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show guide

show guide November 6-7, 2013

Burbank Marriott, Burbank, CA

Welcome to ETE 2013! Change is in the seems just about everywhere. In our industries, companies, and the technology and methods of interaction with our entertainment and communications. I know this is obvious... But seems to be picking up an ever faster pace. What also comes along with change is evolution. Thirteen years ago, this event was launched under the name of HD EXPO. At that time, the notion of digital capture was still only a glimmer and so much discussion that film would never leave us. I even remember receiving passionate communications from individuals in the community upset that we would even be discussing HD and digital as it would never arrive. Look where we are today. Where we will be in one, two, even five years? And the even bigger question is will you evolve with the future changes through honing your skills, creativity and tools? Over the next two days, Createasphere has done its best to bring you our evolution. We have four theaters - Theaters 1 & 2 with keynotes, Intenisve sessions and panels (free for all attendees) and Theaters 3 & 4 packed with two days of paid hands-on workshops, with topics such as timelapse photography, on-set dailies, Media Composer 7 color management, the secrets to independent video content distribution, building your editing tool box–eleven workshops total. We also have our Post Production MasterClass and an invitation only Transmedia Think Tank. We are thrilled to have our keynoters: November 6th, Phedon Papamichael, ASC and Jon Witmer, Associate Editor of American Cinematographer discussing Phedon’s latest projects, Nebraska and The Monuments Men, working with famed directors such as Alexander Payne and George Clooney. And on November 7th, Danny Zappin, Co-Founder and Former CEO, Maker Studios in a controversial discussion with Benny Lou, Founder of NewMediaRockstars regarding the future of content, who holds the power and what the next wave of change will bring. Be sure to interact with all technology and gear exhibiting. Many of our exhibitor and sponsors have west coast unveiling and you will see “next gen” workflow, 4K, tablets on set, elegant storage options and overall innovation. Enjoy, engage and evolve and stay connected daily with the Createasphere community with the other 2.5M through Best regards, Kristin Petrovich Kennedy President, Createasphere Special Thanks to our Sponsors

Special Thanks to our Theater Sponsors with 4K Projection


• Built-in dual-band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi • HD-SDI Output • 35Mbps MP4 • Dual SD Card Slots with simultaneous HDand Web-version dual recording

Introducing the XA25, Canon’s full-featured, Wi-Fi® compatible, compact professional camcorder designed to seamlessly fit your HD workflow. Our new full HD 1920x1080 HD CMOS Imaging Sensor with high-sensitivity and wide dynamic range, offers up to 35Mbps MP4 and AVCHD recording capability, simultaneous HD- and Web-version dual recording, and slow- and fast-motion recording. Featuring HD/SD-SDI output that integrates with your existing HD workflow, the XA25 is the newest and most innovative member of Canon’s line of professional camcorders. Our precise Canon 20x High Definition Optical Zoom Lens with Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization, combined with two phantom-powered XLR Audio Inputs with Manual Gain Control, enable you to capture sharp video and sound. With built-in dual-band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi®, the XA25 gives you reliable signal transport. You can also manage settings and operations remotely with its wireless control capabilities.

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© 2013 Canon U.S.A., Inc. All rights reserved. Canon and DIGIC are registered trademarks of the Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be registered trademarks in other countries. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. All other product and brand names are trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.



schedule - day one free sessions 12:00pm-1:00pm, Theater 1

3:00pm-3:30pm, Theater 1

Keynote Conversation: Tales from Behind the Lens Hot off two highly anticipated feature films– one by director Alexander Payne, Nebraska, and the other, George Clooney’s The Monuments Men–hear behind-the-scene anecdotes from the award-winning cinematographer, Phedon Papamichael, ASC. Join Jon Witmer, Associate Editor of American Cinematographer, as they discuss Phedon’s latest ventures in the art and craft of cinematography.

Sony Intensive:
 Working The Flow: SONY’s XAVC and RAW

 Sony will present the workflow tools empowering native support for editing, grading and dailies of Sony’s XAVC and RAW as generated by the FS700, F5, F55. This thirty minute presentation will cover the latest information on native editing from the suite of Non Linear Editors, to the leading grading applications and dailies solutions.

