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Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -


Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -

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"eau (French) acqua (Italian) agua (Spanish wasser (German)" TRY IT!

1. June 3: Oneota Co-op Meat & Greet! Join us outside the Co-op, meet with local producers and sample meat, produce and vegetarian options. 4:30 – 7:30pm!

2. June 3: First Friday Jazz: Decorah’s Tom Bourcier Band! Kick off summer with musica in the courtyard! BYOB, 8pm, $5/$3 students, ArtHaus Studio Courtyard.!

3. June 10: Decorah Human Powered Traits fundraiser. MacCaffrey’s Dolce Vita (outside!). Special live music guests food crash bar, grat setting. Ride your bike for discounted entry!!

4. June 15: Finnish fiddler Arto Harvela and FinnishAmerican duo Haivama at Vesteheim in Decorah, 7:30 concert. Tickets: Vesteheim 563-382-9681. Offerinf afternoon musicians workshop! Registration:!

5. June 17: Baker London Presents: folk/Indie duo/ sisters Bethany & Jenny Erickson, well-known for original melodies & flawless vocal harmonies! 8pm, $5, ArtHaus Studio Courtyard.!

6. June 22: Musica Dulce: an evening of music, food and gardens along Ridge Road, Decorah, festuring Done Doin’ Laundry, Dame Rocket and Karsten Snitcker. Tickets 563-382-3825.!

7. June 24-26: NMO oresents “Anne and Gilbert” on the DHS stage. Tickets available at NMP (906 South Mill) June 20-24 3-6 pm $10 adults, $5 kids. !

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Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -



Producing a magazine is not an easy task. It takes a good layout, good writers, and strong sponsors for the edition to be succesful. This month of June our editing and designing team decided to do a special edition on water: A Splash of Water. It contains mainly narrative articles related to this topic. Every article has a process behind, a personality , and its own escence. There is one thing that unites all of this texts, the fact that water is what all of the authors have in common and what inspires them to write. We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did. We hope the stories and information behind inform you, inspire you, or fill you in any way. Sincerely, The Edition Team.


ABOUT t h e a u t h o r Alejandra Cuberos. Alejandra is a very friendly person, has a lot of sense of humor, and when it comes to writing she is very creative. She hates sports but is inspired by theater and arts, Alejandra is spontaneous and writes whatever comes to her mind. When she was asked to write about water, she expressed her concerns on the waste of water.

Camilo Martinez Camilo looks forward to being a sportscaster. He plays football every day. Loves sports and admires the heroes that achieve great things on this area. Inspires his writings on people he admires or personal experiences he will never forget.

Alejandra Orjuela Alejandra is a happy and spontaneous woman. She loves to play in the kindergarten park and has a lot of friends. She likes nature and horses. Inspires her writings on her feelings and personal experiences.

Juanita CastaĂąo Juanita is working to be a great graphic designer. She is inspired by the greatness of New York City. She loves her friends and family. She uses her imagination to write excellent articles.

SofĂ­a De Vega SofĂ­a likes music and plays tennis. She has a lot of ease in the area of languages and is inspired by Paris. Her article is based on a narrative story.


Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -



Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -

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We all need water in our lives. Every day, every second, and in every activity we do we need water. The fact that 70% of our organism is made of water is not a secret; and people all around the world know the importance of water for our environment, our body, and our lives. So if this is such a well-known truth, why do we keep wasting it? We need water; that is a fact. We are wasting it; that is also a fact. Millions of gallons of water are lost every day. Water used to exist in great amounts, now there isn´t enough. Yes, three parts of earth´s surface are water, but the percentage of that water that can be drinkable is very little, and this is the kind of water that we need in our bodies. We can´t make water, and if we could it would be at a very high price. People don’t notice it but water is one of the most valuable things we have. It isn't a reusable source. Once you waste drinkable water, the process it takes for it to be clean again is very difficult, and most of the water is lost there. We also have to take into account something very important: we are not the only living things that need water. All living things need water; it´s a main requisite to survive. If we keep wasting it, we are not only going to leave ourselves without water, but the rest of the living things.


There is a very wise Chinese proverb that says “we don´t inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children”. This is something we are constantly forgetting. There are others that are going to come after us who will use this world, who will need the same water that we need, and who will not find it if we keep wasting it as we are doing so. We are being very selfish by wasting water, it isn't only our water, and a lot of living things need it.

