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Creating the New World WORKSHOP Creating the New World 101: How ordinary people can create the world they TRULY want.

Join us for a day of learning and collaboration.

What if...

You could transform your life, community, and world all at the same time? We could create a world that reflects who we TRULY are and how we TRULY want to live? We could mobilize the hearts, minds, and efforts of people and organizations everywhere to work coherently toward the common goal of creating a thriving new humanity and abundant, sustainable world? We could put the whole world to work creating a world where everyone thrives? We could create a whole New World together?

...We can. This inspiring, interactive workshop introduces you to a concrete way to transform your life, community, and world all at the same time.

With empowering tools and activities geared to inspire and empower personal, community, and planetary transformation, you’ll walk away with:

You’ll experience a unique meta-design specific enough to empower your own life, powerful enough to unite all of humanity in common purpose, foundational enough to address every systemic global crisis we face, practical enough to put the whole world to work on a project of unparalleled, profound importance, and solid enough to be a literal foundation upon which to build a fundamentally New World.

A new perspective and exciting vision for your life, community, and world;

We’ll take a journey between worlds—the one we TRULY want and the one we don’t—and experience an inspiring, concrete way to bridge the gap.

A clear understanding of the connection between personal and planetary transformation;

Practical tools and powerful insights to fuel your personal and professional development; A clear line of sight between a world in crisis and an amazing new one, and a viable way to get there.

Practical ways to take your life, projects, and community to a new level of aligned action;




10:00am - 6:00pm


TBD by local hosts [Street Address] [Address line 2] [City, State, Zip] [Room #]

A forward strategy for your next steps as an empowered world-builder;


Free if crowd-sourced. OR $100 (regular, non-hardship). Participant-determined flex fee.*

Hope for the future from knowing we have the reason, vision, power, and technology to create a thriving New World, AND a viable way to harness our collective energy for literally doing it.

Clarity about your power and role in creating a bright future for yourself and your world;

Opportunities to lead, co-create, and be a part of a coherent world-building process in which ordinary people create an amazing New World; and

* Can’t afford the full program fee? Pay what you can and come anyway. Questions? Call: 540.937.4897 / Email:

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