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An Introduction  and  Invitation  for  World-­‐Builders   March  2012       What  is  Creating  the  New  World?   Creating  the  New  World  (CtNW)  is  a  non-­‐profit  organization  and  a  design  for  a  locally  autonomous,   globally  coherent  world-­‐building  movement  in  which  “We,  the  People”  literally  create  a  world  that   reflects  our  deepest  truths  and  highest  aspirations  as  human  beings.       Purpose,  Mission,  and  Intention   Our  mission  is  to  awaken,  engage,  and  unite  humanity  to  create  a  fundamentally  New  World  together.   Through  the  implementation  of  our  Architecture  for  Creating  the  New  World™,  we  will  initiate  and   support  a  locally  autonomous,  globally  coherent  world-­‐building  movement,  empowering  people  to   transform  themselves,  their  communities,  and  the  world  simultaneously.   What  Challenge  Does  Creating  the  New  World  Address?   The  social,  economic,  political,  and  environmental  challenges  we  face  are  systemic,  interconnected,  and   symptoms  of  a  deeper  core  issue.  CtNW  has  the  potential  to  address  them  all  because  it  addresses  the   deeper  issue  and  mobilizes  the  energy  of  the  whole  system  to  work  concretely  and  coherently  in   common  purpose.       What  is  its  Breakthrough  Transformative  Service  to  Humanity?   The  biggest  obstacle  to  creating  a  thriving  new  humanity  and  world  is  mobilizing  people  and   organizations  everywhere  to  work  coherently  toward  a  common  goal.  Among  us,  we  know  change  is   necessary  and  we  have  everything  we  need.  Many  people  and  organizations  have  critical  pieces  to  bring   to  the  table.  But  without  a  framework  for  a  coherent  way  forward,  there  IS  no  table  to  bring  it  to— people  feel  powerless,  frustrated,  or  overwhelmed  in  the  face  of  the  scale,  scope,  and  complexity  of  our   many  global  challenges.    CtNW  breaks  through  this  obstacle  with  a  way  to  align,  integrate,  and  leverage   our  collective  resources  in  common  purpose  as  a  coherent  global  action  movement.     How  is  it  Unique?   It  is  a  unique  meta-­‐design  specific  enough  to  empower  your  own  life,  powerful  enough  to  unite  all  of   humanity  in  common  purpose,  foundational  enough  to  address  every  systemic  global  crisis  we  face,   practical  enough  to  put  the  whole  world  to  work  on  a  project  of  unparalleled,  profound  importance,  and   solid  enough  to  be  a  literal  foundation  upon  which  to  build  a  fundamentally  New  World.    It  responds  to   all  challenges  simultaneously  and  holistically,  not  by  competing  with  other  initiatives,  but  by   empowering,  uniting,  and  leveraging  them.  It’s  the  only  initiative  that  frames  creating  the  New  World  as   a  concrete  task,  lays  out  the  body  of  work  necessary,  offers  a  viable  participative  way  to  carry  it  out,  and   is  also:

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Foundational—Addresses and  acts  on  the  foundational  source  of  all  challenges.  

Transcendent—Focuses on  creating  what  we  most  deeply  want  without  the  limitations  of  the   current  structures.    

Holistic—Treats systemic,  interconnected  challenges  as  such  by  engaging,  empowering,  and   focusing  the  whole  system  on  the  whole  system.  

Concrete—Empowers people  to  create  the  New  World  through  direct  experience  and  concrete   projects.  

Complete—Includes the  entire  manifestation  process,  from  awareness  to  action.  

Creative—Taps into  our  innate  power,  ability,  and  joy  as  creators.  

Scalable—Implements local  solutions  on  a  global  scale.  

Practical—Translates our  deepest  truths  and  highest  aspirations  into  practical  reality.  

Empowering—Creates, supports,  and  amplifies  individual  and  collective  power.  

Fun—Uses fun,  joy,  and  humor  as  strategic  assets.  

How  Does  it  Work?     CtNW  is  an  experience-­‐based  social  action  architecture  that:     • Offers  a  clear  line  of  sight  between  a  world  in  crisis  and  an  amazing  new  one.  People  clearly  see  and   experience  for  themselves  where  we  are,  where  we’re  going,  and  the  body  of  work  we’ll  be  doing  to   get  there.  This  gives  us  direction,  clarity,  hope,  and  a  feeling  that  we  have  the  power  to  change  things.   • Uses  transformative  World-­‐Building  Workshops  people  host  locally  as  the  vehicles  for  world  building.   Within  a  cohesive  global  strategy,  people  directly  experience  that  we  have  the  reason,  vision,   power,  and  technology  to  create  an  amazing  New  World,  and  begin  literally  creating  it  together   during  the  workshops.     • Ensures  local  autonomy  and  maintains  global  coherence.  Because  people  build  locally  on  a  common   framework,  it  empowers  them  to  transform  their  lives,  communities,  and  the  world  simultaneously   without  prescribing  or  controlling.     • Recreates  wholeness  with  wholeness.  We  engage  peoples’  whole  selves  (physical,  mental,   emotional,  and  spiritual),  leverage  whole  systems  (every  sector  of  society),  and  focus  on  the  good  of   the  whole  (everyone,  all  life,  and  the  planet).       • Self  replicates.    Each  workshop  produces  whole-­‐system  alignment  with  our  deepest  truths  and   highest  aspirations,  concrete  projects,  plans  for  building  physical  New  World  Communities,  a   growing  population  of  world-­‐builders,  and  contributions  to  Humanity’s  Global  Vision™,  which   compounds  and  accelerates  global  transformation.   How  Can  I  Engage?     The  best  way  to  bring  your  passion,  ideas,  expertise,  and  resources  to  this  world-­‐building  party  is  to  first   experience  CtNW  yourself  by  hosting  a  workshop.  Experiencing  what  it  is  and  how  it  works  will  allow   you  to  determine  what  is  yours  to  do,  how  and  to  what  extent  you’d  most  like  to  engage,  how  your  gifts   fit  into  the  larger  picture,  and  where  they  could  make  the  most  difference.     Web:   Phone:    (540)  937-­‐4897   E-­‐mail:  

© 2012 Creating the New World, Inc. / Nancy Polend

Mail: Nancy  Polend,  Founder     Creating  the  New  World   P.O.  Box  455     Rixeyville,  VA  22737  



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