When it comes to making people conscious of the importance of water it is very difficult to describe. Water conservation has become very important, even in places where water seems to be more than enough. Let´s take as an example our own country, Colombia. We have plenty of water in Colombia; it is not a resource that we are lacking. But the problem we have is that most of our water is being constantly contaminated. All our wastes go to our rivers, and if we keep contaminating them we will come to the point in which not a single drop of the river will be drinkable.

W e need " w a te r; th a t is a f a c t. "

There are a lot of ways to save water, and there are very easy to follow. I´m not going to mention each of this ways to conserve water because I think we all know them, almost by memory. What I’m trying to say is that if we know these preventive measurements, why don´t we follow them? We are slowly leaving our world without water; we are slowly leaving our children, and our children´s children without water. We are slowly killing our descendants. We need to take actions, or else it will be too late.


Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -



Imagine a world in which there is no water. Imagine being thirsty and not having something to drink. Imagine being dirty and not being able to bath. Imagine having dirty clothes and not being able to clean them. It seems as something completely absurd, but it is a reality for a lot of people all around the world. Everyday millions of people wake up wanting to drink something and not having anything. They want to bathe but there is no water. They want to clean but then again, there is no water. More than 2.6 billion people around the world are living this reality, the horror of looking for water without finding it. Every day, somewhere around the world, little kids suffer for not having water at reach. Millions of mothers spend all day trying to find a solution, trying to find their sons and daughters something to drink. Taking a bath is not an option. There might be a river or a source of water near. But this water might be contaminated; sources of water are drying more and more each time. Every time the sources of water are getting more contaminated and they are turning into not useful water. This is a very hard reality to live, and we have to stop ignoring it. Every day, water is fewer each time and more people get closer to this reality. We all need water; we all have the need use water every day in almost every activity we do. All humans have basic activities they need to do which involve water. The simplest of them and maybe the most important is simply drinking water. It is very cruel to see how a great part of the world´s population is denied of this very simple activity. The search for water is becoming very difficult each day. The percentage of drinking water is decreasing daily. Now there are even some people who are born in extreme poverty, having to drink contaminated water from the sources nearby. Some people

have never tasted drinking water, and that is simply something that should be considered unacceptable. Water is something we all should have the right to have. Some people are simply denied this right. I`m not saying that it is our fault, the people who do have water; what I´m saying is that we shouldn´t ignore this problem, because it could be us. One day we will wake up discovering that there is no water to drink. I wonder what will happen when that day comes, when we won’t be able to calm our thirst. We should think about that, to see just how terrible it is. And then we should think about all the people that are living it, because as I said before, it isn´t just a horrible image anymore, it is a reality, and we should admit it as our own.

" Every

day, water is fewer..."


S c u b a Diving BY: CAMILO MARTINEZ

The majority of sports are characterized for being aggressive and competitive, but there are some exceptions. Scuba diving is a sport in which people are able to connect with nature. It is a sport in which the physical activity is not the most important thing, but the most important thing is connecting with nature. It is a sport in which you are able to travel to an unknown and incredible world where fantasies and dreams come true. Last summer I had the opportunity to live through this incredible sensation of being in a new world where water and fish are my only companion. That day I woke up very early; a bus was waiting me downstairs. There was a group of 9 people in the bus; all of them were older than me. Very soon, we arrived to the port where all the necessary equipment was. We assembled on a boat, which began to move through the ocean. In the immensity of this place, I could gaze at the most beautiful landscape ever.

equipment on, the instructor told us to keep all the equipment close to us. Then a rope was thrown to the ocean and we began to swim down the rope being very careful. After the blink of an eye, a whole new world was before my eyes. I was walking into the most peaceful place in the world. The most beautiful creatures were letting me enter their home. These moments of peace and happiness will always be in my head. It was like going to heaven, stealing a piece of a cloud, and taking it in to my heart. It sure was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever lived. After 30 minutes the air of my tank was finishing up so I had to go back up. When I was on the boat returning to Cartagena all I was thinking on was the feeling of having so close the most incredible fishes. With this, I thought about the opportunity we have to save our world taking care of the oceans and animals. This sport brought me peace, love, and the gift of the ocean.

In the middle of nowhere, where we couldn’t see land nearby, the motor of the boat stopped. All I could listen to was the soft sound of water and some birds lingering around. The instructor told us to go into the water so we could get used to the temperature. We also did some exercises for the ears, which might get delicate while doing this sport. When I put all my

moments "These of peace and happiness will always be in my head.



Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -



For the majority of people rain is only one stage of the water cycle. It is something that makes the traffic worse or bothers you when you are walking. But rain is a lot more than that. Rain is what keeps the world going, what makes possible the growing of trees, animals, and us humans. Rain are those little drops that fall from the sky magically, those drops that come from an unknown place and that have seen and have been in places where we have never been, and will probably never going to be.

Rain is also a beautiful thing to see. It is beautiful when you are able to see how it falls in a puddle making some little waves on the water. It's also great to see how raindrops slip from a window or from someone's face, or to look to the horizon and see how millions of drops fall at the same time. To see millions of little dots interrupting the habitual landscape. Rain is also a beautiful musical instrument. The sound that it makes when it falls in the street or in a puddle is indescribable and incomparable.

KIDS care about WATER. you?

Rain is what makes you feel fresh when it falls on you. What makes you get wet in a natural way, what remembers you that you are alive. It is also a company for you when you are sad, it cries with you when you need to cry. But it also splashes you, cleaning your body and your soul. Rain also makes you smile when you are out in the street and see colorful umbrellas, when you see little kids playing with the rain, when you see how a little girl makes paper boats and makes them navigate in a puddl

Rain is much more than what the majority of people think it is. It is a lot more than the despicable thing that humans think it is. Rain is art, music, happiness but also sadness, company, beauty, life, and nature. It is not only a burden, it’s the base of life and if we stop to look at it calmly we are going to see that it is a miracle, the most incredible one.

visit our website:

It takes 2 gallons to brush your teeth, 2 to 7 gallons to flush a toilet, and 25 to 50 gallons to take a shower. 10 Want to know more? Get in contact with and learn more about the WATER.

Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -


in The Rain

I remember that day being black and white. Nothing made any sense; colors didn’t mean anything to me until the day I realized that there is a color that talks about happiness, other talks about love, other about feeling sad. What happened to these colors? I need to see that there is something else besides me that has the same feelings and that is able to express them in any way. The trees seemed like giant monsters that moved along with the colorless wind, the grass looked like ashes placed all over the floor, flowers had become swords that came from below. I was feeling scared and my pale face could tell it. Suddenly, the box of watercolors that my grandmother had given me years ago for my birthday came to my mind. How could I have forgotten about them? The colors in this box were the brightest I could recall. They were alive because of their brightness and purity. Suddenly, a cold wave of wind touching my cheeks whispered “color the world” and so, my watercolors appeared from nowhere and the sky started to cry teardrops of happiness known as “the rain”. The grass was going to be alive again, the flowers could be attractive to the bees once more, and the trees could have any green I wanted to. Nature was giving me the freedom to decide whether the sky was going to be purple, blue or even orange, and I had to take advantage of this opportunity because it could never repeat again. Rain started to fuse with the paints creating a variety of different tones. If I wanted a lighter green, I just had to let the power in the rain act on the watercolors. I played with them for hours getting to paint a whole forest with animals included, the sky, the birds, the flowers, and the wind. The part I enjoyed the most was painting the


river that passed between the trees. Having watercolors mixed with the rain made the painting process much funnier and inspiring for me, since in nature, rain is the principal responsible for these water bodies that serve as home for millions of animals and as a water resource for us. How could anyone live without it being alive, full of colors and feelings? I would never want to meet the habitants of that black and white world; they must be cruel and cold as an ice. I decided that the rain was going to be last thing to paint, it was a very difficult choice to make and I didn’t want to make the wrong decision. Rain had been very important during these days of painting the world, and so, it deserved my full attention and inspiration. I spent hours looking at the sky trying to figure out what color I should use for the drops I felt in my cheeks and hands. It couldn’t just be yellow; rain sometimes makes people sad; it couldn’t be red because rain didn’t make people fall in love. It couldn’t be orange since it didn’t felt they way it does when eating a juicy orange from a tree under the sun. At the same time, it seemed like rain was a mix of all of the colors I had used before. I decided to use every watercolor from my box, filling each drop that passed by my face with a different color. It ended up being a rainbow made up by water drops with a landscape full of tones and colors that expressed how I felt about being present in this world. They were watercolors in the rain.


Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -

“Art exists from a tiny ball of paper to a gigantic painting, remember this whenever you think art can just be found in museums”–My art teacher told me every class. I have seen stone, wood, plastic, paper, wind, and flower sculptures. I have seen thin, crazy, tall, small, and creative artists. I have seen curious, detached, passionate, and loving audiences. But I had never seen before such a water sculpture that could make me travel through my mind into the deepest and outlying memory. Yes, they say water relaxes and makes you feel part of nature, but what happened that afternoon to me was far beyond any expectations I had about water. -“It is normal to feel stressed because of school and all of your responsibilities”, mom told me once, but deep inside of me I knew I couldn’t go on feeling as if I had to carry the heavy weight of the world in my back. Without considering second options, I called the most bohemian and free-minded “flower child” I had ever met in my life; grandma. She knew everything about nature’s power in human’s life and how to use it wisely for the benefit of daily life. I rarely talk to her because somehow she has mastered her ability of hearing my thoughts and knowing how I think and feel about everything. I tend to get nervous around her, but how couldn’t I feel that way? Let me introduce you to her and I bet that within a range of 10 to 20 minutes, you will want to scream “get me out of this woman’s house!” -“Good to hear from you darling! How’s your life been going? Haven’t heard from you in a long time” –she told me on the phone. I got nervous just by hearing her voice, but I knew I needed her help desperately so I went straight to the point. “I have been feeling over stressed because of school and personal issues that have given me a hard time lately” –I said, and so she got enthusiastic about the idea of helping me. After hanging the telephone, I drove straight to her home and she received me with a big grandma’s hug and, of course, a hot tea. -“Would you be willing to accept a solution I’ve figured out, no matter how crazy it sounds?” –she told me right after I was done with




the tea. I agreed without considering the consequences this sentence could have, and so she brought one of those small water fountains that simulate a natural waterfall. I felt like I was wasting my time there, that nothing a flower child could do would make that weight in my back disappear. She turned it on and water started to flow and fall through a path decorated with grass and small flowers. “Stare at it, and believe me darling, you’ll be a new person by the end of the afternoon” –she told me. Suddenly my eyes followed each drop of water as it passed by the fall and all I did for hours was letting the water wash away everything that stressed me about school, friends, and family. The reflection of light when the water moved slowly made designs that not even Da Vinci could recreate in one of his drawings. “Is she feeling better already?” –Mom asked as she picked me up from grandma’s house. I had been sleeping all afternoon now that my back was lighter and the world I carried now looked like a tiny water drop from a suave rain. I can’t guarantee that the water fountain is the responsible for me being able to sleep, it could be the tea my grandma gave me the moment I arrived to her house. One way or the other, water saved me from being defeated by this huge world on my back called stress. “Thank you water,” I kept saying that day on my way home.



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June 16 is the big day. CLIMB, water would thank you.



Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -


I was walking down by the shore of the sea with my little sister. While we were walking, we saw lots of conchs in the sand. My sister stopped, took one, and started playing with it. While she was playing I stopped to look at the sand that was below my feet. I saw millions and millions of grains; I saw how sunlight was reflected on top of them. I witnessed how the water covered many of those grains. I started to see how foam was created when the water shocked with the sand. I looked at the water, and where it came from. I turned my view to the ocean. I started to think on the concepts of immensity and eternity, and on how the ocean illustrated perfectly my idea of those concepts. I saw that in the ocean the water seemed to be eternal. It seemed like if the ocean will never end, as if the life that was on it would never end. Its immensity, its beauty and its sound were a combination that only caused me relief and a sense of relaxation. I saw how a pair of seagulls flied above the sea, and how the water moved slowly being pushed by the wind. I turned to look at my little sister. The wind that moved the water producing waves also moved her hair. I saw her very happy, playing with the water and the conch. She walked towards the ocean. I walked after her and started to feel the cold water in my skin. I introduced my head inside the water and was able to taste the seawater, to taste that salty flavor. When I was outside the ocean, I saw the sun. I saw how its light reflected on the water. My sister took the conch she was playing with before, and put it on her ear. She started to smile and told me about the sound of the sea inside the conch. I placed the conch on my ear and proved that it had the same sound of the sea. I smiled, closed my eyes, and I sighed. When the


air came inside me I was able to smell the ocean. It’s hard to describe this smell because there isn ´t a word that embraces the feeling. It is a mixture of fish, salt, and wind. It is a smell that makes you feel free, free of concerns and duties. I turned my view to the ocean again and I saw that the sunset was coming. I saw how the yellow and orange colors of the sun started to hide behind the sea. I noticed too, that those colors were reflected on the water, and that they made the ocean look even more powerful than before. I was amassed of seeing so much beauty, but I also felt powerless being near such a gigantic thing. The sun started to go, and with it I started to go too. I took my sister’s hand and I walked with her. My feet touched the water and the wind touched my skin. While I walked I couldn’t stop looking at the sea and at the sun. Its beauty, its sound and its smell made me feel in complete peace. I was able to forget all the things that were happening in the world and in my life, I was only thinking on what was before my eyes.