1:15pm-2:15pm, Theater 2 Aspera Intensive:
Using the cloud to power complex media workflows
 Today’s media workflows are becoming increasingly complex. File sizes are growing. Teams are frequently located in geographically dispersed locations – even in different parts of the world. And content often needs to be distributed to multiple screens and platforms. Presenter: John King, Aspera, Inc. 1:30pm-2:30pm, Theater 1 Canon Intensive
 As the Director of Photography for the hit television show “House”, Gale Tattersall had the unique opportunity to test the concept of using a Canon 5D Mark II camera for a key sequence in a cramped set for the season 6 finale of the show. Quickly, he and the director, Greg Yaitanes realized that they may very well preserve the “look” of the edge shallow depth-of-field large sensor 5D Mark II camera, and the large aperture Canon EF lenses. Since the success of that well appreciated experiment, Gale has now used some of the Canon Cinema EOS cameras, including the C-500, on other projects which he will detail... Presenter: Gale Tattersall

Presenter: Simon Marsh, SONY 3:00pm-3:30pm, Theater 2 JVC Intensive: Integration of IP Communication within modern video cameras 
 This informative 30 minute presentation will delve into the latest trend of integrating WiFi and 4G broadband capabilities into modern video cameras. This technology allows for full remote control and viewing of a camera’s signal using an iPad or other mobile device-from anywhere in the world. Stream HD video directly from the camera for newscasts and special events. Edgar Shane, JVC Professional Products 3:45pm-4:45pm, Theater 1 HOW’D YOU GET THAT SHOT@?! 
 Meet the amazing camera operators who have gotten the shots that defy description and bend reality. Sponsored by the Society of Camera Operators, the “How’d You Get that Shot?!@?!” panel returns for another year, learn the techniques and tips, hear the back stories and sharpen your craft. Panelists:
Natalie Newman, SOC;
and Alicia Robbins, SOC; and Heather Page, Director of the Texas Film Commission & Camera Operator
Mark August, SOC 5

schedule - day one free sessions cont... 4:30pm-5:00pm, Theater 2 Panasonic Intensive: A 4K Future from Panasonic
 Panasonic presents its vision for 4K production, including 4K capture for 4K delivery in a RAW workflow context, native 4K imaging, and 4K live video. The preso will address the advantages of employing 4K tools for 2K or HD delivery and how 4K and HD work together. This includes new tools to support established workflows and enable new IP based ones. Learn about our broad line-up of 4K tools from acquisition through monitoring with new 4K VariCam camera, BT-4LH310 31” production display and 4K Toughpad tablet. Presenter: Michael Bergeron, Panasonic

5:00pm–5:45pm, Theater 1 Dailies and post, on-set vs a facility. Can’t we all just get along?
 Much has been argued about the merits of producing feature film dailies on-set vs nearset or in a facility, who performs which tasks, and how that impacts the downstream postproduction process. But, usually the loudest arguments come from those offering technology rather than the folks actually doing the work. Presenters: Leandro Marini, Founder of Local Hero;
Duck Grossberg, Location based dailies consultant; and
Doug Emmett, DP Moderator: Lance Holte, Senior Director of Post, Bandito Brothers

5:30pm-7:00pm Evening Reception hosted by Assimilate, Surface, and Aspera 7:00pm, Exhibit Hall Floor at Bar 1 Microsoft: Surface Pro raffling 2XSurface Pro Tablets Must be present and be sure to pick up your raffle ticket at registration.


schedule - day one paid workshops 11:00am-1:00pm, Theater 3

11:00am-1:00pm, Theater 4

Shooting Timelapse and the Workflow 

Useful Tools for Editing and Post Production–Building your Editors Toolbox

With the combination of high quality DSLRs, intervalometers, and HDR photography, it is now possible to shoot timelapse in ways never possible before, with greater resolution and dynamic range than ever before. Taught by Mike Curtis who has been doing digital workflow for over 20 years, and has been shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) timelapse for the last 4 years, with millions of frames of timelapse shot. Mike Curtis, Instructor 1:30pm-3:30pm, Theater 3 Avid Workshop
Introduction to Color Management for Film and TV
 This introductory level session covers the basics of color management and LUT concepts for post production and demystifies the subject in a straightforward way by looking at the fundamentals not tied to any particular software. Instead of focusing on math behind the color science, we will use simple nontechnical analogies drawn from our everyday visual experience. Instructor: Igor Riđanović, Finishing Artist/ Colorist
 4:00pm-6:00pm, Theater 3 Avid Workshop
Media Composer 7 Color Management (LUTs)
 In this workshop editors and assistant editors will learn how to correctly maintain the color intent when capturing or AMA linking the new camera files. Attendees will also refresh the correct legacy graphics capture methods and the basics of built-in scope and histogram operation. Instructor: Igor Riđanović, Finishing Artist/ Colorist

Beyond just the non-linear editing applications that we use in post-production there’s a plethora of other applications that can make the life of an editor a little bit easier and often a bit less frustrating. Some of these tools are free, some of them cost money but many of them become very important in the editor’s toolbox. Often these tools aren’t only applications on the desktop but also iPhone or iPad apps as well as online services. This session will look at a number of those tools and how editors can use them in their day-to-day operation. Scott Simmons, Instructor 1:30pm-3:30pm, Theater 4 Anatomy of an Edit
 Most editors have their own way of setup and organization when it comes to a large editorial and post-production project. Others might not have any plan at all. The more organized a project is the easier it is to find media, find versions and track the entire post-production process. This session will look at one method for taking a job through initial ingest all the way through finishing. These tips and techniques can be useful for a single editor working alone or several editors working together. Scott Simmons, Instructor WORKSHOP PRICING Workshops are priced at:

• $25 for one session • $60 One Day All Access Pass • $125 Two Day All Access Pass. Passes and individul workshops can be purchaed at registration anytime during the Expo. 7

schedule - day two free sessions 10:30am–11:30am, Theater 2

12:30pm–1:30pm, Theater 1

The ProVideo Coalition Speaks

Sony Intensive

Join various contributors as they share their thoughts and ideas around what developments have affected their work this year.

