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The Program Plan’s purpose is to describe where we are at mid year and where we may go in the new year Where do the ideas come from? ◦ Advisory boards/authorities ◦ COG committees ◦ Municipal comments ◦ COG staff recommendations

◦ Capital Improvement Plan ◦ Agency and program studies ◦ Survey input ◦ Previous COG budgets

WHERE ARE WE NOW WITH 2017 REVENUES?  Fees from new construction permits is more than estimated. As of 6/30/2017 permit revenue is $821,804, (2016: $1,035,572). The fund balance down slightly  $300,000 in contributions for Phase II construction of the education building at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center  $62,525 donated through Centre Gives and a $252,970 estate gift contribution for Schlow Library  Bellefonte Borough extended the Code Services Agreement until 1/1/21

WHERE ARE WE NOW WITH 2017 EXPENSES?  No Budget amendments  No construction funds spent on Whitehall Road Regional Park ($2.5 million was budgeted)  Unexpected expenses for boilers replaced in the State College Fire Station and COG Building  Overtime expenses will be less than anticipated

OUTSTANDING COG PROJECTS TO BE COMPLETED THIS YEAR  Prepare land development plan for Whitehall Road Regional Park  Conduct assessment and propose a five year plan for COG’s IT System ($20,000). RFP nearing completion  Install an automatic door opener at the COG Building ($23,000). Bids have been solicited

LONG-TERM TRENDS IMPACTING THE COG BUDGET  Continued building and population growth  Growing senior population due to in-migration  On-going problematic state and federal funding  More usage of COG services from outside the region  More COG involvement in environmental issues  Higher costs for fire protection

2018 PROPOSED PERSONNEL CHANGES  Code Services Manager – new position targeted at customer service, community education, and overseeing permitting process  Fire Equipment Technician – new position targeted at maintaining, testing and certifying equipment  Parks - Add a part-time staff assistant positon at the Active Adult Center to help with additional visitors. No match from the county ($15,000 new money)



 Planning Agency – Consolidate part-time planner position, staff assistant position, and proposed AmericaCorp position into a full-time Planner position  Library – Complete the three year transition to bring base compensation rate for part-time Library Assistants to starting rate for full-time staff

2018 CHANGES IN COSTS ALLOCATED Goal: Keep the 2018 increase in municipal contributions to COG to < 2.75% of the 2017 amount

 Revised funding formula for the library  Earned Income Tax factor in COG formula will continue to be based on the value of EIT collected that is reported to DCED  2008 funding formula used to assign costs for pool loan is reset to the 2018 COG formula  Formula for internally allocating financial service costs will be updated based on use

CODE AGENCY 2018 BUDGET EXPENSES  Two personnel changes:  Code Services Manager  Change part-time Staff Assistant to full-time  Job descriptions are being updated and a wage survey will be conducted  Intermediate term – Software options are being evaluated with the municipalities  Intermediate term – Agency may provide SEO services to two municipalities

LIBRARY 2018 OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGETS  Flat State Aid and County funding  Unknown change in District funding  Continue movement of part-time Library Assistant to first step of pay range for full-time staff  $449,000 in proposed capital expenses

CENTRE REGIONAL PLANNING AGENCY 2018 BUDGET  One personnel change:  Combine 2 part-time positions into a full-time Planner positon  UAJA will be asked to contribute to budget for the services that it receives

CCMPO 2018 BUDGET  Expenditures will remain about the same  Federal/state funding to remain the same  Coordinating Committee confirmed continued use of current funding formula

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 2018 BUDGET  No major changes proposed  Joint COG/PSU EM training exercise complete in 2017/2018  Benner Township considering whether to join the EM program for PSU properties located in the township (e.g. University Park Airport)

FIRE OPERATING AND CAPITAL 2018 BUDGETS  A new paid position of Fire Equipment Technician is proposed  Other expenses will not change much  Intermediate term – the next big apparatus purchase is in 2021 to replace the 2001 Rescue Truck  Intermediate term – the COG may need to enhance incentives for residents to volunteer to become fire fighters  Long term – a fourth fire station may be proposed for western Ferguson Township

PARKS AND RECREATION 2017/2018 OPERATING BUDGET  Upgrade an existing position from Park Caretaker II to Park Caretaker III/Mechanic.  Prepare a Comprehensive Regional Parks Plan and inventory. State funding may be available to provide up to 50% of the funding.  $18,750 in 2017 COG budget  $18,750 proposed for 2018 (new money)  $37,500 DCNR grant in 2018  $75,000 Estimated Study Cost  Website update/redesign

PARK FACILITY BUDGETS  Active Adult Center: A part-time Staff Assistant position is proposed. All compensation costs paid by COG  Welch and Park Forest Pools: Replacement of filtration systems  Nature Center Capital: $20,000 in municipal contributions are proposed to maintain existing facilities  Nature Center Capital: Advisory Committee asked for $200,000 (2018/2019) for Phase II Education Building project. Finance Committee suggests these contributions be part of the COG Budget. Budget threshold will be exceeded.

REGIONAL PARKS CAPITAL 2018 BUDGET  Draw down date for regional parks loan is extended until June 1, 2020  General Forum motion: “If construction contracts are not executed within a period of time not to exceed one year then the CRPR Authority shall discuss the project with the General Forum prior to proceeding.”  Planning for Whitehall Road Regional Park is delayed pending the outcome of a case before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court relating to the development of the adjoining property.

OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION BUDGETS  Administration Budget - $10,000 to $12,000 proposed to update COG Personnel Policy  Administration Budget – Higher medical costs; no employees waving coverage  COG Building - $50,000 is proposed to connect the COG building to the KINBER system for LAN/WAN services  COG Building - $5,000 is proposed for a study to identify options and costs for installing an emergency power generator  Long term: We need to start talking about the future of COG building beyond 2028 when lease expires


General Forum sends Program Plan to municipalities for comment

August 17

Municipal comments to Finance Committee


COG staff prepares Detailed COG Budget

September 19

Detailed Budget to Finance Committee

October 6

Finance Committee completes Detailed Budget review

Mid October

COG staff prepares Summary Budget

October 23

Summary Budget presented to General Forum

November 18

Municipalities complete review of Detailed Budget

November 19

Finance Committee reviews municipal comments

November 27

General Forum reviews Finance Committee recommendations and endorses 2018 Budget

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PowerPoint presentation of the 2018 Program Plan  
PowerPoint presentation of the 2018 Program Plan