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Successful international collaboration requires resourcefulness, creativity and flexible approaches. It requires the experience and expertise of real people. CRDF Solutions can assist in expediting project implementation, supporting financial management and monitoring, customizing information technology and enhancing the opportunity to explore new partnerships. CRDF Solutions are the means to make science happen.

Financial management and logistical support for international scientific projects including funds disbursement, procurement, travel logistics, and financial reporting. Transparent, secure and accountable management of project resources reducing administrative burden and cost on collaborators in implementing international research and development projects. Ensures projects are carried out in accordance with Client and host country requirements and a high degree of transparency and flexibility.

Customized IT solutions that improve efficiency and reduce cost of grant program management. Proposal submission solutions. Online peer review. Virtual panel discussions. Comprehensive web-based or client-server applications for award management. Web portals to facilitate communication with grant recipients.

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Designed for clients seeking to implement large international research programs. Includes all of the financial management tools of Focus but also includes dedicated project management support including assistance in project design, technical monitoring, event planning and execution, and enhanced logistical support. Allows clients to maximize program effectiveness through leveraging CRDF expertise and infrastructure.

With our partner, CRDF TechInnovation, CRDF provides critical services for research activity between Russian organizations and international companies. Project planning and development of research agreements. Guidance on intellectual property issues. Contract management and financial oversight. Monitoring of deliverables and timelines. Logistical support for travel and events. Import/export support services.

Selected Clients: Acoustical Society of America American Geophysical Union BHP BIlliton Innovation

More than 1200 projects supported Over $230M in funds managed Over 16,000 scientists and research personnel supported Over 30 countries

California Institute of Technology Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Columbia University Environmental Protection Agency Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Human Frontiers Scientific Programme Hypres, Inc. Ionwerks, Inc. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Michelin Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd. Paleontological Society Qatar National Research Fund Shell International Exploration and Production BV Spencer Foundation SRI International State University of New York, Stony Brook University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill U.S. Department of Agriculture

Organization Overview

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CRDF is a nonprofit organization authorized by the U.S. Congress and established in 1995 by the National Science Foundation. CRDF promotes international scientific and technical collaboration through research and institutional grants, training activities, and services. The growing network of CRDF’s programs and services currently reaches more than 30 countries in Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

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CRDF Solutions  
CRDF Solutions  

Successful international collaboration requires resourcefulness, creativity and flexible approaches. It requires the experience and experti...