­‐create  a  cohesive  world-­‐building  movement,  create  a  global  network   of  physical  New  World  communities,  and  bring  our  individual  passions  and  creations  into  the   world  on  a  global  scale.  

Have fun!  


Benefits of  Hosting   Being  a  workshop  host  is  a  great  way  to  empower  your  change  agent  or  geographic  community  to   create  a  bright  future  for  all.    In  addition  to  serving  the  greater  good  with  your  proactive  leadership,   other  benefits  include:   • Participate  free.    Your  program  fee  will  be  enthusiastically  waived  in  appreciation  of  your   leadership,  time,  and  energy  hosting  the  workshop  (see  “What  Does  it  Mean  to  Be  a  Host?”).     •

Streamline your  Facilitator’s  Program  requirements.    Hosting  a  workshop  is  the  first  step  in   becoming  a  CtNW  facilitator.    If  the  workshop  you  host  inspires  you  to  pursue  that  path  of   awakening,  engaging,  and  uniting  people  everywhere  to  literally  create  the  New  World,  you  will   already  have  that  requirement  met  and  will  be  able  to  proceed  directly  to  the  Train-­‐the-­‐ Facilitator  component.  

Open the  workshop  and  assist  in  activities  (if  desired).    If  you  choose,  you  are  welcome  to  take  a   leadership  role  in  opening  the  workshop  and  assisting  with  one  or  more  group  activities.  

Lead and  be  on  the  cutting  edge.    Change  agent  communities  are  longing  for  their  next,   powerful  step  to  take.  The  world  is  screaming  for  a  viable  way  forward.    By  hosting  a  workshop   that  can  mobilize  change  agents  to  concretely  empower  humanity  to  move  forward,  you  are   demonstrating  evolutionary  leadership  at  the  emerging  edge  of  possibility.  

Create or  strengthen  your  local  Community  Hub.    World-­‐building  starts,  continues,  and  builds   momentum  in  community.    If  you  have  or  would  like  to  create  a  Community  Hub  where  people   can  continue  the  world-­‐building  dialogs,  relationships,  and  actions,  hosting  a  CtNW  workshop  is   a  great  way  to  start  it  with  a  solid  foundation,  practical  tools,  encouraging  inspiration,  and   supportive  community.  

What  Does  it  Mean  to  Be  a  Host?   Being  a  workshop  host  is  easy.    We  ask  only  three  things  of  you:   1. Help  find  a  venue  for  the  workshop.    We  need  a  space  with  the  following  characteristics:   o Large,  relatively  square  room  capable  of  up  to  40  chairs  in  a  circle.     o 40  chairs.   o Natural  light.   o At  least  one  wall  that  is  unbroken  by  doors,  windows,  chair  rails,  etc.     o Computer  projector,  and  projection  screen  or  wall.   o 2  flipcharts  with  stands.   o Space  for  small  group  work  (either  in  room  if  space  allows  or  nearby).   o Two  6-­‐foot  tables.   o Access  to  healthy  snacks,  food,  and  water  (on-­‐site  or  nearby).   o Nice,  but  not  required:    Microphone  and  sound  system.   o Low-­‐  to  no-­‐cost  usage  fee.  


2. Help promote  the  workshop.   o Send  workshop  flyer  (provided)  and  registration  link  to  those  in  your  network.   o Share  workshop  link  in  your  social  networks  (e.g.  Facebook,  LinkedIn,  Ning  sites,  etc.)   o Print  and  post  workshop  flyer  in  your  local  community.   o Talk  it  up!    Word  of  mouth  is  an  awesome  technology.  


3. Help with  on-­‐site  logistics  and  local  coordination.   o Print  participant  materials  and  help  distribute  them  on-­‐site.   o Coordinate  with  venue  stewards  on  logistics  (e.g.  fees,  parking,  expectations,  special   considerations,  directions  to  venue,  etc.)   o Communicate  with  CtNW  coordinators  with  questions,  progress,  and  confirmation  of   venue  availability.       Ready  to  Host?    Have  Questions?    Contact  Us.     Nancy  Polend:    540.937.4897  or   Elizabeth  Rogers:    530.401.3573  or   Nahid  Mokhtari:    310.339.4434  or