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Avoiding childhood narcissism


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EDITOR’S TOP PICKS Some favourite finds to add some luxury to your Summer...from homewares to an indulgent cup of tea!


10 BE BOLD. BE BEAUTIFUL Beauty is not just what you feel on the inside, but how you look on the outside. And with some help you will not just look but feel beautiful, and just in time for Summer! 12

GO-TO GIRL ZOË FOSTER BLAKE For an entrepreneurial roller- coaster ride of fun, frivolity, probably fairy floss and a fart joke or two.



18 MOTHER OF EARTH Climate change champion, mother of four and founder of 1 Million Women, Natalie Isaacs, is an inspiring woman proving that one person is capable of making a difference. 22


FUN IN THE SUN Get your family summer ready with the top products to make these holidays one to remember.

24 PATH OF LOVE A recount of a powerful, selfdiscovery course designed to break through limiting, personal barriers that block people from achieving what we really want out of life. 28

MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL Why we are creating an endemic of narcissistic children, where they have a heightened sense of self importance and with a lack of empathy towards others.


28 perth | summer 2018 | Offspring



32 SPIRITUAL HEALING Skeptical but desperate clients with diverse conditions including addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression and eating disorders have come for and received “transformative” healing in the nurturing hands of these spiritual practices. 40  PREPARING FOR BABY SPECIAL FEATURE Our guide of must-haves to help you be prepared for your new little bundle. 51

BUILDING RESILIENT KIDS It’s important to teach children from an early age how to manage their emotions and bounce back from any positive or negative moments that they’re faced with.

32 55

55 CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE  Our Christmas gift-buying selections for the family 68  BOOK REVIEW Summer’s great reading picks for the family



Zoë Foster Blake Photo: Michelle Tran

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Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

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EDITOR’S NOTE summer 2018

While Offspring is a mainstream family lifestyle magazine, I love to include juicier topics around spirituality and personal development for mums, as well as more pervasive child-rearing issues.


think this is an interesting edition, with a change of tone, to incorporate what I feel are more “Real” issues we face as parents, and as women. In our last issue I shared details of my recent experience with depression, where I felt overwhelmed by pressures to combine both career and motherhood, which resulted in hospitalisation earlier this year (Editor’s Note, Winter 2017). Here, I mentioned how two energy healers, Yvette and Brenda, helped lift me from the darkness. After numerous inquiries from readers, it was fitting to include an article about these healers and their modalities, and how these alternative methods help people overcome emotional struggles (“Spiritual Healing,” p32). Stating the obvious, perhaps, but if we are happier and truer to ourselves, we are better mothers who have more to give – more patience, more insight, If we are happier more love, for our children - creating and truer to ourselves, happier families and hopefully we are better mothers a stronger, more insightful next who have more to give generation. My personal, introspective – more patience, more journey this year has involved various insight, more love, for spiritual and emotional experiences, our children.” including the Path of Love retreat in the Hunter Valley, NSW. This course is a powerful, transformational inquiry into helping people become more fulfilled, happier and ultimately having a more authentic life. You can read about this in “Path of Love,” p24. Inspiration can be found from One 6

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

Million Women founder, Natalie Isaacs, a grandmother and mother of four, who has identified mothers as the Number One influence affecting household carbon blueprint. She has created a huge following online, where she offers advice on how mothers can make a quantifiable difference to pollution levels, as well as save money on our power bills. Her story: “Mother of Earth,” p18. Chris Pritchard’s article, “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” (p28) is confronting. Like many mothers, I have been focused on helping my children avoid self-esteem challenges, but, I didn’t really consider a back swing Narcissism. Have we swung the pendulum too far? This article is thought-provoking. This edition includes our annual “Having a Baby” special feature, to help Mums-tobe in welcoming their most precious gift – a newborn child. We also have a Christmas Gift Guide, which might inspire you to find some lovely finds for loved ones. Speaking of loved ones, I thank my very patient and special children, Helena and Jarvis, and my family; as well as the important people who work hard to continue to make Offspring a strong, free, magazine for us all to enjoy - Jess Loudoun, Steve Lilywhite, Elle Higham, Jess Watson, as well as the many other contributors. Happy Christmas and I hope 2018 is special for you and your families.

Kate Durack X

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Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

Sugar Plum Fairy Naked Lip Scrub

go-to girl Zoë Foster Blake For an entrepreneurial roller-coaster ride of fun, frivolity, probably fairy floss and a fart joke or two.


Zoë Foster Blake is a fast-paced modern take on the Renaissance Woman. The beauty aficionado and Go-To Skin Care founder also writes books, overlords a formidable online universe through Instagram and expels, at an overwhelming rate, a variety of products for our consumption pleasure. The wife of well-known comedian Hamish Blake, shares how living with the principles of fun, surprise and delight helps her get away with, and do, a lot of stuff.


oë Foster Blake has her hand in a lot of pies; indeed, she is purported to be a champion of their consumption. Pie Eating

Champion is one of the more outlandish claims made on her profile at The former beauty editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and successful author of eight books with Penguin Random House, launched her GoTo Skincare line a month before the birth of her first child, Sonny, aged three. Since then she has been busy with motherhood and micro projects, managing a burgeoning Instagram page, producing lip balm, blog posts, apps, books, oh and a daughter, Rudy, just shy of four months. Reports that Foster Blake (37), was raised in rural NSW without a television could explain the enigma of this rampant productivity. Research, albeit dubious, indicates that while the rest of us were being brainwashed by Bert Newton through morning television that our lives would lose meaning without a steam cleaner, Foster Blake was busy ticking off life goals. Motherhood has not slowed Foster Blake, it may have redirected her creative energy somewhat but has not thwarted it. Becoming a parent for most usually means collapsing into a milk-stained heap in front of the television while it offers you soothing advice on how to get your life insurance in order.


Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

Everything changes when you’re a mother doesn’t it? The identity crisis is real, and certainly the professional. For Foster Blake it has meant slightly adapting her trajectory of over achievement (she published her first novel at 27). If you know Foster Blake through her Instagram platform, Zoë Foster Blake (@zoyousay), you may be forgiven for falling under the illusion that she is mere mortal. You might think of her as an online friend. Someone who makes you snort when you laugh and lets you feel good about beauty products and sponge cake, and most pertinently that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be a gas (she has also just ripped out a kid’s book about farts?) You may wonder what’s so superhuman about farts, cheeky Instagram posts, cute kids and a husband with food in his teeth. A possible answer is that Foster Blake’s ability to create an accessible, humorous arena for her 619 000 followers is a superb and masterful marketing feat, and no accident. Foster Blake came to the phone after a sleepless night breastfeeding her daughter, Rudy, who at 16 weeks is teething already, getting things done, much like her mother. She apologised for being tired and explained how she procrastinates, when asked if she’d ever tried it. “Of course I have. Most things actually, like daily things. All the clothes are at the end of my bed on that nice ottoman thing you buy that just becomes a place for clothes. I left the house this morning and there was just mess everywhere. So the boring day to day tasks, they don’t get done but the big projects, they do tend to get done which is a strange habit, but of course I procrastinate….” Photo credit: Michelle Tran

perth | summer 2018 | Offspring


Know your super powers. Do the things that you’re good at.

lit novels, her most recent, The Wrong Girl being adapted into a successful Network Ten series of the same name, starring Jessica Marais and Rob Collins. She has also published several non-fiction books including beauty manual Amazinger Face and Textbook Romance, a dating guide cowritten with then “friend” and “to be” husband, Hamish Blake, and is about to release her first children’s picture book called No-one Likes a Fart with illustrator Adam Nickel. She has released an app for broken-hearted singles called Break-Up Boss with plans to release it in book form next year and has collaborated on a clothing line currently flying hot off the racks with fashion brand Skin and Threads. As CEO of her rapidly expanding company GoTo Skincare she oversees its dayto-day operations whilst keeping us abreast of all this through funny posts on Instagram. Perhaps, more is at play here than a TV-free childhood, and that’s okay tired mums and dads because this just means ABC Kids can stay on while Zoë Foster Blake hoards all the super powers. But she needs them because she is one busy mother. She explains that once she has an idea she is driven to expel it,

Foster Blake appears to have escaped Bert Newton’s mind

“I think you throw everything at a project and then it’s done. It’s

control and, being untethered to notions of domestic aspiration

almost like I have to get it out of my head to feel like I can move

and invisible germs (housework be damned), is creating an empire

forward onto the next thing.”

instead. Describing the practice of positive procrastination,

These ideas which often bubble around in her mind for a while,

marinating ideas and pulling all-nighters she is clearly a person attune to doing the things she loves. When congratulated on avoiding the mundane she offers, “Know your super powers. Do the things that you’re good at.” Brace yourselves for the

some longer than others (Break-Up

I think you throw everything at a project and then it’s done. It’s almost like I have to get it out of my head to feel like I can move forward onto the next thing.

condensed summary of the things Foster Blake is good at. As a magazine journalist with over ten


Boss took six years to manifest), are usually born from a desire or need for something she can’t find. Cleaning her ottoman may have saved her some time and effort but perhaps the world can never have too many lobster jumpers and Foster Blake likes making things.

“Most of the time I make things that I wished I had. With the

years of experience, Foster Blake worked both as a beauty editor

skincare I thought, ‘Aw, I wish that existed, I’ll bloody make it

and relationship columnist for numerous publications, including

myself ’, and certainly with some of the non-fiction books that was

Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Baazar. She has published four chick-

the same and then with this children’s book it was not because

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

there weren’t stunning children’s books already out there but it was just an idea that I had, that I wanted to, that I had to ‘get out’ as it were, there are just so many bad fart jokes.” And so, Foster Blake’s latest offering No-one Likes a Fart, collaborated with illustrator Adam Nickel which she credits for his mid-century style (think Mr Men), was released by Penguin Random House Australia in November. It is a fart book with a message. She didn’t mean for it to have a moral tale but explained that, although not a fan of earnestness, she felt a certain responsibility writing a children’s book, recognising the perils of peer groups as a relevant subject for young

I have changed a lot how I do things and it probably seems a bit more scattered but I think it’s because my energy bursts are shorter and I can do different little shorter projects rather than one long book project.

readers. She explains, the message formed organically and felt it should be there. “I think it’s mostly a funny book but then there’s a nice message that even

“So, that’s probably why I’m working on smaller projects because I have a shorter attention span, I

if people are being mean to you or

can’t quite bang out the 100,000 words I used to ...

calling you names, there will always

So yeah, everything changes when you’re a mother

be someone who loves you and there

doesn’t it? The identity crisis is real, and certainly

will always be good people.”

the professional. I have changed a lot how I do

Foster Blake is a writer at heart and as she speaks of her craft her speech slows and her voice catches at times, with vulnerability creating some room in the

things and it probably seems a bit more scattered but I think it’s because my energy bursts are shorter and I can do different little shorter projects rather than one long book project.”

conversation. “Writing is inherently

And thus, Foster Blake reveals

selfish. You are by yourself. You

resilience in attitude and quotes

don’t have a boss. Now I

sensible advice from her mother

see it for the indulgence

that the chaos of life with small

that it is. If the kids

children will soon pass. “Look,

are out of the house,

I know it’s a moment in time

which is just never

and I don’t fret about it at all.

because I am tethered

It’ll come back and I’ll have

by breastfeeding at

plenty of years to write more

the moment, but if I

fiction and so, I sort of enjoy

do get the house to

the different projects and

myself I just want to write. I don’t want

I think it makes me more efficient in some ways

to go shopping or

because you’ve got such

get my hair done, for

a small window to do

me writing is a real

the work. You have to

joy and something

produce quality work in a

that I miss deeply.”

smaller amount of time.

