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THE REFUND CONSULTING PROGRAM Creating a Business Legacy “The Best Business Opportunity in Australia”

Australia’s Leading Refund Agent

Learning Program



A FULLY PORTABLE BUSINESS STRUCTURE We believe in the importance of a work life balance. Our model allows you the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever you want. Work from home, on the go while traveling or from office; the choice is yours.


AN UNTAPPED MULTIBILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY The money refund industry is currently growing by a whopping 1 Billion every year, without any sign of it slowing down. There will never be a lack of money for you to recover, the only limitation is the amount of work you are looking to put in.


FAST-TRACK YOUR LEARNING AND CAREER Earn while you learn. Our team supports you through your whole start up process so you don’t need to wait to get started. There are no exams, no prior experience needed. You could be off the ground a week after you received your program.


DO SOMETHING OF REAL VALUE Make money by giving money back to others. The very principle of our model is what motivates our agents to get up in the morning, it’s not like most other models services, you are providing a service people really need. It’s a real feel good exercise for most people.


ACCESS TO CONTINUED LEARNING Be supported by the industry founder, Myriam Borg and gain 24/7 access to the refund consultant online support platform. This support is the core of our company, it’s in our best interests to see you succeed so we have structured a system around you that ensures you hit the ground running.



A program that gives you REAL credibility in an untapped industry. The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia regulates and promotes the ethical practices of Refund Agents. Our program instantly gives you the qualifications you need to join the UMAA.


AN EASY BUSINESS TO START AND MANAGE You’ll never have to spend a cent on marketing expenses, our model shows you how to find clients with money that needs recovering. Everything from how to recover the money to how to get paid. It’s all there for you.


TAX DEDUCTIBLE The program is completely tax deductible, this means come tax time, you’ll be able to claim it all back. Starting your own business has never been cheaper!


AN AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT We do everything we can to keep our program affordable with a minimal risk to you. It’s less expensive than starting any other type of business, even going back to university can cost you an arm and a leg not to mention the time you’d have to spend and the stigma of going back.



Inside this systems manual is everything you’ll possibly need to take you from rank beginner to an expert in the refund consulting industry in the shortest possible time. We pride ourselves on the quality of our program and support included with the Refund Consulting Program. (Pictured above- International Edition.)

“I got my first client… worth 10,000.00… Wooohgoooo!! And another just rang though for 4,600.00 I’m off and I’m never turning back!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity” -

Tracie, Liydale TAZ

Our Students- Refund Agents




30% 70%





Listen as Anney explains what it’s like to be an experienced refund consultant, how she got started as well as some helpful tips and tricks she learnt along the way.

WARNING! These accounts and reviews may come across as unprofessional at times, this is because they are 100% Raw, Un-staged, Un-rehearsed and Unedited so you know what you’re seeing is TRUE.

Program contents and benefits THE PLATINUM EDITION Let’s take a look at what you get. First up, you get the complete system packaged into a giant 4-ring binder. This is the refund consulting program and it’s the backbone of your education. Read it all in a night or pace it over a couple of weeks, the great thing is that you get to take it at your own pace. Inside you will find a wealth of information, books material CDS which we will step you through in just a moment. It will take you from rank beginner to being able to work internationally. It really is the only material you’ll need in order to get your career in the refund industry off the ground.

THE REFUND CONSULTING PROGRAM: SYSTEMS MANUAL Here is where it’s written, everything you’ll possibly need to launch your refund career. You get it all. And it’s all laid out in sequence … in a, “this is what you do next format‟ It will take you on a journey from start to finish; from where you find the people with money owing to where and how to bank the cash and get paid. It’s all there, everything you need to get off the ground and learn the process without any nasty headaches and frustrations.

THE FULL RESOURCE KIT FOR A PORTABLE BUSINESS Looking to work your business from home or outside of Australia, or maybe your looking to travel while you work. This resource kit will help you accomplish that. Gain access to a whole wealth of information that took us years to gather and test through trial and error; only the best and most effective resources have made the cut. This resource shows you how to attain true freedom through operating a business that is FULLY portable.

THE GUIDE TO MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS FOR MAXIMUM PROFITS An essential for anyone who’s new to business. This beautiful resource steps you through everything you need to know about starting, running and operating your own business. From registering your business name to breaking down tax and how to create a profit and loss graph. The very basics and essence of business is in this book. It even incorporates important material that you would usually receive at a university level; you name it, it’s in there.


THE FINAL STAGE Although what you find in the refund consulting program systems manual is completely comprehensive; the final stage is what really brings it all together. It’s jam packed loads of extra information and materials that you won’t be able to get your hands on anywhere else. From sample cases to virtually any kind of letter you will need as a refund agent. This book also unleashes the power of the different niches in this industry. It explains how to gain access to untapped niches that are even too exclusive to mention here!

INTERNATIONAL REFUND CONSULTING THE ULTIMATE GUIDE The entrepreneur’s blue prints on taking your refund business international. This is really for people who are looking for uncapped money making potential. You learn how to find and return money from around the world. There is currently over 65 BILLION dollars awaiting return in the USA alone… the world is your oyster and this book is your tool to open it. *Available only in the Refund Consulting Program Platinum Edition

THE REFUND CONSULTING PROGRAM SYSTEMS CD this cd complements your systems manual and has everything you need to launch your business. THE FAST TRACK GUIDE TO REFUND RICHES CD listen as Myriam Borg (industry founder) talks you through the whole process. You’ll be up and running in no time. QUESTION AND ANSWERS CD all your questions answered, stop wondering. Find out answers to questions from previous agents that you may not have even thought of yet!

