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es un placer darles la bienvenida a nuestra octava edición de Cream. Les presentamos una sección especial donde damos un vistazo al pasado vislumbrando otras generaciones, platicando un poco de las diferencias y de las cosas que nos unen a recuerdos tan especiales. Extiendo un agradecimiento a las personas que muy amablemente aceptaron nuestra invitación de participar en esta reseña, la cual espero les haga recordar a cada quien su propia historia. Algo que también nos llenó de agrado y nos llamó mucho la atención, fue la gran respuesta que tuvimos de nuestros lectores a la propuesta que hicimos por medio de las redes sociales de compartir con nosotros anécdotas y fotografías de sus viajes más memorables alrededor del mundo. Todo lo que recibimos fue bastante interesante y nos complace mucho publicarlo para ustedes.

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Les invito a seguir compartiendo sus historias y vivencias ya que en nuestros próximos números estaremos realizando nuevos proyectos donde tendrán la oportunidad de colaborar con nosotros. Gracias por ser parte de nuestra inspiración Nos vemos en septiembre en la siguiente Cream.


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CLEMA OWEN Throughout her career, she has demonstrated that getting ahead is a matter of attitude and humbleness, and today she is a role model to follow.

ALEJANDRA SANTIAGO Her charisma and will to help others have made her annual race on behalf of cancer-stricken children a total success.

JOE ARCINIEGA Acting was always one of his passions and since returning to Laredo, he has made an enormous impact on the growth of the local theater scene.

In this edition, Cream presents three exceptional individuals who contribute to the development of both Laredos with their effort, hard work, and dedication. CLEMA OWEN

General Manager of Embassy Suites

I was a stay-at-home mom until our oldest daughter was 14.Time well invested! I entered the job market as a seasonal worker for a Christmas Toyland in Corpus Christi. When the store opened, I had become store manager. Afterwards, I moved into visual merchandising and was trained in New York City to manage the 35 stores in the Navy Exchange System in Corpus Christi, Beeville and Kingsville, Texas.

I started by unloading trucks and taking pride in everything I did. Always give your all for you never know where it will lead you! While owning a swimming pool company in Corpus Christi, we serviced hotels, and it seemed like an exciting environment made to order for this friendly Tennessee girl with Southern hospitality. I never tire of serving our guests. Every day is full of interest and joy. I met the love of my life, Chuck Owen, when I was 17 and married him when I was 18 and that was almost 49 years ago. Chuck and I have three fabulous daughters, Valerie, Amy, and Tanya and twelve grandchildren. We are so proud of them and they make our life complete. My inspiration to serve with passion is based on a moral code of conduct adhering to biblical principles. My goals of every day include writing in my gratitude journal and exercising with time spent in Bible reading while sipping my morning coffee. The 13 major awards that the hotel has garnered from the Hilton organization honor the work of every employee, and I am the first person who will always acknowledge that. I am so proud of our Embassy Suites Hotel team.


Founder of Corriendo hacia la Gloria

Corriendo hacia la Gloria is a race inspired by the memory of a great sportswoman, my mother, Gloria Cruz, who died of cancer. Her biggest dream was to get better so she could help children afflicted with cancer. The money raised is donated through the local DIF to children from low income families. Thanks to our contribution, they can continue their chemotherapy treatments in Monterrey. This race fosters family ties and generates civic responsibility as people participate in a festive, community event. Our main supporters are the people from Nuevo Laredo and Laredo and, of course, our sponsors, headed by Gatorade and many other businesses from both Laredos. I had no idea how the community would respond when we first started. I had prepared packets for 500 runners, but feared that we wouldn’t have enough participants. Imagine my surprise when

over 800 runners showed up! Last year, there were 1300 runners. We hope to exceed 1500 in 2011. The run has become a family affair where everyone can participate and help. Participants can either run 5 or 10 km or walk 3 km, instead. We were featured in the magazine Runners World (México) as the best 10 km race in Tamaulipas. We have had runners from all over México and the U.S.A., among them, three who participated in the Beijing Olympics.

I’ve learned that even grief can be channeled into a useful purpose. My mother motivates me from Heaven; she sends me the strength needed to continue with this project. Support our cause by participating in our fourth race on October 16, 2011. For more information go to our website: JOE ARCINIEGA

Artistic Director of the Laredo Theater Guild International

CLAUDIA CANTÚ, FOUNDER OF MIRADA DE AMOR With her loving look, shein hasLos raised fundsand to benefit thethat children on bothbeing sides After a 27-year career Angeles Seattle included of the border. COO for an Atari subsidiary, president during a dotcom IPO, and partner-level executive with Microsoft, I was ready for a change. Theater was an early passion for me. When I left Laredo originally, I went to study acting in Los Angeles. Either my business abilities were better than my acting, or the opportunities to make money more plentiful, or likely both, because I started getting hired and promoted more than I was cast, so that took over. Though I certainly never regretted that path, a part of me did miss acting.

So when I came back, I looked up Sam Johnson and Hortense Offerle to ask them about the local theater scene. Sam was about to produce a revival of Arsenic and Old Lace for LLT and insisted that I play the role of the Boris Karloff look-alike villain. I had not been in a play since Los Angeles in the mid 1980s, but I did it, and had the most incredible fun. I was hooked…again! In 2009 Laredo Theater Guild International was born, and since then, we have successfully completed two full seasons, with performances at both TAMIU and LCC from musicals to classic comedies to intense dramas. My family inspires me. I feel responsible for them. I am also inspired by the commitment to the arts and education from Bob and Shirley Gonzalez, trustees of the Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Foundation.

My biggest desire is to help my two major nonprofit organizations, the Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra and Laredo Theater Guild International, and continue to produce wondrous artistry for generations of Laredoans to enjoy. cream aug / sept 2011


THE STORIES OF OUR LIVES What is it about movies that we love? Why do millions of people flock to movie theaters and spend their hard earned money at the box office on daily basis? Why do we enjoy these vivid works of art in motion? And what makes us perceive these works of art as either a great film or trash that probably never should have been made in the first place? these are just a few of the questions that cross my mind after going to see a film i either liked or disliked. If I identify with a film and find the story to be engaging, then I can and most likely will obsess over it for days, analyzing every aspect I can remember. Then, I would probably go see it again. Some other questions might have occurred to me as well. How could a bad film have been better? Where did it fail? What was the director trying to say? Why didn’t I just wait for the DVD? I’ve seen my fair share of movies, from Citizen Kane to Catwoman, from La Vie Est Belle to Howard the Duck. I find that I ask myself these questions quite frequently after sitting through countless hours of the best and worst that film has to offer. At some point during my meaningless ponderings I noticed a theory beginning to emerge, a theory that began to make more sense every time I thought about it.