When noted she hadn’t

The old me before

written a novel since the

kids would just sit

birth of her son Sonny in

at my computer

2014 she laughed, “Shhh,

for eight hours

I’d hoped no-one noticed.

and I reckon

Thankfully the T.V show’s kept it

I’d spend six

going a bit longer.” She explains

of that just

this is more an adjustment

pissing about

of her creative process since becoming a mother.

and now I’m like, you’ve got two hours, you’d better write.”

perth | summer 2018 | Offspring


With less time for the introspective task of novel writing she has utilised her well-honed skills as a commercial writer in an impressive turn at mumpreneurship and, dare it be said, capitalised on the shared humour and wit of her high profile relationship with Hamish Blake to catapult Zoë Foster Blake into an emerging brand. “As a beauty journalist for a long time, I was in the business of ‘recommending’ anyway and Instagram is just a natural progression of that. I can do captions because I’m a professional writer and I enjoy it, and it’s a way for me to have a mouth piece,” she explains. Her mouthpiece is funny and light, her wit sharp and when discussing how she gets away with swearing and risqué jokes she says, “The beauty of Instagram is you are who you are and everyone uses it for different purposes. Mine is to just have fun, be a bit cheeky and also, I guess to some extent have an advertisement for my writing.” Foster Blake appears to navigate the pitfalls of online backlash with a phrase she often coins in Instagram posts as a “special brand of arrogance” but perhaps this wily twist of humility can be attributed to a magic elixir of

in principles. Foster Blake explains her principles

understanding how

for Go-To Skincare, “You have to earn permission

to reach an audience

from people to sell them things and I don’t take that

and a personality

lightly, it’s just got to be perfect or we just won’t

essentially grounded

launch it. We always come up with the best possible product with the best possible ingredients and it’s a real team thing.” When pressed on broader principles she says,

The old me before kids would just sit at my computer for eight hours and I reckon I’d spend six of that just pissing about and now I’m like, you’ve got two hours, you’d better write.

“I’m actually reading a book called Principles at the moment and I’m sort of getting my head around it…Look, I think my family and my husband and I are pretty aligned in that we love fun and surprise and delight, and we love generosity and gratitude. So I think that it’s working in the realm of making people’s days a bit happier, maybe.” And so, perhaps this is why Zoë Foster Blake can suggest a night nurse in a blog as a solution for sleepless nights with a newborn without a cacophony of cruel online claws calling for her eyes to be scratched out. Principles go a long way, just be wary if she starts spruiking steam cleaners.


Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

Mother of

Earth Climate change champion, mother of four and founder of 1 Million Women, Natalie Isaacs, is an inspiring woman proving that one person is capable of making a difference.



s mothers, we all want to make this

The cause continues to climb

world a better place for our children, but

towards their one million goal

understandably, good intentions can

(the 1 Million Women community,

often go unactioned in the busyness of

which includes women who have

work and family.

committed as members, as well as

Battling climate change wasn’t always on the

their followers across the 1 Million

forefront of Natalie’s mind. In fact, she was a cosmetics

Women social platforms, currently

manufacturer and a busy mum of four. But then, by

comprises more than 700,000).

making some simple changes, she reduced her electricity

Additionally, the cause has expanded to not

bill by 20 percent (with electricity prices the way they are,

only encourage women and give ideas on how to

what family wouldn’t be motivated by that!).

reduce their carbon footprint, but also take on larger

“I realised then that what I did was powerful, and if other people did what I just did that would be incredible,” she recalls. “I went on and changed my food waste habits

campaigns, such as fighting for the Great Barrier Reef and reducing food waste. “The heart and soul of 1 Million Women is about

and from that one action I profoundly changed the way I

empowering women and girls to live with

lived. So, I went on to think, ‘Oh my goodness, imagine if I

the least impact on the planet,”

could share my story with other women like me, who were

Natalie says. “We show you that

not engaged for whatever reason, and if I could tell my

everything we do in our daily

story, they might want to change too.’ That is what really

life shapes the world

led me to create 1 Million Women.”

we live in, and of

Natalie founded 1 Million Women in 2009, and the idea

course, this is

was simple - get 1 Million Women to sign up to the website and make a commitment to cut a tonne of pollution out of their lives within a year. The movement grew quickly (although Natalie admits, she thought they would reach one million women within six months), and the movement is now reaching people all over the world.


Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

By making some simple changes she reduced her electricity bill by 20 percent.

The idea was simple get 1 Million Women to sign up to the website and make a commitment to cut a tonne of pollution out of their lives within a year.

about climate change.” She says women are responsible for 85 per cent of the consumer decisions that impact a household’s carbon footprint, and with 17 per cent of global emissions coming from households, the difference small changes can make collectively is huge. However, it is not about making women and their families feeling guilty to facilitate change. “One of the things we have learnt is the way that we do it from a view of optimism and empowerment, not from guilt and despair,” Natalie says. “We show you how to act and we show you the results. We bring you along the road of empowerment as opposed to making you feel guilty about what you’re not doing. It is showing this collective action – if one million of us did this, then this would be the result.” Natalie says women are amazing at networking, and the social media following of 1 Million Women is certainly impressive. Natalie says the small team behind 1 Million Women decided to work on building their social media following and to make their blog a priority a few years ago, and it was the right decision. “The blog went from 500 views a month to 10,000 views a day,” Natalie says. Their social media community, through Facebook, Instagram and

Natalie’s top tips to make a change Natalie’s not suggesting you make drastic changes that will make a difference, which your family can begin today (and she didn’t suggest taking cold showers or living by candle light!). Take a breath when you go to buy something and ask: Do I really need it? l

“Overconsumption is out of control”. l “Buy less – less is more. We can all stop consuming and we don’t need all the stuff that we have. Share, swap, buy second-hand, buy better quality – but buy less.”

Reduce food waste “In Australia, we waste one in five shopping bags of food. Look at your portions. Don’t be tempted to buy two for one deals at the shops. Get yourself a worm farm or some chickens to reduce food waste.”

Reduce energy consumption “We can reduce energy consumption just by being vigilant around the house.” “That was the first thing I did. I didn’t even really know what I was doing – just turning this off at the wall – but it really makes a difference.”

Twitter is also very active – with the 1 Million Women team posting several times a day. “They are such an engaged community,” she says. “Social media is such a big part of how we communicate.” perth | summer 2018 | Offspring


The idea was simple - get

1 Million Women to sign up to the website and make a commitment to cut a tonne of pollution out of their lives within a year.

They are also working on a (free to download) app, which is planned to be launched in February. The app will provide daily climate actions and track how much carbon pollution you save. It is clear the 1 Million Women message is making an impact and earning kudos. Natalie has recently been awarded The Australian Geographic Conservationist of the Year. “I am so

big difference and the benefits can be great. She believes her

honoured by it because it is real recognition of the work that

children (the youngest is now 16) really live with an appreciation

we do,” she says. “Behaviour changing is the elephant in the

of the Earth and she encourages women to get their children

room – it is the hardest thing to do. In an affluent community like

onboard as well.

Australia it is hard to change the way you live. “You might do something for a month or two but

“We have this commitment that we want 20 percent of our community to be under 18 years old, because it

then you forget. We are trying to get women to change their lives profoundly so you don’t even see it as behaviour change any more, it just becomes who you are and that is a hard thing to do.” Since Natalie is a mother and a grandmother, she gives a sense of comfort that she truly understands how making and sticking to changes can be difficult. But, she acknowledges little changes can make a 20

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

is the youth who are the influencers and the

“Behaviour changing is the elephant in the room – it is the hardest thing to do.”

leaders of tomorrow. It is their generation growing up in the most consumerist period of humanity. They are the ones who can make a difference and fight against consumerism.” To find out more about 1 Million Women or to sign up to fight the climate crisis, go to

Overcoming barriers to healthcare

Keep the Flying Doctor flying. Donate today.




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The Mighty Gum . ... at first glance ecial, one of many rld. wo e th ut Not unique, not sp ho ug ro t, and common th si I e er wh om fr Omnipresent of the Mighty Gum. ll see the power wi u yo d depth an er os But look cl gradually growing d higher, its stem an gh hi . s me he ti ac re er a solid trunk, ov Erect and tall, it tamorphises into what the and bulk as it me to take in more of twards, expanding ou g in ad re sp es Its branch air has to offer. re, and dying and re and more and mo mo g, in ly ip of these, lt mu es ieving the losses Its delicate leav ee, never once gr tr e th g; me. in co ll ll fa wi , that more dropping off and its soul, its guts t, ar he ntinuous s co it , le in nt s as it know rground in ge h, spreading unde rt dy. ea bo e d th an d in oo ed bl ot s , to sustain it It is strongly ro re tu is mo re mo s, trient the breeze and search of more nu moves gently with it n, su g in ar se the its leaves. It doesn’t resist gently fall from allows the rain to eds to feed all energy, that it ne s it in g in ak so n, e trunk, Opening to the su ches, the bark, th e leaves, the bran its elements – th s… all of her. the guts, the root t, stay a that like to visi re e many creatu s s and bugs. rd bi Which then feed th e wrote this poem on the Path , the beetles, th ts an e th – er ng ements won’t while or stay lo el e th s nd ta rs of Love retreat recently, de es and un And then, as it ag as it looks or rr te no is e e, ther during a small assignment keep its body aliv stic little healthy, enthusia o tw s it es se where we reflected on Nature d down an pe and ll of optimism, ho fu – ng vi ri th gs saplin and its symbolism to us. e of continue the cycl energy, eager to It was about my journey as a Woman and as the Mighty Gum.



a Mother.

Surprising for an editor perhaps, I frequently agonise over writing, but I wrote this poem in 10 minutes. I wrote with freedom. Self-doubt didn’t suffocate me, instead a bolder, richer and more creative part of myself emerged; overpowering my usual insecurity and self-criticism. I credit this to the Path of Love. The Path of Love (PoL) is a powerful, seven-day course, set in natural bushland in the Hunter Valley, NSW, which is formulated to break through limiting, personal barriers that block people from achieving what we really want out of life. It is designed to help us develop more Love, and to live a more meaningful life.


Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

It enabled me to go within, to the core, beyond Ego and facades such as appearance, lifesituation and personality; which cleared the way for my natural drive and passion to return. I went to the Essence. I experienced an authentic me. People had different personal motivations for being there - relationship problems, a lack of career direction, a personal crisis of some kind, dealing with childhood and past traumas, or, simply, because they felt at Crossroads and wanted more passion and direction in their life. I didn’t have a clear reason for going on this retreat. I just noticed a few coincidences around PoL and was compelled to sign up, not knowing very much about it at all. I am glad I listened to that inner whisper, because of the University degrees, travel, relationships and other life-changing events, this course has affected me, and improved my life, like no other. PoL is a deep inquiry into the Self, involving meditation; music; dancing; writing; time in nature; sharing experiences, thoughts, and emotions; reflection; and silence. There were 30 participants and the same number of staff, our ‘Angels’, who supported us through the intense, exhilarating and, at times, confronting, journey within. They formed a nurturing womb which held us while we shed outmoded and decaying belief systems and habits, allowing for a truer self to emerge. We worked intimately in a group of eight where all exteriors washed away. I now consider these people another family. The bond we formed during this personal process was profound. And, under the skilful, compassionate and deeply insightful guidance of our facilitators, Samved and Mairead, we were safe to allow raw vulnerability, which encouraged trust, truth, unconditional love and deep, personal breakthroughs to happen. I faced the scary, dark fears, and also celebrated the light-filled,

Of the University degrees, travel, relationships deep-rooted Rage and Shame in and other life-c hanging being a woman. It was a lowevents, this cour se has level thing. On the outset, I was affected me, and improved reasonably accomplished and happy, my life, like but deep down, this self-subjugation no other. was killing the inner fire. In an effort to majestic parts of myself.

I was surprised to learn I held

avoid being a “hard bitch,” I had suppressed my natural Womanhood.

perth | spring/summer 2018 | Offspring


fear locked by a I had been b good enough. of not being ALL jection. We A fear of re of isolation feel a sense over not and anxiety ed. being accept We NEED to belong.

over it, tired, mainly with my relationship in particular, and came away with the support and feeling that I was still ok, that I was not banished, cast out… I have always known that I’m not perfect, but I gave myself such a hard time, from quite early on. I feel I have made a quantum leap.”

Tanya, an independent woman, was overcoming childhood sexual abuse and trauma: “The loving kindness of PoL fast-forwarded the healing I had made myself ‘small,’ in what I thought femininity ‘should’ look like. I had believed I was an empowered woman! But, through the course’s penetrating process, I experienced a different, new and beautiful kind of power in the Feminine. The experience helped me take ownership of myself as a

of childhood wounds that I did not realise were holding me back in love and life.” Mark, a devoted husband and father, says, he was tired, stressed and depressed. “I had lost the passion and connection with my life purpose. Life post-PoL is completely transformed. I

woman and as a mother – opinions, self-support, sexuality,

am excited about the future and have a new perspective on what

sensuality, inner strength and a Voice to express what I want

contribution I can make.”

and need, as well as love and compassion. I found a Lioness.

Carol, a powerful, sophisticated, charming woman reveals:

Protective of her children, and herself. Protective of women.

“Path of Love helped me understand I had a longing for

I identified issues I’d been harbouring since childhood,

connection - with my Self and with others. Since, I have been able

adolescence and adult life, and was then encouraged to nurture

to meditate easily and to find the real “me” within. I’ve also been

these wounds, and to let them go.

more aware of patterns where I may self-sabotage and I am able to

I also found a need to Speak my Truth, overthrowing fears of reproach or judgement, and I’ve been amazed at how well this has worked since in my relationships, work and daily life. I was too afraid to do this previously for fear of rejection, conflict and

connect with friends and with life at a much deeper level, which is enriching my life. I feel an inner peace.” Troy, a devout Christian, father and husband, says: “I came to learn and grow, and discovered I really wanted to see the bits of me I always hid from. I was encouraged to share,

ridicule. I realised I have been quite a fearful person, which, despite appearing confident, manifests as shyness and me avoiding social

to cry, to listen, and to dance, and to realise that I was loved and divinely bespoke.” Wen, a charismatic woman coming to terms with the

situations. I felt awkward and nervous of

ending of her marriage, shares:

intimacy, and actually found it almost

“I was able to look at my self-doubts

impossible to look people in the eye. It was humorous and a great relief at the end of this course to be able to do this apparently basic exercise, that had seemed so terrifying seven days earlier. I had been blocked by a fear of not being good enough. A fear of rejection.

I was surprised to learn I held deep -rooted Rage and Shame in being a woman.

gentle, understanding surrounding, you can feel pure bliss.” Ant, a clever, eloquent and successful businessman and father of two, explains:

course, I was semi anxious most of the time with

condition. We ALL feel a sense of isolation and I learned that all have our insecurities, weaknesses, fears

to confront but when you are in a loving,

“Its formula is genius and gruelling. On the

This, I learnt, is inherently part of the human anxiety over not being accepted. We NEED to belong.

and love for myself. Old beliefs are hard

that simmering turning up of the requirement to keep going deeper. That constant inching forward of the intensity

and pains. Of particular interest, was an insight into the male

and that escalating demand to face yourself. I found real power

psyche and heart. I was ignorant to just how vulnerable men are

there. It was enough of a taste to show me that most fear can be

too, and they, like women, are just as in need of love and meaning


in their lives.

For me, of course, life pressures and challenges remain, and

Here is a snapshot of what my new friends experienced on PoL:

integrating my learnings is an ongoing process, but I now know

Gunter, a husband and father who travelled from New

what self-love feels like.

Zealand to attend the course, shares: “I felt pretty much done with life - I was depressed, fed up,

I recently read somewhere: “Once you wake up, you can’t come back.” The Path of Love enabled this to happen and it feels great to be alive, present and loving, and Real.


Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

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Mirror, mirror

on the wall Recent research suggests, in an effort to make children feel special and valued, parents are creating an endemic of narcissistic children, where they have a heightened sense of self importance along with a lack of empathy and understanding towards others. BY CHRIS PRITCHARD


on’t like the person you see in the mirror? If you’re only mildly miffed as you stare in open-mouthed horror, you’re more or less normal. But if your own reflection sparks waves of revulsion and nausea or, worse, makes

you actually throw up, you may need psychiatric treatment for a very real medical condition called dysmorphic disorder.

“We don’t need to keep focusing on self-esteem classes but should instead concentrate on empathy building.”

Some unfortunate victims even feel sick when they glimpse their own reflections while walking past shop windows. And,

undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University’s

recent reports suggest, aggressive American cosmetic surgeons

Geelong Waterfront campus. The prestigious Psychology Board

target sufferers by promising dramatic “cures”: surgery making

of Australia has endorsed Dr King as a clinical psychologist. And,

women and men happier with the way they look. (Both sexes

on the question of narcissism and children, he concedes that the

suffer from dysmorphic disorder, with women a big majority.)

most detailed research was done outside Australia by Drs W. Keith

While, on reflection, changing one’s adult appearance may be a good thing, kids have an opposite problem: some are too pleased with themselves, particularly with the way they look. Let’s not mince words here: society is battling an epidemic of

the United States. These two authorities consider permissive parenting, without limit-setting and focusing instead on rewards for no achievement

childhood narcissism. Experts contend it’s getting worse. Self-

- for instance, all children winning prizes after birthday party

important and self-satisfied children are obsessed with how they

games - contributes to an alarming situation. Dr King says the two

look - and believe they look great. What’s more, many parents

researchers “place this in a broader socio-cultural perspective,

make the situation worse by failing to recognise these problems

linking it to the rise of social media and the Internet - and on

even exist.

media focused on celebrity.”

As Dr Ross King puts it: “Permissive and over-indulgent


Campbell and Jean M. Twenge who are based at universities in

“Parents want to raise children with good self-esteem,” he

parenting has certainly played a big part in an upward swing

continues. But, he adds, there’s a downside: “a rise in narcissism

in narcissism.” Dr King, 55, has studied the subject in detail.

in children - a belief that they’re special, talented, don’t have to

He’s Associate Professor of Psychology at Deakin University.

abide by rules and that their needs are more important than those

With experience honed over a quarter-century, he teaches both

of others.” Drs Twenge and Campbell report not only a rise in

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

Real Life

“If your daughter is a princess, it won’t mean you’re a queen.” Rather, “you become her subject, obeying her every wish.”

narcissism in recent years, but also a fall in empathy along with reduced capacity to understand others’ perspectives and feelings. Studies, he reveals, have looked at the role of parenting behaviour in the development of narcissism. One study concluded that children whose parents showed high degrees of positive reinforcement and parental involvement displayed exaggerated senses of self-worth and a sense of superiority - characteristics of what’s defined as grandiose narcissism. Another frightening study of seven-year-olds found parents over-using the my-child-is-special argument spark development of childhood grandiose narcissism. “Twenge and Campbell suggest that we don’t need to keep focusing on self-esteem classes but should instead concentrate on empathy building,” Dr King summarises. The two American researchers’ own studies confirm there are increases in quests for fame and celebrity status in storylines in books and on television. Also, their analyses indicate a much greater emphasis these days on individuals rather than the community. Pop songs use the words “I” and “me” far more


Avoid travel nightmares with children…

Travel activities for kids can be tricky – airline regulations need to be factored in to avoid watching your child’s favourite travel activity (and hard-earned $$) be confiscated by airport security. Big bundles of toys packed tightly into cars for road trips take up valuable space and end up lost under seats or on the freeway and of course an electronic device is only as good as the amount of charge you can retain…

What you need is something that can be packed quickly and easily, is scissor-free, doesn’t take up too much room and still offers enjoyment, learning and fun. This is where Shapeeze® can be the perfect travel option - easy to carry and store plus fully self-contained. With no sharp implements they are ideal options for aeroplane travel or for those children unused to manipulating scissors unsupervised.

Shapeeze is specifically designed to allow your child the opportunity to press-out, paste and colour-in independently, because remember - it’s not just your children who’re on holiday – you are too!