We’re here to help YOU every step of the way

SPECIAL SERVICES - STUDENT SUPPORT AND CONTINUED LEARNING. 24/7 Access to the Online Refund Agent Support Platform. This platform is being updated and engaged on all the time. There are constantly new books, tutorials and ideas been posted; integral for those looking for a program that provides access to continued learning. Access to ALL agent videos- tutorials, eBooks, audios, etc. Via our support platform you’ll also gain access to ALL of our online resources. There is a wealth of information here; highly valued for people just starting out. Personal Support from our Support Team. Our team works around the clock to provide you with the most up-to-date information and answers to your questions. Initial set up critique by Myriam Borg. Have your full set up critiqued and approved by Myriam Borg, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the industry founder is looking out for you; it’s in our best interests to see you succeed. Mind Over Matter- The Success Library. Gain access to our personal library of excellent reads to get you motivated and thinking like a true business owner.


✓ Un- Refunded bonds

✓ Un- Refunded Securities

✓ Un- Refunded Real Estate Accounts

✓ Un- Refunded Pensions

✓ Un- Refunded Superannuation

✓ Un- Refunded Salaries & Wages

✓ Un- Refunded Insurance Premiums’

As well as a couple that are too lucrative and exclusive to mention here (we do everything we can to ensure our student’s investments are worthwhile and protected.) PLUS, the Refund consulting program shows you how to go through the whole process, the searches, right up to getting paid, step by step flow charts to ensure you understand everything involved. Nothing is left to chance in my Refund Consulting Programme…


THE GOLD EDITION - WHAT’S IN IT Now for those individuals who aren’t looking for untapped profits or to take their business international. For those who don’t care about the prestige and want to keep their business domestic. We have created a light version of the Refund Consulting Program. Light in the sense, that you won’t necessarily get everything included in the platinum version of the program. Of course the gold edition is fully comprehensive and will show you how to get your refund business off the ground, you just won’t have access to the international market for refund consulting. And that’s fine, this package is for those who don’t mind spending a little more later to upgrade their program, those who might not necessarily WANT to take their business international and that is completely up to them. You’ll get everything you would in the platinum version, excluding all the international content and a couple of other juicy bits of information and untapped niche areas.

“This business is everything that it was promised to be… the price is great and the information is straight to the point.” Mandy B, Corinda, QLD

Okay, let’s recap and take a look at the GOLD and PLATINUM Programs again. Here is what you get…

INDIVIDUALLY The Refund Consulting Program Systems Manual The FULL Resource Kit for a Portable Business The Guide to Managing Your Business for Maximum Profits Refund Consulting: The Final Stage


International Refund Consulting: The Ultimate Guide The Refund Consulting Program Systems CD The Fast Tracked Guide to Refund Riches CD Question and Answers CD


24/7 Access to the Online Refund Agent Support Platform (Continued Learning)


Access to ALL agent videos- tutorials, eBooks, audios, etc. Personal Support from our Support Team


Initial business set up critique by Myriam Borg CEO and most experienced Refund Agent in Australia (Industry Founder).


Mind Over Matter- The Success Library


Total Value



395 297 799


289 399 387












Total Price Complete package savings


*We do not charge GST on our products or services .

WANT ACCESS TO MORE INFORMATION? FOR FREE? THE 4 HOUR REFUND WORK DAY Learn about how you can run your refund business in as little as four hours a day.



THE UMAA INDUSTRY OR REPORT Get the 2016 report on how the money refund industry is doing at the moment.


HAVE QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERING? Get in touch with a professional. Our team is well versed on all things unreturned.

CALL 1800 617 111


A MESSAGE FROM THE CEO: | MYRIAM BORG | Congratulations on taking your first step in your Refund career. Embracing new change as a possibility is usually confronting to most people so I congratulate you in taking a step outside your comfort zone. The idea of change can often hinder immediate progress in attaining our needs and goals. This hindrance is called fear. But how can you conquer such a natural instinct? Well most of our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds; and this fear concept still resonates in all of them; preventing and holding them back from success. But what separates the successful people from the rest, it is the willingness to dive in… like I did 17 years ago. Over the past number of years, I have been actively involved in the lost money Refund industry. Firstly, as a young Refund agent, I was consumed by a sense of duty in reuniting thousands of my customers with millions and millions of dollars owing to them. For me, it was both a ‘feel good’ exercise and a hugely lucrative business. It allowed me the flexibility and freedom that I needed over my time and income. In adversity, I developed a lot more than a new business model and income stream for myself. In creating awareness, developing successful business systems, a whole new industry came into its own, the Lost Money Refund Industry.

My academic background has always been in adult Education, and so it was only a natural progression that an industry guide be developed in order to educate others in the Refund process. The Refund Consulting Program was my way of developing a road map for others to follow in order to practice as successful, ethical Refund agents and refund coordinators, it is essentially the ‘definitive industry guide’ as described by the UMAA. The business of recovering lost monies and assets and returning them to their rightful owners is a critical and noble role, I believe more critical to our society today, then when I commenced my journey 17 years ago. As finances become harsher in Australia and the world combined, as legislation makes it harder for the average person to claim what is rightfully theirs, the Refund agent rises as the only truly neutral party able to assist in the refund of the billions of dollars in lost money to their rightful owners. If this great industry and this incredible business is something that resonates with you, your values and your aspirations then I invite you to communicate with us directly about an opportunity that allows you REAL Freedom.

Myriam Borg PHD Adult Ed, Unclaimed Money Industry Founder, Author of The Refund Consulting Program

Create Australia Refund Consulting Bochure, by Create  

Create Australia is the leading Refund Consultant Training Organisation in Australia and is one of Australia's most trusted brands in the in...

Create Australia Refund Consulting Bochure, by Create  

Create Australia is the leading Refund Consultant Training Organisation in Australia and is one of Australia's most trusted brands in the in...