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From Self Sabotage to Self Love

Self-Love For Businesses

Kalos Couture

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Carolynne Melnyk Cathy Evans Issue 3, February 2021

Earl Shindruk

Susan Shantz Photo Credit: Design Marketing


The Month of Self Love “Ra is ge t h is the e err or as b to r i n d i n n o w y to g we g el . Lov em e e w e C a t h e r.” a n t tal to n t o f T ha ina n bui V e M o ra k s to l d lez les



Eve pas ry mom t key create ent fr that is to n s a st om you or o r s eno tory… t get s y. The t u L u o g ve y ck in h to pos o s a st ibility explore urself ory to t hap that uncov he has pen er – Su e n san d y e t . o t Bin nie

t to y , wan pletel es om enc ou If y rself c xperi have e you e the t, theye the e v t s lo ’t ha r pa ecom ay. d d o n m y o u y o u b a r e to o f r l p e d y o u itchison h e r s o n ven A o p e – Ste nks t Tha Binni an Sus


-R ys ch el l D ra gu no v

B th e at sti I ll al am and w w k ay it n s. h ow yo u

ow r h ever s, e t n d t nd ma get, g han ng, a “I o N you din nci ng i l a o l d p h o to p d p s a y . o ” t s o s er r st you s n e vn e v e l o v e E v a n hy

B e p ro u d d a re , a n of who you d of how e n o t a s h a m ls e s e e s someone e . you

en w e I t ’s a h e n t e . w b e d h i p u n d e O n l yc a n wr s . s n n . o si tio wo als ell the p a s r e l ad t h e e q u s s w o f o n w e m Co not a r an ween rkne ness whe ty. is eale bet n da dark real ani h ip w e s um t h e o n s h o u r ot h t h o m e r e d h ec ha ön w wi ati rel e kno sent ion b ur s hödr nah w pre ass ze o a C aken b e C o m p o g n i P e ms t o M r k lke rec h a n Wa T


“ life I would to b like e com my like pas a state s m my i o en n that ’s w - - a n d t o f l o v her ea wh By-R e my w ere it is nd o n’ t , a r k lie mD Tha as s .” nks to K s a ra Bak er

ve n lo p: LL i E slee F a . l l “I fa ce “ you t on a y l l a w en a the d th n a een , ly n Gr slow -Joh to nks Tha ie awn Trel

Dedica te yourse l f to L to l e t ove your p Love be you . Decide urpose r inten tio ,a then le t Love nd your poin n, inspir you an e y o u , t . An d d guid suppo e you other rt in dedica tion yo every u mak therea e f t e r.” By Ro ber t H ol Thank s C a ro d e n lynne Melny k

I heard this song on the radio today. One line stood out.

“Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time. It’s easy. All you need is love” If you think about it this Beatles song speaks to self love. Enjoy these quotes sent to us by readers just like you.

ou gift y is your t s . y e reat ebod ment The g ive som develop ill take can gpersonal “If you w care of o w n to s a y , w i l l t a k e a k e c a r e d t I use of me, I ay, I will will take e s u r ca Now I yo u, if “ me. you. e for yof you for of m care o m R o h n i ByJ

and ks C Than ey l Smi

e u ar yo ter u o t yo wh ma n h t h e i t n’ . W y w e s s n’ t r t i n t o a o pp d o i M Pil ha e, it wh acie nna St e ar y sJ


Yo ro l e o u r impor n this plane Yo u a r t a n t t h a t y t i s m o r e o so ma e needed an u realize. ny, so d love world s d a s t h e h o w u p to t b y his best p versio n of yo ossible urself .

b k an Th

Love is when my Mom gives my Da the best piec d e of chicken . This has alw stuck with m ays e. We as tho se love, acts of service, expre who want to show ss in ways lik mom always e this. My gave my dad his favorite p even if it wa s also hers. iece first She’d then g the “good” p ive the rest o ieces/cuts to f us kids and whatever is then eat left. Nourish in g others is h of showing h er way er love. In re verse, our lo of her food a ve nd her nouri shment has been what fi lled her up. Thanks to C hristina Giese

“T c a n h e r e’s ’t b no th b u t a t c a n’ e d o n e t h i n g y t y , o eas ou can be sun Nothin u can y. N d g g l . e mad othi arn h Nothi you c o that e o n n . w sav gy g y an si No to i s n’ e d . T h o n e y o u c a n p l a y t o u c a n n g t kn ou he ma ere say s h o o w n . N ’s n o t h c a n s a vk e t h a t g a m e . , w I t h a t n . T h o t h i n g i n g y o u e t h a t c a n’ t b t ’s e c y i c a r s o e a n ’ t b ee N o t n’ t w ’s n o u c a n n k n hing here o whe w s re y ee tha that lear y y ou n ho ou can ou’re m ti do, e a n c a n b e s n’ t I t ’s w t o b t b e u i s l o a s y A l e y o u i t y o u to b e can l yo n ve. ti u you Love i need me. The need s all Bea . tles

Thank s Tr a O ’N e i l c e y l

t reates “The g can give u g i f t y o l f i s LO V E ” e s your e a Mari - Kayl

trul I I hel y believ pay p, I tel e this. it f l th An I a mo r w a r d . e m to s y o n e im Il m a k i na k i n g t hi k e t o t hp l y p e r s d e r p l a ce w o r l d i n k on e -Ma at a ti one rla P m atri e… ck

Une “ t h e mx p e c t e d kind o cost ne ly s t p o a g e n , and m w e r f u l , s s i s ost lea to - B o f h u m a underr s t b Ke n c h a n ated r Than rey g e .” ks Jen nife

r Ole ks


If we could love spre sprea s as quickly ak d a what a hate and ne s we gativi n ama ty z would ing word w , e live in Thank s Shery lH Jamis atch on


Letter From The Editor FEBRUARY 2021

As the world fights to figure everything out I’ll be: holding doors open for strangers, signaling for people to cut in front of me in traffic, saying good morning, smiling with my eyes and keeping babies entertained in the grocery line. I’ll be making a point to smile at the cashier, gas attendant, and - with my eyes, intentionally. I’ll be tipping generously, waving at bus drivers, sharing what I can from my closet, my cupboard, my wallet and my time; while, being patient with my daughter as she deals with the change from her five-year-old vantage point. And with you, as you deal with it from yours. I’ll be giving children a thumbs up, being patient with sales clerks and online orders and buying strangers a cup of coffee. I’ll offer (and follow through) with a referral, an air hug or a zoom coffee/wine date. I’ll be listening to the rhetoric, and praying/meditating about peace. Why? Because I will not sit idly by and live in a world where love is invisible. What about kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding? Can we listen more? Judge less?

Be Kind, To That Stranger. Give Grace To Friends, Family, Colleagues. Be Forgiving With Yourself… Today. Every Day. If you can’t find the love and kindness? Then, be the kindness. Much love,

Candice Smiley 1

It Is Our Great Pleasure To Introduce Our Newest Team Member. Let me introduce myself. My name is Christina Giese, owner of LIFStyle Fitness. I am a mom to 3 amazing boys, ages 10, 7, and 3. I’ve been married for almost 14 years but have been with my husband for almost 19! I have a passion to try new things. If given the time and opportunity, I will try anything. I love baking and cooking and have been trying to make things more visually appealing in addition to keeping things healthy using as much whole nutrient dense foods as possible. However, I do love a good cinnamon bun too I enjoy baking for my family and friends. It helps ease the mind when I’ve had a hectic week. I started my fitness journey over 3 years ago. I personally lost 33lbs focusing on nutrition, fitness, and mental health. Although, they are all constantly changing and being adapted to fit the goals I have set. My goal is to LIVE freely. INSPIRE others. and FUEL my mind and my body. The best way I know how to do this is with balance. I’m constantly trying to find balance, something I feel can always be worked on. Life is ever evolving, so why wouldn’t these things go hand and hand? Special thanks to Trelawnie Gartner for accepting the role of Assistant Editor.

Hi, I’m Candice Smiley and I take on the role of Editor-In-Chief for the online publication. My bio goes something like this... I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life. (Elsie De Wolfe) This quote is my subtle mission in life... I’m a mom to an amazing little girl, girlfriend to an amazing man, a social marketer with an amazing online values driven company, a thought leader (follow me on my instagram @candicecreation) and multi-entrepreneur. I find a ton of my life’s joy in connecting people, to other people, places and things. It’s not about hustle, it’s about heart. It’s not about push, it’s about attraction... and you don’t attract what you want, you attract WHO YOU ARE. So choose brave. Choose you. Listen to the nudges from within and live... live here and now. I live a minimalist lifestyle, own a tiny home (324 sq ft), love to travel with my partner in life; Mark and dance. I can never resist the urge to take off my boots to walk barefoot into a clear mountain lake or stream. When I’m not connecting or writing, I can be found disappearing into the backcountry trails of Canada and losing myself exploring waterfalls and mountain trails. I am a quiet introvert who adores eating clean vegan foods and reading a great book.



Meet the Team Candice Smiley - Editor in Chief As E d i to r i n Ch ief , It’s m y goal to m ake s u re ou r c o n tr i b u to r s f eel valu ed an d rec eive valu e f or b e i n g i n vo l ved. I c arry ( an d s h are! ) th e vis ion of th e m ag az i n e an d dec ide on th e m on th ly th em e of th e p u b l i c ati o n . I h ave th e h on ou r to m ake th e f in al d e c i s i o n s o n w h at goes in th e m agazin e, m akin g s u re th at w e d e l i ve r o n o u r p rom is e to add valu e. I s u p p or t th e c r e ati ve te am e n e r g e ti c ally an d overs ee th e m arketin g an d p romot iona l ou tr e ac h . I am a m o m to an am azin g little girl, a girlf rien d to an a ma z ing ma n, a s o c i al m ar k e te r w i th an am azin g on lin e valu es driven c om p an y , a t hought lea de r an d m u l ti -e n tr e p r e n e u r. I f in d a ton of m y lif e’s joy in connect ing peo p l e to o th e r p e o p l e , p l ac e s an d th in gs .

Susan Binnie Managing Editor As Managing Editor it is my goal to provide our readers with a clear and concise story. I am passionate about helping our contributors provide value to their potential clients and all who read the magazine. I love seeing the stories come to life once they are designed to leap off the page into the hearts and minds of the readers. I am a storyteller and I enjoy helping others tell their story. I bring my ability to coach in this way to the publication, I am here to help YOU in any way I can. I am married, have 4 children and 4 grandsons. I am honoured to be a part of this publication as it aligns with my vision to raise the vibration of the planet, one story at a time!

Trelawnie Gartner - Editing Assistant As the Assistant Editor, my role is to step in to proof read articles, be a “second set of eyes”, and to support the Managing Editor and the Editor in Chief in their roles... especially in the crunch time at the end of the month so we can go to “press” on time. As our resident Advice Columnist, its my role to bring a bit of fun and reader engagement to the magazine community as a whole.

Christina Giese -Social Media Manager As the Social Media Gal on the team, its my role to make sure that I support our outreach goals as a referral community. Its my passion to organize the outreach so it is effective; and most of all, supports your goal of being seen and read all over the world!

Ryschell Dragunov -Head of Design As Head of Design I am so excited to bring this Magazine to life by creating art from the written word. Being passionate about creativity; I have dabbled in face painting, jewelry design, book design, sewing and fantasy creation. I enjoy working on my creative fantasy space, which has been lovingly dubbed the “Fairy House” I graduated U of A with a BScHEc focused on Clothing and Textiles, Photography and Typography, I have taken that passion to develop my experience in Graphic Design. With my can do attitude there are no obstacles. . Enjoy.


C r e a t e t h e R i p p l e Te a m

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All About Igniting Your Self LOVE

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impact 3 Create the Ripple Team 7 Self-Love for Businesses 13 Love 21 What is Love, Really? 27 Into the Depths of Love 51 Trust the Niggle 57 Loving My Inner Child, Loving Myself 63 Unshakeable Confidence


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Self-Love For

Businesses Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Many companies need to learn more about loving themselves and how to practice self-love for the corporation. We often attribute human characteristics to a business and let everyone know how we feel about certain businesses. By Earl Shindruk

Can a business truly

love itself? Can this be possible in any way? Or does it sound too preposterous to be true or even to think about a company loving itself? Many of us think of businesses as objects and not human at all

However, I do think it is good to take a look at corporations and to see how they can love themselves and others too. Even though this is not the type of love humans have for others, it is worth seeing how this can happen.


S e l f- L o v e f o r B u s i n e s s e s

What sor t of images come to mind when you and others think about your company? Are those words negative or positive? Negative thinking and negative words can create a very bad impression and hinder people from loving your organization. If left to fester and grow, the entire corporation will become toxic and die.

Those types of phrases make us have positive feelings about those companies. Sometimes we even have “Wow Experiences” that make us keep going back to a business and becoming very loyal customers. With some restaurants or coffee shops, some individuals say they “Love the food there” or they “Love the staff” and cannot wait to return.

What makes us feel so strongly about these companies? Often, powerful emotions are attached to our view of businesses.

Or do you think your company is selfish and uncaring? Are sales and profits put ahead of everything and everyone else? Does the company just love itself? That is very unbalanced as well.

In terms of self-love for individuals, we often hear about how we need to love ourselves, have a good image of ourselves, and take care of ourselves.

Positive words like “very helpful service” or “everyone is happy and smiling whenever we go there.”

Can these 3 things be applied to business? They certainly can.

How can a business love itself ? Various parts of any business can love the company and others related to the organization. FIRST, the employees, who have to love the business. In order for the business to be highly successful, all employees need to consider what the company does and offers to be of great value. They must be passionate about the vision of the company. It cannot just be the owner or main leaders who have a vision. That vision and purpose must be shared by all those who work there. SECOND, the customers of any enterprise are those who keep it in business. They purchase the products or services that the business offers. The products have to be top notch, and not just the same as all the competitors. Customer service has to be delivered in ways that make customers want to come back and be repeat customers. THIRD, you want those who are huge fans of your business and refer others to it.

Do you just work there so you can gather a pay cheque? Do you treat your employer as you would a good friend, or do you simply think of yourself as someone who is just an employee? Are you just there to put in time? Do you want to work for a company where everyone loves it? Owners, workers and customers alike love working there and love

doing business there. What does it really take to help people love it?