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How to raise well-adjusted kids Make children aware of their abilities - tell them they’re great at this but not so good at that. • Build ability to accept criticism as well as praise. • Encourage self-esteem - but couple this with highlighting the importance of compassion and ensuring children understand they should balance their needs with the needs and rights of others. • While boosting compassion and empathy, foster a sense of community by getting children involved in doing charity work and chores at home. Make such activities seem a normal part of growing up. Source: Dr Ross King, psychology professor

commonly than they did when today’s young

Real Life

adults were children. Empathy and a sense of community are rarely featured. “How well you’re doing in life is now often based on social media likes and followers - and call-outs for positive affirmations,” Dr King maintains. “In this age of selfentitlement, parents struggle to find a balance between nurturing healthy self esteem and breeding puffed-up self-importance. “It’s not easy to find a line between keeping children happy and confident - and raising narcissists. Parents should avoid telling their children they’re the best at everything or that they’re the only ones who can do something. This leads to disappointment later on.” A common thread running through advice from child psychology experts is that we shouldn’t treat kids like royalty. Kids may bring joy to our lives - but that’s nothing special in itself. Other people’s children are simultaneously bringing similar joy to other people’s lives. Pithy advice from Dr Twenge: “Kiss the princess stuff goodbye.” Further, she adds: “Even though little girls are seemingly hardwired to fall in love with ‘things princess’, be cautious. Don’t buy rhinestone-embellished shirts that say “Little Princess” or “Diva,” she warns. “If your daughter is a princess, it won’t mean you’re a queen.” Rather, “you become her subject, obeying her every wish.” Softening her blow, she notes, however, that “dress-up” is fine because it encourages imagination - but try to avoid taking this a step further and treating your daughter or son as royalty.

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Myanmar Crisis Appeal

The fastest growing refugee crisis in the world is happening right now. Over 600,000 people have fled violence in Myanmar and need the basics to survive. Please DONATE to Australian Red Cross now – together we can help.


Real L

Spiritual healing practitioners, Yvette Clarke and Brenda Pitout, formed a unique alliance more than six years ago, successfully combining their individual abilities and together healing hundreds of clients who could not be helped by modern medicine - proving two heads and hearts are better than one and sometimes we’ve got to go deeper to achieve real change.



ceptical but desperate clients with diverse conditions including addiction,

to reveal difficult but necessary information to

trauma, anxiety, depression and eating

her clients for healing to take place.

disorders have come for and received

Rather than “leave me to just sit in my

“transformative” healing in the nurturing hands of

heightened emotional state,” Kylie explains,

this remarkable pair.

“Yvette would always provide options for

As a Clairvoyant and Light Worker, Yvette

further support and assistance.”

Clarke, is able to clearly see, hear and feel her client’s subconscious emotional blockages. Before

felt powerless to help her clients heal the painful

finding Brenda, she felt powerless to help her

manifestations of their emotional blocks.

clients heal the painful manifestations of these emotional blocks that she was able to discern. With a, “nothing left to lose attitude”, Hayley, who was feeling depressed, anxious, suffering from insomnia and in deep despair,

In 2011 she found Brenda Pitout, “an astounding BodyTalk practitioner,” who was both capable and willing to use her clients’ notes to continue the healing process she had started. “Really, it took over a decade to find Brenda, who unlike all

attended her first session with Yvette following the death of her

others before her, was prepared to work with my findings and not


dismiss them due to the restrictions of her healing modality or

“The first few appointments blew me away, as Yvette has the ability to see into what is going on in your system emotionally and

ego,” Yvette reflects. Yvette sought Brenda’s help for excruciating endometriosis

what has or is causing it to happen. She is able to read into and settle

which was debilitating. After only a few sessions with Brenda, the

your system down with one of her amazing prayers,” explains Hayley.

symptoms dramatically improved. She also sought Brenda’s help

Kylie first attended a session with Yvette 14 years ago describing it

to release a lifetime of trauma and anxiety.

as, “the most unique and mind-blowing experience I have ever had.”

“It was after this astounding healing experience, I began

In this and subsequent sessions Kylie explains, “Yvette was spot

referring clients to Brenda to recalibrate, restructure and realise

on tuning into whatever was happening to me (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically) and understanding all the micro emotions

their own healing,” Yvette explains. Yvette was now satisfied she could truly fulfil her manifesto of

that make up me, inspiring me with the confidence and skills to

providing people with an “emotional channel for the higher good

create the reality I truly desire.”

of humanity by shifting them out of their cycle of suffering and

Yvette, a self-proclaimed “blunt practitioner,” is often compelled 32

Before finding Brenda, however, Yvette often

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth


Brenda then uses these notes as a platform to optimise

Yvette says clients often come to her when they


are at their lowest and feel “all else is lost.”

“BodyTalk uses the body’s own innate wisdom to heal

To conduct her session she must enter their sacred space (the room of their soul) and

itself. I merely facilitate this process by using neuro muscular

she will therefore only do this with

bio feedback and intuition to bring change to the governing blueprint through its healing priority,” explains Brenda.


She enters “The Zone (where she) interfaces

Upon invitation she enters

the left brain’s pragmatic and practical

this space by tapping

knowledge with the right side’s intuition

upon her song bowl that resonates with a strong and


“The first few appointments blew me away, as Yvette has the ability to see into what is going on in your system emotionally and what is causing it to happen.”

“Tapping on the brain enables us to focus on reprogramming of formula and tapping on the sternum enables access to the heart and storage of the information,” she continues. Brenda discovered the BodyTalk healing

modality in desperate pursuit to end her

own intermittent battle with depression and her

pitch that carries with

daughter’s suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

it the anticipation of what a

She believed this cured them both and was her impetus

client’s soul room may reveal.

to train in the modality - “something anyone can learn”.

While immersed in the soul room,

She is now dedicated to the ‘ongoing study of humanity at the

Yvette is able to pick out what she calls

“University of Life.”

“the carrots from a stew” - the most relevant

The healing duo have given hope, health and happiness to

subconscious messages from which she scribes pages of notes that enlighten to the reason the client’s soul has presented to her on that day.

to bring about shifts of consciousness.”

hundreds of clients with a broad spectrum of ails, healing where modern medicine had failed.

Help is at your fingertips with the First Responder App ave h t s A mu ce for r resou nts! pare

Some of our favourite helpful features: Triple zero dialling function

Medical Centre locater (GPS)

Defibrillator (AED) locater

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perth | summer 2018 | Offspring


Real Life

“The combination of a skilled and warm therapist delivering a “It’s ‘Out There’, but it works,” excites Doctor Matty Moore, MD FAAFP FACRRM

EM Cert, who, once sceptical, last year sought immediate resolution of issues that counselling and therapy could not provide. Unfamiliar to his Western Medical

kick-arse modality was a winning formula for me,” she says. A major depressive disorder, severe anxiety and an eating disorder had “steadily consumed”, dubious but desperate scientist, Lauren, for many years who was “sold” after her first session with Brenda. “An expert practitioner, she navigates the blueprint of your

training, he tried to remain open and allowed Yvette to “identify”

body and mind with the precision of a skilled surgeon to find,

blockages and Brenda to “rewire” his subconscious.

and hand you, the key to self-love, acceptance and your full

“My repair was immediate, dynamic, and life-changing, for which I am enormously grateful,” says Dr Moore. The practitioners describe distance and time as “mere concepts,” so when Yvette referred Hong Kong residents, Sean and Evania, who had “tried everything and had nothing to lose”, their sessions, unlike any other therapies previously tried, provided “immediate and life changing results”. “Whilst cliché, Yvette and Brenda have made a huge improvement to both of our lives which we never thought possible and we would highly recommend both of them,” says Evania and Sean. A curious Perth Psychologist, recently

potential,” she says. “She achieved for me what an army of GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists and medication were not able to. She saved my life. It’s as simple as that.” Seven years ago a desperate young female on the residential rehabilitation wait-list for addiction to crystal meth-amphetamine, conquered a lifetime of addiction and eating disorders

with Brenda, later herself qualifying as a “An expert practitioner, she ur BodyTalk Practitioner and Nutritionist. navigates the blueprint of yo ion cis While their clients present with pre body and mind with the varied physical conditions, Brenda of a skilled surgeon to find, identifies consistencies in their underlying and hand you, the key to emotional causes. self-love, acceptance Testament to the success of their and your full relationship, built on mutual admiration and potential.”

experiencing relationship issues, gushes about an “astonishing first session with Brenda resulting in profound shifts in thinking and feeling.”

skill collaboration, after six years, Yvette and Brenda

continue to join their hearts and heads together to identify then rewire subconscious blockages and optimise healing outcomes for their clients.

We are proud to be a family owned and operated Dental clinic with a focus on all aspects of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. We have an extensive list of services including Preventive care and exams through to Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants and Invisalign. We are preferred providers with HBF, BUPA, MEDIBANK, GMF and SMILE. We treat Children who are eligible for Medicare covered Dental Treatment- CDBS We also treatDVA patients and Medicare Child Benefit Scheme patients.

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The specialist in Newborn, Maternity, Birth & Family Photography.

9225 6564



Phone: 0412 557 881

28/60 Royal Street EAST PERTH WA

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth


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SIT BACK, RELAX AND LET OUR TEAM CATER YOUR PARTY NEEDS Suitable for children of all ages, max 25 children. Cost is $25 per child for a twohour session which includes: Entry and swim (all pools) for each child ¹ Entry for the adult in charge ¹ Your own party area with party tables ¹

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Spend all day in our heated indoor pools - 31 degrees all year round. Water slide, spray jets and plenty of room to swim and have fun!

10% unt if

disco ntion you me ad this

For more details and to see session times, contact our Café team, call 9273 6083 or email or visit:

220 Vincent Street, North Perth WA 6006 T: 9273 6080 | | @beattypark


Offspring | spring/summer 2018 | perth

World first for child’s sunscreen Solar Buddies is the world’s first child friendly sunscreen applicator, designed by two mums Kelli Aspland and Laura Griffin, from South Wales in the UK.


elli, a mum of four and Laura, a mum of three came up with idea of the Solar Buddies due to their children struggling with conventional bottles of sunscreen when it came to applying at school. They wanted their children to be able to apply sunscreen easily, with less mess and in a controlled manner; with this in mind, the Solar Buddies was created. Both Kelli and Laura loved the design and how easy it is to now apply sunscreen themselves to their children and how easy it is for their children to use independently whilst in school. Kelli says, “It is such an easy and transportable product, we absolutely love it and it has made a huge difference in all our lives.”

“Knowing our children were protected while at school is a big concern for us … Solar Buddies is a great little tool to let them get into the habit of reapplying and making a really difficult task sometimes a little more fun.”

Laura says, “Knowing our children were protected while at school is a big concern for us and we needed to make our children understand how important this task is and we don’t like to rely on oncea-day creams, so we find the Solar Buddies is a great little tool to let them get into the habit of reapplying and making a really difficult task sometimes a little more fun.”

perth | spring/summer 2018 | Offspring


Christ Church Grammar School Early Learning Community - a natural advantage C

onnection with the outdoors and nature is essential during childhood, especially for boys. Boys are naturally curious about the world around them and the natural environment provides unlimited opportunities for boys to enjoy meaningful interactive play, fun and develop a sense of belonging. Situated on the Swan River, Christ Church has been educating boys for over 100 years. Throughout the year teachers take the boys to ‘nature’s outdoor classroom’ where they embrace teachable moments. In the early years this is about discovery and exploration that promotes language development and higher order thinking skills as the boys discuss, ask questions and think deeply about these discoveries with teachers and peers. In 2019 the School will open the doors to its state of the art Early Learning Community (ELC), which will provide a rich educational program specifically designed for boys between the

ages of three and five. With enjoyment and engagement significantly influencing how boys learn, the School’s skilled teachers will use teaching strategies tailored to boys ensuring every boy’s talents and interests are unlocked, allowing their natural ability to flourish. Boys in the ELC will engage in learning that promotes resilience, empathy and wellbeing. Visit or call Admissions on 9442 1555 for enrolment details.





