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is different is because they use very minimal ingredients, and it will not make your hands dry or sticky. The sanitizer is made with 99% isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and water. Each ingredient plays a very important role. The isopropyl disinfects while the glycerin prevents dry skin. Then the hydrogen peroxide breaks down the glycerin, so your hands aren’t sticky. Finally, the water dilutes the alcohol to the CDC recommended levels of 75%. The last way they are different is that they are also the cheapest on the market and wherever they can they support Canadian suppliers for their ingredients. Getting a fresh start isn’t always easy, but with determination and drive you will get there. Also, remember Caitlin very easily could have been upset when a Walmart employee told her she was stupid for looking for sanitizer and then given up. Instead, she said she would learn to make it herself with her boyfriend. Sometimes getting a fresh start must come from a negative experience and turning it into a positive one. Check out Caitlin’s other fresh start story

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