How do we accomplish that? Love means “to be deeply connected and committed t o s o m e t h i n g o r s o m e o n e ." We need to build the business up and not tear it down. We need to truly love and care for others in the bu s i n e s s , i n c l u di n g t h e owners, managers and others who work there. We ne e d to b e i n vo l ve d a n d engag e d wi t h t h e b u s i n e s s . We can n o t ju s t b e p a s s i ve participants and go along for the ride. We cannot be s p e c t a to r s s i t t i n g o n t h e s i d e l i n e s . W e n e e d to j o i n the ga me .

Earl is a key contributor to his community, donating lots of time and expertise to charities and not for profits. He is past board chair of the NPO Collective, and board member of The100YEG and the Edmonton Business Association. His legacy includes sharing knowledge and expertise. For over 11 years he was an instructor and guest speaker at MacEwan University, and a guest speaker at the University of Alberta. Successful businessman and community leader, Earl Shindruk, launched Optimax Benefits in 1998 after a vast career at TransAlta, Laidlaw Waste Systems & with a local contractor. He has grown Optimax by harnessing people skills, ‘being accessible’, ‘getting to know your client’, and ‘being innovative’.

We need to be motivated to go to work and help others be motivated as well. We need to treat others well in our companies. We need to nurture them and care for them as if they were members of our families.

We must have hope and be positive about the future. Help your company practice self love and self care. Make it the best company ever! One you are proud to say that is where you work. And one where you want to talk to others about it and what a fantastic place it is and what a loving and caring team you work with.

impact 8

On e O f T h e G reat est G ift s O f Self L ove I s T h e Powe r O f T h e U N FOL LOW. One

By Candice Smiley

of the greatest gifts of Self Love is the power of the UNFOLLOW.

Unfollow; for Peace. Unfollow; for Less Anxiety. Unfollow; and Lead. I spent years being befuddled and anxious about the overwhelming access people, so called “friends”, had to me online. This was, in part, due to the fact that I had made some missteps in who I had befriended.

and they are well respected, it means that people treat you differently. It wasn’t until I got out on my own and began making my own acquaintances and connections that I started to get into trouble. Seems not everyone operates in integrity or kindness… Not everyone was fortunate enough to be raised by loving, hardworking, integrity bound individuals as I was. Legacy is such a powerful word. It took me a long time to untangle myself from these connections. I got into a serious relationship with one that ultimately left me in financial ruin; not to mention the connections he had connected me to. I’ve seen first hand that like truly does attract like.

It took a great amount of courage to begin to untangle from these relationships. These The one drawback to my idyllic, and people were used to me doing things in a relatively secluded, childhood is that certain way and being able to access my I lacked a certain amount of what I time, energy and money for themselves. would call “street smarts.” When you grow up and everyone knows your father They did not like it when it changed... when or grandfather or other family members, I decided to change.


The Power of Unfollow

I did what could be considered a cowardly thing... I ran away. I ran far far far away! I began to unfollow, unfriend, block… unfollow, unfriend, block. It was so scary. It felt like I was betraying people... I was. I felt like I was being watched... I was. I felt like everyone would hate me, and some of them did. I felt unsafe... I was! I fo u n d t h a t t h e m o re I u n fo l l owe d , unfriended and blocked, the freer I felt. Nothing bad happened beyond a few nasty text messages or phone calls. I blocked and deleted those too. I started to gain and regain strength. Slowly. I started to take radical responsibility for my life. I stopped blaming, shaming or calling out...and I just said, ok. This is my shit. It's shitty. Its really fucking shitty. And I am going to sit in it. And as I sit in it, it's going to get on me. It's on me anyway... And then, I’ll stand up. I wash it off. I will let it go. And I will walk on. I will go my own way. Make my own amends. I will fix what I can, and I will never ever, ever, go back there again. And I haven’t. My block list is incredibly long. The places I won’t go in Edmonton are also long. The people I won’t associate with? Very long. And I don’t compromise that decision.

That is one of the single greatest gifts I have ever given myself The permission to unfollow, unfriend and block; without comment, explanation or conversation. It is life changing, and I would suggest that you consider it too.

Freedom always comes at a price; and the price is usually high... and so very sweet. A final note, Jim Rohn talks about knowing who your “5” are. You know the ones? The 5 people you spend the most time with; you become like them you know? I’ve also come to realize that it would be wise to know who is in their “5”... because they will be like them. When I applied this idea to my life it meant a final release of people I really didn’t want to, but I knew that they were a) compromising their integrity by being friends with a certain person of questionable values and morals or b) they were lying to me by saying they were nothing like me… When people tell you who they are you really ought to believe them; and, actions really do speak so much louder than words. I am so very pleased to tell you that through the years I have continued my hard practice of deleting that which is out of alignment, causes anxiety or doesn't serve me. I Trust the Niggle and I Tell the Truth (Link to my Podcast by the same name here!) This has resulted in a slow and glorious creation of a life I truly, truly love... one I feel safe in!

This is the great gift I wish, and hope, you can find the courage to give to yourself. With love,

Candice Smiley

uplift Photo by Yarden on Unsplash




’ve purchased so many items over the years and now I have a drawer full of expensive products that promise, but don’t actually deliver on those promises.

This is SO different! Th e M o d e r e I nsi de -O ut Be a u t y Sy s t e m ta ke s a c o m p r e h e n s i v e, i nsi de o u t a p p r o a c h to vi bran t, y o u t h f u l - l o o k i ng ski n . A t rio of e x c l u s i v e C el l P roo f t o p ic a l f o r m u l a s d e l i ve rs p o t e n t , a w a r d -w i nn i ng in g re d i e n t s t o vi si bl y enhance your appearance, while the supernutraceutical Liquid BioCell nourishes and p r o m o t e s he a l thy ski n from the inside. The products work synergistically to revitalize your skin.

The Modere Inside-Out Beauty System MODERE CELLPROOF INFUSION MASK • Awakens and prepares skin to receive revitalizing ingredients • Renews youthful-looking skin • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Supports natural skin moisture barrier and hydration


• Award-winning snow algae and summer snowflake • Backed by Ox3™ technology • Invigorating effervescent mask



MODERE CELLPROOF SERUM • Soothes and conditions skin • Provides age-defying antioxidants • Boosts the appearance of tired looking skin • Hydrates and moisturizes to make skin look plumper, fuller • Red u c e s t h e a p p e a ra n c e of f i n e li n e s a n d w r i n k le s • Produces a rapid* tightening effect for smootherlooking skin

Features: • Patented BioCell Collagen® CG • Exclusive botanical complex including acacia Senegal & rhizobian gums • Luxurious, lightweight formula • Perfect for all skin types • Light, refreshing aromatic notes of natural citrus, lavender and melon

MODERE CELLPROOF MOISTURIZER • Promotes vibrant, youthful-looking skin • Provides intense hydration • Helps smooth skin for improved texture • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Helps even the appearance of skin tone

LIQUID BIOCELL® PURE • Helps maintain healthy skin • Helps relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis of the hips and knees

Features: • Contains Liquid BioCell • Sugar-free, less than 5 calories per serving, zero carbs • Gluten-free

• Promotes the look of elasticity

• Great-tasting natural fruit flavor

• Helps protect your skin against the elements

• Fast-acting liquid delivery system


• Patented BioCell Collagen® CG

• Potent antioxidant astaxanthin • Advanced peptides, vitamin C and plant extracts • Lightweight, breathable cream formula • Naturally pigmented by astaxanthin

You deserve to try these products, no more wasted money, no more empty promises – and you know what else ??? • Not tested on animals – Grey water safe • Natural and supported by science • I can tell you that the difference you can see and feel is amazing!! Click Here for More Information.

promote 12

Love Lov e Photo by De’Andre Bush on Unsplash


have been sung and stories have been written about love in every way, shape and form while By David Pilz we endlessly explore this phenomena with a fervour fanaticism. We sing about finding love and it fills our heart to bursting, and we sing about enjoying that warm endless never ending forever love, and we sing about being so deflated when it goes away that we wanna die. I’ve yet to hear a song that legitimately shares how powerfully ‘in love with myself’ that I am.

What is this thing that seems so powerfully elusive? We join chat rooms, apps, clubs, parties, gatherings and an eclectic variety of venues to ‘find love’ from that external source that will fulfill us completely. We have a need yet unfulfilled. We internally experience lack when we externalize our love source. 13


What if I told you that Love is an entirely internal experience? When we fall in love there is indeed a chemical reaction that feeds our pheromonal alchemy with entirely personalized happy drugs. It’s so powerful it seems like we are overdosing gloriously and we are so very willing to bask and swim in our own cocktail. The person we assign to invoke these feelings is chocolate cake, fuzzy kittens and a suitcase full of gold all in one. As long as that person inspires these powerful feelings we continue to love .. but do we really love ‘them?’

When that someone makes us feel sexy, smart, courageous, wise and so much more, we love them. What happens when that same person suddenly makes us feel stupid, unwanted and less .. we assume ‘they’ must have changed and we don’t love them quite so much. Why didn’t we see them for the monster they were?

Cuz all love is self love .. sure, folks will twist this up and suggest that it’s narcissism or worse, but truly .. the love experience that we love so much is all about falling in love with ourselves, so why do we perpetually give that power to someone else?

Our children inspire pride love, our parents hopefully inspire comfort and belonging love, our lovers inspire passionate love, our friends inspire acceptance love, our mentors often inspire our success and self confidence love. We fulfill a need within ourselves by honouring all these flavours that already existed within ourselves .. they were merely a sparkly mirror reminding us that we perpetually exist ‘in love’.

My advice, fall hopelessly and helplessly in love with yourself; never to the point of comparison or judgement. You’re not better than anyone else nor are you less than anyone else but you are more than capable of love, of being love. When you are in love with you, you’ll suddenly become your own keeper, your own protector, your own lover and your own inspiration. Show the world how you like to be loved, what’s your flavour .. be the example that you’re looking for. Flex and develop those love muscles by working them.

When (never if) someone comes along and starts adding extra value to your life whilst you exist in ‘self love’ you’ll know the difference immediately. No more chasing. No more rejection. No more fear. No more expectation, manipulation or agendas placed upon yourself by yourself. Sitting on the ‘cliche’ front porch in your elderly years with your best friend and lifetime lover are guaranteed if that person is you .. and I bet it’ll dramatically increase the odds of attracting someone to share the bond of how they feel ‘love inside themselves’ whilst in your space too. You’re not in charge of fulfilling their love .. nor are they held responsible for yours .. dangerously close to that unconditional love we really wanna explore.

Born in the 60’s into a homesteading European family environment in Enoch Cree territories, David Pilz grew quickly aware that his paranormal ESP sensitivities were not something that most other people were actively and consciously aware they even had. Although his psychic experiences were dramatic, with practice and discipline David was able to discern and control his own awareness enough to function in a world yet unwilling to explore metaphysical sciences as a reality. In his somewhere around 50 years on the planet, he’s been a contractor, a cook, a musician, a producer, an artist, a land developer, a rancher, a bone fide farmer, a placer miner, a teacher, a healer, a mystic, a business owner, an author, a ghostbuster, an alchemist and many many more hats David (The Oracle) Pilz CEO, Author, Instructor, Master Healer, Producer, Metaphysical Consultant. DavidPilz.com Ommanna.com Home | davidpilz theoracle4.wixsite.com

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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A sk

Lo n ni e

Self Love and A Give-a-Way Ah February,

the month of love and my birthday! In honor of both, I'm holding a "Self-Love" Give-a-Way!

I Love, LOVE. Did you know that love actually starts within yourself ? It 's not just exclusively for couples. It can be a fantastic time to express all kinds of love. Besides couples love, there is; parents love for their children, the love a pet gives you and you give back , best friend love and self love, just to name a few. I don't believe in limitations, so why just stop at Couples love? It isn't the only kind of love to be celebrated. If you're single, you can still celebrate!


S e l f- L o v e a n d a G i v e - a - Wa y

There's no reason to feel left out. And since I'm a cheerleader for self-love, keep reading for some serious self-love tips!

Welcome to the LOVE Yourself Month! The first thing to do, is take a look and see where you've been neglecting yourself. Where you seem to be out of balance. Spending more time working than taking care of yourself ? Putting others needs and wants before your own? Don't remember the last time you just relaxed and read a good book or enjoyed your favorite music? Once you are aware of where you've been lacking, then we move into the second step: Making time for yourself to recharge. To appreciate all of your efforts and hard work. To celebrate your wins and prioritize your goals into the must complete and the things that can wait.

To be successful without burning out, you must take care of your mind, body and spirit. As you organize your tasks, you'll soon find that your mind gets to take a break. It no longer runs on overload and worry. By setting a timetable for each project/task, you free your mind to be able to focus completely on each. Don't forget to ask for help or delegate a task when you need to. Empower yourself to be able to provide the best completion of all tasks. When your mind is clear, your body relaxes. They run off of each other and work better when there isn't the push and pull of competing against each other for importance. Honor your body and all it supports you with by making sure you eat enough throughout the day. Don't skip meals and choose healthy delicious foods. (Don't beat yourself up for indulging in a treat or two sometimes) Try not to eat late at night, as this allows your body optimal performance to digest and you'll sleep better. You will wake up feeling happier and more energized in the morning. Drink plenty of water and incorporate some quiet time to prepare for your day. The third step is to honor your spirit. This means following and allowing what you feel passionate about. Read the things that touch your soul. Be creative! Make jewelry, paint a picture, write a story/poetry, crochet/knit, or bake. Whichever way you can express your creativity, go for it! Dance around your house barefoot. Sing at the top of your lungs. Dress in materials that have you feeling sexy, feminine/masculine, empowered. Be present in each moment. Notice the miracles around you. Count your blessings, especially in times like these. Build your moments and memories with quality, not quantity. Make an extra effort to be kind to yourself and others. Look in the mirror and acknowledge each single thing that you love about yourself. Practice acceptance for those things about yourself that may not be perfect.

We all need a boost sometimes. So step up and step in when you need it the most. Taking care of yourself allows you to be abundant in the overflow that you can then share with others. May love always live in your heart and peace be present in your mind. As for me, I'll be practicing friend love, self love and extra kindness. P.S. I'm so grateful for all of the amazing people being spotlighted. Look for the person whose name was chosen to win my "Self-Love' Give-a-Way!

I See You ~ Trelawnie Gartner

Trelawnie Gartner is from Alberta, Canada. She is a Reiki Master and Empowerment Coach, healer of moments, a catalyst, energy shifter and truth teller. As a fixer of other women’s crowns she encourages all souls and offers advice and guidance with knowledge gained through courses, books and life experiences.

