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Spiritual healing practitioners, Yvette Clarke and Brenda Pitout, formed a unique alliance more than six years ago, successfully combining their individual abilities and together healing hundreds of clients who could not be helped by modern medicine - proving two heads and hearts are better than one and sometimes we’ve got to go deeper to achieve real change.



ceptical but desperate clients with diverse conditions including addiction,

to reveal difficult but necessary information to

trauma, anxiety, depression and eating

her clients for healing to take place.

disorders have come for and received

Rather than “leave me to just sit in my

“transformative” healing in the nurturing hands of

heightened emotional state,” Kylie explains,

this remarkable pair.

“Yvette would always provide options for

As a Clairvoyant and Light Worker, Yvette

further support and assistance.”

Clarke, is able to clearly see, hear and feel her client’s subconscious emotional blockages. Before

felt powerless to help her clients heal the painful

finding Brenda, she felt powerless to help her

manifestations of their emotional blocks.

clients heal the painful manifestations of these emotional blocks that she was able to discern. With a, “nothing left to lose attitude”, Hayley, who was feeling depressed, anxious, suffering from insomnia and in deep despair,

In 2011 she found Brenda Pitout, “an astounding BodyTalk practitioner,” who was both capable and willing to use her clients’ notes to continue the healing process she had started. “Really, it took over a decade to find Brenda, who unlike all

attended her first session with Yvette following the death of her

others before her, was prepared to work with my findings and not


dismiss them due to the restrictions of her healing modality or

“The first few appointments blew me away, as Yvette has the ability to see into what is going on in your system emotionally and

ego,” Yvette reflects. Yvette sought Brenda’s help for excruciating endometriosis

what has or is causing it to happen. She is able to read into and settle

which was debilitating. After only a few sessions with Brenda, the

your system down with one of her amazing prayers,” explains Hayley.

symptoms dramatically improved. She also sought Brenda’s help

Kylie first attended a session with Yvette 14 years ago describing it

to release a lifetime of trauma and anxiety.

as, “the most unique and mind-blowing experience I have ever had.”

“It was after this astounding healing experience, I began

In this and subsequent sessions Kylie explains, “Yvette was spot

referring clients to Brenda to recalibrate, restructure and realise

on tuning into whatever was happening to me (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically) and understanding all the micro emotions

their own healing,” Yvette explains. Yvette was now satisfied she could truly fulfil her manifesto of

that make up me, inspiring me with the confidence and skills to

providing people with an “emotional channel for the higher good

create the reality I truly desire.”

of humanity by shifting them out of their cycle of suffering and

Yvette, a self-proclaimed “blunt practitioner,” is often compelled 32

Before finding Brenda, however, Yvette often

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