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June 2012 to December 2012



The period under reporting has been a period of hectic field activities to ensure that the care and protection of the children, who are the main targets for the Rainbow Home Concept, were focused upon. The activities included include advocacy and lobbying with thee Government Departments on one side, and mobilization of the communities on the otherside. As on date, the strength of the children at home is 93. These children are acquiring their academic skills in Bharath Matha School, and Sharada Municipal High School,, Anantapur. Anantapur Children who do not fit into any of these schools are being taken care by RBC run by CRDS.

THE STRUGGLES & ACHIEVEMENTS The case of Rani,, the child who left the Home on 16th March 2012, without information, and whose case has been registered in the local Police Station has been traced out on 8th August 2012. The credit, infact, fact, goes to CRDS field staff who found out her whereabouts through information received from Bangalore Railway Station. The girl was brought back to Anantapur and was produced to CWC, Anantapur. On the verdict of CWC, she is sent to Balasadan, Hindupur. But, hardly after 2 months of stay at this place, had she insisted to send her back to Rainbow Home, Anantapur. The staff at Balasadan sent her to CRH, as she continuously refused ref to take food until she is send back. She is now backing to her ‘native place’ and getting things get settled. However, the Home is now paying special observation to her. The case of Vennela is another dimension of problems which need to be focused by Child Care Homes. Her sudden fall into sick is a matter of concern. On clinical examination the doctors diagnosed that she is suffering from TB and Fits and needs a full time treatment. Ms. Pushpaltha, Home Manager is her DOT Provider, and the child’s child’s treatment is in progress with motherly care and emotional support.

MOTIVATIONAL ASPECTS Children are a source of income (cash earners) for the illiterate and nomadic commodities. commodities. They do not allow them to go to schools or accept to send them to Home. Home. During the period there have been continuous camps in several parts of the district to identify and mobilize such families and tribes. The Social Mobilizers of CRDS visited Guntakal, which is potential area rea for child begging, Dharmabiksham Colony, Kalyandurg, Kambadur, Pallur, Pamidi, Thippepalli, Chapiri, Dodagatta, Dodagatta and B.K. Samudram,, where a series of meetings have been organized with the communities to educate them about the importance of schooling and education. It is, always, a hard task to convince them – but bringing change in the mindset of ‘unexposed and illiterate’ communities is always a challenge - A challenge that has to be faced with patience and positive attitude. Presently, CRDS staffs are taking a lead role to play their role with utmost patience and convincing words. We are hopeful.

DEVELOPMENTAL WORKERS Some of the needy developmental works that the Crescent Rainbow Home, which is running in Bharathamatha School, are taken up during the current period. The first floor in which the children stay has no grill in the balcony, and the roof top, top where the children usually go for drying their clothes has no parapet wall and hence the potentially unsafe aspects. Therefore, presently the Home Management is placing grill to the first floor and a safety gate at the entrance of the first floor. Negotiations are on with RVM/SSA to take up construction of parapet wall for the first floor roof. Fire extinguishers are also installed along with buckets containing sand and water. These safety measures are taken as long term preparations to face any accidental or incidental happenings.

Ml jun 12 to dec 2012  
Ml jun 12 to dec 2012