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A sk

Lo n nie Dear Lonnie: How can I deepen communication in my friendships? From, Seeking connection

By knowing what the person cares about and feels passionately about you can start conversations on deeper topics. If they have children you can ask about their children and then branch into general topics of child welfare, like how important is praising a child, how important are boundaries for children, what about curfews, etc. Another topic that can lead to deeper conversations are dreams and goals. You could even turn it into a 'build your dream' coffee date. Set up a time to get together, grab your favorite drink and take turns building your dream life. When you get someone to open up about their dreams, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about them you may never have known. And because you'll be happily immersed in your guys's dreams, you'll come away from that talk feeling happy and hopeful. Go ahead, make sure you set up another 'coffee date' to learn more and deepen the connection you have with your friend. Just about any topic is able to lead you and your friend down a deeply meaningful conversation. Just remember that the trick is to have it mean something to the other person. Try to keep a balance between both of you sharing. A great conversation takes two or more people contributing. Deeper communication leads to deeper connections and better relationships. It builds a strong foundation to base the friendship on. Just remember that you might not always agree, and that's part of it. Learning to agree to disagree, with respect and love. I See You Thank You for Writing in Lonnie XX

Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Dear, Seeking Connection, This is a fabulous question! People love to talk about themselves. So asking questions and learning more about your friend is a great first step.


Ask Lonnie

Dear Lonnie: Can I date someone with different values? It's less about the what and more about compromise right? From, How important are values

Some values could be a touch bendable, like, you really love to volunteer to give back to the community, and he isn't into it but encourages you to continue. That's ok. That's where compromise comes in. But, some bigger values could make the difference. Let's say you don't share the same beliefs but you want to get married and have children. Then, what does the wedding look like? What faith do you raise your children to follow? Are you on the same page about responsibilities with aging parents? Are you willing to compromise on these big issues or others? Even in your day to day life, your values play a roll. Whether you realize it or not, they are at the forefront of your behaviour. If you are with someone that doesn't share the same values, it can lead to disagreements, hurt feelings, feeling misunderstood and failure.

Dear, How Important are Values,

Nothing is ever a 'never'. There's a chance it could work, with very clear communication and respect on both ends. But I believe it will take a lot of work. So it's really up to you to decide how much extra effort you want your relationship to be? Also as a reminder, it's important that neither of you lose who you are in compromises. If the compromises aren't balanced by each of you, the relationship becomes one sided.

The shor t answer, in my experience, is no not successfully. Let me explain.

This person might make a better friend then a partner. I wish you luck for the best outcome.

Your values and morals are what make you who you are. They are the driving force of the person you are from day to day. They are built from the things that you find important or believe matter. So let's say you meet a guy, you seem to get along. You've gone out for dinner, movies, met a few of his friends and he makes you laugh. All of this stuff on the surface seems great! You're happy and excited to see him again. No w if yo u r int ention is to j us t date th i s g u y f o r f un. To hav e a good time, then go fo r i t . However, if you are dating with the intention of it becoming serious, then it's a really good idea to have some conversations. Where do each of you stand on getting married? Having children? How to raise them? Pets or no pets? Do you have the same beliefs? This is where the values will step in.

I See You Thank You for Writing in Lonnie XX I have a gift for seeing what others miss. I offer the truth as I know it. I offer this from my own life experience and my intuition. I hope to inspire you to have courage to look at your life, to help you feel empowered to do what you already know you need to do and as you sift through my “advice” - you will find the answers to your own questions”.

Click here to submit your questions.

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Do You Show Your Shoebox Love? Image by Mabuya from Pixabay

as humans, show love. We give someone that extra hug or make their favourite dinner or send them a text when we are thinking of them.

“ We are great at bestowing love on others but a great many of us aren’t that good at showing ourselves the same amount of love.” By Tiffany Keeping

I find

how you do one part of your life is how you do all parts of your life so I implore you to think deeply on this. Do you do one thing a day to show yourself love? If you can’t show yourself love once a day then how will you show your finances and business love.

A s I s a t d o w n t o w r i t e t h i s m o n t h’s article (a little late if I’m really honest), I contemplated on love and the many ways that we experience or show love t o o ur s e l ve s an d oth e r s eve r y single day. There are so many little ways we,


D o Yo u r S h o w Yo u r S h o e b o x L o v e

Self-love can take many forms from choosing to eat healthy food, to exercising daily, to filing our taxes every year on time, to organizing our receipts and knowing the numbers in our business (I spoke of this in my previous article.)

I contemplated self-love this month because I found I was not showing it to myself often. I was overworking and not taking time to do the things that bring me joy with the people who love me and whom I love. When we choose to not show ourselves love we suffer and those around us suffer because we are not our full bright selves. Loving yourself

is a choice that you make every day. Showing love to your business is a choice you make every day.

“Personally, I struggle with balancing all

my obligations in my life and in doing so I usually put myself and my needs last.” I’m working on changing that priority list because if I don’t take care of myself then I’m not helpful to anyone... not my family, n ot my f ri e nd s an d def in ite ly n ot my clients. This year I made a commitment to myself to start by loving myself first and putting myself first! Only in doing these things would I feel happy and therefore be my most successful. In being happy I can spread that energy to everyone and everything that I touch. I decided to hire help to start taking things off my “to do” list in my business. In doing so it affords me more time to focus on the things that I love to do and the things I need to do on a daily basis. I find within a business there tends to be three things people allow to fall by the way side usually because they don’t have the time or they don’t make the time to do them such as bookkeeping or administration work. This is how the shoe box full of receipts starts with someone pushing off the task and never having time or making the time to organize and enter their bookkeeping. In our personal lives we tend to let our nutrition or exercise slide because we don’t have time or don’t make the time to do them.

If you don’t have time to do your b o o k ke e p i n g t h e n h i re a q u a l i f i e d bookkeeper such as myself. If you don’t h a ve t i m e t o d o yo u r a d m i n i s t ra t i o n work then hire a virtual EA. If you don’t have time to take care of your nutrition then hire someone to meal plan and/or prep for you. If you don’t have time to exercise then hire a trainer to kick your butt. You have no idea the weight that will be lifted off your shoulders when you have someone take care of these tasks for you. Show yourself and your business some love and start outsourcing the tasks that you can’t take care of starting today.

“Are you ready to show yourself and your shoe box some love? “ One that works for you and that is less stress and costly than last year. Call me today at (780) 264-0860 or book at consultation here and let’s see how I can help you create love for your shoebox!

Tiffany Keeping Awen Bookkeeping Connect with me here

“My advice if you don’t have time or

inclination to do such tasks please consider outsourcing them.”

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What is Love, Really? There are so many topics

centered around love. Over the past ten years it has become common table talk to pass around the idea of self-love and personal intimacy, yet what exactly does By Meagan Fettes that mean? Although love is one of the most well-known ideas, its actual reality is fleeting to so many that desire to achieve it. It has become an unattainable experience as the grasping hands reach towards the unknown.

I remember when I heard the idea of practicing self-love for the first time. M y p al m s w e r e swea ti n g a s I sa t o n my Yoga mat diving into my reactions based on how I judged aspects of my life. Here I was in my first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with my mind b l ow n ! T h e i m media te th ou gh ts raced through my brain, “self-love… What does that even mean? I thought it was selfish to love myself first? Am I sure I even deserve love… my love?” Now if I were to rewind even a few months before that, I was thick in the reality of drug and alcohol addiction, and even though I made the choice to take my life 21

What is Love, Really?

in another direction, how was I supposed to love myself for all the things I had done, what I put my family and friends through, and really, where do I even start? I realized the more I listened that I wasn’t alone. Every other student in that training struggled to love themselves or to even know what that love looks like. I went home that night, the idea still racing through my mind as I began to explore the concept and experiment with the idea of inviting self-love and personal intimacy into my life. Most articles on the Internet talked about baths, doing the things you love, dressing nice to boost your confidence so I dove right in… to the bath that is. That was NOT what I would call a self-love practice. I sat for 10 minutes in that first “self-love” bath judging every inch of my body- from my boobs, my stomach, my thighs… I mean there they were naked and just taunting me. I had failed. I was right back to feeling defeated and uncertain if I could ever master this whole concept at all or if I was even worth it in the first place. The next weekend I went back to the Yoga Teacher Training and we dove into ourselves further, exploring why we do the things we do, based on our belief systems

....and BOOM it hit me!

Self love is so much deeper then what most talk about- in fact it is often within the areas of Being, that over the years we have b e e n tau gh t a re self -cen tered. In our ev e r y d ay experi en ce its ch oosing to f ocu s o n o u r s el v es f irst, ou r growt h, t he t hi ngs w e l ov e to do, seein g ou rselves f or r e al an d tel lin g ou rsel v es th a t we l ov e o u r s e l v e s in th e mirror ...

Now whether you're spiritual or not, the idea of, there are no mistakes and really understanding or better yet embodying that concept is where the energy of love begins to permeate your existence and all things you touch. Once that loving energy is active in your life, it acts as if you have the Midas touch and leaves everything you experience, everything you touch, every connection you have fulfilled.

“yup it is as uncomfortable as it sounds at first!”.

It is the energy that, once embodied, will transform your life, your relationships, your health, and your business!

... setting boundaries and choosing to be authentic and vulnerable with those in our lives. After years of implementing these into my own life, I realized that self-love and personal intimacy, really all aspects of love has layers, it is not a black and white process, nor is it one we ever truly fully realize because there is no end- it is in essence the constant catalyst of our growth and evolution as a Being. And fur ther yet, it is a holistic practice with no true beginning and no true end… It is the ever-flowing example of the infinite symbol.

“What I can share from my own experience is the true journey into love begins with presence.” It is from that presence that you can observe yourself and the reality of all life in a space of acceptance and surrender. Accepting ourselves, our family and friends, community and the world as it is and to love it all no matter what state it is, trusting that there is no such thing as a mistake.

Presence - Acceptance and Surrender - Trust is the formula that activates that energy and allows it to expand and spread into every connection you have! That is what love is... no beginning, no end, the life blood of all you do including your work in business! Click Here For a Free Business Alignment Strategy Call

Meagan Fettes, founder of RISE Yoga School, RISE Entrepreneur Center and Entrepreneur Fit, is known for teaching world-wide tools that people can use to grow their businesses, access greater joy, abundance and success in their lives and business while bringing them into a state of alignment and purpose within themselves. She bridges the logical and spiritual aspects of business to support people in stepping into their highest potential and create a more abundantly successful experience in life and business. Transform the trajectory of your life and your business! Connect with Meagan here: 403-803-6821

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Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

3 Ways You Can Use Palmstones Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. Crystologist, Crystal and Angelic Realm Channel

Hello Beautiful Soul,


years ago, I had a feeling that Palmstones would become part of the Crystal Energy Healing work I was going to be doing. Little did I know at the time that my Crystal Guides would have me start teaching Crystal Healing Mastery.

It’s *crazy* sometimes how following Guidance can lead to something that is so much more than you could have imagined … Now there must be at least 50 different Palmstones in my basket. 23

3 W a y s Yo u C a n U s e P a l m s t o n e s

I promised to share three ways you can use Palmstones: #1 - Hold a Palmstone in your hand during meditation, or while you’re walking. Hold it in your left hand to start so that the energy from the Palmstone flows into and through you. In approximately 20 - 30 minutes, switch hands and hold the Palmstone in your right hand.

Now the Palmstone is drawing out of you any energies that don’t resonate with you.

For example, if you’re working on upleveling your energy, you’d work with Dendritic Tree Agate, Dragon Stone Septarian or Black Opal, just to name a few, the Palmstone draws out energy that is not aligned with upleveling your energy.

#2 - Put several Palmstones under your pillow at night or on your bedside table. The Palmstones will work with your energy during your sleep time, when the conscious mind is less active and offers less resistance to what you want to accomplish.

right next to a BIG Selenite slab Selenite Charging Wand. I’d love to know how *you* like these ways of using your Palmstones. Message me on Facebook at or on Instagram. Much Love and Infinite Blessings, Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

About The Crystologist Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. is a highly attuned Master Crystologist, Crystal and Angelic Realm Channel, showing Sensitives and Empaths Worldwide how to tap into and easily access their Intuitive Skills, Spirit and their Guides.

#3 - You can pair several Palmstones together on your desk to help you connect with your Guides, your intentions or whatever it is you desire to have more or less of. Seeing the Palmstones near you while you’re working, creates a physical connection that helps remind you to stay focused on what you can do, what you desire and the energy of the Palmstones are with you during the day. No matter which method you choose, be sure to clear the energy at the end of the day, after your meditation or in the morning. You can do this by placing your Palmstones

Her fascination with Crystals began in 1989, after reading Spiritual Value of Gemstones by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lenora Huett, and Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones by Katrina Raphaell. She utilizes and enlists the Power of Crystals in her personal daily spiritual Practice. Through her work, she teaches her clients how they too can tap into the Power of Crystals in simple practical ways.

As an 8-Time BestSelling Author and Intuitive SpiritualPreneur and Crystology Mentor, she radiates Spiritual Presence, Unconditional Love and compassion, teaching her clients life-changing skills, easy-to-use techniques and practices that work quickly and easily. With her guidance, Terrie Marie’s clients become transempower catalysts in their lives and Spiritual business from the inside out in miraculous ways. • 8-Time BestSelling Author • Angel Dream EtsyShop

uplift Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash



Social Retail Is Shifting The Way We Spend Money Online; And How We MAKE Money Online

ave you been curious about getting into the affiliate marketing business online, but haven’t got a clue how to start?

Modere is the first company to develop an industrychanging concept called

Social Retail.

What if you could be rewarded for sharing the products you love? In addition to providing category-leading, clean label products, this company offers a unique opportunity for you to promote them to earn cash commissions – paid twice daily.

Their innovative social marketing strategy enables people like me and you to promote the Modere brand by simply using our social media feeds to refer and share their safe, clean and smart products - while earning income and rewards.

Not only that, but it’s simple and fun. Social retail is simply retail that’s powered by people. 25


Social Retail brand is built for customers and the everyday entrepreneur, busy moms and the person who just wants to use some of their social media time to create part time income. How? It's about showing others how to live clean, shop smart, earn additional income, and give back. Social Retail is a brand-new opportunity bringing together the best of social shopping and the enormous direct sales industry. And before you ask, nope, this isn’t your grandmother’s multi-level marketing company.