If we’re lucky, we mature throughout the years and our tastes in film, food, and entertainment evolve as our understanding of the world around us begins to develop (except where Conan is concerned). We have our own experiences, learn our own lessons, and by now have the ability to comprehend and apply the lessons we have learned to our own lives, which typically bear no resemblance to anything we see in the movies. Yet, the films that seem to be so far removed from reality begin to seem oddly familiar. The fictional issues begin to resonate on a personal level. The messages echo present circumstances and lessons of the past, whether we realize it or not. Like children once again, we become students and spectators.

My theory has led me to a simple conclusion: The movie screen is at best times a mirror, where no matter what happens or what movie is playing, we see ourselves and our own everyday struggles reflected in the minds and hearts of the characters. All good drama MY THEORY HAS LED ME TO A SIMPLE is rooted in the human experience and everyday reality. We can relate to almost CONCLUSION: THE MOVIE SCREEN IS any fictional situation concocted by AT BEST TIMES A MIRROR, WHERE Hollywood even though the characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS OR real persons living or dead is purely WHAT MOVIE IS PLAYING, WE SEE coincidental. Movies can be live action— cathartic reminders of the simple truths OURSELVES AND OUR OWN EVERYDAY that we know to be real. The characters STRUGGLES REFLECTED IN THE MINDS become our professors and teach us the universal lessons that are undeniable, AND HEARTS OF THE CHARACTERS. regardless of age. Their obstacles are our obstacles.

I don’t recall exactly how young I was when I saw it for the first time, but I am not ashamed to admit that the original Conan the Barbarian was and will always be my all time favorite movie. I still get chills every time the opening credits start, after the tribal beat begins, following the reading of Nietzsche’s immortal quote. My five year old niece absolutely adores The Wizard of Oz. The mere mention of Dorothy or ruby slippers sets her off on an impromptu performance of “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” She sports a ponytail, a wicker basket, and a stuffed dog named Toto every Halloween, without fail. Still, another sibling sat through endless viewings of Top Gun and wore fighter pilot costumes to sleep instead of pajamas, much in the same way I used to run around without my shirt on and a plastic sword strapped to my back. The world of fiction makes a deep impression upon us in early childhood. Whether it is a bedtime story we forced our parents to read aloud six times before finally falling asleep, or a movie that we watched three times a day while committing every line of dialogue to memory, for some reason we develop an affinity for that which engages our imagination. We become enthralled, filled with a child’s wonder, discovering life’s possibilities, dangers, and limitations from the safety of our childhood.

Every movie has a story to tell. Every story has a lesson to learn. And every life is full of lessons. Literary and performing arts have imitated life since the tragedies of Sophocles’ were played in the theaters of ancient Greece. The methods have changed in the past twenty-five centuries but the results remain the same. Film has a great capacity to teach us about the world and the state of the human condition. The phrase “only in the movies,” doesn’t really apply to the true spirit of drama. And after all, the true spirit of all drama is and will always be that from which it is drawn: Life. BY BOBBY TURNER

cream aug / sept 2011



this is my place

Owner of Casa Luis, Fine Porcelain and Crystal when the temperatures in the summer reach the triple digits, Susy Hofman turns to her oasis, her home, to escape the Laredo heat. Cool white walls and an impressive Swarovski collection that adds a pop of color make her home the perfect paradise. Miami and its modern architecture inspired the building and the interior design of her home. Susy’s favorite room is the lounge where she can hang out and entertain friends. The lounge’s pièce de résistance is the gorgeous fountain that sets a joyful, comfortable ambiance and which can be seen through a glass pane. When lounging and relaxing in her home, Susy feels like she’s vacationing Miami style, if only for a moment, before she steps out into the hot Laredo sun again. BY SELENE CUEVAS

CHATTING WITH SUSY YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING HERE IS... that it’s just so cozy and comfortable. HOW IS YOUR PERSONALITY REFLECTED IN YOUR FAVORITE PLACE? The place itself is built for entertaining people. It is somewhere you can go to sitback and relax. OTHERS TELL ME THIS PLACE IS... paradise. IF YOU COULD DESCRIBE THIS PLACE IN THREE WORDS, THEY WOULD BE...tranquil, modern, panoramic.

cream aug / sept 2011


main entrée

Ahi Tuna Salad ingredients


Stuffed Tomatoes ingredients

4 plum tomatoes ½ cup quinoa ½ cup baked beans ½ cup baked corn ¼ cup onion (finely chopped) 2 cups red cabbage ( Julienne) Sea Salt & Pepper 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons rice vinegar Cut the top of the tomatoes; carefully hollow out the inside of each tomato using a melon baller or small spoon. Mix sea salt, pepper, rice vinegar, and olive oil in bowl. Whisk all ingredients together. In a separate bowl, add onions, corn, beans, quinoa, and ¼ cup of red cabbage.


Combine with the first mix (sea salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil) and stuff each tomato with this mix. To serve, place layer of red cabbage on plate and the stuffed tomato on top.

1 8 ounce ahi tuna steak 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1/2 tablespoon sea salt ½ tablespoon lemon ¼ teaspoon cracked black pepper freshly ground ½ teaspoon finely chopped oregano 1 teaspoon finely chopped basil 1 garlic clove (minced) 2 cups organic lettuce ¼ cup fresh mango Miso dressing Sesame seeds instructions Mix the basil, oregano, garlic, and black pepper with the oil and lemon juice in a small bowl. Allow to rest for at least 5 minutes to blend together. Brush mixture on both sides of tuna steak and allow steak to rest for another 5 minutes. In a separate bowl, mix the organic lettuce with miso dressing and the mango. Serve on one plate. Grill steak on hot grill 2-5 minutes on each side to attain desired doneness.

Slice tuna on an angle, add sesame seeds and arrange over the salad.


Vegan Dessert Salad ingredients

2 cups red cabbage (shredded) 1 cup organic carrot (shredded) 1 cup organic apple (shredded) ½ cup daikon (shredded) 1 organic apple (sliced) ½ cup walnuts ½ cup dried cranberries 4 tablespoons rice wine vinegar 1 tablespoon organic honey * Greek style yogurt In one bowl, mix rice wine vinegar and honey. In a separate bowl, mix the cabbage, the carrot, the shredded apple, and daikon.


Combine all these ingredients with the mix of rice wine vinegar and organic honey. Use the sliced apple to decorate and serve with walnuts and cranberries on top. * You can add Greek style honey yogurt to each serving for a creamy flavor.

