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Making the Best Homemade Soda

Most people are not aware that they can make a healthy soda in the comfort of their own home. Normally, they would rely on the grocery store and pack up on big bulky cans or bottles of soda for their Sunday refreshment bar. While you have a lot of choices to

choose from when it comes to sodas, it isn’t nearly unlimited as compared to how creative one can be when one has the capacity to flavor his own soda. As they say, anything homemade probably tastes better than something bought at the store – and when it comes to soda it isn’t

very different at all! This e-book discusses the concept of making the best homemade soda using equipment readily available in the market today such



soda chargers.




Before going to the hardware let’s look at the advantages of





carbonated beverage. Generally, when you make your own sodas it would be better for your health.

Why? Because this allows you to choose your own flavours; therefore you can choose whole-

some, naturally sweet additives; a nice break from high fructose corn syrup. While



soda would normally say “contains real fruit juice”, homemade soda since you dictate what is in it, could be “100% REAL fruit juice.”

In fact, it would probably be rare to encounter anyone without home based soda making equipment who could have tasted a carbonated drink that contains only the essentials - fruit juice, water and CO2.

So now we can take a look at





essential tools used are the soda siphon and soda chargers. The siphon is a container that is pressurized to help preserve the CO2





carbonated water in it. Chargers are like small gas tanks that are filled with carbon dioxide.

Learning how to use these two simple pieces of equipment together with baking soda and seltzer already enable one to create high quality, healthy and low cost homemade soda! But of course, this e-book is not just about making homemade soda; it is about making the

BEST homemade soda. Well, the few little tips in this regard refer to two essential factors: the water and well-kept, high quality equipment. The water used should be distilled and free of any impurities. This is because when water is carbonated it becomes easier to taste the impurities in the water if there are any. As for the

the equipment, the key here to always make sure you follow the guidelines in the usage, upkeep and storage of each tool. This is found





manual. Also, make sure it is a high quality product. Luckily, premium soda making equipment is easy to acquire in stores and online with a good warranty.

Again, not many people are aware that carbonated beverages could be “homemade�. And in comparison to store bought sodas, the best homemade sodas are preferable because they are easy to make,

healthier, and you are

not limited in your creativity in making them.

Adding Magic to Food and Beverages Using Whipped Cream




universal in making a dish more heavenly than whipped cream. It can be used to instantly liven up almost anything that is sweet. If you want a creamier crepe, just add it to the filling inside or use it outside as a sumptuous garnish. A cappuccino really isn’t one without

it being generously lathered to the brim. Cakes and pies are just a bit more tempting withsome melting cold whipped cream on top. Pancakes



served with whipped cream instead of butter and a simple bowl of mixed fruits can still be a healthy dish with lots of sweetened whipped cream.

This chapter will discuss the different equipment used for whipped cream and how it is done professionally, some tips in making the cream and how one can bring this joy to his or her own home.

First off, whipped cream is best made when N20 is dissolved into the cream. This is done by pressurizing cream either through an




dispenser or a cream whipper. Either way, small canisters or chargers of N20 are used with the container in order to dissolve the gas. This works very easily

because the gas easily dissolves with the fat content of the cream. This way, the whipped cream achieves its best volume and fluffiness. Professionally, this is the best way to make whipped cream that can be used on almost anything. The other way of making whip cream is to use the standard manual





whisker. This way is a bit less efficient on the volume of the cream and a bit more tiring and time consuming than using the dispenser and / or the whipper. A few tips in making the cream: the most essential being that it is best to dissolve the sugar and any other flavoring into

into the cream before dispensing it in a pressurized container. This way, the sweetness and flavor is equally distributed and it does not clog the cream dispensing equipment mentioned above. Another tip is to use high quality full cream that is at least 28% fat content to assure the N20 dissolves in it properly.





process of making cream to one’s own home is very easy and simple to do. The aforementioned equipment of the cream dispenser and the cream

whipper is readily

available online from reputable companies. Just make sure that the upkeep of the equipment is well taken care of such as keeping

them clean and making sure they are not clogged. A steady supply of N20 cream chargers can also be acquired from the same stores that sell equipment and can be replenished




containers themselves look very sleek and stylish and are quite easy to use and to store.

All in all, whipped cream is a wonderful ingredient; and fortunately, it is easily within reach to make by oneself.

This is true

whether it is for professional cafe use or for serving to one’s family and other guests in the household.

For more information about

r e s n e p s i d cream s r e g r a h c a and sod PLEASE CHECK OUT

Making the Best Homemade Soda  

While commercially made soda would normally say “contains real fruit juice”, homemade soda since you dictate what is in it, could be “100% R...

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