Modere is a Live Clean Company that is about people who believe in better products, at competitive prices and the positive change that switching to a clean-label lifestyle creates. Living clean means removing controversial ingredients from your life and seeing better health and improved wellbeing as a result.

From beginning to end, the goal is to achieve ethical sourcing, zero animal testing, safe and non-toxic/ BPA-free containers, environmentally friendly packaging, GMO-free formulation, no parabens, PEGs, SLS, or other controversial chemicals.

channel our energy, enthusiasm and imagination so that we can inspire others as a dynamic team to live healthy, happy lifestyles.

VALUES DRIVEN Click here for the list of ingredients they never use

It's a category-leading portfolio of lifestyle essentials - personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed. Click here to view the product catalogue $10.00 off CODE embedded for you to save on your first order

Our formulas are tested, and have been trusted by customers around the world for more than 30 years. For over 30 years, Modere has been committed to earning the trust of our customers with products that consistently deliver.

COMPASSIONATE: we upend the notion that only a few can succeed in the industry because we truly care about every individual with whom we work. HUMBLE: notwithstanding our collective experience in the industry, we never let success distract us from our founding principle: to help others fulfill their personal objectives. AUTHENTIC: we present an authentic opportunity founded on real results, not hype. We are passionate about offering credible and ethical products and opportunities. VIBRANT: we individually

DISRUPTIVE: we present unique opportunities in the market because we dare to continually innovate new methodologies and develop leading edge products that change lives. EXTRAORDINARY: we strive for excellence and to be the best. We go above and beyond, aiming to create 'wow' moments for our teammates, customers, and the field through our exceptional performance, products and company. Click here to connect with Candice Smiley directly for more details about how you can get involved.

Use referral code 5579029 to save $10.00 on your first order OR CLICK COUPON

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Into the Depths of Love What is Love

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

even at that, my understanding is very limited due to the limitations of the mind.

By Dr. Candice Staniek


you think of Love, what are some of the first images, thoughts, feelings that come to mind? For some of us it will be a person, some it will be an experience and others it will be a sense. My personal experience of Love is a feeling with the presence of certain people in my life.

What is love, really? I have contemplated this very question for many years! Starting at a very young a g e , i t h a s t a ke n o v e r 3 d e c a d e s t o begin to understand what it means and


Into the Depths of Love

At some point in childhood, it seemed weird to me when someone like a parent said “I love you.” The weirdness was because I d i d n’ t fe e l e n c l o s e d i n Love . M u c h of the time there was an und e rl yi ng ex pectation or vague attachm e nt to something that I couldn’t describe at the time. As a child, the words landed flatly. Somehow the words, “I love you” were empty of any energy and for a long time were nearly meaningless for me.

“Without realizing it, I started questioning the concept of Love.” By looking into the depths of Love, we begin to search for qualities of Love. I have learned and experienced that Love encompasses a quality of acceptance. “I accept what is in the present moment.” The acceptance allows for the energy of the Divine to remain in movement due to an absence of conflict. When I first heard this concept, I remember “thinking”

I cannot accept hurt from another person. What I didn't understand at the time was that the person’s behaviours were not specific to me. I simply happened to be present the moment they reacted. Meaning they would have reacted that way regardless of who was standing in front of them.

“Another question surfaced in my quest to understand love. Where does Love reside?” The most common response I would hear was in the heart. But what does that really mean? We know it is not the beating heart, yet there is an etheric heart that resides within the centre of our chests that is also connected with the heart of the Universe. For me personally, I have found the Heart is a light within, something glowing brightly. I have also found that there is a doorway of sorts to something more vast and greater than me. It’s almost difficult to conceptualize by the mind that something filled with space and vastness can reside in the little body of a Human and yet there it exists. I love this quote below as it gives us several clues about how to access the Heart of ourselves and the heart of the Universe.

“I honour the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells. I honour the place in you, which is of Love, Truth and Peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, We are One.”

~ Anonymous

So, when we look into the depths of LOVE we begin to realize that through the openness to accept vastness we gain access to a presence that connects us to all that is through Love, Truth and Peace.

Sign up Here for My Gift to you a Free Monthly Gratitude Calendar: Health and wellness have always been a part of my life whether it was visits to the farm, whole food meals, playing sports and dancing in high school and university. Eventually, I was inspired to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine. One of the most impactful statements in clinical training was, “Doctor Heal Thyself”. For me this meant being courageous and willing to work through my challenges and difficulties in order to be more empathic and helpful to my patients. Through my personal work, I’ve gained an understanding of the mind, ways we sabotage ourselves, and how to shift mindset. I graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA with an interest in depression, chronic fatigue and infections. I’m what you might call a ‘free-style’ Naturopathic Doctor. I integrate science and energy medicine leading the “health conscious” movement in proactive care. Some of my joys in life include: nature, meditation, quality time with family, friends and cats or researching health topics. I believe in the healing power of your body called the VIS. I also believe it’s your right to feel joyous and happy. Your health shouldn’t stand in the way of your overall wellness, your passion or your life.

Click here to Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call

Dr. Staniek can be contacted by Phone: 403-588-3544 and found on CTA:

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Grant Yourself Some Grace Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

First look to find what is preventing you from feeling these natural emotions, seek to find the barriers and the gift will be lying there waiting to come alive with your recognition of its existence.

By Lori Chenger

It is

February and the month of the “heart”. During this month when the focus can largely be the giving of love to others, I would like to change the focus to the giving of love to ourselves first. Do things from love not for love.

The answers to anything in life are always “an inside job”. Emotions such as love, happiness, peace etcetera; exist naturally within us.

The problem is they are hidden behind the barriers that the mind creates as “problems”. 29

G r a n t Yo u r s e l f S o m e G r a c e

There is a lot of talk being generated regarding “finding balance “and topics asking women how they balance work, life and play for example. This can cause unnecessary anxiety as we interpret it as just one more thing that we are “supposed to do”.

Understand that not all baskets in which you place your priorities in w ill be exact and proport ionate to one another and that IS OKAY. Just breathe and know that what you accomplished or did not accomplish is just exactly as it should be. Tomorrow is another day, and you will be able to pick up where you left off with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

One breathing exercise I like is 5-5-5 with a couple of additions to this. • First, place your hand over your heart. This allows us to feel our own presence and produces a calming effect throughout the body. • Next, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth when breathing as doing this connects you to the calming relaxation portions of your brain. • Then follow the 5-5-5 breathing patterns of inhaling through your mouth for 5 seconds, wait for 5 seconds and exhale slowly for 5 seconds. • Repeat for 5 repetitions and end the repetitions with identifying 5 things you are grateful for. This allows us to have mental pause during our daily tasks. Instead of measuring yourself by the tasks you complete and the deadlines you meet, work at measuring yourself by the love and

gratitude you felt towards yourself when you were involved in your daily routine. Were you able to notice the joy you felt within yourself as you accomplished your activities or were you simply aware that you had ticked off one more item on your to-do list?

Know there is no failure in life because as long as there is learning from obstacles, how could there possibly be failure? Grant yourself some grace and know that you may not end each day completing all your tasks, but you will end each day being complete. Contact Lori at Echo of Yes if you would like to know how to use NLP and hypnotherapy in your life to remove barriers from experiencing the joy and love that you are!

View my website for a more complete list of services to help you say YES to living an empowered life. Email: Lori@echoofyes.com Call: 780-218-7831 Private sessions include life coaching, hypnotherapy/NLP as well as bookings for staff training sessions in dementia care. I am also available as a keynote speaker.

uplift 30








promote Photo by Tristan Colangelo on Unsplash



Hidden Gems

By Ryschell Dragunov

As you know, I love the unusual, and I love finding unique treasures. I promised I would hunt out unique stores with nooks and crannies full of trinkets and riches. L a s t m o n t h I to o k y o u o n a j o u r n e y to f i n d y o u r n e w f av o u r i te c o f fe e h av e n . T h i s month’s journey takes you just a little far ther out. If you travel an hour, or so, west of the city, you will find a plethora of amazing lit tle stores.


Our Hidden Gems

Just like my trip to “THE WOOLLY MAMMOTH” in Chicago, this trip is wo r thy of bundli ng al l yo u r favour i te, COVI D bu bb le safe, shopp ers into the car and waiting to grab coffee along the way. My mom gets credit for starting this discovery of delight ful stores in these small towns out west. She lives near Lac St. Anne / Wabamun and i s v e r y i n v o lv e d i n t h e communities through her Yoga practice and church associations. Who are we kidding, she gets credit for beg inning my love of all these unique stores, she’s my favourite person to go on these adventures with. Are you ready for another shopping experience that you won’t get online? As I am sending you on a longer quest... I have also fo u n d pl aces for you to n our i sh your b el li es, quench your thirst and delight your taste buds. This journey takes you out to Carvel, Onoway, Wabamun, Peers and

Entwhistle. They are not the only stores to visit, as in any small town you will find other delightful stores, so make a day of if get out and explore. I have included a map and a link to said map so you can find all the stores easily. If you are looking for more art galler ies to explore check out the information about the gallery tour on Salt of the Earth’s Page. Enjoy! I am planning another adventure to find all the stores and businesses that opened during COVID. If this is you, or you know of someone who began their business during 2 0 2 0 I would love the introduct ion. I would also love to hear from you if you know of any unique shops you would like to see in our Hidden Gems section. Yo u c a n re a c h out to m e h e re

Our Hidden Gems

Click here for the Google Map of this Adventure

promote 34


are located just 4 km south of Highway Carell Wingrave & 1 6 i n t h e h i s to r i c Kristine Olson and picturesque h a mlet of Car vel, A l b e r ta. E s tablish ed i n 1918, th e Car vel G e ne ral S to r e is a 103 y ea r old bu ild ing t ha t h as b e e n lov in gl y restored to ret ain its vintage charm and heritage. In October 2003 my mother and I found ourselves f e e l i n g s c a r e d , e xc i t e d , a n d n a i v e . W e were also secretly bold and persistent i n our belief of certain success. We had just reopened/re-purposed an old landmark general store in the tiny Hamlet of Carvel, Alberta where we both live. Except for a 12 week online business course, neither of us had any prior business experience - I was a psychiatric nurse and mom was a retired supervisor with the federal government. Our retail experience consisted of being discriminating shoppers, both of us 35

Car vel General Store

conservatively frivolous with a taste for the finer things in life. Inundated with "neighbourly interest", questioning the sanity of our decision by family and friends, and an initial financial sacrifice, we pushed forward. Turns out we had all the right ingredients to turn o u r P E I- e s q u e ( c e d a r s h a k e r o o f e d p o r c h on a green and white building) meets W hy t e Av e ( O l d S t ra t h c o n a , E d m o n t o n ) into a vintage specialty shop. We became partners in the Carvel General Store in July 2003 and have since become a destination in several

rural tours including "Your Town" - a Global Edmonton/Travel Alberta initiative. We host a charity street sale every July with 30+ vendors of treats and treasures. We specialize in nostalgia-inspired April Cornell clothing and linens, Barefoot Venus bath and body, Nellie's All Natural laundry products and many locally crafted goods including Old Goat Soap, furniture, bird feeders, and books by local authors and more.

Our Hidden Gems

We are proud to be Alberta owned and operated and to celebrate being Canadian. We continue to grow in our mother/daughter relationship as partners and as a business. We are able to successfully combine our rural lifestyle with our love of beautiful things and working for ourselves.

Side note:

We are LIVING THE DREAM and we invite you to share the experience.“

Carvel Country Store 52511 770 Hwy #11, Carvel, AB T7Y 3P2 (780) 963-1156

Alternatively, if you would like to take a more scenic route: Heading West on Highway 16A, just West of Stony Plain, turn onto Parkland Drive! Parkland Drive has just been repaved and widened so it's a smooth country drive. You'll pass Blueberry School, many pastures filled with cows and horses and gorgeous views! Drive until you come to the stop sign at Highway 770 (Range Road 23) continue approximately 3km West on Parkland Drive and you'll find us on the left hand side.

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Gossamer Gllery

Gossamer Gallery and Gifts Lois started looking for a space, found one… and started taking to walking various Art Walks.

I think

the part that intrigues me the most about doing these interviews are the incredible business owners and people I get to meet. By Candice Smiley

Here is Lois Hannam, who left her corporate job, found herself in a period of transition and knew she didn’t want to go back to the corporate world. She had long had a desire to own her own business. At one point in time, had even seriously considered buying a yarn shop, but had that particular opportunity “snatched out” from under her. At this point, Lois pauses, sighs, and says, “Can I be honest? I knew that I was going to make fudge. And the rest, well I wasn’t really too sure, but I did know that it would all work out. My sister, in Cape Breton, owned a shop that sold fudge and everyone loved it, so while I didn’t have a solid written business plan, (still don’t!), I knew that fudge was a direction I was going.”

If it wasn’t for these art walks 'it's possible,'' Lois says, that “Gossamer would have been just another country store”. Of all the artisans she spoke to, it was the artists that seemed to jump at the chance. And so, Gossamer became an Art Gallery.

“I like photography and I can do drawing, but I don’t have a fine arts degree or any formal training,” Lois says. She treats the gallery as a living organism, allowing it and its growth to simply, “Go with the flow.” Success and growth came quickly, as artists told other artists, who in turn told other artists


Gossamer Gallery and Gifts

who told other artists… “Thankfully, I owned the building”, Lois laughs, “so we could grow!”. She opened more space and a gift store and at any given time has 40-70 primarily Alberta artists featured in the gallery which now contains photography, photos, pottery, metal works, glass works, carvers, sculptures, painters, potters, and more!,

“Artists really like to bring their items to my gallery,” she says. “I like to tell stories with the art, both visually and verbally. I have a knack for hanging the art so people want to take it home.”

Our Hidden Gems

about. This story is about you, and then you might see how you live your life and why it works the way it does.” I love that part. We share a moment to discuss the power of being in the flow again… and I can hear the smile in her voice as she comments, “The universe always has my back.” Indeed, it certainly seems to be!

Other artists come to be part of the story telling, which Lois does well. It's at this point in the conversation that she mentions that people must “go check out the canvas of mural art that has been painted on the outside walls of the building. They are large, larger than life, unique…” and as Lois says, “I stand in awe of them.”