Offspring | spring/summer 2018 | perth





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pr i

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ol h

ea eated y


Call to book at Jump Bibra Lake on 08 9418 6846 Unit 2 11 Sphinx Way, Bibra Lake WA6163 Visit www.jumps

To register or for more info go to or call 6488 2286.

8 + y ea rs




Summer Program 2018 Mon 8 - Fri 26 Jan

y pr o g r a

fr om 3 m on th s to

sm a l l c l a s s

f un , f r i e

Summer Program 2017 Mon 18 - Fri 22 Dec



An action-packed program that aims to encourage kids to have a go, get out there and get moving.


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wimschool for m

ore info!

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A natural advantage Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten designed specifically for boys, offering interactive play in a natural, caring and educationally stimulating environment. Visit or call Admissions on 9442 1555

Queenslea Drive, Claremont, WA 6010 | T (08) 9442 1555 | F (08) 9442 1690 | E | CRICOS 00433G

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Welcoming a new bundle of joy is exciting, but with so many products on the market the prospect of preparing for life with a newborn can be completely overwhelming. Fear not, Offspring has created the ultimate guide to help you sort the essentials from the gimmicks.



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Tip 40

Talk to other mums about what was useful and what was useless. They may be willing to loan you items, just check the safety standards and condition.

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Question every purchase: is it really essential? Plan ahead to take advantage of sales Buy in bulk especially nappies and wipes Borrow items Decide on the brand/ modeland then check local Buy and Sell pages, eBay and baby markets.


Out and about Heading out with a newborn is like packing for a small camping trip and involves the biggest ticket items, so do your research to get the right equipment: ESSENTIAL  Car restraint: The car seat will be one of the most expensive items on your shopping list. It is best to buy new, as car seats have a life span, with most not made to last more than 10 years.

 To trim costs, consider a travel system with a capsule that clips onto a pram frame. It might also mean easy transfers from the car to the pram.  Baby capsules can be hired as they are quickly outgrown.  Convertible models that change from rearfacing to forward-facing will last from birth to four years and will save you the expense of buying two seats.  Pram/Stroller: The price tag on a pram can vary dramatically and there are many features and accessories on offer so set a budget and do lots of homework.  When will the pram primarily be used - exercising or leisure?  Check it is easy to fold and lift  Check it will fit in your car boot


Fire Engine Fun Children’s Parties, Kindy’s, Family Gatherings etc. Fireman Kevin will bring his genuine 1960 Fire Engine to your event!

Ian Pitout is a certified BodyTalk Access Technician who utilises the body’s innate ability to repair itself through relaxation, sound vibration and tapping. THIS PROGRAM ADDRESSES: *Mention this ad upon booking to receive a bonus 11x14” print*

The specialist in Newborn, Maternity, Birth & Family Photography.

Pain Stress Fatigue Anxiety

Allergies Headaches Sport Injuries Sleep problems

ADD/ADHD Depression Indigestion

Ian also focuses on men’s general and mental health.

To make an appointment contact Ian on: Phone: 0412 557 881

0478 042 919

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 Are you planning another baby quickly or expecting twins and require a double pram or added accessories such as a skateboard or toddler seat?  Is it important to have a reversible handle or interchangeable seat to grow and change with your baby?  Do you need a rain cover, sunshade, cup holder or storage?  Look for second hand alternatives as many mums change their minds or opt for different transport options as their baby grows. OPTIONAL


 A nappy bag

 Trolley cover

 Pram liner

 Breast feeding cover

 Baby carrier

 Portable cot

 Window shades

Sleep needs Unfortunately, sleep isn’t for sale, but you can set up a safe and secure environment for your baby to encourage a bit of shut eye. ESSENTIAL  Cot: A cot is often one of the most expensive and difficult decisions faced by parents-to-be. All new cots have to comply with Australian safety guidelines but if you’re on a budget, ensure a second-hand cot meets current standards.

BURNS FIRST AID Burn injury can be life threatening, and even small burns can be dangerous, especially for young children. Quick, effective and appropriate first aid can reduce the depth and size of the burn. REMOVE all jewellery, clothing and nappies around the burn area unless it is stuck to the skin

COOL the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes • NEVER use ice, butter, toothpaste or creams as these may make the burn worse.

COVER the burn loosely with cling wrap or a clean, damp lint-free cloth. SEEK immediate medical advice if the burn is: • larger than a 20 cent coin • on the face, hands, groin or feet In an emergency call 000

Find out more or donate at 42

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To save money consider a cot that converts into a toddler bed. But, sometimes spending money on quality will ensure it can be reused for future siblings.  Mattress: There will be many (yes, many) spills and accidents and years of use so select a good quality mattress that snugly fits your cot and invest in a waterproof mattress protector.  Wraps There is a huge market dedicated to wraps, swaddles and sleeping bags, but they may take some trial and error to see which suits your baby. A large muslin wrap and some practice swaddling will work just as well.

OPTIONAL  A bassinet, Moses basket, cradle, cosy sleeper or hammock is smaller, more portable than a cot and great for those early days.  A baby monitor - to save money consider a monitor that doubles as a nightlight for those late-night feeds. LUXURY  Light and music display  White noise machine  Room thermometer  Quilts, fluffy blankets and cot bumpers

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Feeding essentials  Breast While breast milk is free there are some things you will need to make the experience easier:  Breast pads  Breast pump - consider hiring or buying a manual one  Bottle Bottles and formula can cost a pretty penny and there are so many options. Ask for recommendations and trial a couple of brands. Even if you are certain you will breast feed, you may need bottles for expressing.  Bottle brush  Drying rack OPTIONAL    


A feeding chair/glider Nursing pillow Burp cloths Formula dispenser

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 A high chair, food processor and plastic cutlery can all wait a few months. URY  Bottle warmer  Bottle steriliser

Change time ESSENTIAL  Nappies and wipes: Cloth or disposable you will need to stock up and be prepared to use lots of them!  Toiletries: Babies don’t need lots of products on their delicate skin. But having some baby shampoo, moisturiser and nappy rash cream ready to go, is a good idea. OPTIONAL  Change table - a changing mat on top of a dresser might be a cheaper option.  Nappy bucket or nappy disposal bin  Baby bath - to save money use the sink or an adult bath with a bath support.


LUXURY  Wipes warmer  Nappy stacker


If you’re having a baby shower, set up a baby registry. It isn’t offensive to ask for gifts that will be appreciated and well used.

One of the best parts of preparing for a new baby is buying gorgeous teeny tiny outfits! But it is easy to go overboard and people will often gift lots of outfits. ESSENTIAL



 Scratch mittens  Shoes super cute  Going out outfits  Nappy bucket or nappy but not necessary disposal bin  Baby bath - to save money use the sink or an adult bath with a bath support

Sanity savers  Baby thermometer

 At least six onesies, get a mix of size 0000 and size 000 for an average-sized newborn (short-sleeved, long-sleeved, full length or a combination, depending on the season they’re due). These can double as day clothes and PJs.  Singlets or singlet suits  A jacket or cardigan  A hat (a sun hat for summer and a beanie for winter)  Socks (these can double as mittens)  Bibs


life is an adventure, start the journey with us 9384 5894


Precious Belly make wholesome meals for babies and toddlers, using nothing but the best organic or local WA ingredients, just as you would make in your own kitchen, and conveniently deliver to your door! Let us take care of meal times, so you can spend more time doing the things you love with your favourite little people.

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INFANT & PRESCHOOL AQUATICS SWIM & SURVIVE PROGRAM Swim Mechanix 390 Wentworth Parade Success, WA 6164

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arefully selected baby and children’s products that make parenting easier.


ittle Button Essentials is a small company with big ambitions and a Big Love for Mums, Bubs and all that is natural.


Madannah Cream, unique to Little Button Essentials has been developed specifically for infants and those who have highly sensitive skin. There are four creams in the Madannah Cream range. All are 100 per cent natural, 100 per cent handmade and produced in Australia.



These products all contain no gluten, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, petroleum or water. More information on these products can be found at


The Parenting Garden is where you’ll find innovative, practical and safe products for the whole family, all targeted to make parents lives easier!

100% Naturalᆱ


The no-fuss, quick-change solution to dry nights without stripping the bed! This unique three-product system works together to keep beds dry during toilet training and bedwetting. Made from natural sustainable products makes it anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and odour repelling and is luxuriously soft and gentle against the skin.

‘Here’s to dry beds for our sleepy heads!’

Madannah Cream,

unique to Little Button Essentials developed specifically for infants and those with highly sensitive skin. 100% NATURAL | 100% HANDMADE | PRODUCED IN AUSTRALIA 46

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orgeous range of designs and colours - fun and bright or scandi style neutral







EIRESS || IdaBee Stylish and safe for mum and baby Natural and fun teething relief When baby’s teeth start on their journey to emerge, you want the best and safest teething toy for her. Our teethers are certified safe - made with soft, squishy silicone for perfect pressure on their sore gums, while also being fun and stimulating to look at and great for sensory skills. It will quickly become a favourite - and a must-have wherever you go with the little one!

Shop our bestsellers



Check out our full range of products,including certified safe wooden rattles and soother holders, as well as stylish baby friendly silicone jewellery for mamma.


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Every thing extra gentle for that precious, new little person in your life. With the natural healing power of calendula, the protection of zinc oxide, and the perfect creamy pasty texture of this nappy cream you will wonder how you ever used anything else.

Twenty One Moore stocks a range of home, gifts, baby and kids' products and is your online destination for the little things that make your house a home. www.t


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Babies everywhere are experiencing maximum comfort on their healthy bottoms after making the switch to our Calendula Nappy Cream.

Visit for all of your natural, pharmacist formulated, skin care, baby care, and insect repellent needs. Use coupon code OFFSPRING17 for 15% off your first order.

ARE YOU READY TO TURN YOUR LOVE INTO ART? WA’s first award-winning moment design teacher and newborn artist specialises in photographing your baby’s first moments.


ifth Season believes in the power of images, specialising in turning your LOVE into ART. They create moments with meaning, giving you powerful connections to artwork proudly displayed in your home. Having tangible memories is vital in telling your story and in empowering future generations with a real feeling of belonging. Working together they will create your art, your story... your legacy. Nothing is more magical than welcoming a new baby into your family! The tiny delicate fingers and toes; precious soft skin... the certainty, that this is a love unlike anything you have ever known. Your life will never be the same ... it’s a privilege for to preserve this special milestone for so many families.