TAKING IT TO THE with Tania Ancira de Galindo



A native of Monterrey, MĂŠxico, loved cooking since childhood. After graduating as an industrial engineer, she enrolled at Instituto Culinario de Monterrey. Her devotion for healthy food combined with years of experience and research led her to open Appetit. She currently teaches cooking to adults and children. tania ancira de galindo

stuffed tomato

cream aug / sept 2011


Travelers often condemn the meticulousness of airports and the security measures that are added every couple of months. And why not? Liquids are banned. Changing the name on a purchased ticket is akin to murder. Some airports even have a recording that plays every 5 minutes warning travelers that jokes or banter about airport security can and will be taken very seriously. All of this aside, airports are excellent for people watching. They are a hub for a potpourri of emotions. Think about it. A girl in her late teens is crying because she is going to college out of state for the first time. A recently married couple on their honeymoon smiles incessantly. A soldier anxiously awaits his flight to see his wife and children after an 18-month stint in a sweltering desert. All of this happens while your anticipation for that first slot machine can be sliced with a butter knife. Traveling yields a sense of freedom because it allows us to leave our routines behind, even if it’s only for a weekend. Adding to the excitement of your destination, it is healthy to break out of your shell because you put your mind and body in unfamiliar surroundings.

Other than accidentally falling asleep with socks on or going to the supermarket just to buy paper towels, packing for a trip is probably the thing I most despise. It takes me an entire day to pack for a two-day getaway to San Antonio. I much rather enjoy packing to go back home mainly because nothing needs to be folded neatly into squares and everything is basically tossed into the suitcase. Don’t laugh at me. You do it too. However, the pleasure of travel overrides this banal activity. My weekends are rarely spent in Laredo, particularly in the summer. I have a need to breathe different air and walk down different streets and see other faces. I am not a Global Pass member, but I’ve been lucky enough to tour thirteen states and seven different countries throughout my lifetime, and I’ve seen, drunk, eaten, and experienced enough to hold my own. Be it by air, sea, land, or rail, the experiences lived through traveling are quite unique. Different cultures are explored. New friends can be made. Your lexicon expands. A simple smile from a stranger at Penn Station or DFW can be enough to make your day.

This being said, it is important to recognize that leaving our routines behind is a healthy manner of letting go of things. Breaking away from your warm and fuzzy comfort zone fosters a feeling of maturity. Additionally, the stories you bring back are worth more than any souvenir purchased at a cheesy corner shop. There are no Zagat guides to personal travel experiences, and Lonely Planet can only describe them so much. Experiences touch the young, old, brave, cowardly, and curious. Which one are you? Of course, results may vary due to our individually inchoate manner of perceiving things. You might end up loving your new destination so much that you actually move there. You might get sick after trying a rare dish (side note: what was in that martini anyway?). You might end up meeting the love of your life. You might end up being convinced to purchase something out of your price range that you regret immediately. No matter what happens or how you put it, a relaxed mind will welcome these experiences with a sense of jocularity. So pack your bags, leave it all behind for a while, and regardless of whether you’re flying first class or on a wing and a prayer, remember that half the fun is in the “getting there.” BY RUBÉN BAZÁN

Travels are full of promise. They inspire and enrich our lives while giving us a break from our daily routines. When we travel, we get to experience firsthand the customs and cultures of other places. We invite you to travel with your imagination as you read the following anecdotes. We know you will enjoy them.



CAPPADOCIA Getting up before the crack of dawn on a slightly cold, Turkish morning certainly doesn’t sound like something you want to be doing while on vacation. So, what could get up a group of teenage girls at 5 A.M. on a Sunday morning? The early morning wakeup call was to board a hot air balloon that would fly over Cappadocia, Turkey, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its natural wonders. The views from the hot air balloon as the sun came up were absolutely breathtaking and looked like something out of a National Geographic magazine.

world Este verano me inscribí para tomar un curso en Madrid, España. Mis clases empezaban el 30 de mayo pero un grupo de amigas y yo planeamos irnos dos semanas antes para conocer otros lugares. Entre esos estaban Roma, Florencia, Pisa, y Venecia en Italia; Viena, Austria; Bratislava, Eslovaquia; Lausana y Ginebra en Suiza; Lyon, Marsella, París y Versalles en Francia y Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Segovia, Sevilla, Granada, El Escorial y Valencia en España. Todos los lugares, llenos de historia y cultura, me encantaron. Pero entre mis favoritos y donde vivimos más aventuras fue Roma, allí pudimos ver al Papa en una audiencia en el Vaticano. En Viena hubo un show de caridad donde estuvieron Bill Clinton, Janet Jackson, Natasha Bedingfield y Brooke Shields. En Bratislava casi nos deja el tren y tuvimos


EUROPA que correr porque teníamos dos minutos para alcanzarlo. En París llegamos hasta la cumbre de la Torre Eiffel y el Palacio de Versalles fue asombroso, repleto de lujo y con unos jardines bellísimos. Estos viajes fueron una experiencia muy bonita y el haber vivido además un mes en Madrid me fascinó. Es una ciudad a la que también definitivamente regresaría y ahora considero uno de mis lugares preferidos


LOST MAPLES Lost Maples State Natural Area is ideal to take a hiking trip in Texas. Visitors can walk towards the East trail. The weather is sunny and cool in November. About twenty minutes into the trail, you can find the most amazing spot where maple trees grow naturally as if they truly belonged to the flora of

the region. The amazing leaf color changing trees can give you almost a spiritual experience. Suddenly, trees that seem to be on fire with color surround you. There are streams that complement the picture-perfect experience with the sound of trickling water. You can walk at an easy pace for about two hours uphill on a rough terrain trail, very steep at different parts but with beautiful views surrounding you. The goal is to climb up to the top of the hill and admire the scenic sight the Hill Country offers.

Mi esposo me llevó de vacaciones sorpresa a dos lugares—sin saber qué ciudades eran ni qué tipo de ropa llevar (solo me dijo que no era playa). Ya en el aeropuerto me entero que el primer destino era París. Después, no fue hasta la última noche en París que supe que nuestro siguiente destino seria Estambul, Turquía. Era para conocer a mis proveedores; ya tenía todo muy bien planeado con ellos. Me dio un gusto enorme, aparte de que es una ciudad con mucha cultura, color y sabor, ¡nos trataron de maravilla!  Dos continentes, Europa y Asia, en una misma ciudad, unidos por el estrecho del Bósforo que une al Mar de Mármara y al Mar Negro— es impresionante—así como el Gran Bazar. De todas sus mezquitas, la más imponente es La Mezquita Azul. ¡Estambul es una ciudad digna de visitarse muchísimas veces! “Si el mundo fuera un estado, Estambul seria su capital”. Napoleón Bonaparte DIAMANTINA DE LOS SANTOS


EUROPA Tuve la oportunidad de vivir en Barcelona por seis meses y, a la vez, pude viajar y conocer algunas otras ciudades de Europa. Aquí les enumero algunos puntos que encontré interesantes para compartir. 1) No importa la hora, siempre habrá algún transporte público a disposición—son seguros y baratos. 2) No necesitas de un carro si tienes una bicicleta o dos piernas. 3) Por lo general las porciones de comida son pequeñas y saludables. 4) Los niños de pre kínder conocen de arte e historia. 4) La mayoría de las personas hablan más de dos idiomas. 5) Los vagabundos son pintores, músicos o poetas. 6) La arquitectura no tiene límites y si mucha historia. 7) Siempre encuentras algún lugar de ricos postres. Lo que más me gustó fue poder vivir esta experiencia con mis mejores amigas. Resultó muy sencillo aprender de las diferentes culturas y tradiciones mientras nos divertíamos.


