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MANAGEMENT LETTER Dec.2013- May 2014

Development and transformation are time consuming, consuming and they demand more patience. Our work in Rainbow Home is a challenge all the time. The children in the Home are the “First First Time� Time introducers to the school. It is not such a big work to deal with these children. They trouble the Home Management only for a couple of days when they newly come here. But the real challenge is with their parents parents/guardians, who keep Challenges troubling us from time to time, inspite of several meetings with the parents/guardians,, they still keep coming to the Home, taking away their children on various grounds. The children, children once so taken away, will not return back for two to three weeks, which backlogs them in their academics. It so happens in many cases that the social al workers have to go to their places and get them back. Some of the parents/guardians parents are so adamant that they take verbal attack on the Home staff if their children are not sent with them. They come drunk and try to create a scene to attract the attention ion of the neighbours so that the staff will yield to their demands.. A few parents/guardians are adopting pting a different attitude or technique to take back their children. They come with their other younger children who are around 4 or 5 years and start demanding nding to admit them into Home or to send their residing children with them. The Home Management is working hard on this issue. Home staff is organizing counseling and mobilization camps at the places of the parents/guardians /guardians to educate them not to take away way children and not to disturb the Home activities in the middle of the working days. In a few cases, when the situation worsens with the drunken parents, we have even approached the Police to set the things right. This is an area where we must keep our cool and make things soften without hurting anyone. The period under reporting also witnessed a very tough tou time for the Management. Continued Samaikyandhra agitation has closure of schools for three months. The 90 days of agitation has kept all the children confined to Home. Their schooling was adversely affected. The Home has to take care of providing Lunch to the children, which otherwise they used to have at the schools. Added to this, no support was received from the Government. Shortage of the sources resulted in a steep shortage of income for the Home.

Government & Other support

Anantapur being a small town, and the impact of the Bundh was almost similar on all sections of people, the quantum of voluntary support was also reduced

very much. Home Management and CRDS are planning to constitute a Resource Mobilization Team to identify various accessible resources like Private Institutions, Individuals of Banks, Professors, High Profile personalities by

explaining about the Home and its activities to them. A pamphlet and relavent publicity material will be prepared and the same will be shared during these visits to attract the attention of the civil society. It is also to be mentioned that the support extended by Balyamitra Network during the period of agitation through financial support and technical support is highly appreciable. Their encouragement always kept CRDS and CRH get along with ease in their work. Safety of the children hildren at Home is always matter of highest priority for the Management. A separate Drinking Water Tank was established during this period to ensure that the drinking water received through Municipal Corporation supply channel is stored and supplied to the the children through water filters. Severe wind and unseasonal pouring of rains have created a havoc during the month of February, leading Developmental to cutting-off cutting of electric power Works supply, shortage of water supply etc., for almost 3 days. The Management took immediate steps to hire Petromax Lights and water tankers to ensure that children don’t suffer. Home management has requested Balya Mitra to extend financial finan support to install an Electrical Inverter in the Home Premises so that situations like this can be dealt effectively without causing agony among the children. Special attention was paid towards the education of the children – especially, during the Samaikyandra S agitation, the schools remain closed for 3 months. Hence, the Home Management has organized group studies of the children, and engaged volunteers to teach the children what they are missing out during this period. These volunteers have also taken taken special care in coordination with the Home staff to organize weekly tests, sit with the children and give them suggestions wherever they needed. The appreciable performance of the children in their Annual Examination is an indicative of the good efforts effo and is an inspiration for the staff as well as for the children. After the agitation, the staff made it a part of their duty to regularly visit the school where the children are studying and discuss with the teachers and Head Master to know the performance of the Rainbow Home Children. Basing B on the feedback from the teachers the Home staff is paying special attention to the children. The performance of the children is more satisfying and we are proud about our loving children.

Ml dec 13 to may 2014  
Ml dec 13 to may 2014