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Imaging Theoretical Foundations of Digital Imaging Using MATLAB ®

Leonid P. Yaroslavsky Tel Aviv University, Israel Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Imaging Sciences Series

Helping readers master digital imaging, this text presents a unified theoretical basis for understanding and designing methods of imaging and image processing. Designed for newcomers to imaging science and engineering, the book covers the subject in its entirety, from image formation to image perfecting. The author avoids using heavy mathematics and derives all formulas in full detail. To facilitate a deeper understanding of the major results, the book includes a number of exercises supported by MATLAB® programs, with the code available at • Emphasizes the connection between the original analog nature of images and image transformations and their computer implementation • Supports all mathematical formulations by their physical interpretation • Avoids using heavy mathematics • Derives all formulas in full detail without skipping intermediate steps • Supports concepts and algorithms with interactive MATLAB exercises at the end of each chapter • Provides downloadable MATLAB files for the exercises at

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X-Ray Imaging Fundamentals, Industrial Techniques, and Applications Harry E. Martz and Daniel J. Schneberk Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California, USA

Clint M. Logan Pleasanton, California, USA

Peter J. Shull The Pennsylvania State University, Altoona, USA

While books on the medical applications of x-ray imaging exist, there is not one currently available that focuses on industrial applications. Full of color images that show clear spectrometry and rich with applications, X-Ray Imaging fills the need for a comprehensive work on modern industrial x-ray imaging. It reviews the fundamental science of x-ray imaging and addresses equipment and system configuration. Useful to a broad range of radiation imaging practitioners, the book looks at the rapid development and deployment of digital x-ray imaging system. • Details work being done at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory • Presents the fundamental principles of x-ray imaging • Covers basic equations, methods, and system configuration • Includes various application examples, such as inspections of fuel pipelines, chemical pipelines, and weapons


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Mathematical Preliminaries

NDE Introduction. X-Ray History. Radiography’s Role. Photon Fundamentals. Non-Photon Radiation Imaging. Radiation Transport Modeling. Radiation Dosimetry, Safety, and Shielding. Radiation Sources. Radiation Detectors. Imaging Dimensionality. Scatter, Collimators, Motion Control, and Computers. Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography. Image Quality. Special Techniques. Selected Applications. Glossary. Variables. References.

Image Digitization Discrete Signal Transformations Digital Image Formation and Computational Imaging Image Resampling and Building Continuous Image Models Image Parameter Estimation: Case Study— Localization of Objects in Images Image Perfecting Index

Catalog no. 9772, October 2013, 500 pp. ISBN: 978-0-8493-9772-1, $169.95 / £108.00 Also available as an eBook

Catalog no. K12836, November 2012, 511 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4398-6140-0, $99.95 / £63.99 Also available as an eBook

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Optics, Lasers, and Photonics  

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