...I couldn’t stop "looking at the sea and at the sun "


Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -

Feeling f r e e ? Save w a t e r .



Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -


The C a s t a w a y I started to feel something that I had never felt before. My body was experiencing a horrible sensation. I struggled to breathe and feel comfortable but I was drowning. However, I could still see a beautiful environment. The impact of the airplane sinking in the ocean had left me dizzy. I had received the coup of many parts of the plane. I swallowed some of the water. The feeling I felt as I swallowed was relieve. It was better than a cold coke or lemonade. My throat was refreshed. This feeling was probably the one that kept me from drowning. The substance I was drowning in was a lake or ocean. Hence, I was drowning in pure oxygen and hydrogen. Despite my effort to keep myself from dying, my head was working on a lot of thoughts. I didn’t want to get away from the beautiful view before my eyes. It was not mountains or flowers. It was the immensity of that huge mass of water. I swam a short distance and found my friend. She was struggling to breathe too. We both


found a piece of wood in which we could rest until we got rescued. There was where I could think about the view before me and reflect on how water has such an importance on our lives. In this situation, I was dying because of excess of water. Water is a very strong substance that can cause a lot of tragedies. However, it is very ironic to see how water is what keeps us alive and what keeps us moving. Without it, we are dead. Only, why would we run out of water with all of this mass of water in front of me? Well, it appears to be that water is not infinite. There’s a point in this landscape where the ocean ends. The horizon makes it seem as if it is never ending, but unfortunately it does end. As the waves moved our bodies along with the chunk of wood, we got near a piece of land. It was a very small island. Only sand and a few plants lay there. The wind made everything seem so calm and beautiful. Again, the concept of water’s immensity frightened me. I felt in the middle of nowhere, as if nobody would come and rescue us. I started to feel hungry and desperate. I lay down the sand and closed my eyes. It was getting dark.

BY: CAMILO MARTINEZ Today, we have the privilege to talk to a world hero. He is the gold medalist in swimming for the Olympics in 2008, Michael Phelps. Phelps was 8 times winner of the gold medal in 5 different styles. He was born in June 30, 1985, and as he says: “since I was little I knew my future was under the water“ He is the most representative person in water sports and the most suitable for us to interview in this month edition. Phelps swims with the speed of a shark and with the style of a dolphin. My name is Olimac Zenitram and I am very honored to have you here, knowing that your agenda is very tight. Taking advantage of this time, you could give us an idea of your life as a professional swimmer. OZ: For being the best swimmer, I guess there are a lot of sacrifices you need to do. What were the most difficult for you? MP: Having to sacrifice many moments with my friends, family, and even time for studying during my teenage years was very difficult for me. However, without these sacrifices I wouldn’t be who I am today. OZ: Give us an idea of your physical prep for competitions. MP: The most important word for my career is constancy. I wake up every morning, go to the gym, and swim for two hours. In the afternoon, I talk to my coach and prepare myself mentally.

OZ: What do you feel after all you’ve done in your career? MP: It is very difficult for me to realize what I have achieved but there isn’t anything that makes me happier than representing my country and I like to be the vivid example that sports are a lifestyle for teenagers before society corrupts them. OZ: What do you do during your free time? MP: Besides hanging out with my friends and relatives, I like to practice Scuba diving. I think it is a sport that brings me peace and tranquility. OZ: Which advise would you give teenagers that look forward to having a career like yours? MP: The most important matter is to follow whatever it is they put forward. By this, I mean their dreams and expectations. OZ: It is inevitable not asking you about the harm being caused to all the animals in the ocean. What do you think about this entire situation? MP: Given that one of my hobbies is scuba diving, I have witnessed a lot of this damage. I am very concerned and this is why I have a project for 2012. I want to form a foundation to protect the animal’s life. OZ: Thank you very much for your time. Good luck in your next competition and a lot of success in your 2012 project. MP: Thanks!

" The most

important word for my career is constancy.



Special Water Edition - Summer 2011 -




Ensayo sobre el agua.

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