WORKING TOGETHER THEY WILL CREATE YOUR ART, YOUR STORY... YOUR LEGACY. These days go by in the blink of an eye, the things you treasure so much - the smell of a baby’s skin, the feel of his or her little body cuddled against yours, they become distant but cherished memories as your children grow. Let Fifth Season be there at the beginning of your baby’s journey to document this time of beauty and innocence in professional artwork that you and loved ones will treasure for generations.

The Fifth Season Photography team of Shannon, Amelia, Clair and Sharnee are dedicated to giving every family the ultimate experience and beautiful memories. Based in beautiful Madora Bay, Shannon has a residential studio filled with gorgeous products to create an amazing variety of artwork.

2017 Silver Award WAEPPA Newborn Category Certified Moment Design Photographer and Teacher  FifthSeasonPhoto


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Australia’s best child talent Bettina Management works with Australia’s BIGGEST FASHION AND LIFESTYLE BRANDS across all industries.


ettina Management works with Australia’s BIGGEST FASHION AND LIFESTYLE BRANDS across all industries. After 25 years in the industry, they have developed long standing relationships and earned access to industry platforms that give the highest exposure for their talent. Representing talent from 3 months to 16 years, they hold complimentary personal interviews to ensure they handpick children of engaging temperament and with unique looks. Bettina Management has an expansive client list and as a reputable agency, they have a constant demand to supply a healthy and varied portfolio of children to the thousands of casting directors, photographers and agents they service. They pride themselves on their distinctive professionalism and prompt service that allows them to service their talent and clients to the best of their ability. If you would like to see your little star in campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest fashion and lifestyle brands, contact them to book in for your free interview and information session.


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1300 888 611 e: w:


It’s important to teach children from an early age how to manage their emotions and bounce back from any positive or negative moments that they’re faced with. While we may want our little ones to have a carefree upbringing, children at some point, do meet challenges and adversity. Being able to cope with those situations in a healthy way will benefit your children for a lifetime.

How to raise

resilient KIDS B


emotions, use age-appropriate calming strategies, and

Good sleep, good nutrition and opportunities for lots of movement and play.

generally coping with whatever life throws at us, are

Young children in particular, copy what adults say and do.

all part of a jigsaw puzzle called ‘resilience’. Resilience

When parents and other significant adults handle stressful and

eing able to positive self-talk, openly express your

can change and depend on what is happening at a particular point in

challenging situations with resilience, this also teaches children

time - if you have multiple negative stressors at a vulnerable stage in

resilience. Being a positive role model also includes taking

your life, you can be less resilient.

care of your physical and mental health, reaching out to social

So why is resilience an important skill to develop? Well, it has been found that people who are resilient, or who have good coping

networks and community resources, and being mindful and present in the moment.

skills are healthier, live longer, have happier relationships, are more successful at school and work, and are less likely to feel depressed.

Labelling your own emotions as well as your child’s.

The good news is that our capacity to be resilient develops as we

Children thrive when they know what to expect so family

age and experience life’s ups and downs. Therefore, by preventing

rhythms around sleeping and eating can help. Not getting

children from experiencing any challenges and disappointments, we

enough sleep and poor nutrition negatively impact children’s

are actually preventing them from developing resilience.

ability to learn and regulate their emotions. Play and movement

Helping children develop resilience involves the following:

is how children learn about themselves and about how the world around them works. Outside, nature play in particular, is

Being a positive role model. Children do best when they feel loved, understood and are protected

highly beneficial for children. Labelling your own emotions as well as your child’s. This

from harm. Positive daily interactions with the important people in

helps children use words rather than their bodies when they are

their lives helps them have confidence to explore their environment,

feeling frustrated or challenged; and also helps them develop

form other caring relationships and ask for help when they need it.

empathy over time for other people’s feelings. perth | summer 2018 | Offspring


“Play and movement is how children learn about themselves and about how the world around them works.”

Developing a growth mindset. Children who are resilient believe that they, and not their

Providing opportunities for your child to practice waiting and restraint.

circumstances, affect their achievements. Adults can help develop

This can be done in an enjoyable and fun way - play games that

a growth mindset by commenting on the process, rather than the

require turn taking, or sing rhymes and counting songs about

end result, encouraging children to problem solve by asking “what

waiting, and put in place rituals that require them to wait, eg. only

if ” questions and conveying to children that mistakes (and failure)

giving them pocket money once a week, or make them wait until

are part and parcel of learning.

the holidays before visiting a fun park.

KIDS’ GYM Birthday Parties! Celebrate your child's next birthday at Riverton Leisureplex. Self-catering available or have us cater for you, so you can enjoy the party while we do the work!



Zoom down the waterslide and splash in the pools. Includes Party leader for 1.5 hours. (Maximum 20 kids)


 Catered

TUMB LERS PARTY Explore the four levels of the Kids Gym playground. Party room included. (Party leader not included, maximum 40 kids)

School Term Mon to Fri:9.30am - 1pm Sat & Sun: 10am - 3pm

School Holidays Mon to Fri: 9am - 3pm Sat & Sun: 10am - 3pm

 Plus = Catered  Play = Non-Catered


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“Building resilience starts in infancy and continues throughout our lives.” Opportunities for learning and practicing life skills.

Developing a positive outlook.

This involves providing opportunities for children to have

situation into a more manageable one. Help children develop a

responsibility for small tasks that allows them to contribute to

positive outlook by being a positive role model, encouraging the

family life; providing time and opportunity to practice self-care

use of humour to lighten a situation, thus teaching them that

(getting dressed, going to the toilet unaided, feeding themselves).

challenges are an opportunity to learn and grow. Spending time in

All learning takes time and requires a lot of patience and energy

nature and finding meaning in things that happen is a wonderful

from involved adults. Development of self-care skills increases

opportunity to help children develop.

A positive outlook builds hope and can change a challenging

self-confidence and self-esteem. Time spent on supporting this

Building resilience starts in infancy and continues throughout

aspect of development impacts on their dispositions, attitudes

our lives. Parents have the biggest role to play in helping their

and motivation in many areas.

children develop resilience. However, parents are not alone, other

Playing an active role in supporting children during stressful times.

adults in their child’s life such

Adults do this by facilitating

systems and resources also

problem solving steps to work

play a significant role.

as teachers and other relatives, plus community support

through a situation positively, teaching strategies to calm down

For more information visit WiringKids on 0447 648 044 (Julie) or 0402 668 752 (Wendy) or visit

and relax (relaxation breathing) and chatting about what happened afterwards - which helps to reinforce learning and remind children that things turned out alright in the end even though it was a stressful event;

Kids LOVE Drama


Get in on the act!

dramatic EASE INCRplay EEM ELF EST S creative movement story telling

songs language skills confidence Northern Suburbs



Jendi, Threadz, Orientique Summer clothing & lots more!!!

Duncraig, Greenwood

olours NEW c ITA & K N U S F TRUNK FUNKY REE GIFT F r Ask fo while stocks last

Ph: 9402 8744

Western Suburbs Leederville, Scarborough, Wembley

Ph: 9402 5849

Rockingham / Mandurah Greenfields, Cooloongup

Ph: 9593 7194



Eastern Suburbs Morley

Ph: 9378 4332

Southern Suburbs Canning Vale, Kardinya

Ph: 9446 6535





classes also held for 5 - 17 year olds throughout perth

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This year’s

Christmas is approaching fast! These crowd-pleasing gifts are sure to put a smile on the faces of your nearest and dearest. From your tiny tot to your partner, our Christmas Gift Guide has you covered this festive season.


made easy $14.9 9

Fisher-Price Beat Bo Junior - With bright lights, playful tunes and silly dance moves, this cute product is perfect for keeping the little ones entertained. l Available at Target, Kmart, Big W, Myer, TRU and

Buying for bub is lots of fun, but there are so many options out there. This year, get them something that will keep them entertained and stimulate their growing brains.

$10 Musical Clacker Keys. Every parent knows kids are memorised by jingly, jangly keys. One key is a teether; one is fun to clack and the third has a button for sounds and music. l Available at Target.


$54.99 Fisher-Price Zebra Walker - The FisherPrice Learn with Me Zebra is a designed to encourage those exciting first steps. The zebra is also full of hands-on activities for sitting babies. It has everything from the alphabet to songs and phrases to help with language development. l Available at Kmart, Big W, Target, Myer, TRU and

Best Christmas Present Ever 2017. A beautiful $32.95 bub is the best gift of all, so deck your gorgeous new bundle in this cute-as-pie little number. l Available at


9.95 Little Belle night lights These beautiful night lights will provide a comforting glow for little ones at night – and will be a gorgeous feature in your child’s room. Made with hand-painted brush strokes, each of the night lights are inspired by the imagination of young children. l Available at

perth | summer 2018 | Offspring



Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Food Truck - Playing shop and restaurant is something kids have loved doing for generations. l Available at Target, Big W, Myer, TRU and [6].

Beginner Jigsaw Puzzle - These cute and personalised 6-piece jigsaws are are made from quality material, high resolution colour, and have cleargloss coating so these puzzles will last. l Available at

9 $149.9

$23 Crocodile Creek Play Ball - Balls are a great way to have fun with your toddler and help them learn motor skills.


9.9 5


2.9 $1

Fisher-Price Zoom ‘n Crawl Monster - This is a fun toy for sit-and-play. This toy also helps with language with 15 phrases and fun songs. l Available at Target, Big W, Myer, TRU and


BRIO – My First Take Along Set - This brightly coloured play bag is filled with the first tracks in an expandable magnetic train set. It’s perfect to take along when you’re travelling or visiting. l Both are available at Childsmart,



What makes Springfree Different? ü No springs ü No hard impact areas ü 10 year warranty

stmas Gift ri h C te a im lt U e Th for your family! 1800 586 772


Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

Kids age 3-5

Cotton On Kids - There is always a good excuse to get dressed up during the festive season, and your kids are no exception! We love the sparkly Iris Tulle Dress ($39.95) matched with the Amalfi Jelly Sandal ($16.95). And imagine how dapper your little boy will look in the Kenny Polo ($16.95). l A range of adorable party wear is available from Cotton On Kids, cottonon. com/AU/cottononkids/

Perfect gifts for the fun, energetic 3-5-year-old that will come in handy during the Summer holidays.


4.9 $2


Star of the Unicorn Bike A bike is a timeless gift your child can grow with. l Available at Kmart.

Crocodile Creek Bear and Friends Floor Puzzle All the Crocodile Creek floor puzzles have a slightly-recessed lid that makes the storage box easy for little fingers to open. l Available at

We understand how boys learn, play and grow to us today about a Trinity education

Discover the joy of music

and find out how music can make your child smarter, happier, school ready, more confident and capable!

