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December 2011 to May 2012

Crescent Rainbow Home’s progress and administrative aspects during the period under reporting and the efforts invested by the Management in promoting Child Safety, Security and Protection aspects are discussed in the present News Letter. This period has also noticed hectic efforts with government line departments departmen to collaborate towards child welfare in all aspects. The present strength of the children at home is 79. With the completion of the academic year the performance of the children in the government schools and in their standards has come out. All the children have been promoted to their next standards. In the t present th th academic year, the home has got children studying between Pre-school Pre to 9 Class. All the children up to 5 class are in Bharath th th Matha School, and the children between 6 to9 Class are studying in Sharada Municipal High School.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT, ACADEMICS AND SCHOOLING OF THE CHILDREN Care is taken to ensure every child in the CRH is involved in different activities of the home in one corner and also to focus focu on their academics and schooling on the other corner. While care, personality personality development, health and hygiene, participation in various activities of the Home are made mandatory through involving them in all the activities, their performance in academic aspects has been under continuous observation. Special coaching in the th evening, guidance in subjects they are feeling difficult is extended to them. Our efforts have yielded results as as all of them have got promoted to the next classes, and a few children who have completed their primary school have to get enrolled into the upper Primary School. Their overall academic performance is good and their level of improvement is satisfactory. satisfactory Towards training the children in computers 6 were sent to computer training to JSS, Anantapur.

MOTIVATIONAL ASPECTS During the period under reporting we have focused more to identify the children in difficult circumstances and who are dropouts. Local Bus Stations, Railway Stations, Hotels and small roadside dhabas are our target areas to identify child labor. The support rt of the local police, Railway Police is also taken in most of these cases. Guntakal town, which is one of the major Railway Junction in the district. We have focused in identifying the vulnerable children and their families. About 40 identified families in this town were contacted in this regard, and the issue of their children being involving in begging was wa discussed. We have so far had 3 sittings with these identified families and efforts are on to enroll these children into in the regular schools in this academic year. Similarly, in Buddappa and T.V. Tower areas about 30 families, where the children were found to be sent for labor, were identified and 2 sittings with these families were completed. The results are positive and and the parents are being mobilized either to send their children to RSTCs or regular regular schools. Otherwise they will be brought to CRH and will be streamlined as per the demand of the situation.

PROBLEMS CONFRONTED WITH THE CHILDREN One of the children in the Home, Rani, studying in 3rd class has run away from the Home on 16th March 2012. After futile efforts to find the girl with the help of our staff members, CRH has filed a case as Missing Child in the local Police Station. The police are searching to trace the child. We are in continuous touch with the police regarding the progress of the case. With the approach of summer there was an acute shortage and contamination contamination of water, the children have faced several health problems. But the Home has taken steps to filter the water to ensure elimination of contamination. The children who faced certain minor problems were immediately taken to the doctors and got treated. treated. Common fever, Cold, tonsils and throat infections were the problems confronted, but successfully tackled.

Ml dec 12 to may 2012  
Ml dec 12 to may 2012