ISLAND OF CAPRI People often say that travel broadens one’s horizons and contributes in the development of a well-rounded person. I always felt this was just another cliché until I was able to experience it firsthand. As a high school graduation present, my mom let me travel to Italy and Greece; it became the trip of a lifetime. I was fortunate to tour Europe with a small group of fellow Laredoans and visited such tourist attractions as the Coliseum, Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, the

Parthenon, and several Greek islands. To this day, the Island of Capri still holds the fondest memories for me. Situated off the cost of Naples, Capri is home to the most breathtaking views and the most mesmerizing water. I recall taking photo after photo in the ferryboat ride taking us to the mainland and being astonished to see such picturesque views. During my visit, it was rumored that Justin Timberlake was actually visiting Capri, too, since it’s become the perfect getaway for many celebrities. This picture is one of my favorites from my visit to Europe and one of my favorite screen savers to use on my laptop.


CHINA For me, summer is just another word for adventure. Ever since I can remember, the anticipation of summer included my eagerness about another destination awaiting my discovery. Even though I am still an amateur at international traveling, I feel like I have already accomplished so much at my age. My most recent international travel was to China to visit four of its most famous cities: Beijing, Xi’an, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. I traveled to China with Rick Aguilar, one of my high school teachers with a hunger for cultural knowledge, and a group of other students from Alexander High School. It was a trip I will never forget. From walking a couple of hundred steps up the historically famous Great Wall (my legs were shaking from soreness for days), to trying out interesting, authentic Chinese cuisine, we did it all. We got to learn the art of Chinese calligraphy as well as the art of Chinese bargaining tactics, although I can’t say we were very good at either of these! Best of all, I got to make great friends on the trip and become closer to those who already were. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Aguilar for expanding my travel experiences and I hope that in the future I will be fortunate enough to continue pursuing my passion for traveling.


key largo James and I took a “honeycation” to Florida, a long overdue vacation sans our four beautiful children. Key Largo and its nightly, gorgeous red-orange-pink sunset is to die for. Watching the sun dip behind the mangroves in the bay, while we sat back, sipped cocktails,  and dipped ourselves in the exquisitely clear water was the most relaxing time of our trip. We had to be sure to do some shark fishing in the beautiful bay, too. We caught two sharks—talk about excitement when I heard the squeal of the reel as the shark took the bait and swam. We also went out to the Grecian Rocks coral reef in the Atlantic Ocean to snorkel  and witnessed the most beautiful colors in the reef life including the vibrant fish and scary barracudas; it was exhilarating.  Our third day took us back to Miami; Biscayne Bay was a magical sight at night from our balcony. The shops and restaurants along the South Beach strip offer many intriguing buys, eats and drinks. Our favorite was CJ’s Crab Shack— a must eat are the grouper fingers and seafood pasta medley. I can’t wait till our next trip.


HAvANA The first thing you notice once you land in Havana, Cuba is the smell of time that stood still since the embargo was placed in the 1960s. As you walk through the historic district’s main street, Calle Obispo, which takes you from the famous restaurant La Floridita down to Ernest Hemingway’s home, the locals approach you quickly to offer you a tour of the city or very candidly ask if you want to invite them for lunch. Talking to the locals for a very long time will only get them in trouble as military men and police officers approach you and ask if you know each other. Cuban government prohibits them from having conversations with tourists. East of downtown Havana, you will come across Helados Coppelia on L and 23rd streets. Aside from watching nothing on television except for Castro addressing the nation every ten minutes, Havana is an exciting city where you can relax, be in touch with history, and unwind from the modern world. An interesting fact is that the road that takes you to la Fortaleza del Castillo de El Morro, is an underwater tunnel only accessible by car built by U.S. engineers.

cream-aversary Cream’s first anniversary bash was a huge success. The red carpet cocktail party was enhanced by the presence of our sponsors and friends. Thanks for being part of Cream!

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FERNANDO GARCÍA HEREDIA 40 / 1983 "La Mansion" Hotel in San Antonio, Texas


TIMELESS Continuing down memory lane to rediscover the experiences of our parents and the nuances that ultimately bind and separate generations. Portraits that tell stories about yesterday and today.




cream aug / sept 2011

If you ask them, Fernando García Heredia and Fernando García Fontes—father and son, respectively—don’t have a lot in common. However, when they began to answer our questions, it became evident that the acorn does not fall far from the tree. One of their main bonds is the ranch, Mr. García Heredia’s true passion. At the ranch, his son can see how relaxed and happy his father can be especially when the grandchildren come too. They cherish the time spent there.


MR. GARCÍA H.: My priorities have Time has tempered changed over the years. When this WHAT MY FATHER TAUGHT ME WILL NEVER me; I am not as impetuous as I used photo was taken, I wanted to be GO OUT OF STYLE: TO RESPECT OTHERS; to be. MR. GARCÍA F.: I consider financially stable and be able to myself a bit shy, but respectful and TO WORK HARD; TO BE HONEST AND give my children the opportunity warm-hearted. I love, and still play, of getting a good education. Today DISPLAY ETHICAL BEHAVIOR IN YOUR JOB soccer; I also like kickboxing and my objectives are being healthy and AND IN ALL YOU DO. cooking. MR. GARCÍA H.: I used to go enjoying life. Fernando García Fontes to the ranch with my own father and I worked along with him. My son followed in my footsteps when he COMPARING ERAS chose his profession. I have always MR. GARCÍA H.: It would have been valued time spent with family—at the ranch, going out to dinner, interesting if my generation could have relied on the technology of or traveling. This picture is from a trip we took to San Antonio. I this generation especially cell phones and instant communication. really miss those times. MR. GARCÍA F.: I spend weekends with my On the other hand, I wish I could bring back the respect for elders family. I want to give my family the best—time, education, and, that we grew up with. MR. GARCÍA F.: Before, people used to be above all, love. I hope to always maintain a close relationship with very formal while today everybody tends to be more affectionate my wife and kids by the time I get to be my father’s age. with their loved ones. What my father taught me will never go out of style: To respect others; to work hard; to be honest and display ethical behavior in your job and in all you do. LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON MR. GARCÍA H.:

