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CRESCENT RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY # 28/525, Drivers’ Colony, Near Eidgah Maszid, ANANTAPUR 515 001 Phone: 08554 24 24 56 Mobile: +91 99 592 474 56 Email:

MANAGEMENT LETTER April’14 to September’14

The real challenge is with the parents, who keep troubling us from time to time, in spite of several meetings with the parents, they still keep coming to the Home, taking away their children on various grounds. The children, once so taken away, will not return back for two to three weeks, which backlogs them in their academics. It so happens in many cases that the social workers have to go to their places and get them back. Some of the parents are so adamant that they take verbal attack on the Home staff if their children are not sent with them. They come drunk and try to Challenges create a scene to attract the attention of the neighbors so that the staff will yield to their demands.

A few parents are adapting a different attitude or technique to take back their children. They come with their other younger children who are around 4 or 5 years and start demanding to admit them into Home or to send their residing children with them.

The Home Management is working hard on this issue. Home staff is organizing counseling and mobilization camps at the places of the parents to educate them not to take away children and not to disturb the Home activities in the middle of the working days. In a few cases, when the situation worsen with the drunken parents, we have even approached the Police to set the things right.

Anantapur is a small town and no one can came to forward eventhough we are mobilising and explained our Rainbow Home concept. Still we are a confidence on mobolising the local resources, Our daily activity is to identify various accessible resources like Private Institutions, Banks, Professors etc through explaining our Rainbow Home and activities which are going in the Home. We are distributing Pamphlets and same will be shared to the Visitors to attract the attention of the Civil Society.

We send Postal Letters to the Visitors by the Children by writing their messages and themes. This is regular on-going process for each and every Festival. Children participated in Various Competitions like Essay writings, Sports, Art & Crafts. In Sarada School, those who are studying 6 th to 10 th Class got Prizes in these competitions like gold medal, Shields and Dictionaries.

government & Other Support

Special Focus on Education, with the proper planning Teachers taking Study hours and more Concentrating on Children Education. Since last 5 months we are searching for Volunteer teachers but there is no result eventhough there is no result we are trying our level best, at the end of September 2014, 2 members Came forward one teacher to teach Maths and another one to teach English subject to the Children as Volunteer. They told that they will start from 3rd week of the October due to their busy scheduled. We are very happy because our efforts were not waste. Children also very happy on this.

Children who are studying in Sarada High School got Prizes like Gold Medals, Shields, Geomentry Boxes and Exam Pads etc in Education, Running race, Elocution Competition, Essay Writing, Kabadda, Kolatam and Chekkabhajana. There was a talk in the school that all prizes were bagged by Rainbow Home Children.

In Bharath Matha Elementary Municipal School, the School Management is very worest. There is Lavatories for the School staff and the School Children but no maintanance, there is no water facility to this. Our Home Children only maintaining in Pouring the Water and Cleaning the Lavatories. There is a big ground, but no maintanance. Our Home Children only maintaining the School ground, every day Children Committies are cleaning the ground. Eventhough we were discussed about on this with the Head Master, he was not maintaining . The performance of the children is more satisfying and we are proud about our loving children.

Ml apr to sept 2014  
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