Free Trial Lesson in any class Book NOW for all ages from 6 months Jungle Babies, Tots & Friends 6 - 18 mths - 2½ yrs - 3½ yrs Trinity Avenue, East Perth, WA T 9325 3655 E

Applecross Canning Vale Joondalup Success

9364 9788 9256 3170 9468 3240 6161 7900 perth | summer 2018 | Offspring


Mokuru - The latest wooden toy from Japan, designed to test your balance and concentration skills. It’s as simple as tipping the wooden piece over gently letting it flip and catching it between your fingers. l Available at Kmart

The Elf on the Shelf - The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition is a magical story, explains how Santa’s scout elves help him manage his naughty or nice list. Each beautifully-illustrated children’s hardback book comes as a part of a keepsake boxed set including one of Santa’s scout elves, whose job is to watch the kids during the day and report to Santa every night. l Available from booksellers including Myer, Dymocks and independent stores.


Kids age 6-9+

Crocodile Creek Tritan Drink Bottle in Jungle Jamboree, Backyard Friends and HedgehogA fun gift and something that you can take into the new school year! These coordinate with other Crocodile Creek products such as the Crocodile Creek Backyard Friends Backpack - $29.95 (no store/website details)

Glimmies - Glimmies are collectable star fairies that magically light up in the dark. They make a cute little stocking gift for the little ones. l Available at

First Steps for Autism

Young kids can sometimes be difficult to buy for because their favourites can change so suddenly, but if you know something they love, finding necessities like clothes and school supplies that they will get excited about will be easy.

.99 $7

Kmart so slime DIY slime factory kit - Keep your child occupied for hours by helping them create their own toys.


In a world where you can expect the unexpected to happen it’s important to protect the people you love the most. Peace of mind is priceless, visit our website to find out how we can help you.

Children with Autism need the right opportunities to learn We know how—We are leaders in Early Intervention Contact us now to learn about our specialist therapy programs. We have been delivering therapy programs for children with Autism for more than 25 years. We have strong research and international linkages. We know how to maximise learning outcomes for children with Autism and create successful transition to school.

At Ann Little Insurance Brokers we believe in putting family first. We offer our clients and their families peace of mind through our unique approach of combining education and expertise with superior solutions topped off with unbeatable service.

Ann is qualified to provide Risk Advice for: • • • •

Life Insurance Income Protection Trauma Cover Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) • Business Expense Insurance • Key Person Insurance


For families who suspect their child may have Autism, we run no cost “Is it Autism?” seminars, where families can also talk to our specialist therapists about their child.

08 6380 5500 | 58

Offspring | spring/summer 2018 | perth

Tarj Pty Ltd ATF Ann Little Insurance Brokers Trust T/As Ann Little Insurance Brokers are authorised representatives of Synchron AFS Licence No 243313

Globber My TOO FIX UP- (Limited-edition Globber My TOO Fix Up Titanium neon blue and neon pink available for) A scooter is a fantastic gift choice to get the kids out into the fresh air and sunshine. The kids will love the choices of the cool colour $140 combos of this scooter and how comfortable it is to ride (featuring three adjustable height positions). Parents will love that this scooter has a reinforced fixed structure and can handle up to 100kg – finally, something that is built to be as tough as your kids! l Available at


Super Brain Putty - The kids are going to love this putty! They can bounce it, stretch it and create with it (and the best part for parents is it doesn’t dry out). l Available at Kmart




JBL - JR300 Junior Headphones - JBL - JR300BT Bluetooth. Wireless Junior Headphones - RRP 69.95 JBL Junior Headphone - If you have a music enthusiast, they will love these wireless headphones, which can connection up to 15 metres away and have easy-to-operate controls.

Spin to Sing - If your child is a fan of The Voice or The X Factor, they will love this fun sing-along game. An app uses music from your smart phone, and there is a 5 star judging system and jeopardy cards to add a hilarious twist. l Available from

$39 .95

perth | summer 2018 | Offspring


Kids age 6-9+

Simon & Schuster Dork Diaries Box Set, 10 books Encourage your child to develop their reading skills with this hilariously entertaining series. This is a popular book series that your child will devour. l Available at Kmart


Springfree Trampoline Designed with your child’s safety in mind, this trampoline will provide hours of bouncy outdoor fun. Boasting over 15 years of research and development, Springfree advances and exceeds safety standards, while also encouraging kids to get outside and get active. This is suitable for a range of ages and both girls and boys. It is a perfect gift if you have more than one child, or for your child and their friends, because the kids can all enjoy it together. l Available at


There is hope and help available! Either hands on or remotely! Experience dynamic healing and long term change in the areas of health and emotional wellbeing through two simple steps.



YVETTE CLARKE Emotional Channel / Lightworker

BRENDA PITOUT Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Identifies subconscious emotional blockages through the skills of clairaudience and clairsentience.

Facilitates a dynamic healing process resulting in systematic long term healing.

To make an appointment call: Yvette Clarke

0416 167 307



Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

To make an appointment call: Brenda Pitout

0411 081 516


Smiggle products are great gifts because they are cute and customisable, and they might even get kids excited about school with their range of learning supplies. Some great picks this season are: DIY Hardtop Pencil Case - $22.95 Smiggle’s hardtop pencil case, Smiggle Studio Art - $34.95 and Smiggle Gift Pack - $16.95

Mums & Dads “The focus of Christmas is often on the kids, but it’s a fun family holiday for mum and dad too. Here’s some thoughtful 6 8 . 5 ideas for the grown-ups!” $17gift

Duchess Necklace by Merci Maman The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing the Merci Maman necklace. Since then, mothers all around the world are copying her look! This gorgeous necklace makes the perfect personalised gift for Mum this Christmas.

Money Box Robot Gift Once you’ve pampered your loved ones with all the fruity treats inside, this colourful character turns into a moneybox – save some pennies and donate to a great cause.

This stylish personalised phone holder, with an adjoining change dish or key bowl, is a lovely wooden gift for keeping everything together when Dad walks through the front door. l All available at


$84.44 Personalised Ladies Watch and Ring Stand by MijMoj Design - This beautifully handcrafted solid oak ladies ring and watch stand, can be personalised with a special message to your Mum. This is a gift she is sure to adore this Christmas.

Personalised Soft Leather Travel Gift Set by STOW - Stow’s best-selling jewellery case is combined with two charming trinket boxes. Make it even more special with beautiful monogramming; creating a beautiful bespoke gift. l All available at

5 0.7 $81

Voucher Code :


perth | summer 2018 | Offspring


Mums & Dads

0 $6 The Finest Facial Mask Duo - Let your loved one get stuck into the multimasking trend with this beautifully presented Expert Facial Mask gift set.

Emergency Dad Jokes Mug - We all groan; but who couldn’t secretly love a classic ‘Dad’ joke? With this mug, he’ll always have a joke ready to go (even before his morning coffee kicks in). l Available at




Matcha Maiden - A nourishing blend of matcha that is filled with antioxidants to keep everyone in your home feeling their best. l Available at

0 $3

Personalised Square Photo Compact Mirror by Bombus - A personalised photo compact pocket mirror makes a thoughtful Christmas gift for Mum. Choose your favourite photo of you both and engrave it with a special message.

White Musk Small Gift Set Introduce your mum to the fragrance sweetened with notes of pear, for a deliciously fruity layer that fits effortlessly with the iconic floral blend with this gorgeously presented gift set. l Purchasing these gifts from helps support the Peace Play Project. Find out more at thebodyshop.

Almond Milk & Honey Festive Picks - Filled with a glorious collection of bath and body treats, specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin, this selection is a perfect present for under the tree, which also features, a ‘free the rabbit’ maze game.

Bored with ordinary items and looking for something special for your little ones?






Offspring | summer 2018 | perth





country inspiration. $27 $25





The Hearts Tea Set is perfect for tea parties, encouraging imaginative play and hand-eye co-ordination.

I’M TOY GEO SORTER $27 The Geo Sorter is designed to teach children about colours, shapes and patterns.




INDIGO JAMM TRACTOR TED $45 Tractor Ted and his animals promote hand-eye coordination, imaginative play and fine motor skills

Bocky& Moo

APPLE PARK ORGANIC FARM BUDDIES $22 The Organic Farm Buddies are safe, soft and cuddly with a gentle rattle to enhance your child’s sensory development.





MEMORIES OF A FARMER’S DAUGHTER Bocky & Moo is a farm and country inspired online store, featuring wooden toys, puzzles, snuggly buddies, books, herbal teas and hot chocolates.









220 Vincent Street, North Perth WA 6006 | T: 9273 6080 | |


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PURPOSIT IS THE MUST-HAVE APP FOR PARENTS THIS CHRISTMAS. AND IT’S FREE! Designed by parents for parents, the app helps you manage events like Christmas, and share gift ideas for your kids, so friends and family can chip in.


reate an event, add gifts, send invitations and see who contributed. Send thank you cards and post photos for friends to comment on. A gift can be anything: bicycle, trampoline, swimming classes, movie tickets, camping trip, etc. You can also start raising funds for future gifts like travel or Uni. Help relatives and friends who are unsure what to get or live abroad. Purposit is here to make Christmas gifting simpler and more rewarding for everyone involved. Free to download, sign up and use. Available on App Store and Google Play

MAKE YOUR CHILD’S GIFT WISHES COME TRUE Purposit™ is an easy-to-use and secure app where parents invite friends to chip in for meaningful gifts for their kids on birthdays, Christmas etc.

Sign up for free on


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WHY ADVERTISE IN OFFSPRING • Australia’s largest gloss A4 parenting magazine • 30,000 copies in Sydney • 30,000 copies in Melbourne • 20,000 copies in Perth • Options to advertise in any combination of Perth, Sydney and Melbourne • 270,000 readers per edition • Only Australia-wide Parenting Magazine in gloss and digital! • Also published online at

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Australia’s largest parenting media


Working parents find St Hilda’s Junior School is the ideal solution for combining a busy career and growing family. That’s because our highly regarded educational program is supported by after school care that starts at 7am and finishes at 6pm. We open the hours that matter to modern parents to suit either early starts or later finishes. Qualified St Hilda’s teaching staff care for your children outside school hours and make sure they are always involved in fun learning activities within our secure grounds. Older students also get homework support if you or they want it. A nutritious breakfast is provided for early starters, while those who stay later enjoy an afternoon tea.

To find out how St Hilda’s can help you better balance work and family life, contact Kate Parker on 9285 4100 or


Australia Day Coogee Beach Festival Celebrate the Cockburn way at the Australia Day, free, family event at Coogee Beach.