cream aug / sept 2011


ANA LUISA LONGORIA H. 25 / 1978 Laredo, Texas

Ana Luisa





A very practical mom who always loved tennis and a daughter who found her calling in yoga, Ana Luisa and Alejandra enjoy talking about their personal and business challenges. Ana Luisa is a successful business woman and a great sounding board for her daughter to figure things out. Both value good food so their favorite thing is to have these talks in a great restaurant in San Diego overlooking the ocean. 28

cream aug / sept 2011



period when this picture was taken was the best in my life because I was surrounded by my family and lived in a beautiful home that my husband and I designed. I enjoyed living in Nuevo Laredo and spent a lot of time at the Club Campestre playing tennis. We would travel almost every weekend to a tennis resort in Austin. If we weren't there, we were at our ranch. My focus was on my young children and keeping a happy home. I used to love to visit my own mom in San Diego. We would have a few days of just girl time. I miss the innocence of being young and always feeling protected. Life seemed easier forty years ago. ALEJANDRA: Her generation seemed to be closer to the extended family. I remember having yearly gatherings with them. It seems that everyone now is so busy with their own immediate family that big gatherings don't happen as often. NOW ANA LUISA: Moms today seem to be doing too much. My advice would be to slow down and enjoy every day because it goes by too fast. To this day, spending time with my children continues to bring me joy. I am thankful that I live by the beach in

California and because of that, my kids love to come visit me. ALEJANDRA: Since my weekday schedule is intense, my favorite thing is to have a leisurely weekend. We hang out by the pool and have cookouts—my husband is a great outdoor chef, and I love to complement his meals with veggie dishes. I like reading an watching uplifting and funny movies. Did I mention a nap? I call it my Mexican Meditation. I also enjoy traveling with my husband, spending time with my kids, and teaching yoga. YET TO COME

I don't think my priorities will be much different when I get to be my mom’s age. I will still be enjoying my work and my family. My goal for the next few years is to maintain balance between my work and my personal life. I am about to open a mind-body facility called Casa Yoga. This is a big project and I am excited MY ADVICE WOULD BE TO SLOW DOWN about sharing this with Laredo. AND ENJOY EVERY DAY BECAUSE IT GOES Remember to dream big and don't BY TOO FAST. TO THIS DAY, SPENDING allow anyone to discourage you from TIME WITH MY CHILDREN CONTINUES TO your goals. Do what you love because life is short. I don't want to wake up BRING ME JOY. one day and realize that I didn't live Ana Luisa Longoria Hernández the life I wanted. ALEJANDRA:

cream aug / sept 2011


ANA MONTEMAYOR 25 / 1981 Photography Studio in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas


The once shy Ana has changed over the years to become a strong and doting mom forming a deep kinship with her energetic, determined, warm-hearted and loving daughter. They keep the lines of communication open between them, and love to go shopping together and meeting up for Sunday breakfast. They both are enthusiastic about life and believe in the importance of personal growth through family, faith, and career. Karina enjoys yoga, running, and traveling. Ana has always enjoyed sports, but in later years she shifted her fondness from music to cooking. Though they are at different stages of their lives, their goals as women and mothers are very similar. Karina strives to excel in her career and believes in giving to others in the form of education, spending quality time with family and friends, and taking care of her health while Ana’s priorities include an ongoing aspiration to be a better wife, mother, and person. NOSTALGIA

This picture brings back so many fond memories from my youth. I miss all the fun times that I shared with friends. Back then, my main goal was to finish my studies. I am so happy for my daughter; she has had more opportunities to grow professionally; she is well prepared to face the future.



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WEEKEND TALK ANA: On Saturdays, we would go to the Lion’s Den (a very popular discotheque at the time) and on Sundays we would cruise Guerrero Avenue with friends. KARINA: During my weekends, I enjoy everything from having a cup of coffee to having a nice dinner with a glass of wine and always surrounded by great company.


Moral values will always be fundamental to evolve as human beings. However, I wish we could have enjoyed the technology of today when I was younger. KARINA: I wish I could have had the traditional points of view and the values instilled from past generations. From my mother, I learned the value of respect for myself and for others as well as thoughtful acts of kindness and humility. But I am grateful that opportunities for women have opened up to be at par in my career and social network. ANA:

These two ladies share more than a first name; they revel in the fact that they are best friends—in that intimate way that only a mother and daughter know. Like true best friends, they can spend hours conversing with each other. Graciela, the mother, sees herself truly reflected in her daughter, who learned from mom to be grateful, loving, and unconditionally devoted to family. SIMILARITIES

We are so alike in so many ways. I enjoy her company immensely; she always looks after me. When she lived out of town, I was able to go visit her and had the opportunity to know so many beautiful places. GRACIELA R.: My mom was expecting her third child when she was the age I am now and I happen to be pregnant with my first. GRACIELA V.: I am always very calm. GRACIELA R.: I consider myself a calm person most of the time, but I can be somewhat impatient occasionally. GRACIELA V.:

GOOD TIMES GRACIELA V.: My photo reminds me of all the good times we had. My children have been my blessings from life. They really enjoyed their childhood—playing outdoors with the neighborhood kids, riding their bikes, etc.; that would be impossible nowadays. Also, when they were younger, we would visit their grandparents every weekend.

GRACIELA VILLARREAL VELA 23 / 1985 Lake Casablanca in Laredo, Texas




& Graciela



enjoy spending time with my husband, my parents, cousins, brothers, etc. The same goes for the weekends; we like to be with family and friends.


My own mother loved to do arts and crafts. I liked to watch her paint and knit. I did not give myself any time for hobbies when I was younger. My main “pastime” was looking after my family. I took pleasure in being at home and caring for them, helping with homework, taking them to their different lessons. I miss that period of my life; the house used to be so alive with school friends, and soccer practice, and school projects. It was a lot of work, but so satisfying. Nowadays, I like to play cards with my dear friends and travel with my daughter. GRACIELA R.: My hobbies are yoga, walking, and, for now, I enjoy reading books on pregnancy and shopping for my baby on the internet.