Gossamer Gallery and Gifts

As if that were not enough, the event, Jazz on the Veranda, is sponsored by the gallery as Lois continues to spotlight both visual and musical arts.

There is a smile in her voice as she tells me of the serendipity of this interview - her son gave her the book the Go Givers by Bob Burg years ago and said. “Mom, this is what you are all

Ph: (780) 892-2169

Lois Hannam

In 5 years of operating, they saw 2020 as being their best yet! She is grateful and says that people really seem to have come together this year; artists and patrons alike.

5215 51 Ave, Wabamun, AB

promote 38

We serve and sell coffee roasted by High Horse Coffee Company, which is a small batch roaster located in Edmonton. It is delicious, and being able to serve super fresh coffee is a definite plus. Our goal is to support locals where we can, and we strive to keep our packaging as eco friendly as possible. By Amy Thiessen-Roy

Fuel Coffee Bar

is honored to be deemed a Hidden Gem! We are a little mom and pop coffee bar located within MAD Fitness, at 4728 50 Ave Onoway Alberta. We are open Monday – Friday 8:30am 5:30pm, and soon, every other Saturday from 9am-3pm. I am hoping that soon we can be open more, but because it is just a one woman show (other than when my husband has days off ), there are only so many hours I can force my kids to spend working.


FUEL Coffee Bar

A little about me now. In December 2018 I noticed my mental health was slowly diminishing, I was feeling like I needed to do something more. The kids were all in school for the most part, my youngest just in playschool, with them not needing me as much I was finding I missed having something that I was good at. I was an accountant between having my oldest and my middle, but I wasn’t ready to go back to that lifestyle full time. One afternoon I was sitting visiting MAD Fitness, (because why work out when you can just visit in the reception area, am I right??) and the owner of the gym was lamenting on how she’d created a smoothie bar, but didn’t have the time to

make it really profitable. The next time I was there visiting, the topic came up with a few people, how a little café that had specialty coffees had just closed and they were missing having good coffee locally. That night I went home and had a loooong discussion with my husband, and the next thing we knew, Fuel Coffee Bar was a thing! We used the space that had been allocated in MAD Fitness for the smoothie bar, renovated it a bit and it is now a small but mighty space full of great coffee.

Our Hidden Gems

atmosphere! We are so glad to be back in our warm space inside for winter though. Opening Fuel Coffee Bar has brought me so much joy, and has done wonders for my mental health. I am a very social being, so the people I get to meet at work are a joy. I am so grateful for the continued support of my husband, family, friends and amazing community. Fuel continues to grow and I am so excited to see where we can be in a few years!

Come Fuel up with a delicious latte while passing thru Onoway, the hub of the highways!" Inside MAD Fitness, 4728 50 Ave Onoway Alberta. Monday – Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm Soon,Alternate Saturdays 9am-3pm.

We do still sell smoothies, since that was the original dream. We are on a never-ending quest to find healthy grab and go options, so we have also added cold pressed juices, paninis, and Fuel Up bowls to our menu this year. Covid19 shut Fuel Coffee Bar down just shy of it’s one-year anniversary, but we made it through the summer and fall attending farmers markets in both Onoway and Alberta Beach. At the markets we only brought our cold brew and sold iced coffees and Italian sodas. Those were a hit! We had so much fun having an outside booth for the markets, they are such a wonderful







DRIP COFFEE $2.75 $3.25 $3.75 House Blend is Handsome Albertan light roast

Iced Coffee


Try our new cold brew coffee! $6 for a jar $4 for a cup *tax not included in price

promote 40

There was a common thread woven

By Candice Smiley

through all of the stories I was able to interview for this edition. The desire to own a store or start a business with no clear cut direction; only simple and pure desire. It was fascinating! I’m so blessed to share the stories with you here.

Cathy Evans worked as a University of Alberta Administrator for over 17 years. It was a leadership position that she loved… or thought she did.

“It was always in the back of my mind,” she says. “If I could, I would love to own a little store.” I can hear the nostalgia enter her voice. “I’d love to have the conversations, build relationships and be a part of the community.” I smile at this point. Cathy took a course from the Anderson Career Training Institute which she says, “helped a lot!” She started her career in Career and Image Coaching and for two years, was happy. She was working with a coach to get more speaking opportunities, to further grow her business, when the pandemic hit and everything ground to a halt.


KALOS Couture

“I had thought to help other women, using my experience in human resources, to help them start their own businesses.” It was a good Cathy Eva n s idea, but the change in the way she could meet with clients and the way clients were responding, left her twiddling her thumbs and wondering what to do next. “I had no idea what to do next,” she e agin a Im t says. Then an idea came to her. t o Y What if I designed clothing? She h a d a h i s to r y o f f a s h i o n , l o v e d clothing and style… She laughs, “I had spent good money on fashion too!” It seemed like a great shift in direction. Cathy even had some experience working as a model for Tina Mac Modelling and had been the first plus sized model in Edmonton working various fashion shows. “Fashion had always been a thing for me,” she says.


The challenge was this. “Women want to touch, feel and try something before they buy it,” she says. I find myself nodding. This is true. Then something serendipitous happened. While out on a drive with her husband to Onoway, Cathy saw a “for rent” sign. She peeked at the space through the windows. “It’s perfect!” she thought. A quick call to the owner revealed that he was on his way into

town, and so, Cathy and her husband could immediately see it. It was an easy and simple decision. “Will you rent this to me?” The agreement was made with an old-fashioned gentleman’s agreement. Now to fill it! “I had met so many wonderful women,” she said; connections from the Christmas Market she coordinated at the Seniors Center in Alberta Beach. “A couple really stood out for me,” she said. And from then on, the calls and vendors just, “fell into place.” With a short timeline to open, Cathy tells me with awe in her voice, that she didn’t encounter any significant challenges or obstacles. She decided first, of course, to put her own designs in the store. “Second,” she says, “I will fill my store with things I love!” I smile. “Shoes, purses, scarves…” her voice trails off. Yup, me too, I thought. She then launches into detailed and personal accounts of some of the things featured in her store. I included the links here… • Yotta Imagine • Diana Krah - Watercolor artist • Susan with Suzie Q crochet in Alberta Beach • Linda Krysta with Purses Krysta Kreations • Sally’s Pottery, Main Street Mud • Judi with Corner Mountain Soap

Our Hidden Gems

story with me. “they didn’t know they could do this. They didn’t know that after years of doing what they had to, that they had this kind of creative energy and potential within them! I am so blessed to see their drive and motivation”.

It is clear to me that Cathy loves to support other women, and I really, really love that. We are wrapping up the call and I ask Cathy if there is anything else she would like to share with me. “ I wanted a little boutique so that no one has to travel far and can get amazing items. This is my why and my purpose. There has been confirmation and re-confirmation of why I want to do this and… it feels so good!” I smile. “Plus,” she says, “I am having fun.”

I ask her to tell me about the name. “Kalos”, she says, “it is Greek for beautiful inside and out”, A reminder from an amazing bucket list trip that she and her husband took. She says, “you can’t miss us when you come to visit. We have Diana Krah art painted right on the door, so, don’t let the ”Little Door” fool you, open the door and come inside.”

Clearly Magic. Clearly Serendipity. Clearly Worth The Visit.

a Krah

Candice Smiley

Co rn er M ou nt ai n So ap s

She pauses here, “.. with Judi and her soaps?”, I listen a little more intently as she shares her personal

(780) 915-4486 4917 50 St, Onoway Cathy Evans - Kalos Couture

Mainst reet Mud

promote 42

The Water Lilly Boutique

Clothing & Consignment Boutique By Denise Ertman

“Consignment at its Finest” A Hidden Gem in a small town called Onoway. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. A n d I ’ ve b e e n d re a m i n g a b o u t ow n i n g a c l o t h i n g & co n s i g n m e n t b o u t i q u e fo r ye a r s .


The Water Lilly Boutique

I love the concept of consignment, you get quality clothing at fabulous prices. I also enjoy consignment & thrift store shopping. It's exciting to me to find treasures for myself and for the boutique. My boutique offers new & consignment clothing.

It’s the perfect combination My consignment pieces are all in fabulous condition, and I will only accept Items that are Chic,Stylish,Unique and Fashionable. My prices are Excellent!! and I have something f o r E v e r y o n e . I o f fe r : L a d i e s Size XS-3X, Men’s Size Small 2X, and children sizes 6-14. COMING SOON! Western Wear,Tack and Home Decor.

I’m very excited for the new addition to my boutique, making my store truly a “One Stop Shop” for all. I'm very proud of my Store and how

Our Hidden Gems

It’s important to support Small businesses in this economy. Pretty soon

there won’t be many left, unfortunately. I Look forward to meeting new Customers and I hope you will include my boutique in your next shopping adventure.

it’s evolved over the years. I’ve been in business for 5 years and I have customers who travel to Onoway from as far as Grand Prairie!

From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel comfortable and at home.

I have everything beautifully laid out for you and it doesn’t matter what size you are, I will find the perfect outfit for you.

4915 Lac St Anne Trail Onoway, Alberta 780-686-5977

SIDE NOTE What Happens to the unsold consignment Items? I have over 300 consignees.

Whether you're 18 or 80 it is MY goal to make everyone feel AMAZING! I genuinely love to see people walk out of my Boutique smiling and feeling good.

It’s all up to the individual. Some take the items back. Some will give it to charities. I use several different nonprofit local charities. Including Stony plain, Spruce Grove, Barrhead and Onoway. Consignment is such a wonderful concept. You’re not only supporting a small business. You’re helping local charities as well.

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Davly n s Rest au ra nt &

T i n kers Da m n By Lynette Robertson


restaurant came into existence in 2006, situated in the industrial area of Onoway, “cos every industrial area has a ‘café’”. But we decided to make it more than just a greasy spoon café.

From the beginning we have welcomed workmen, seniors, families, businesspeople, tourists & ladies out for lunch. We don’t mind if you're in your Sunday best or your Monday scruffs, our homemade burgers, made to order sandwiches, full breakfasts & homemade pies are delivered just the same. It's been a labour of love getting to where we are these days, with a loyal customer base that has helped ensure we continue to weather the ups & downs of our Industry. Some fantastic & colourful staff have, and continue to be, the secret ingredient to our longevity.


Davlyns Restaurant and Tinkers Damn

The economic downturn that Alberta has experienced over the past few years, with the added gut punch of the covid pandemic, has, as with many others, forced us to tighten our belts & expand our imaginations. As food trends have changed & evolved, we have tried to move with them. Old favourites like the traditional clubhouse sandwich continue to top the orders but with new taste trends emerging, it’s bought us new favourites like the pepper jack burger, donair & many sweet treats l i ke s ko r b a r s & t h e co n fe t t i s q u a re . A l t h o u g h , yo u s t i l l ca n’ t b e a t a f re s h b a n a n a c re a m p i e o r ca r ro t c a ke .

The introduction in 2017 of Tinkers Damn to our business model was one of our “reinventions” and a major stretch, for a non techy brain, was the introduction of the website as of January 2021.

Décor in Davlyns is the Domain of Tinkers Damn.

Our Hidden Gems

The name is a salute to my Irish heritage & also to the tinker’s age old maintenance of the battered but loved tools of everyday life. To hold these items in your hands & wonder at their previous lives & what they meant to the people that created them is a simple & enriching feeling far divorced from our throw away modern society.

“Things Have A Life Of Their Own, The Gypsy Proclaimed. It’s Simply A Matter Of Waking Up The Soul.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

At Davlyns, our multi national team look forward to welcoming you to our sometimes crazy home from home. Our food is made to order, made fresh, and made by one or all of us, so we work hard to make sure it pleases us as much as we want it to please you.” Originally it was a means to fill empty wa l l s & s o u l l e s s co r n e r s w i t h exce s s personal collectables & treasures a cc u m u l a t e d ove r t h e ye a r s . W h e n people started asking to purchase the treasures it created an excuse to look for more, like an excuse was needed! It has morphed into its own business over the intervening years & necessitated the addition of an outside “store” to house the bigger items that can’t be displayed in t h e re s ta urant . Now yo u will f ind ever y thi ng f ro m f in e ch in a, v int age clothing, snow shoes, vintage jewellery, colonial hutches, trunks to old cycle wheels & everything in between.

You can find us at 5212 Lac Ste Anne Trail North, Onoway, ABPhone in orders & enquiries… 780 967 4981

Davlyns Restaurant

Tinkers Damn

promote 46


By Candice Smiley

first thing you need to know about Brie, is that she is a busy mom of twin boys, yet, she still found time to start her Salt of the Earth Gallery in October of last year (2019).

She said she had simple goals when she was getting started. The first being to secure space for her own studio, so she could find time for her creative passion. The second was classroom space for the art classes she wanted to teach, and finally, a space to feature women artists. It's at this moment that my ears really tune into her story. She is the first one I’ve interviewed in this series of Hidden Gems, that has made the distinction of focusing on women artists.

“All women makers,” she says. “That’s who I choose to feature, with a couple husband/wife teams. It's an interesting space, with very good energy and lots of interesting things in it.” 47

Salt of the Ear th Galler y

Things like, thunder gourds, poetry, paintings, handmade clothing, jewelry, art; with most of it being from local artisans and artists. Her studio is open to the public, so you can watch as she paints and creates. Pre the pandemic, Brie had even started classes after school to teach and share her love for art. Each month she would host a guest artist. It's clear to me as a listener that education to the public about art, art forms, how to, is important to Brie.

She says, “ I want to help people to realise the value of handmade art.” I have to agree. She notes to me that her gallery stands out. There is a 22 by 44 foot mural on the wall, which helped to raise funds for 3 of the schools in the area.

I love that. I really love that.

Our Hidden Gems

It was part of the Painting of Pembina Project, and I made a mental note to look that up. Hint, you could too. I can hear the smile and the pride in her voice as she tells me. “As you come into Entwhistle, you can’t miss it. It's huge!”. The Parkland County Art Tour is also Brie’s brainchild; created to encourage folks to drive out and see the local hidden artistic and artisan gems, not too far from the city. This makes me smile. “It's a tour of pottery, photography, artist studios and small galleries all 5 minutes off the YellowHead, with great Alberta scenery and coffee too!”. We decided to include this here for you… PARKLAND COUNTY ART TOUR S a lt of t he E a r th Gal l e r y o ffe r s Al b e r ta w om en a r tist s unqiue a r tw o r k s , ar t c l as s es an d w o rks h op s for a ll a ges a nd a p e ak i n s i d e an ar ti s ts s tu dio. T h is sm a ll town busine s s i s b as e d i n En tw i s tl e , wh ic h is b etw een Pa r k la nd C o u n ty , Y e l l o w h e ad Co u n ty an d B raz eau Co u n ty .