Explore the synergy between still photography and cinematography with professional photographer Jeff Berlin.

Woody Woodhall, Allied Post Audio;
Mike Curtis, HD for Indies;
Von Thomas, DIT and On-Set Dailies Workflow Specialist;
Terence Curren, Alpha Dogs, Inc.; and 
Clint Milby, 
 Moderator: Scott Simmons, Managing Editor Pro Video Coalition 11:00am-12:00pm, Theater 1 “Wake Up!! There Is No “Business As Usual....”
 With the explosive growth of broadband and OTT content it’s important to stay up to date (ahead of the curve) on what’s happening in the digital online space. During this provocative conversation, you’ll hear perspectives, opinions, and projections from two top visionary leaders about their own experiences. Speaker: 
Danny Zappin, Co-Founder and Former CEO, MAKER STUDIOS, 
Co-Owner NewMediaRockstars
Benny Luo, Founder, NewMediaRockstars 12:00pm–12:30pm, Theater 2 NewBlueFX Intensive
 SoulPancake Project: Rich Titling in Title-Intensive Edits. 
 Watch and learn as Don Money, Editor for SoulPancake and Travis White, VP Products at NewBlueFX shows you how to produce rich title graphics with speed and efficiency. Presenters:
Travis White, VP Products, NewBlueFX;
Don Money, Editor, Trailer Park


Presenter: Jeff Berlin, Sony Artisan of Imagery 2:00pm–3:00pm, Theater 1 4 Guys & 4K at the Races!
 Join this esteemed group of cinematographers, DITS, and technologist discussing their experience shooting 4K. They ran the F55, C500, and RED EPIC, with a variety of lenses, through their paces at that Del Mar races. Watch the footage, see how these camera performed being pushed to their limit and hear the workflows, storage and finishing recommendations from this panel of experts. Bill Bennett, ASC, Cinematographer;
 Neil Smith, CEO and Founder, LumaForge;
 Kees Van Oostrum, ASC, Cinematographer; Tim Smith, Canon; and Blair Paulsen, “4K Ninja”, Cinematographer 3:00pm-3:30pm, Theater 2 JVC Intensive:
Integration of IP Communication within modern video cameras 
 This informative 30 minute presentation will delve into the latest trend of integrating WiFi and 4G broadband capabilities into modern video cameras. This technology allows for full remote control and viewing of a camera’s signal using an iPad or other mobile device-from anywhere in the world. Stream HD video directly from the camera for newscasts and special events. Edgar Shane, JVC Professional Products

schedule - day two paid workshops 9:00am-11:00am, Theater 3 4K Made Easy
 Using Redcine X, FCP X and DaVinci Resolve to capture, edit and deliver 4K projects. Sam Mestman, Instructor, FCP X guru 11:30am-1:30pm - Theater 3 DIT on set Dailies Workshop, Part 1
 You will gain experience and learn: • A firm understanding of the DIT role for dailies delivery • Preparing hardware and software for an effective on-set cart • How to properly back up footage for TV & film production • Software options for checks and verification to calibrate/profile your on-set. • Using scopes valuate exposure and color • Live grading on set Von Thomas, DIT and On-Set Dailies Workflow Specialist 2:00pm-4:00pm - Theater 3 DIT on set Dailies Workshop,
Part 2 You will gain experience and learn: • Why use a color control surface? • Use of the gray card for one light and camera matching • Advantages in using a color temp meter • Primary color correction Scratch / Resolve • Audio syncing • Creating high quality files for online dailies viewing Von Thomas, DIT and On-Set Dailies Workflow Specialist

9:00am-11:00am, Theater 4 The Secrets to Independent Video Content Distribution…. REVEALED With the new technology and money models, self-producing, funding and distribution can be done. Join Jon Hotchkiss as he walks you through the steps in doing so and the tips and tricks that he learned firsthand. Jon Hotchkiss, Instructor and Producer of “This vs That” 11:30am-1:30pm, Theater 4 How to Tackle the Changing Workflows The ins and outs of knowing the basics, what to ask, who to ask and what to keep your eyes on. This real world workshops give you the these basic tools to survive this ever evolving work of workflow. Mike Curtis, Instructor 2:00pm-4:00pm Transmedia 101 The transmedia workshop introduces the range of interactive experiences (ARGs, multiscreen, Apps, etc.) Participants will develop a project and work together to begin to map out the practice of delivering a story that utilizes the characteristics of media tech: interactivity, community, and platform agnosticism. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s collaborative and it’s taught by people who have more than a decade of combined experience making transmedia. In this workshop you will walk away with the hands on experience on how to approach transmedia in your next project, the benefits as the content creators and an understanding of the new media technology to use. Taught by: Hal Hefner and Maureen McHugh


