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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 25, 2010 Contact: Jennifer Spoto CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group New Book from the Kitchen of Ferran Adrià Deconstructs the Science of Cooking From the first taste at El Bulli you know you're in for something different. Although Ferran Adrià’s combination of science and cooking may seem fashionable and modern, the pairing of these disciplines goes way back. Adrià, known for his innovative techniques and creative brilliance, has advanced not only the science of cooking, but how we think about it. A distillation of his knowledge and inspiration, Modern Gastronomy: A to Z (ISBN: 978-1-4398-1245-7, 265 pp., $59.95) is an easy-to-use resource that belongs on the shelf of every professional chef, food scientist, and devotee of the culinary arts. As renowned food writer Harold Magee states in the foreword “… it is the first such book to be initiated and shaped by professional cooks themselves, and to be so forward-looking … The book of cooking is now wide open.” In the early days of chemical science, chemists borrowed procedures and knowledge from cooks. Now cooks often turn to chemists for answers. This book clearly defines terminology, describes the nature of hundreds of ingredients, and examines why they produce certain reactions in the pan and on the palate. Making the dizzying drive down from the Pyrenées to an isolated beach on Spain’s Catalan coast to partake of El Bulli’s 30-course tasting menu has become a rite of passage to foodies everywhere. Called “the Salvador Dali of the kitchen,” Adrià has inspired a new generation of chefs. His playful, provocative yet scientific cooking has won him global acclaim as one of the most creative and inventive culinary geniuses in the world. Chef Paul Bocuse has said of Adrià “He’s doing the most exciting things in our profession today.” If you need to tweak a recipe, make a substitution, or understand a chemical reaction, Modern Gastronomy gives you the tools to do all that and more. You can quickly and easily look up and find, in plain language, everything you need to know about the science and art of cooking. Like the culinary foams Adrià is credited with inventing, the book is not a blend or a mix but the essence of his knowledge presented to those who use conceptual culinary art to awaken palates to the endless possibilities of food and new flavor combinations. For information: or To request a review copy contact: Phone: 800-272-7737 ###

New Book from Ferran Adria  

New Book from the Kitchen of Ferran Adria Deconstructs the Science of Cooking