Connect with Brie Adkins and her Art Here.

Salt of the Earth Gallery 5120 50 Avenue, Entwistle 780-240-2206

Brie Adkins

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Ina’s Gallery Hi

everyone, it’s me, Annie. I have the greatest job in the world as the absolutely, adorably cute and lovable official greeter for a small gallery called, Ina’s, it’s in Peers, AB. I’m usually the first one you see when you visit.

“Everything is hand crafted and the gallery is located in the hamlet of Peers, Alberta.” Where is Peers, you might ask, we are located halfway between Edmonton and Jasper. The hamlet boasts the amenities of a small town, a grocery store with a deli, a gas station and a diner.

“My task today is to take you on a little tour of our gallery.“ Susan believes that ever yone has a talent ; s o m e p e o p l e j u s t h av e n’ t discovered theirs yet. She also believes that art isn’t always what people have traditionally considered art. Sometimes it can be seen in a knitted sweater, a painted rock or any work where you can see the passion and care of the person that created it . St Franc is of A s sisi said “ that one who works with his hands is a labourer, one who works with his hands and his heart is a craftsman but if one works with his hands, head and heart he is an artist.” There are many artists. Ina’s Gallery opened November 2014 as a retirement job for Susan. She and my dad, Allan, renovated an older home belonging to the McGuire family. The original house was built after WWII by

“I feel I should give a special mention to Mike the Mechanic because…. wait for it …they give you dog treats!” Close by are a few small lakes and if you are willing to work, you can still find gold in the McLeod River. But I digress, back to my original mission. Photo Credit: J Shantz Photograph


I n a ’s G a l l e r y

a husband for his bride, Ina. Ina lived here until age necessitated her move to senior’s housing. Her home now showcases the “works”, over 55 vendors. All vendors put their

own price on their projects and the gallery takes a small commission. The gallery has evolved into a place promoting and supporting mostly local artists, some not so local, small business and community. We have a diverse display of artists and artisans and we do love, made in Canada. Pottery, paintings, stained glass as well as knitting, quilting, weaving and cross stitch are all on exhibit with the intent to sell.

Our Hidden Gems

Our mission is to create a relaxing, positive atmosphere where even the tiny patrons can browse; either to purchase an affordable work or just become inspired to create their own. Most days you will find Susan and/or Christine working on the webpage or their own projects. I will be sleeping under the work counter until I hear the bells on the door and spring into action. I do feel very fortunate as I get to hear all the great comments and compliments that patrons say about our diverse assortment of art. You can check us out on our Facebook or Instagram pages as well as our website. However, that is not as good as the real deal. So if you are ever in the area please stop in to see me. We also have a Summer Solstice and a Christmas Market where vendors have their own tables as well, at least we did until the pandemic. I’d love to meet you; sometimes I even get to meet other dogs here. Did I mention I love my job? I never thought when I was living at the shelter that I would end up working at an incredible place like this gallery. Life is good! Somethings are just meant to be and as a testament, with its wide range of options.... Ina’s Gallery.

Our diverse display can change weekly. We do not jury our works as not all mediums appeal to everyone.

“This was learned early as what I thought was a “not beautiful’ bird feeder became something that the customer had been looking for forever.” I’m a rescue dog, albeit an adorable one, but what do I know about art. However we have discovered that if you build it they will come. New artists are always welcome. We promote shopping locally but that doesn’t mean some of our art has not travelled as far as Cyprus, England, Netherlands and even Hungry to arrive at its forever home.

Phone: 780 693-2290 during gallery hours Cell: 780 712-2090 Susan's cell / text or call Gallery Hours: 11:00 -5:00 Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday or call cell to make an appointment that is convenient

Susan Shantz

Location: 4915 50 St. Peers AB

promote photo credit J Shantz St Albert.


How are you being the (s)hero in your life? If you are nervous, that’s normal. If you are worried you might not know what to say? No worries. I love to hold space and part of my job as the host is to make sure I “carry” you, the conversation and create an on-air environment that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. .

So how does it work? 1 . We s e t a d a y to re c o rd B o o k a D a te H e re . By Candice Smiley


I’m re-launching

my podcast after a delightful summer of re-focus, re-calibration and re-framing. Do you have a story to tell? Something you would love to share? Would you like to grab a cup of tea and discuss those things that are near to your heart and would encourage others?


Tr u s t t h e N i g g l e

2. You fill out my questionnaire, which is very detailed, but you only have to fill out the parts that appeal to you, and from that our conversation is ignited. 3. We m e et a li t t le bi t e arly o n t h e appointed day. We connect, we chat, we laugh, we relax, we adjust your lighting and camera if need be. 4. I hit record. You relax and we have a lot of fun. 5. I set the date for it to be released and send you a copy of the final product and anything else we do together so you can use it for your website, for your blog or your own promotions

That’s it!

Oh… wait… maybe you want to know a little bit about me? Well my bio goes something like this...

This quote is my subtle mission in life... I’m a mom to an amazing little girl, girlfriend to an amazing man, a social marketer with an amazing online values driven company, a thought leader and multi-entrepreneur. I find a ton of my life’s joy in connecting people, to other people, places and things. It’s not about hustle, it’s about heart. It’s not about push, it’s about attraction... and y ou don’t at t ra c t what you wa nt, y o u attract WHO YOU ARE. I love speaking, writing, creating, traveling and connecting. A natural leader and disruptor, I have a passion for helping men and women to trust the niggle (trust themselves), tell the truth (boundaries are an amazing thing) and speak, even when their voice shakes. I’m a champion for the underdog, can’t doesn’t exist in my vocabulary and I

believe that taking radical responsibility in your life changes everything.

A little more? Ok... I live a minimalist lifestyle, own a tiny home (324 sq ft), love (LOVE!) to travel with my partner in life Mark, and dance; and can never resist the urge to take off my boots to walk barefoot into a clear mountain lake or stream. When I’m not p o d c a s t i n g o r c re a t i n g c o n te n t - I disappear into the backcountry trails of Canada and lose myself explor ing waterfalls and mountain trails. At my core, I am a quiet introvert who adores eating clean vegan foods and reading a great book. Curious to know more? I show up very honestly on my social media platforms.

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Self-love was a foreign concept

By Kora-lea Vidal

to me up until about five years ago. I found it difficult to build a relationship with myself when I was stuck in a cycle of self loathing and abuse.

For fourteen years I was subject to an eating disorder, bulimia. It kept me a prisoner in my mind, as I constantly battled thoughts of eating and thoughts of becoming fat. I immensely feared gaining weight and went to all extremes to counteract my binge eating. It helped that I was a national level athlete and all around gym junkie. The amount I would exercise in one day is ex haus ting j us t to th i n k about now. I still couldn’t quite miss my trips to the toilet bowl.

I literally had my head in the toilet when it came to loving any part of myself. 53

W h a t i s S e l f- L o v e A n y w a y?

I suffered from extreme body dysmorphia after being teased in high school. The boys in my class said my body looked like a snowman. One word, and I was damaged goods. Every time I looked in the mirror after that point, I felt I looked too round in my mid-section. I attempted to starve myself on numerous occasions only to devour every food item I could get my hands on within moments. This made me feel like a failure and I hated myself even more. I was disgusted and ashamed of my bulimia and kept it secret for so long. To this day I can’t quite figure out what exactly I was addicted to. Was it the feeling I got from the food or the feeling I got from the purge? Regardless, I was stuck in this negative cycle with no real plans for escape. Then it happened. I lost my mind. This wasn’t the first time, but it was different this time. Instead of delusions I had convictions. The conviction that I was put on this earth to serve a higher purpose for the sake of humanity. This is when I found my calling in humanitarian work.

This is when I found myself.

Now let’s be clear, finding yourself and loving yourself are two different things. So even though I knew my purpose, I was still puking relentlessly out of habit. However, slowly things were changing for me. I started focusing more on what I could do to be of service and less about how I looked. I started adopting new belief patterns and discovering parts of myself that I didn’t even know were there. June 22, 2019 is the last day I can say I struggled with bulimia. It was also my first real step on my journey to self-love.

You see, self-love isn’t a destination you arrive at, it’s a day in, day out process of unbecoming everything you’re not. It is learning to love every part of yourself, yes even your perceived flaws. I began to feel as though my body was simply a vessel for helping people in need and doing the work I was put here to do. I became grateful for my physical ability and agility and stopped over-analyzing my appearance. I was falling in love with the woman I always was, the one who was deeply buried in insecurities all of these years. I can hardly say I’m an expert in self-love after hating myself for so many years, but what I can say is this.

Loving yourself is about surrendering the need for perfection and embracing the uniqueness of your design.

Loving yourself is learning to accept that which we cannot change about ourselves. It’s instead, seeking out our best attributes and highlighting them in our lives.

Self-love has nothing to do with measuring ourselves against some perceived standards. It allows us instead to have more grace and self-respect. When we begin to love every part of ourselves that is when real transformation can occur. Without loving our lesser selves we cannot become our higher selves. When it comes to loving yourself, you must be willing to accept yourself fully and embrace all your insecurities. You must surrender your need to fit in, and develop the courage to stand out.

Kora-lea Vidal is a humanitarian on a mission to end world hunger. With a strong passion for helping those in need, she started the humanitarian movement Live Lifted. Kora-lea is a former national football athlete and silver medalist. Having struggled with bipolar disorder, bulimia, and addiction, she is a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness. As a soon to be author, Kora-lea uplifts people with her words, and reminds us all that it is in our setbacks that we find our greatest strengths. To see some of the humanitarian work being done, visit Koralea on TikTok To find out how you can help visit me at Love Lifted on Facebook.

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Self Love, What Does It Mean To You?

The sacred feminine within all of us is passionate, compassionate, connected to her inner goddess and shakti energy.


media and our world has dictated t o u s w h o we should be as wo m e n . . . h ow t o d re s s , a c t , By Delain Witzaney be and do! If we don't fit into either the good girl or bad girl archetypes we are doing something wrong and we need to f ix it. Slowly this old way is crumbling away, no longer are we a cce p t i n g a n d t a k i n g o n t h e i d e a l s o f o t h e r s .We k n o w t h e auth or ity o n o ur life is w it hin u s , defined by each of us, and we are so much more than two linear archetypes that don't come close to the feminine experience. 55

S e l f L o v e W h a t D o e s i t M e a n t o Yo u ?

She is mother/maiden/crone, she is cyclical and carries within her life force energy, creative and divine. We carry within us Mother Earth and connect to her and her cycles, we just have to go within and re-ignite it. Self Love is a part of that cyclical nature, we are never one expression all the time, we are forever changing and evolving. Self Love isn't a destination or simply a salt bath, it is an expression from knowing intuitively what you need. Listen to your soul, your inner goddess, what is she craving from you right now, tune in and listen. It may be that you need to be alone, or with your circle of women, or it could be calling for sex. These needs change during our moon cycle and with the changing of the seasons. It is time to reconnect with ourselves and our own needs.

Helping women to express sensual energy is what I do,... and I see how hard it is for women to let go and express this freely. We have been so conditioned that it is something to be shamed or looked at as bad,

but to deny this side of us is to deny who we are at a cellular level. It is part of who we are, how we create life in this world and I am here to help women take that part of them back. To reclaim it and own it! It is just one expression of the divine feminine, but it has been a source of shame for a lot of women. It was for me too. It took me a long time, with lots of research and asking questions, to get more comfortable with it. Through my own journey I started to reconnect with that energy building inside of me, I explored it. I let it bring forward fantasies and creative expression. I would sit and let the thoughts and ideas flow through me, and I noticed how it started to change who I was. When I embraced that energy within me I became more confident in who I was.

I didn't need to connect with a man to feel it, or receive a compliment to feel it, it was within me and I could conjure up the energy on my own, with my own thoughts. I started to fill up my own cup, and not rely on others to do it for me. You can do it too! It may be scary to think of your sensual energy, or the thought of exploring it but just know you are not weird, unworthy of pleasure, or that it just isn't for you.

It is an expression of the deepest levels of the divine feminine and it is so empowering. When you free yourself to explore with an open mind, you free other women to do the same. Self Love is a deep knowing and you are an extraordinary woman, a work of art, and you deserve to define yourself and the path you choose for your highest good.

Delain Witzaney House of Courtesan 780-231-7266

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Loving my Inner Chil d Loving Myself!

The day I realized that my inner child needed love was

the day I realized that I too needed to be loved. I do not even have to close my eyes anymore to remember the day when I started to get intouch with my higher self. I was doing work with a very gentle man I like to call my Spirit guide. He helped me reach a high level of self awareness. Going through the emotions and levels for being more in tune with self and more intune with inner peace. It was early in 2018 and I had a vision of being on a swing. A swing made of golden rope and a seat made of two very large hands. Hands of God holding me and allowing me to be young at heart! Allowing me to be anything and everything I was meant to be. I felt a calm and a high level

By Susan Binnie


Loving My Inner Child, Loving Myself

of peace. The vision was so real I decided to draw it out. It warmed my heart and the heart of my guide. We were both moved that day. Moved more than I ever thought possible. Little did I know all of that was about to change. It was the middle of March and I was going to an event with a new found friend. We were both entrepreneurs and shared a love of story. We realized we were registered for the same event and decided to go together. We had lunch and discussed what it would look like to work together, then entered an event which would turn out to be one of the biggest turning points of my life. It did not take long for me to realize that it was an event full of entrepreneurial women. Close to 200 women in one room in Edmonton, how is that possible, there are not that many entrepreneurs in Edmonton… wow was I misinformed. That is a much longer story, a story for another time… During the event the facilitator shared her unique abilities and how she worked with clients. She had a woman on stage that she took through many emotions and brought out many strengths. When she was done she asked if there was someone that wanted to come to the microphone in the middle of the room and share what they observed. Having been quite moved I wanted to, however I felt that someone else should. As I looked around the room I realized no one else was putting up

their hand, or getting up to move in to speak, I decided that I wanted to help her out so I put up my hand. There were so many signs it was meant to happen. She called on me and as I got up she invited me to the stage. I was walking up very confident and determined. I felt each step hit the ground strong and courageous. As I got to the first step to get on stage my foot started to tremble. Then the next step, and the last. My feet felt like jelly underneath me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard the question; How old are you? I realized my biggest fear of having my inner child come out on stage was about to happen.

in my mind... I knew what my job was. My job was to love myself and those I am meant to connect with.