Hollywood’s most powerful color correction now adds online editing and innovative on-set tools! With over 50 amazing new features, DaVinci Resolve 10 now combines the world’s most powerful color correction with new online editing, live grading from cameras and new digital cinema file generation compatibility. Now you can edit, color correct, grade live from cameras, sound sync, manage media and deliver files for broadcast and cinema all from the one software tool! DaVinci Resolve is Hollywood’s most advanced color grading system, now with the power to manage your entire workflow! World’s Best Color Correction

Live Grading On-Set More post production now starts on-set with lighting and other aspects of the shoot verified with color correction. Now DaVinci Resolve can grade live from your camera with the full creative power of primaries, secondaries, power windows and even custom curves! With dailies tools for grading, editing, sound syncing, managing media and metadata, DaVinci Resolve 10 is now your complete on-set production solution! Highest Quality Authoring

Add emotion to your images with a massive toolset designed by colorists for colorists! The innovative YRGB primaries and node based design allow more creative grading and better looking images. With PowerWindows™, RGB mixing, curve grading, blur, sharpen, mist, keying, noise reduction, OpenFX Plug-in support, auto stabilization and 3D window tracking, you get unlimited creativity with DaVinci Resolve! Advanced Online Editing Finish your project with DaVinci Resolve’s powerful online editing! You get a full multi layer timeline with ripple, roll, slide and slip clip trimming and title tools! Modify edits, drop in VFX shots even change speeds! With built in XML, AAF and EDL round tripping, revise sequences in your favorite editing software and DaVinci Resolve will automatically relink RAW camera files so you are working with the originals!

No other system supports more file formats and you can even grade from mixed format clips on the same timeline including CinemaDNG, RED™, ARRI™, F65, ProRes™, DNxHD™, H.264, uncompressed and more. You can master to files, tape or create first generation digital cinema files all directly from your graded camera RAW images in 32 bit float quality. That’s the best quality possible for your theatre release master!

DaVinci Resolve Lite

DaVinci Resolve Software



Full Resolve with unlimited nodes and multiple GPUs. Use 3rd party control panels.

DaVinci Resolve

Full Resolve with colorist control surface for the most advanced facilities.

Learn more today at



Free download with unlimited nodes. Supports 1 GPU.



The power of the Z Workstation goes mobile. Introducing ZBook. Create wherever you are inspired. We took innovation, performance, and reliability to a whole new level with our latest addition to the Z Family powered by the Intel® Core™ i7 processor—the all-new HP ZBook 15 and 17 mobile workstations. Accelerate creative projects with Intel® Thunderbolt™,1 offering up to 2X faster data transfer speeds than USB 3 and maintain accurate, predictable colors that are consistent across your entire digital workflow with the optional HP DreamColor2 Display. Working without limits no matter where you are, it matters. For more, contact

Booth 601

Thunderbolt™ is available at launch on the HP ZBook 15 and HP ZBook 17. Thunderbolt is new technology. Thunderbolt cable and Thunderbolt device (sold separately) must be compatible with Windows. To determine whether your device is Thunderbolt Certified for Windows, see 2 Sold as an optional or add on feature. Intel, the Intel Logo, Intel Inside, Intel Core, and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. 1


the future ahead of schedule




HD, 2K, 4K and beyond. With Sony 4K, your future is bright. Whether you’re producing 4K or HD, Sony cameras empower you to create emotionally compelling pictures. The F5 incorporates a 4K sensor and enriched HD recording. The F55 offers a tremendous color palette plus on-board 4K and HD capture. They join the F65 with its no-holds-barred 8Kx2K imagery. The F65 is the perfect tool for deep vistas, super-clean VFX plates and the most intimate of close ups. Our cameras are flanked by a full spectrum of workflow tools that won’t get in the way of telling your story. Sony 4K: delivering tomorrow’s performance, today. © 2013 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Sony, CineAlta, and the make.believe logo are trademarks of Sony.


Entertainment Technology Expo Show Guide  

A World Where Entertainment Technology and Creative Vision Converge. Now in its 13th year, ETE stands as the leading Expo on the west coast...

Entertainment Technology Expo Show Guide  

A World Where Entertainment Technology and Creative Vision Converge. Now in its 13th year, ETE stands as the leading Expo on the west coast...