THE FUTURE GRACIELA V.: I feel like I am reaping the rewards of my labors. I hope I can continue savoring life with my new grandchild. GRACIELA R.: Even though life is not as peaceful as it used to be, I am grateful for the fact that women of my generation can now grow professionally and personally. I think that my priorities will always focus on improving as a human being, which means focusing on being an excellent wife, mother, sister, and friend. I want to be the best in everything I attempt to do.


cream aug / sept 2011


SERGIO MORA 28 / 1977 Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas


MORA & Sergio


cream aug / sept 2011

Sergio Mora instilled in his son the aspiration and passion needed to become the blooming political leader that he is now. It all started when he exhorted his son to run (and win) for class president. This feat lead to a political career and to a father who is proud that his son has

realized the dreams he once had for himself. Father and son are friendly and outgoing, always ready to make new friends, have a good laugh, and engage in conversation. Young Sergio loves to read and play racquetball while his father’s interests include hunting, fishing, and, especially, golf. A strong work ethic is another link between them. In their spare time, they like to travel either on family vacation or by themselves.  Without the distractions from work, they truly get to hang out with each other.

SERGIO MORA JR. 32 / 2011

business and on his way to making it the success that it is today. I am facing many of the same challenges that he faced while a young man. Going through these same experiences has made me develop a much deeper appreciation and respect for him.

DOWN TIME SERGIO M.: My leisure activities have

I LEARNED FROM MY FATHER THAT not changed. I have always enjoyed many things, but I have a rule that I THERE’S NO CUTTING CORNERS AND NO still follow: Saturdays are for golf or SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK. any other hobbies and Sundays for "TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR APPEARANCE family. SERGIO JR.: I like to collect AND ALWAYS BE A GENTLEMAN." political memorabilia, especially Sergio Mora Jr. BEST ADVICE from campaigns that I have helped SERGIO JR.: I learned from my father in.  I like to keep abreast of the news that there’s no cutting corners and and current events.  I used to collect no substitute for hard work.   "Take books but the advent of e-readers pride in your appearance and always be a gentleman. Treasure has cut short that pursuit.   I sporadically take up golf and I’m your family and your friends.  If you fall, pick yourself up, dust starting to acquire an interest in cooking. I am good at neither. I yourself off, and try again.  Hablando se entiende la gente…" I usually spend my weekends in the company of my friends, at my could go on and on! place of business or a pool or a restaurant bar somewhere. I enjoy going to the ranch and traveling as well. PRIORITIES

RESPECT SERGIO M.: At the time this picture was taken, I had already learned

about responsibility. I was constantly working; I encountered good and bad times. I was working with people who were older than me, and I learned a lot from them. In my towing business, which I still have, I learned how to be of service to others. SERGIO JR.: When he was my age, my father was taking over the family

I aim to be a better brother, a better son, and a better citizen. I would like to use everything I have learned and experienced to help others who have not been as lucky as I have.


cream aug / sept 2011


MILY 40 WATT FA enamel ps with 40w m la r, Ba Bath bulbs painted light

enhance the common light bulb I was approached by Cream with a challenge: to paint on a light bulb. I felt working with a light bulb was rife with symbolism and possibilities. The idea of working with light, electricity, and incorporating my passion, painting, invigorated me. The project took on a life of its own. I went from painting on a single light bulb to creating a mixed media installation piece. The installation piece I created turned out to be an extension of an ongoing collaboration a friend and I have been working on, a project which we’ll present to the public in due time. The female and male lamp characters with heart-shaped eyes are central figures to what we are developing. They are a playful and inspired duo nurturing a boisterous trio. The light bulbs are a literal representation of our ideas each one being carefully assembled. Execution is not only part of the experience but the charge that shines light on possibilities. BY EVITA FLORES




he Laredo Country Club will again host on its second consecutive year the Celebrity Chef Gala to benefit the Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra which just completed its thirty-first season of contributing to the enjoyment of fine arts in our city. This important event brings together a select group of experts in the culinary fields who will delight everyone in attendance with an array of delectable creations, from savory international dishes to elegant desserts.


cream aug / sept 2011

As a proud sponsor of such an appealing gala, Cream met with the stars of the night, the chefs, who are in charge of providing color and flavor to the much-anticipated evening. On September 23rd, be part of this magnificent event. Support the Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra so its music may continue to thrill Laredo for years to come.



Who are they? Where can you find them?

DIANA VELA, DOODLEBUG CREATIONS AT APPETIT RESTAURANT Diana’s business started shortly after she designed her son’s first birthday invitations. Designing invitations led to creating unique party favors, balloon sculptures, and centerpieces. Most recently, through a wonderful collaboration with Appetit Restaurant, Doodlebug Creations at Appetit was born.

TANIA ANCIRA-GALINDO, CEO AND CHEF OF APPETIT RESTAURANT She graduated as an Industrial Engineer ITESM ’06;Culinary Arts at Instituto Culinario de Monterrey ’08;Workshop with Chef Martini Las Vegas, Nevada ’09; Workshop with Pastry Chef Jean Claude ’09; Barista class Intelligentsia New York ’10.

CIBELES AND JOSEFA TENA GUERRA , CHOCOLATEKA LLC We had the privilege of learning from our parents, Luis and Josefa Tena Guerra. They are very hardworking and creative people, traits that we have inherited from them. We have been doing this for eight years and our vision is to continue growing and, with the help of God and our parents, to expand worldwide one day.

LORENZO SERRATOS, EXECUTIVE CHEF AT THE AMBASSADOR STEAKHOUSE FROM EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL IN LAREDO, TEXAS Chef Serratos started the hard way—from the bottom. I have been polishing my skills thanks to different tutors and several seminars, and, with time, I have been climbing my way to the very top. I have participated in competitions and have earned several awards.

PILAR DE SANMIGUEL, PASTELERÍA DULCE PECADO NUEVO LAREDO, MÉXICO Being a lawyer is my profession but being a chocolatier is my passion because I can express all my creativity and channel the innate gifts that I possess. I studied to be a chocolatier at the Instituto Culinario de Monterrey.

JOSÉ QUIÑONES, CHEF AT LA ESTANCIA LAREDO, TEXAS I studied Comida Regional e Hispanoamericana Gourmet at Escuela Gastronómica de la Estancia en Veracruz, México. (Not pictured on left)

GRACIE CARRILLO PERSONAL CULINARY AND PASTRY CHEF OF TASTY TEMPTATIONS BY GRACIE With a BBA from St. Mary’s University in marketing and political science, she aspired to be a lawyer, but during her time in law school she realized she preferred to cook and bake. So, Gracie left and went to France and schooled at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. She has traveled to different parts of Europe and around the country to learn different techniques in both baking and cooking. She staged for Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Joel Robuchon and baked on several occasions for President George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Juanes, Luis Miguel, and Vicente Fernandez. She has cooked for Senator Judith Zaffirini, and Congressman Henry Cuellar. (Not pictured on left)

cream aug / sept 2011




e are excited to present the 2nd Annual Celebrity Chef Gala and would like to extend a personal invitation for you to be part of this event. We are honored to announce that Lic. Miguel Angel Isidro Rodríguez Cónsul General de México and his wife Patricia Campos de Isidro will be honorees for the evening’s event. Mrs. Alicia V. Cantú, Mrs. Graciela C. Ramírez, and Mrs. Deborah Watson will also chair the event. The Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra will host this event on Friday evening, September 23, 2011—already destined to become the most exciting culinary event in Laredo! We are expecting over 500 of South Texas’ most philanthropic citizens who will be in attendance to bid on fabulous dining packages as well as a Silent Auction, Live Auction and Fund the Mission—all while enjoying delicious cuisine prepared by our event Celebrity Chefs. Lead chef for the year will be Tania Ancira from Appetit.


