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Lightwave Engineering Yasuo Kokubun Yokohama National University, Japan Series: Optical Science and Engineering

Suitable as either a student text or professional reference, Lightwave Engineering addresses the behavior of electromagnetic waves and the propagation of light, which forms the basis of the wide-ranging field of optoelectronics. Divided into two parts, the book first gives a comprehensive introduction to lightwave engineering using plane wave and then offers an in-depth analysis of lightwave propagation in terms of electromagnetic theory. Using the language of mathematics to explain natural phenomena, the book includes numerous illustrative figures that help readers develop an intuitive understanding of light propagation. It also provides helpful equations and outlines their exact derivation and physical meaning, enabling users to acquire an analytical understanding as well. After explaining a concept, the author includes several problems that are tailored to illustrate the explanation and help explain the next concept. • Presents an introduction to lightwave propagation theory • Covers advanced lightwave engineering • Includes appendices on Fourier Transform formulas, derivation of Green's theorem, and vector algebra formulas • Provides essential information written in an accessible format

Handbook of Optical Design Third Edition Daniel MalacaraHernández and Zacarías MalacaraHernández Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, Leon, Mexico

"An excellent update to an excellent book. A comprehensive handbook on optical design and geometrical optics that covers the basic theory as well as practical details." —James C. Wyant, College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, USA

"Even with modern 'easy-to-use' lens design software and global optimization, the understanding of aberration theory is essential to finding high-performing cost-effective design solutions. This book not only teaches the students the basics of aberration theory but adds in the needed understanding of higher order aberrations for modern optical systems. The chapter on wavefront aberrations and Zernike polynomials has been greatly improved and follows a notation becoming a standard in the industry." —Dr. Julie L. Bentley, University of Rochester, New York, USA

"... a new edition of a book that has been used in the course of lens design by the authors for many years. ... covers many aspects of optics taking in the progress in the individual field." —Kyoji Nariai, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Mitaka, Tokyo

The third edition of this classroom-tested reference includes new and updated material, more design examples, and clearer figures, some now in color.

• Offers extensive lists of tables and figures

• Discusses modern optical design methods, tools, and instruments

Selected Contents

• Covers the classical aspects of lens design, detailing a wide variety of lens types

Part I: Introduction Fundamentals of Optical Propagation. Fundamentals of Optical Waveguides. Propagation of Light Beams in Free Space. Interference and Resonators. Part II: Description of Light Propagation Through Electromagnetism Guided Wave Optics. Optical Fibers. Propagation and Focusing of the Beam. Basic Optical Waveguide Circuit. Appendices. Catalog no. 46489, August 2012, 373 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4200-4648-9, $129.95 / £82.00 Also available as an eBook

• Updates material on the Delano Diagram, Coddington equations, aberrations and wavefront deformation, and much more • Describes tools to simulate and model system performance and optical ray paths • Outlines novel methods to predict and evaluate image quality in optical systems • Derives almost all equations from basic principles • Includes real-world optical design examples and more than 1,000 equations • Contains more than 390 illustrations, plus a 16-page color insert Catalog no. K13088, February 2013, 585 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4398-6799-0, $149.95 / £95.00 Also available as an eBook

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Optics, Lasers, and Photonics  

CLEO 2013 Attendees Save on Cutting-Edge Books in Optics, Lasers, and Photonics from CRC Press

Optics, Lasers, and Photonics  

CLEO 2013 Attendees Save on Cutting-Edge Books in Optics, Lasers, and Photonics from CRC Press