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MEMS Nanofabrication Handbook Edited by

Stefano Cabrini Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, USA

Satoshi Kawata Osaka University, Japan

“… expertly integrated … The book is suitable for researchers and engineers in a variety of disciplines. I highly recommend it as a comprehensive introduction to nanofabrication techniques.” —Barry R. Masters, Optics & Photonics News

“... a broad topical introduction to nanofabrication methods and applications. It is rich with illustrations and the authors of the individual chapters have made a real effort to introduce readers to the basic concepts in understandable terms while also capturing the current leading edge in their field. The amazing micrographs of prototype structures that are documented throughout the pages offer an inspiring snapshot of the many and varied accomplishments of the researchers working in these technology development and application fields … The style used by the authors will allow this volume to serve as a solid introduction to methods in current use in nanoscale research while the breadth of topics will also permit experienced practitioners to learn about methods and applications outside their own areas of experience.” —Donald Tennant, Director of Operations, Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility

“An impressive work covering all the important nanofabrication topics and contents … Highly recommended.” —Professor Din Ping Tsai, National Taiwan University

Selected Contents Standard Lithography: Introduction to Nanofabrication. Electron Beam Lithography. Nanolithography with Focused Ion Beams. Focused Ion Beam and Electron Beam Deposition. PlasmaAssisted Pattern Transfer at the Nanoscale. Optical Lithography. Soft X-Ray Lithography. Simulations in Micro- and Nanofabrication. New Lithographic Techniques: Nanoimprint Lithography. Scanning Probe Lithography. Two-Photon Lithography. Colloidal Inorganic Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Controlled Assembly. Directed Self Assembly. SelfAssembled DNA Nanostructures and DNA Devices. Emerging New Approaches. Nanofabrication Applications: Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems (NEMS). Micro- and Nanofluidics. Fabrication of Nanophotonic Structures. Patterning Magnetic Nanostructures with Ions. Plasmonic Metamaterials. Nanoelectronics. Manipulation and Nanostructuring for Biological Applications. Catalog no. 90526, February 2012, 546 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4200-9052-9, $129.95 / £82.00 Also available as an eBook


MEMS Packaging and Technology Edited by

Vikas Choudhary Analog Devices, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Krzysztof Iniewski CMOS Emerging Technologies, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Written by international experts, this book presents the latest research in the field of MEMS technology and the myriad applications that it has enabled. The text covers automotive, consumer, communication, and medical applications of MEMs. Some of the applications discussed include high-precision on-chip integrated oscillators for reference generations, gyroscopes in cameras for optical image stabilization, radio communication, bio-implantable kidneys, and mobile phones. Other chapters address MEMS packaging and resonators, providing a fundamental understanding to enable novel applications. A chapter outlines the historical evolution of current nano micro systems. Catalog no. K15054, June 2013, c. 472 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4665-1581-9, $149.95 / £95.00 Also available as an eBook

Fundamentals of Microfabrication and Nanotechnology Third Edition, Three-Volume Set Marc J. Madou University of California, Irvine, USA

"… offers the widest and yet the most detailed coverage of all essential and fundamental aspects of microfabrication and nanotechnology. The author has done an excellent and remarkable job in synthesizing such diverse material under a single umbrella." —Suman Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur, India

"Professor Madou has made an incredible contribution to the MEMS/NEMS global community in writing this series of books." —Nico de Rooij, Director, Institute of Microengineering, EPFL, Switzerland

Thoroughly revised and updated, this perennial bestseller lays the foundation for comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of MEMS and NEMS. A solutions manual, instructor’s manual, and figure slides are available upon qualifying course adoption.

Catalog no. 3180, August 2011, 1992 pp. ISBN: 978-0-8493-3180-0, $259.95 / £166.00

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Optics, Lasers, and Photonics  

CLEO 2013 Attendees Save on Cutting-Edge Books in Optics, Lasers, and Photonics from CRC Press