Which kitchen appliance would you be?


LORENZO SERRATOS An appliance is just a tool; I would rather be the fragrance of garlic and basil combined. Together, they are the first step to great food.

DIANA VELA I would be a manual can opener. I work really hard to grasp new things (challenges) and once I do, I stick with it until it’s finished. Get it?

JOSÉ QUIÑONES If I were a kitchen appliance, I would be a knife to make the ideal cuts and trims that make a dish picture-perfect.

PILAR DE SANMIGUEL I would be the oven because I think it’s the most important appliance in the kitchen. In my business you can do everything with the hands, but you can’t bake unless you have an oven.

CIBELES AND JOSEFA TENA GUERRA We would be a chocolate fountain. Why? Because we would be covered in our famous Belgian chocolate!

GRACIE CARRILLO I would be a mixer because you have so many different ingredients in your bowl and then you stir or whip them up to make these marvelous masterpieces!

It goes without saying that our city has a rich culinary history where east meets west and old meets new. Together these cultures and seasonings have merged like the flavors of many countries. The Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra is committed to bringing outstanding musicians to our fair city and to introduce audiences to the impressive talents of nationally recognized vocal and musical artists. The greatest impact made by your contribution is in giving our local musicians and our TAMIU and LCC students the opportunity to perform with our orchestra and invited artists. For more information or a sponsorship please contact Cantú Interiors (956)727-4495.

What is your idea of a perfect meal? Dessert constitutes my perfect meal. I love the sweet things. Why leave the best for last? PILAR DE SANMIGUEL

A perfect meal for me involves place and food. It would have to be in a relaxing ambience, and of course, in the company of my family to enjoy my perfect meal. The food has to be made from fresh ingredients, grilled, lean, and it must look great. TANIA ANCIRA-GALINDO

My idea of a perfect meal is twofold. First and foremost, it has to look appetizing! If something looks simple, clean and elegant, it prepares you to fully enjoy it in your mouth. The second part is that it has to be well balanced. While I personally love spicy food, I believe that all dishes need to have a bit of all the flavors to fully satisfy you. Perhaps a spicy dish can be paired with something sweet, or perhaps something sour can be paired with something salty. These balances make you feel like you got the best of both worlds and didn’t miss out on anything in your dish. DIANA VELA

Dessert would be our choice for the perfect meal—we enjoy our incredibly delicious low fat dulce de leche frozen yogurt with fresh bananas, cajeta, and chopped almonds and pecans. Delightfully yummy! CIBELES AND JOSEFA TENA GUERRA

} 38

cream aug / sept 2011


TANIA ANCIRA-GALINDO, Appetit Restaurant PILAR DE SANMIGUEL, Pastelería Dulce Pecado JOSÉ QUIÑONES, La Estancia LORENZO SERRATOS, Executive Chef at the Ambassador Steakhouse from Embassy Suites Hotel

GRACIE CARRILLO Tasty Temptations by Gracie DIANA VELA, Doodlebug Creations at Appetit Restaurant

Project Cupcake Brings Joy to the “Center for Hope”

wee ar

waiting you atfor

project cupcake was conceived by rochelle gonzalez and lissi valdez and has been the reason of great happiness for many underprivileged kids at the Bethany House Shelter in Laredo since 2009. Bethany House has served the most vulnerable individuals in the Laredo community for years and Project Cupcake has brought a bright spark of joy to the children whose families have been challenged by homelessness and economic struggles. Project Cupcake has made the dreams of hundreds of kids for whom a birthday party seems out of reach. This group’s main goal is to provide the kids a celebration that they will never forget. Lissi Valdez explains, “Living at the shelter is hard, and we at Project Cupcake try to take off that burden from their parent’s shoulders and provide a memorable birthday party for their children.” This year, Project Cupcake is taking on a new endeavor. The group will contribute to Bethany House’s highly anticipated expansion project “Center for Hope” by providing a playground for the children that will take shelter in the new transitional housing units. Family and friends of the Project Cupcake team have been instrumental in its success and with them is extending an invitation to share this mission with anyone in Laredo that wants to be part of such a gratifying cause. “Seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces is priceless,” says Lissi. Additional Project Cupcake programs include the Christmas holiday celebration and regular fundraising activities for special resources needed by Bethany House for its children’s programs. Cream congratulates Rochelle, Lissi, and the whole team for their continued commitment, devotion, and enthusiasm as they make this dream a reality for Project Cupcake. Hooray for the children!

Donations for the construction of the “Center for Hope” playground can be made at Bethany House at 815 Hidalgo St. or by contacting the Project Cupcake team at

