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Fabric Care Fabric Care Tips Got that new sofa or sectional sofa you have been dreaming of? Delivery guys left you with a great place to kick back, then sped away...So how do you keep it in good shape and looking good? Here is a basic guide to get the most out of your new furniture investment.

Buy the protection! Many times retailers or furniture online dealers offer a treatment that waterproofs and stain seals your fabric on your sofa or sofa sectional. Most of the time these also include a warranty. DO IT! It's worth it to protect your investment. Don't want to spend the money? There is a cheap alternative. You can buy from a home improvement store an over the counter spray that you can apply yourself! This will not come with a warranty, but will provide similar protection levels at a fraction of the price.

Fabric Types and Colors, Choose Carefully! There are many types of fabrics, pick what will be the best for how you will use that new sofa set and your lifestyle. Do you have kids? Do you have a dog that you let hang out on the sofa or loveseat? If so, a light thin fabric is just not a good idea! Even if you are using it in a formal room with not much use, get over it. Pick a rugged fabric that is thick and multi colored or a darker shade that will not show that dog hair and crumbs from chips and snacks. Oh and vacuum your cushions, they are looking crummy!

How to clean microfiber stains Use a spray cleaner as a last result! Microfiber fabrics need to be cleaned with a damp sponge or rag, and a brush like a toothbrush, and a solution in a bowl of dish soap or liquid soap heavily diluted with water. Use solution sparingly! work the solution through the stain with circular motions, don't over saturate the fabric or you may get "rings" around the stain after it dries.

Poof those pillows! Many pillow backs and accessory pillows are filled with fiber filling. Keep them poofed up. Over time you can also add filling to keep them from looking saggy and old. Most fabric supply stores have bags of filler foam you can buy. You will be surprised at how much support extra filling will make plus more support as well!

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