“Activities include rides, water ORB balls, mermaids on the sand, free sausage sizzle (while stocks last), watermelon eating and sandcastle building competition.”

ring the whole family and enjoy lots of activities on the reserve and on the beach at one of their most popular spots. Join channel 9 personality, Jerri Damasi as MC as she introduces live performances by Bindjareb Middars Aboriginal Dance Group, Kangaroo Creek Gang, Nitronet and more. Other activities include rides, water ORB balls, mermaids on the sand, free sausage sizzle (while stocks last), watermelon eating and sandcastle building competition. They are also offering free bike checks with the Bike Doctor and secure bike parking. Remember to bring sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, bathers, towel and some cash as there are no EFTPOS/ATM facilities. Water bottle filling station will be Bindjareb Middars available. Aboriginal Dance Group

a i l a r t s u A

Coogee beach festival

Accessible event, contact us for details

Smoke-free event

Meet a mermaid at Coogee Beach

Parking and access Additional parking is provided across the road from the reserve with traffic managed crossing point. Don’t miss out this Australia Day, come down and immerse yourself in all the different things that make our country great!

Australia Day Coogee Beach Festival 8am- midday Friday 26 January 2018 Coogee Beach Reserve, Powell Rd. Coogee

Friday 26 January 2018 8am-midday Coogee Beach Reserve Powell Rd, Coogee Ages: All MC Jerrie Demasi from Channel 9

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Here are our top picks for young readers this Winter season. 1-3 years

Busy Nativity

Even Fairies Fart

Emily Bolan

Jennifer Stinson

In Busy Nativity, children can push, pull and turn the tabs to join Mary and Joseph on their long journey to Bethlehem, marvel as a host of angels appear and see beautiful baby Jesus in his crib. Children will love playing with this bright and colourful Christmas board book with gentle rhyming text, which introduces young children to the wonderful story of the First Christmas.

When children realise that everybody else messes up, maybe they’ll feel better when they make a mistake. In this endearing and hilarious picture book, young readers can take a peek into the marvelous, mess-ups and ferocious faux pas of fairy-tale characters when they see that witches can be very whiny, kings and queens don’t share, monsters sometimes want their mummies and mermaids HATE to comb their hair.

5+ years

The Darkest Dark Chris Hadfield

Young Chris is a very busy astronaut. Saving the planet from aliens is much more important than taking baths or going to bed. Because bedtime is when the worst sort of alien appears darkness. But when Chris watches the first moon landing on TV, he discovers that there is a dark out in Space that is much darker than he’s used to. It’s the darkest dark ever, and he realises that the unknown can be... exciting

10-15 years

Make Science Fun Experiments Jacob Strickling

Make Science Fun Experiments teaches scientific concepts and ideas through fun, memorable experiments and activities that can easily be performed at home using common household items, and engaging content.


4+ years

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

7-9 years

Facts! One for every day of the year Tracey Turner

Discover fascinating, hilarious and jaw-dropping facts every day of the year in this unbelievable-but-true new book; a book filled with extraordinary scientific facts and celebrating incredible human achievements. Each fact is brought to life with stylish, full colour illustrations.


The Mummy Bloggers Holly Wainwright

Meet three Mummy Bloggers: Elle Campbell, Abi Black and Leisel Adams. All three followed, idolised, imitated, taunted and trolled online. When all three women are nominated for a prestigious blogging award with a hefty cash prize the scene is set for a brutal and hilarious battle for hearts and clicks. As the awards night gets closer, their lies get bigger, stunts get crazier and some past mistakes become harder to hide.



Do one simple thing to make you safer. Visit


Stepping off a boat onto Malolo Island, greeted by local staff adorning us with shell necklaces and a Welcome acoustic harmony, set the tone for a fulfilling, relaxing and authentically Fijian island holiday.


hands-on. It wasn’t just a babysitting club. Children’s activities included an excursion in a glass-bottom boat to identify fish and coral; fossicking for shells to make bracelets; and finding flowers in the native bush to make a lei. The accommodation was exceptional – deluxe beach cottages, each with ocean views, hammocks, comfortable beds and furnishings,

alolo Island is a dream.

and all the trimming of a Five Star hotel –

It is isolated from the hubbub, noise

meticulous - without the crowds or frenzy.

and energy of daily living, and is an

There is no WiFi, TV or any electrical devices

ideal destination for families wanting to

spend time together, relax and enjoy a little indulgence. I visited Malolo recently with my nine-year-old daughter and six-year-old son. While many single parents feel daunted by a trip overseas with young children, we experienced peace, tranquillity and an opening of our senses.

in the chalets, but it is available in the communal areas. After an initial “horror” moment, we quickly melded into this way of life. We really had space and time to just Be, Together. There is also an adults-only area, which offers movies, books and a quiet comfort area, as well as a child-free pool. I also enjoyed a wonderful massage at Leilani’s Spa.

Malolo is tropical paradise. Unspoilt and sublime - native rainforest and sapphire, pristine waters.

We feasted on fresh local fruit and seafood, as well as the usual western fare, but in gourmet style – even the burgers and chips were

The resort offered many activities to keep the kids entertained; their Kids Club was unlike others; Daily

- healthy buffet for the children

educational programs were run by a highly trained

or al a carte, and romantic dining

and experienced educator. We could opt for morning,

options for the adults.

afternoon and/or evening sets that were engaging and


delicious! The menu was spot-on

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

Children’s included an es iti tiv ac assexcursion in a gl entify id to at bo bottom ssicking for fish and coral; fo bracelets; shells to make wers in flo and finding sh to bu e tiv the na make a lei.

We snorkelled off the boat into pristine, sapphire waters, admiring the vibrant colours of the tropical fish and intricate, vivid coral, and washed up onto the shores of Castaway Island.

A highlight of our stay was a personal boat trip to the infamous island which was the setting for Tom Hanks’ blockbuster movie, Castaway.

We snorkelled off the boat into the warm, clear waters - no need for wetsuits or towels - admiring the vibrant colours of the colourful fish and intricate, vivid coral, and crawled onto the shores of this unspoilt island. It was a unique experience. Our guide took us on a tour, climbing a coconut palm and shared the flavours of the different coconut types. When we’d finished frolicking about on the powder white sand, we donned our fins and and swam back to the boat to enjoy a tasty breakfast made just for us – juicy, local fruits, Danish pastries, fresh juice and coffee. Another highpoint was an island tour with a local Fijian man who explained the healing properties of the native

Getting there:

plants: and learnt how the Noni can help cure mouth and gum infections, TB, sprain, rheumatism and stomach ulcers and hypertension, headaches, fever and malaria; the Beach Mahogany can treat cuts, burns, sunburn, insect bites, scabies, and eye problems. Malolo Island was really a very special place to stay as

South Sea Cruises, the most popular and affordable mode of transport to the island, travels there three times a day.

a family and somewhere I’d like to revisit soon.

P ATRO H C A B E lus i v e t o B e t w e e n T he Fl a L Exc


Shop Online at or Visit Our Store Shop 2 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

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Glamping in style on

Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island was a wonderful find – a local adventure for my family.


Credit - Geoff Magee

Credit - Zakarij Kacmarek


et in the middle of Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island is easy to visit with frequent ferries, yet

separate bedrooms, a

feels removed from a city environment.

family room and and a small outdoor deck. Waterfront.

Surprisingly, it was a relaxing

The beds were comfortable and everything had been

and tranquil environment, as well

thought of including an esky, lamp, snug, holiday chairs

as a unique experience in which we

and tables.

learnt about the Island’s rich heritage,

There is also a cinema experience and opportunity to

having been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, for

toast marshmallows by a campfire in traditional camping style.

its important place in Australia’s colonial development involving

While this was all great fun, I really relished the stay in their

aboriginal, convicts and World War II history.

1916-colonial style apartments. These were so romantic, maintained

There were fun things to do as a family, including tennis, giant chess and a fascinating audio tour of the Island’s heritage.

in sync with the colonial style, yet offered all the conveniences I have become used to – heating and fans, a modern kitchen, TV, lovely

But, probably the best part for us was glamping! We hadn’t been

BBQ, deck and patio area and loads of space!

camping before (mainly due to my lack of practical resources to make it happen!), so this option was so convenient and enjoyable. We got cosy in a spacious and kit-out tent, which comprised two

Cockatoo Island frequently offers events and exhibitions. For more information visit




WHY ADVERTISE IN OFFSPRING • Australia’s largest gloss A4 parenting magazine

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Australia’s largest parenting media 26/11/2017 17:43

Poverty hurts. You can stop it. Kayla is one of the 1.1 million young Australians living in poverty1. Without support, the poverty Kayla is experiencing today will follow her through school and into adulthood. But by sponsoring a child, you can empower them. You will help them access the extra tools, resources and personal support they need to make the most of school.

Please help end poverty, one student at a time. 1 ACOSS Poverty Report, 2016.


Radisson Blu Resort Fiji was voted 2017 Numbe r1 Fiji Resort for families on Trip Advisor.

Fiji paradise at




n occasion, I’ve taken my kids on a holiday, with Instagram ideals in mind - tropical sunsets, cocktails, reading a magazine by a sparking pool, and feasting on delicious food I haven’t had to cook – but the reality has

been far different - think stress and hassle. Holidays with kids can sometimes be tiresome, especially when traveling with them alone, as I do. A five and a nine-year-old have lots of energy! However, this is why I loved staying at Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island. I had a holiday

children. The kids went rock climbing, built and raced boats and had sandcastle competitions. The hotel has six restaurants and the food was

too – it was self contained and

delicious. The buffet breakfasts and dinners were

very relaxing. And, being English

very good value and the kids didn’t want to leave

speaking and less than a four-hour

the hotel to eat.

flight from Sydney made it easy to visit with children. The resort was beachfront and superb. It was voted 2017 Number 1 Fiji Resort for families on Trip Advisor. Many water activities were offered at the beach and the pool. The kids and I really enjoyed the water aerobics and water volleyball sessions, as well as our own fitness session whereby we challenged

I was impressed by the Radisson Blu’s sponsorship program, where they support 14 schools with educational tools such as technology, books, stationary and sporting equipment. The hotel offers weekly tours of the schools, which was a highlight of our trip – a great educational experience and exercise in an Appreciation. We gave a full suitcase of new books to the school we visited

the five-year-old to swim unassisted to the Swim Up Bar, where they

which seemed to be valued. Their reading resources are minimal

indulged in a slushie, and me, a Pina Colada.

compared to what our schools and homes offer.

The pool was excellent – sandy and lots of variety, including interesting little streams, waterfalls and a water slide. We stayed in a One-Bedroom

On the way back to the hotel, we alighted the bus in the district’s main area, Nadi, where we roamed around the markets, before catching a public bus back to the resort.

Suite close to the beach, which was

This offered a great insight into perhaps a

supremely comfortable, spacious and

more authentic Fiji, which further enriched

fully self-contained (handy as Fiji can be

our holiday experience.

expensive). The Blue Banana Kids Club was 74

fantastic - the Fijian people are wonderful with

Offspring | summer 2018 | perth

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji is a wonderful place to take young families.

Fiji's No.1 Family Resort


Create family memories stay. play. relax.


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Perth Summer 2018 digital issue