with sh fre s a e d i and the newest fashion trends

for your

bella baby 1705 e. del mar blvd. • suite 121 times square plaza 956 . 722 . 7719




asking for a ‘table for one’ is less lonesome than usually regarded. I’ve come to enjoy preparing dinner for one or even dining out alone. All the more time to spend people watching! What’s more entertaining than the freedom to speculate the story of others’ lives from the clues they happen to be carrying on their shoulders that day? Dining out seems to have evolved from a planned weekend outing to almost an everyday necessity. Talking to singles and couples alike, the battle with cooking small meals and managing the energy after a long day of working forces this audience into dining out often. There are simple ways to create great meals for two (or one) at home not to mention saving extra money. For new shoes, maybe? I’ll take it! I won’t lie; I had to start somewhere, My beau recently moved out of the too. The first steak I tried to make was country for work. More than my struggle a charred, sad disaster. Imagine my with being alone, knowing he’s made embarrassment, deferring fame to the best friends with the local takeout menu flame. Over time, though, I learned to instead of coming back to a home cooked fashion a piece of meat into a masterpiece. meal just breaks my heart. I may be solo, From a flank steak to a sizzling dish of but at least I can find comfort in my beef curry. Meat so tender and playful, cozy kitchen. As a way to feel like I’m it’ll keep your rice well entertained! still there to care for him, I wrote out Kitchen egos are the worst, no one likes to simplified recipes with enough wiggle face the fact that a dish they poured their room for incorporating local ingredients. energy into ended up a complete A few personalized e-cooking disappointment. I definitely lessons later and explaining wouldn’t have these stories how to measure a pinch or a SOME WORDS OF to tell if I didn’t ignore the WISDOM YOU CAN dash and presto! You have STICK TO YOUR FRIDGE ugly steak and pick up a man well versed with another tasty marbled an oven or a portable EXCELLENCE IS cut of meat. Some words grill! Who doesn’t love of wisdom you can stick NOT AN ACT, a handsome guy in the to your fridge: Excellence kitchen? BUT A HABIT. is not an act, but a habit. I’ve often heard that ‘those Cooking for one, cooking who can’t do, teach.’ Well, for a few, it all comes down to I beg to differ. I love to do as the ingredients in your pantry and a much as I love to teach how to do. An little inspiration. Having dinnertime art teacher from years ago said I could call to share stories and fill up on laughter if I ran into a problem with the canvas. and food are the textured details that Yeah right, like she could fix a texture or imbue the canvas of life. My temporary color issue over the phone! Sure enough, long distance situation makes the taste because she felt art the way I feel food, of soon dining together every night in she knew exactly what I needed to do. I some fantastic foreign land all the more guess, when you actually love what you do deliciously irresistible. and know what symptoms you’re listening to, it’s not difficult to get a grasp on the BY MOON JAMALUDDIN situation. Much the same, when Mr. Man calls to recap the details of dinner, a diagnosis of cooking temperature or proportions of spices turns meat from chewy to tender.

a bicycle is a summer staple, not to stay fit during these months (which is quite important also), but to enjoy the nature that surrounds us. Bicycles are built for our every need. Some are built for children, for the teenager, for the city slicker (as well as for the mountain biker), and, of course, bicycles built for two. The one thing that one must always remember while bike riding this summer is to always stay hydrated! BY MAYRA FLORES

Bikeability Wind rushing through your hair, the thrill of the open road that lies ahead, and the smell of the wild flowers are the wonderful senses that go through your body while riding your bicycle during these hot, summer months.







6 7

1 Loring Complete by Civia Cycles, *PUR, 2 The Unicorn by Bowery Lane Bicycles, $595, bowerylanebicycles. com 3 Contortionist Bicycle by EyeToHand, *PUR, 4 Aristotle by Republic Bike, $399, 5 Silo Bicycle by Bowery Lane Bicycles, $595, 6 The Breukelen White Bicycle by Bowery Lane Bicycles, $595, 7 Plato by Republic Bike, $399, 8 Tato Commuter Bicycle by Tato, $1,900, *PUR= Price Upon Request

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cream april / may 2011



? M A E T R U O Y S WHO’

l their exciting and especially al le op pe e th l al just love T TEXAS A&M! I games with my ERYTHING ABOU ays gone to the w EV al VE ve LO ha I “I l e da us URS beca ephanie Vi at they are from ALLY LIKE THE SP irit! We are #1! St ills. I also like th sk cos Garza “I RE UT Longhorn sp r ar e ei M th th e t s.” lik ou er t ab iri ay t pl sp s soccer are modes cause there’s no E CHIVAS history of famou AM and that they HORN SPORTS be lveda “I LOVE TH K WELL AS A TE ADRID is its long M OR W AL S RE “I LOVE UT LONG AV E M TH .” Genaro Sepú E T ld TH OU fie AT e AB th TH G f IN of VE d TH LO an tter on FAVORITE YS have González “I spire me to do be DALLAS COWBO Sherwood “MY e game.” Wayo . They always in nice Reed “THE attitudes!” Kelly AYS every singl am Ja PL te A d! d di RÇ de s un BA ur ro l Sp AT fore the ch a wel VE THE WAY TH ampionships be s always been su ñiga “I JUST LO back to back ch A is that it is ha on IC w ÉR dad.” Casey Zu on AM uw E aj TH Ol T OU ce Hakeem VORITE THING AB CKETS EVER sin Williams “MY FA VE LOVED THE RO HA “I l Texas!” Tiffany da Vi a .” Karin ly from that team rito was original ayor because Chicha Nicole Montem sday defense.” om do s, he ac co a great history,

13 YR. OLD ALEXIA MARTÍNEZ (On top left of the page) “I practice every day for hours and hours. I can’t get enough of it! My routine is: wake up, eat, play tennis, take a break, play some more tennis, go home, repeat.”


cream aug / sept 2011

16 YR. OLD BRYANNA MARTÍNEZ (On far right) “Tennis is a beautiful sport, much more than just hitting a ball back and forth on a court. It makes me happy.”

At a very young age, Bryanna and Alexia fell in love with tennis. And for the past six years, their lives have revolved around this sport which they practice daily. This constant training keeps them fit and ready to excel every time they participate in a tournament.


WHY DID YOU BEGIN TO PLAY TENNIS? BRYANNA: Our dad said that we needed to participate in a physical activity. Tennis was the first thing that came to mind. ALEXIA: We both didn’t like it at first, but we grew to love it! HAVE YOU PARTICIPATED IN ANY TOURNAMENTS? IF SO, HAVE YOU EVER WON? BOTH: Yes, we’ve been in tournaments, and most of the time we do. HOW HAS THIS SPORT HELPED YOU? BRYANNA:Tennis is a beautiful sport, much more than just hitting a ball back and forth on a court. It makes me happy. ALEXIA: It’s a lot of fun; it also teaches me how to be a good sport. DO EITHER OF YOU FOLLOW A SPECIAL DIET OR ROUTINE? BRYANNA: I practice at least two or three times a week. I don’t have

much of a diet plan, but I do watch what I eat and make sure I don’t go overboard.

WHEN IT COMES TO TENNIS, WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? BRYANNA: It’d be nice if I could get a scholarship sooner or later, but, for now, I’m just keeping it as a favorite hobby. ALEXIA: If I work really hard, I hope that maybe one day I can go pro.

cream aug / sept 2011


Ann iversary

nk -


lco n In Ba ternational

Falcon International Bank recognizes this significant milestone by thanking the community  for their trust, loyalty and patronage over the last 25 years.   As we continue to grow and proceed towards yet more exciting achievements, we remain  focused on our customers, providing the same friendly and personal service you’ve come to  expect; after all – we know what counts.

Laredo Branches  (956) 723-2265 San Isidro Branch Downtown Branch East Branch 10511 McPherson Road 801 Matamoros 212 Bob Bullock Loop Other Branches/Offices Brownsville, Buda, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Harlingen, McAllen, San Antonio, Guadalajara, Monterrey

Corporate Office  7718 McPherson Road

Hillside Branch 5219 McPherson

CREAM No.8  

August/September 2011