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Environmental Science & Engineering Introduction to Process Geomorphology Vijay K. Sharma

Air Pollution Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation, Third Edition

Kurukshetra University (Retired), India

Jeremy Colls

Landforms evolve over a long period of cyclic and geologic time, inheriting the imprints of past process rates and/or process domains. An introduction to the dynamics of internal geologic processes of Earth, Introduction to Process Geomorphology explains the origin of landforms by the processes involved in their evolution.

Abhishek Tiwary

The author expresses process activities in mathematical, empirical, and semi-empirical perspectives to highlight their distinctive identity in specific environmental stress conditions. Each chapter reviews, synthesizes, and provides recent findings on the complexity of geomorphic processes. The book includes competing hypotheses on the evolution of landforms of the given environment and examples and detailed case studies enable students to understand the components of process-form relationships. Selected Contents: Process Geomorphology. Climate and Processes. Environmental Change. Geologic Processes and Properties of the Earth Materials. Origin of the Earth. Plate Tectonics. Deformation of Rocks and Sediments. Stress-Strain Relationships. Weathering. Biological Weathering. Bacterial Activity. Soil Profile. Pedogenic Regimes. Mass Movement. Causes. Classification of Mass Movement Activity. Fluvial Processes. Types of Flow. Sediment Transport. Hydraulic Geometry. Fluvial Processes and Depositional Landforms. Flood Plain Processes. Alluvial Fans. River Deltas. Glacial Processes and Landforms. Glacier Ice. Glacier Deformation. Erosion in a Glacial Environment. Landforms of Drift Deposition. Periglacial Processes and Landforms. Identification. Frozen Ground. Periglacial Processes and Landforms. Aeolian Environment and Landforms. Bases of Aeolian Activity. Thresholds of Motion. Wind Erosion. Karst. Types of Karst Landscape. Mechanical and Biochemical Erosion. Coastal Processes and Landforms. Gradational Processes. Tsunamis. Erosion. Sea Level Change. Applied Geomorphology. Applications of Geomorphology. Land Resource Planning. Environmental Impacts.

Catalog no. K10189, April 2010, 435 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4398-0337-0, $129.95 / £83.00 Also available as an eBook


University of Nottingham, UK Newcastle University, UK

“A good starting book for those studying the environment of the atmosphere.”

—Geoffrey Brundrett, International Journal of Ambient Energy

“ … topics and examples are excellent ... . Summing up: Recommended."


Retaining a quantitative perspective, Air Pollution: Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation, Third Edition is a one-stop, comprehensive upper-level undergraduate and graduate textbook covering the three essential components of air pollution science. This edition has been updated with the latest developments, including the addition of new information on the role of air pollutants in climate change. It discusses the depletion of stratospheric ozone and air pollution mitigation by vegetation. Other topics include gaseous and particulate air pollutants, measurement techniques, meteorology and dispersion modelling, mobile sources, indoor air, and effects on plants, materials, humans, and animals. The book covers issues in developing countries as well as relevant standards and legislation. A special feature of this edition is the inclusion of a new chapter on air pollution mitigation by vegetation, which addresses its role in maintaining a sustainable urban environment. Contents: Air Pollutants: Sources and Control of Gases. Air Pollutants: Particulates. Mobile Sources. Measurement of Gases and Particles. Concentrations and Deposition. Meteorology and Modelling. Analysis of an Air Quality Data Set. Indoor Air Quality. Mitigation of Air Pollution: The Role of Vegetation. Effects on Plants, Visual Range and Materials. Responses of Humans and Other Animals. Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change. Ozone Depletion and Ultraviolet Radiation. Standards and Legislation.

Catalog no. RU55583, August 2009, 528 pp. Soft Cover, ISBN: 978-0-415-47932-5 $75.95 / £43.99

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