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CYANOTYPE Blueprinting & Beyond

How to Make Cyanotype Prints Mixing Chemicals Cyanotype is a very simple process. It involves treating a surface with iron salts that react to UV light. Wear a face mask and rubber gloves when working with chemicals. In this case, Ammonium ferric citrate and Potassium ferricyanide. Two separate solutions are made and then equal quantities of each solution are mixed together in a third container. Follow instructions on Cyanotype Kit as directed.

Preparing the Canvas Paper, card, textiles or any other naturally absorbent material is coated with the solution and dried in the dark.

Printing the Cyanotype Objects or negatives are placed on the materials to make a print. When the objects are flat, good contact with the paper is crucial. Laying glass on top or compressing in a picture frame will work well. Exposure times vary based on strenght of UV light.

Supplies Photographers’ Formulary New Cyanotype Kit (100ml/Makes 50 8x10� Prints) Opaque jug to store mixed cyanotype chemistry 3 glass containers for mixing ingredients Sink with running water or large bin for rinsing Newspaper to cover work surface Water (distilled if possible) Sponge/Paint Brush Rubber/latex gloves Glass or picture frames Sunshine or UV light source Watercolor paper for coating Face mask Clothesline Clothespins Towels

Directions 1. In a low lit room coat paper with cyanotype chemistry. Let dry in total darkness. Dry time is 1hour - depending on humidity.

2. Lay desired objects on top of cyanotype paper. If objects are flat lay a piece of glass overtop. Place outside under sun or a UV lamp to expose.

3. Do not remove objects from paper until inside-away from UV light. Rinse paper in cool water. Continue rinsing until all excess chemistry is removed.

4. The water acts as a fixer. Once done rinsing hang to dry. Prints can then be taken outside or displayed-they will not fade.

Creative Resources Books Blueprint to cyanotypes: exploring a historical alternative photographic process by Malin and Gary Fabbri

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