My words still echo in my mind… “I am six.”

She assured me that I was safe and protected. In the moments that followed, I went in and out of my six year old self alternating with my adult self. I shared fears and was in a state of vulnerability like I had never shared on stage. At one point I realized there was a massive audience of people looking at me and I cried. I cried ugly tears and at the same time spoke so profoundly that the moment is still remembered by many.

I know it is a time in my speaking career that I will never forget. Firstly

because if I can survive that, then I can survive and be stronger anytime I step on stage. And Secondly and most importantly because I realized that the vision I had days prior was not a vision of God's hand holding me, it was my older, adult self, holding me and loving me. Protecting me and dispelling the belief of a time when I was six and believed that I was not pretty enough, not good enough, not worthy and would never be loved. The moment when the thoughts of self love were truly introduced to me. I shared the vision I had and told everyone about the picture I had drawn. When I got home I wrote words on my drawing. The words were so clear

It was the start of my journey to heal from all the stories I was stuck in... the life of the victim I kept myself in. I am the victor of my life and so can you be… when you heal from the stories that have you stuck, you can be, do and have anything you want. It all starts with a Vision of what you want, setting smart goals to get there and aligning the stories inside of you! To heal and prosper from your stories, I invite you to a complimentary 60 min call with me to discover how your stories can become more powerful for you.

Book a call today.

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Why Only One Phone Call Can Shatter Dreams.

Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

There are days when you wake up with a pro ductive business plan; as the day progresses you quickly learn it has other plans...

By Dixie Norman


you're like most moms, you know when you have an "off " day, your children seem to have an "off" day with you. If you are also a stay at home work mom, you know how fast these days affect business, and can destroy dreams. 59

You wake late, the mind goes into a frenzy and starts spinning out of control. Next thing you know, you spill milk all over the kitchen floor. You clean up the spill, watch your child spill their juice all over themselves, the baby is fussy, you step on lego twisting your ankle (luckily not falling with baby in arms), then suddenly you feel that urge to lose your cool as your frustration level goes into overload. At this time, you realize that the beautiful day you planned seems unlikely. You look at yourself in the mirror realizing it's midafternoon and you're still in pajamas, snapped at your children, tired because of the overwhelm and unproductiveness of the day; then it hits you. The negative thoughts come in, you start to question

Why Only One Phone Call Can Shatter Dreams.

your capability, or if you made the correct decision to do this business, and question if you should only focus on motherhood. Only a few minutes later you're calling a friend asking why you even bothered. And you're feeling stuck in a rut asking them for their opinion and advice.

It is at this turning point, that every Work from Home Mom must be prepared to know what to do.

If you reach out to the wrong person in these moments you could shatter your dreams, because friends, parents and significant others usually love and protect you. Hence, giving you advice to take the easy route and give up on goals that are growing you.

In your low times you must attach to someone else who has belief, and can pull you upwards and out of the rut.

Do you want to succeed? If so, commit to What you do at this point could make or yourself today. Affirm your commitment break your decision to move forward and to call the right person when it matters progress toward your goals. most. Your team members, coaches and business partners are here for that. CALL US. Whoever that is in your world. Who do you call in those moments? Dixie

I am a business minded women and mother of 2, soon to be 3 children. Left the Oil and Gas industry in 2012 to complete a Business Administration Management Diploma, and then went back into the Industry because nothing compared to the income received working as a Safety Advisor in Oil and Gas. Then at age 32 I had my first child, but I struggled in many ways as a single mom. Got my life back on

track (with many steps in between) to make it work as I decided to go back to school. I worked part time as a safety advisor while a full time student in Architectural Technology. During that time there I was, a single mom, raising Daxon. Then in the last year of school, I met Chris. It wasn’t long after this I became pregnant again and I medically withdrew from school due to pregnancy complications. Soon after my daughter Zyra was born I was soon pregnant again, and at 40 years old, I realized my maternity would run out and out of options. Remembering the pain I felt as I was pulled away from my son while working long hours, I decided to get serious about networking. I’m honest with myself about my age, and I acknowledge that I have less time to build a significant income. Luckily I can now do both; increase my income and be present to mother my children all while staying at home. If you are curious to find out how I am building this income while raising my children, click on the coupon or check out my website.

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From Self-Sabotage to Self-Love

Do you love

yourself? I mean, really love yourself. Or, are there two of you? The one you show the world and the one inside who questions, doubts and critics. By Carolynne Melnyk

For many years, I did not love myself. In fact, I may have been on a path of self-destruction. Those of you who know me now might be thinking no way! But, underneath the smiling, self-assured confidence that you see today, once hid a cauldron of self-pity, insecurities, a craving for love, victimhood and unhappiness. I know I'm not alone... We hide our secret selfloathing behind a mask of self-assuredness and the smile of deception. We think we are fooling the world, but we are only fooling ourselves. On the outside, my world was amazing! I was my family and friends' envy as I travelled the world, had a successful career, and a high income.

So, what was the problem? Why couldn't I be happy? 61

Self Love

I would look at my life and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I had a taste of this inner peace once in my life. Where did it go, and how do I get it back?

The more I tried, the more elusive it became. Self-love and happiness were always just out of reach. I was on a roller coaster of incredible highs and devastating lows. With the lows came solo binge drinking, cascades of tears fuelled with self-pity and self-loathing, gorging on junk food, smoking, and unhealthy relationships. Why couldn't I stay happy? Why did the lows always follow the highs? Why couldn't I be like other people and be content?

I was living in my own self-made hell! The sad part was, I played my role on the stage of life so well that I fooled everyone except myself. Within me was a little girl crying out for love, wanting to be seen and acknowledged that she was good enough. On my quest for reassurance of my self-worth, I looked to the world for self-validation. I was looking in the wrong place! Eventually, a quiet inner voice began to whisper to me again, and through the chaos of my

thinking, I heard it. I needed to change, or I would be destroyed. I took small steps by starting to meditate. After a year of daily meditation, I had a profound experience in which my deceased mother came to me. Our conversation was the catalyst that flipped the switch within me and turned my life around. I saw that many of my problems began in my mind and not in the world around me. I knew at that moment that there was nothing wrong with me. I was okay as I was. I just needed to unravel and unclutter my thinking. Over the next 25 years, I began to reconnect with my inner self and use my life experiences to test out theories and practices that I came across. I lived far away from the new age movement with its workshops and classes, which was entirely experiential for me. With each unique inner insight, I grew in self-love, self-compassion and self-worth.

knowing this! Everyone has the ability to tap into their inner wisdom and reclaim their inner peace, joy and love. It is this process that I share with others in my Guided by Insight Programs.

Self-love means appreciating yourself and taking actions that support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. YOU hold the keys that unlock the door to your self-worth and self-love. If you need help to part the clouds to see your inner love and light, I am here for you. You can find information about my Guided by Insight Programs and Carolynne’s Qigong Club here.

Carolynne is a gifted teacher, spiritual coach and intuitive, who has always known there was more to life than which could be seen, understood or touched. She is a professional educator with a B.Ed & MA with over 25 years’ experience, a Spring Forest Qigong Trainer, Qigong healer and a trained shaman.

Today, I love who I am! I no longer hide behind a false smile, and that twinkle in my eyes is real.

Over the years, she has guided many individuals to transform their lives using Qigong and a deeper understanding of the nature of thought. This guidance has helped others deal with stress, anxiety, a major illness, grief and being overwhelmed by life. 

Yes, I have moments when the insecure little girl pops up and starts to whine, but I know how to nurture her so that her insecurities are transformed back into love. Each of us is perfect as we are. It's only the cloud cover of our personal thinking that keeps us from

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S e l f -L o v e : T h e Key t o U n s h a k e a ble C o n f i den ce

I saw a

quote on Instagram the other day that h i t m e l i ke a gut punch. I By Self Love & Confidence stared at the Coach Kayla Marie screen and let it sink in a little bit before I reposted it. The black and white quote on my friend’s story read:

body were my first choices, followed by Tinder, which was the least auspicious of them all.

I think everyone has a slightly different idea of what is going to make them confident.

Judging by the engagements on that post, I’d say it hit a lot of people in a similar way.

Often we think it is our external circumstances that will determine how confident we are “allowed” to be. We assume that we will be confident when we have that perfectly toned and fit body, a successful business or career, the dream relationship, marriage or family, the big, beautiful home, etc.

It made me think back to 4 years ago, after my identity shattering divorce, I ended up searching for self-love and confidence in many places. Selfdevelopment books, classes, retreats, over achievement and having a smaller

It is true that these things will bring you some level of confidence because they absolutely have their place in confidence building. The problem starts when you rely on them too heavily because they can be taken away from



Unshakeable Confidence

you at any moment. You could get into a car accident and lose a limb, you could have circumstances beyond your control make the economy crash and your business fail (hello 2020), your spouse could leave or cheat, you could lose your job or your home. All of these external sources can be gone in the blink of an eye and at the end of the day, what are you left with?

In the program you’ll create your very own confidence compass, which is the ultimate reference point to build the confidence and the life you truly desire every single day. The course is being delivered live starting on Feb 24th, 2021, so you will have time to ask me questions personally. Don’t worry if you’re reading this a little later, you can get on the waiting list for the next one!

YOU! What if you are the source?

I want you to quit playing small and letting your insecurities stop you from making the impact you’re meant to make in the world. It’s time to quit caring what other people think and finally just feel free to BE YOU!

Learning to love yourself on a deep level can bring you confidence you never imagined possible because when you can look in the mirror and you actually like the person staring back at you, you become unstoppable! What other people think no longer matters because YOU LOVE YOU!

Click Here To learn more about The Secrets to Self Confidence Program Just For You

Now, I am n ot t a l kin g a b o u t you becoming a narcissist, (a word that is thrown around like a hot potato these days). What I am talking about is tru ly believ in g t h a t yo u a re a n amazing human being! That you are capable of so much more than you think, you came here to add value to the world and...

you are irrevocably, unconditionally, Always Enough! That is honestly why I created my 6 week program “The Secrets to Self Confidence” so that you can discover what it takes to truly be confident. It is designed to help you work through self-doubt and judgment and create the confidence you crave.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked the reflection staring back at you? Do you want to finally feel more comfortable in your own skin? The Body Love Meditation is designed to quickly improve your body image by dissolving any judgments about your body. Click Here for your Free Body Love Meditation

Kayla Marie is a Certified Access Bars Practitioner, Professional Photographer, and Self-Love & Confidence Coach for women. She’s passionate about empowering women to get out of judgment so they can show up & shine in their lives with purpose and passion. Her story of triumph over bullying, death, divorce, and poor body image has inspired many people around the world to experience the peace, joy & freedom that comes with true self-love and confidence.

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Igniting Your Self LOVE

If I were to tell you that the KEY to living the life you want is to LOVE and accept all that you are (light and dark), would you agree or disagree?

Unfor tunately, I would say most people want to agree but internally disagree. This is By Jenna Pilot because other than self LOVE being a sexy term, it is not something that comes naturally to us. Many people view self LOVE as narcissistic, egotistical and/or selfish. On the opposite spectrum many people believe that to love yourself you have to have perfect everything.

I don't know about YOU but this societal norm has never worked for me. In my dance with life, I struggled with perfectionism, people pleasing, constantly feeling like I was not enough and very low esteem. I was an overachiever always trying to “prove” my purpose and wor th. I had no concept of what self LOVE was and how it dramatically changes your life. Instead I went through life, like I believe a lot of us do, looking OUTSIDE myself for LOVE instead of inside. I definitely learnt the hard way, dancing back and forth, from self loathing to self destruction.


I am literally chuckling as I write this, I cant believe some of the decisions I made thinking they would be my ticket to self LOVE when it actually just pushed me way past self loathing and despair.

We are surrounded by social norms that we let define who we are, how we live and what we want. None of these norms focus on LOVing you first, it usually (especially for women) is to serve and please others, to fit in with the norm, that norm being more self loathing then self love.

As an Empowerment and Self LOVE coach, I have worked with women who are stuck in self loathing and shame. Each queen that I have empowered starts at the place of either thinking self love is selfish or thinking that they could never reach the point of loving themselves. As a result I am


I g n i t i n g Yo u r S e l f L o v e

determined to show up and share what self LOVE actually is, how you start loving YOU and how it changes everything in your life.


is ab out c hoos ing YOU an d a llo wing yo u rself the s p ac e to feel an d l ove t h e be a ut iful a n d dar k as p ec ts of YOU , i t i s O WNi ng ev e ry magical thing you ar e . It i s d e f i ning t h e life you want and making a n y m ov es ne cessa r y to get ther e. Self LOVE is about being completely raw and honest with yourself, releasing anything that no longer serves you. It is looking at yourself with compassion when you are having a tough day and saying “I might not be where I want to be, but I know I am heading in that direction”. Self LOVE is committing to always work on YOU, to show up as your authentic self and to prioritize YOUR needs, making time even if it is 5 minutes a day to do something for YOU. Yes, this all sounds so amazing but how does one fall madly in love with themselves? I got YOU!

I Believe There are 6 Steps to Igniting Your Self LOVE. 1. Owning YOUR Story - OWN that SHIT, the good, bad, beautiful and ugly that have made YOU who you are. 2. Releasing the SHAME and LOVing the Internal Disaster - Turning your pain into purpose and power, breaking free of shame and limiting beliefs through a place of compassion and love. 3. Feeding that Spiritual Hungry - Igniting YOUR spiritual connection or finding your spiritual connection. 4. Living in Gratitude - Instantly ignites your self love, be grateful for what you do have in life and being ready to receive more. 5. Re - Connecting to YOUR internal LOVE - Is reconnecting to YOU and falling in love with everything YOU are. 6. Elevating YOU - Making time for anything that Ignites YOU.

Following these steps and igniting my self love has changed every single thing about me and my life.

