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Smart Refrigerators What does your refrigerator do? It keeps your food cold. It makes ice. It freezes food. But in the future, refrigerators may do so much more. They may tell you what food is inside. They may tell you what food you need. They may shop for you, too! Some companies are making online refrigerators. These refrigerators have a computer screen on the door. The computer is connected to your supermarket through the Internet. This can be very useful. For example, when you finish your orange juice, you can put the empty juice carton near the computer screen. The computer reads the bar code on the

juice carton. Then it orders more orange juice from the supermarket. You can also use the computer screen to order other things from the supermarket. The computer screen has a list of things that are in the store. You can choose what you need. The supermarket will deliver your food to your home. Companies are making other “smart� appliances, too. There is a new kind of microwave oven. It has a computer memory. It can remember 365 different recipes. There is also a smart mixer. It can remember recipes, too. It can also measure ingredients for you!

Of course, sometimes these smart appliances can break. When they do, they tell you. And then they can call someone to fix them, too!

Smart Refrigerators  

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