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Annual Report 2018 | Annual Highlights 17

CREAF’S NEW SLOGAN: ECOLOGY MOVES US The slogan is intended to convey that there are lots of discerning, dedicated, creative, rational people at CREAF. CREAF’s new slogan refers to us, our mission and our research, be it in the open air, deep in a forest or high up on a mountain, or in a laboratory. It is not only us who are moved by ecology though. Ecology moves the world; nothing can exist outside ecosystems. Ecology moves us is the new slogan of CREAF. Credit: J.Luis Ordóñez

CREAF CELEBRATES ITS 30TH ANNIVERSARY This year, 2018, the CREAF celebrates its 30th anniversary. To celebrate it, we organized the show “You really move us”. An official ceremony, with some distinguished personalities, but at the same time a fun event, quite different from what we were used to, where the main characters were our researchers

Jaume Terradas, Javier Retana, Alba Llovet and Carlos Hernández at a moment of the celebration. Credit: Pau Guzmán.

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Memòria CREAF 2018  

Memòria CREAF 2018