So if you are coming from a place of self loathing and despair, I have to ask.. What is stopping you from choosing YOU???? When do you make YOU a priority??? When do you decide that YOU are so worthy and deserving of having the life YOU want??? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and getting the same results, so STOP doing the same thing, step out of that box and say watch out world I am coming for YOU. You define your life and the experiences you have within it, so CHOOSE YOU today and EVERY DAMN DAY!! Jenna is an Empowerment and Self Love coach. Jenna is a passionate and bold personality whose purpose is to empower women in all forms, mind, body and spirit. Jenna is the founder of Everything Women, where fun, fiery, fearless women reconnect to love, elevate lifestyle and live consciously. Jenna has been a registered social worker for 15 years, a cer tified life coach, speaker, writer, self-love ignitor, yoga instructor and is currently obtaining her cer tification as a Shame practitioner. Jenna believes that shame impacts every single person but Women see, feel and hear the most of it. Jenna spent many years of her life feeling like she didn't belong and wasn't good enough. After years of training and self-development, she has learned that she is EVERYTHING WOMEN and always was. Jenna is now driven to ensure all WOMEN, know, believe, and feel like they are EVERYTHING WOMEN. Join Everything Women Free Group today.

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Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

Self Love = Self Care When


think of Self Love, I think of ways that I can be kind to myself…

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate I belong to a supportive network of knowledgeable people who I learn from. I know that being kind includes learning all I can from the ones who have been doing it a long time. Essential Oils is one of my favourite things and I continue to learn about all the benefits. My business associate and partner has been studying and utilizing oils for the past 6 years. Her interest in oils is not just about the glorious smells, it goes beyond into the science of how and why they work. Please welcome Candice Granger and what she has to say about Self Love. By Ryschell Dragunov


Self Love = Self Care

Hello all, since the theme this month is Self Love, I wanted to talk to you about Self Care. Everyone these days is talking about self care, but what does it really mean? My brain went straight to spa time, pedicures, manicures and vacation. I am sure I am not the only one who did this. In reality, as lovely as those things can be, they are not the daily self-care we need. It is all about loving yourself enough to prioritize things that will serve your body, mind and soul as you navigate through life. It does not need to take that much time and you can adjust little things around you that will ease things as you go through your day. As women, we are extremely good at prioritising everyone else but when it comes to ourselves, that

is a different story. You can't pour from an empty vase, as epically cliche as that is, it is true! What is even truer is that you DESERVE to feel good and to have a little time each day for self-love activities. Move your body for 20 minutes. This is amazing for mood boost and balancing! It does not matter what you do, just choose something you enjoy and do it. Enhance things you have to do to make them more enjoyable! For example, listen to an audiobook while you do the dishes and cook supper. Allocate time for meditation, prayer or positive reflection on the day. You could even make a list in the evening of things to do the next day so you sleep well with a clear mind. One of my favorite things I do for myself each day is add essential oils into things all through the day. Imagine for a moment that you are walking in the door at Grandma's house and the smell of fresh baked cookies fills the air. Are you smiling? Is your mouth watering? Probably. Our olfactory systems are so powerful that before we are even conscious of the smell our bodies are responding! Essential oils are so great for this, and a million other things. I love to diffuse oils throughout the day in my home and car. I have blends I wear as PUREfume. I enjoy wild orange in my water to energize first thing in the morning. When I cannot focus on my work I turn to rosemary and peppermint. I use tree oils for muscles before and after moving my body. I LOVE lavender and cedarwood at bedtime and find I get a more restorative sleep. I could go on. I am very natural minded with loads of allergies to synthetics and I find doTERRA oils to be best for my body. They are also the most tested and trusted essential oils world wide.

I will leave you with a few questions. What do you do now for selfcare? How often? How could you prioritize more selfcare or adjust your routine to enjoy your day more? You are WORTHY of love! It starts with you then trickles out to all around you.

- Candice Granger. So do you do any of the Self Care things suggested by Candice? I know that I picked up a few hints and reminders of ways that I can be kind to myself. I constantly am writing notes, there is always so much to do and remember. I love all the different ways and apps there are to keep track of what there is to do. I always treat myself to a yummy herbal tea or coffee while I work and of course I have my diffusers filled with either a new blend to try or one to help out the day. If you find you need oils in your life and would like more information on these tried and true essential oils check out my Ingenious Oils page on Facebook.

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Loving Others as A Crucible for Loving Self in relating with others. I could easily get pre-occupied with comparing myself with others, competing with them even, rather than appreciating them in the moment.


By Tiffany Sparrow

ot h e r d a y i n a b o d yi m a g e g ro u p I r u n , a d e b ate s t a r t e d a b o ut t h i s s t a t em e nt:

“You can’t really love someone until you love and accept yourself.” I’ll start off by saying I agree that there is lots of truth in the statement. For myself, now that I hold less judgement for myself, I am less harsh and critical of others and have more patience and e n j oy me nt. Wh e n I was wrappe d up in my stories of self -depreciation and bo dy- d i s comfo r t , t h o se vo ice s would get in the way and made it harder for me to be present and to give of myself 69

When it comes to body love specifically, the more I’ve come to own my shape and let myself enjoy it, play up my curves and let myself feel desirable, the more I’ve had better sex, better intimacy with my partner and more connection with others. Feeling confident in my body has meant I’m more likely to say yes to the opportunities that present themselves in my life, to put on that dress and go to that social event and hop in that group photo or live video.

So yes, loving myself and my body more = more possibilities to love others. In most ways. Here’s the big but; metaphoric or literal, you choose. Practicing giving love to another, be it in service or intimacy, can be a great

way break the chains of self-loathing. One of my teachers Sakthi Amma talks about seva or loving service as one of the pillars for undoing the karma that keeps us bound. And when it comes to loving intimate relationships, It’s also been my experience that a big part of their purpose is to provide a depth container in which to exorcise fears and grow into more self-love, and love in general. Over the past 6 years I’ve been fortunate enough to be in an intimate relationship with someone who loves me deeply, and whom I love deeply in return. Yes, we’ve had rocky patches, ebbs and flows and ups and downs. But, this relationship has been an extremely healing force in my life. Because of the safety of the love between us, I’ve felt better able to accept and trust myself, and to be more vulnerable in baring my body and words than ever before. I’ve wat ch e d mys e lf grow m o re an d more comfortable in my own skin and more and more confident in the woman I am. Though I can’t say these changes are all because of the relationship (I’ve also been doing a lot of personal work)....

...his unconditional love for me and punk “don’t care what they think” kind of attitude about his body have seemed to rub off To be clear, I’m not talking about jumping into codependency and cycles of “fixing each other” - and this can get tricky for some. I’m also not suggesting getting into a relationship hoping it will magically ease wounds and fill holes, especially if you’re not willing and able to be honest with yourself and your other and to dig in deep, face yourself, and do your work. This point is where the essence of the quote “You can’t really love someone until you love and

accept yourself” comes from. Love with another is not a magic pill, it is a container in which to work and play. So my point is, practicing giving love in both platonic and intimate relationships CAN be part of your journey to loving your body, yourself and others more. Bringing consciousness and awareness to these relationships can be a way to deepen this self love.

And as the love for yourself grows, the more you have to give.

Music for the soul, sounds to inspire and transform. With sun-kissed tones and compelling lyrics, Tiffany Sparrow offers music not only for its entertainment value but as a way to connect and heal. Tiffany is an accomplished vocalist & multi-instrumentalist, certified music therapist (MTA), sound healer, yogi and body image coach. She is passionate about accessing sound and mindful practice as a powerful tool for transformation, body confidence and mental health. Tiffany is releasing her debut double album solo project of original songs “Journey On” and “Good Place”. You can hear these as well as her other meditation and worldmusic mantra recordings (Sharanam 2013; Soundevotion 2011) online at her website. CLICK HERE To find out about hangups to harmony programs

Or Find her here

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Self Love…

When I think about it I realize it is one of th ose th ings I know very little about. I grew up in a loving home, and By Susan Binnie I f elt lov e. Or at least I think I did. Being with others is being kind and caring and doing for them. Making someone’s life easier by helping them to be happy. This is love… Isn’t it? Holding our children tightly in our arms and providing all the essentials of life. This is love… isn’t it? Self Love… Hmmm what is that, what does that really mean? I am not going to try and define love or self love for anyone else. As I believe that your definition of any word is for you and h o w yo u de cid e to live it. For me s elf l ove i s one of those things like self care. When I care for others, I care for me. When I love others, I love me. When I do for others I do for me. When I hug someone, I am hugging me. As I settle in and write this story, I realize that most of my life has been doing for others, loving others,


S e l f L o v e D e f i n e d b y Yo u

being there for others. Giving and not receiving. When I was younger I gave advice to everyone, helping them along their journey. Thinking back there was no one there to help me, no one to give me advice! I realize it was more about me not knowing how to ask for help, not knowing how to truly receive. Through the years, I have loved and have been loved… Loved in many different ways. My parents love me, my husband loves me, my children, my grandchildren, my friends… Many different forms of love, all from those who warm my heart… I am grateful as I know love and I am loved. Self love for me truly happened in 2020. Hard to believe, even for me. I am 54 years old and I have finally discovered that loving me is a thing. Something that perhaps I knew earlier. The impact of loving myself in 2020 was a necessity and I discovered it at the time when I needed it the most. 2020 will be in history books forever as the year of uncertainty for so many. For me, I decided it was going to be a year of learning, growing and trusting. It was all about self… self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-love. I am extremely fortunate (during the pandemic in particular) to live in a home with my husband, my two daughters and their significant others. At first I thought oh lord help me, how do I survive in a house with 6 adults. Now I am truly grateful... They were there for me, I was there for myself and I was forced to set boundaries, we all were. Setting

boundaries in par t meant saying no to others… Saying no to others actually meant I was saying yes to me! Learning to love me enough to say Yes to me. It was a different concept for sure, and it made me realize all of the things I did not do for me. Spending time with me, just me. Hugging me, just me. Loving me… Self discovery and uncovering my gifts was a true blessing. I realized that the world and those in it will always judge me. Judge me cause I am different, as they compare themselves to me, they will judge. I stopped letting what others thought about me, and how they may judge me, bother me a long time ago. What I realized... I was truly bothered by how badly I judged myself. In a world where I now saw me online as others saw me, the judgement towards self came out stronger than ever before. Self Judgement has grown into self love in a way I never really expected. My world opened up wider than I could have ever imagined, when I started to learn more about my gifts and released judgement by learning to be more grateful for the little things I realized that truly seeing me meant to look deep inside at the good, the bad and the ugly. All of the things that make me the person who I am today. The person I got to know and realize that the way I see myself is totally different than the way others see me. Perhaps for some it is similar, but, it will always be different. The more I love who I am and the more I exude that love to the world, the happier they get to see me. The more they see me and love who I am, perhaps the more they will love themselves. The Ripple effect is real… We are all connected energetically and the higher we can raise each other's vibrations, the better the world we live in will be.

Always remember you can not control the world or anyone in it… all you can control is you. Feel the emotions and the love you deserve from within. You are worthy, you are enough, and you are loved. The story you tell you is up to you. When you decide that you are worthy of love, you are enough and you have received love since the day you were born, just by being you… then you will realize what self love is all about. This is when you can start to decide what self love really means to you!

To find out more about your journey and getting in deep to feeling empowered to be you and loving you, contact me.

To be a part of a community of other like minded women and not feel alone on your journey, Join Powerful Women Unite Community. Join our Community!

Visit Powerful Women Unite for upcoming events Live online to a computer near you!

My biggest discoveries this past year, and there were many, are; O When you hug someone else, you are truly being hugged. When you are virtually hugging someone else, you are actually hugging yourself, loving yourself just a little bit more than you thought you did. O The more you love you, the more capacity you have to love others and the more you know how you want others to actually love you. O You are human and you are not alone. If you are feeling like no one is loving you, love yourself and realize others are human too and they could be feeling exactly the way you do.

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By ZeSaiphio Designs

Success through Vision ~ A Healing Journey Hello All!!! Carmen here. This month's article is about healing. One of the reasons we look for a Practitioner/ By Carmen Goebel Coach is to heal… we want to get better and we want help to grow in the direction we are looking for. An example of this is a Business Coach - They assist you to grow your business, identifying where your business is not succeeding in the way you want and need. Together you create a plan of action that needs to be implemented.

Now! Picture this...A holistic business that values themselves in being zen and quiet, yet needs to be actively searching out and promoting to new and existing clientele. How do we as business owners do that? Does it seem out of your comfort zone or character? Well….mapping out a strategy is how. Doing it authentically is how. My


Success Through Vision

theme this month was to talk about energy healing, but I also want to talk about business. I’ve been an Entrepreneur since I was 18 or 19 and I love it. It's in my soul... I can feel it. For the last 18 months or so I have hidden from others and from myself. AND I REALLY HATE IT. I have felt like an impostor. As Candice, my friend and mentor has told me...sit with that component that wants to keep you safe from harm. Acknowledge it, thank it and then tell it that you're stronger now and that you've got this and then get it to leave.

Now back to healing... What is Energy Healing you may ask? Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. What kind of blocks do you ask? This could be anything from childhood trauma, surgery, pain, to past life traumas. For instance, let's get rid of that block of fear of failure, and fear of success. I have experienced these both for myself!!!!

I had a great discussion with the Magazine Editor in Chief Candice Smiley and it’s time to let people see me again and it’s time to be the person that I’ve always known inside. Going through a few traumatic events in my life has changed me. I originally changed and became a victim of this. My awareness has played a huge role in my transformation. It’s a good thing because we as people don’t just go through life, we learn from our trials and experiences. That’s what makes us human. We are on this earth to have experiences. It’s what we do after those experiences that make us grow and evolve and have greatness.

I teach, train and advise people and that is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a child. Teach that is. In conclusion I really would love it if each of you would connect with me. Tell me your story! I’d love to hear from you.

Carmen Goebel.

The gal with many hats

I have had my fingers in so many pots at once that I’m no good to any of them. I just didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity. Lol I am releasing that which does not serve me! •

I’ve closed the door on working part time as a hairdresser. I’ve put in my time. I've been a hairdresser since I was 18, ITS TIME.

I've released the business coach I've had since the fall of 2018 and I’m now ready to stand on my own feet.

I’m ready to release my job/career as a care-aide,

and now I need to replace and do better in my income category from all these avenues of income.

Carmen Goebel Confidence/Visionary/Life Coach, Success Through Vision 1 (306) 728-0127

I am in the flow... It's coming!!! Now speaking of a holistic business and having social media skills... I have created a whole way of learning online from me and “Success Through Vision.” Through Vision Coaching, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Soul Realignment. This business will take off to great heights and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it.

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