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temporary migration by eleni mettyear

“somehow being away from home, away from parents and carefree i feel so comfortable and free, like myself for once. i hardly know you but i don’t mind showing you my body” - beth (front cover)

A collection of portraits and images taken over a six month period across nepal, india, thailand laos and the gili islands of friends aND people i met along the way.

i saw something special in my friends when i travelled with them in 2011. a new sense of freedom and fun reminiscent of childhood yet with a whole new layer of adventure, responsibility and independence you only get when you tear yourself away from the comfort of your upbringing and safety of your home. the indivdual process of a temprary migration throwing new experiences and situations in your face make you, even for just a small period of your life, a different person. i saw that it leaked a fresh, playful and completely natural and unstaged beauty that i captured on film almost by accident. - Eleni Mettyear (photographer)

Temporary Migration