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2018-2022 COG Capital Improvement and Replacement Plan

When Do Assets Appear On The CIP? 

By recommendations of Agency Directors based upon: •

Condition of current item

Anticipated repair costs

Age of item

By recommendation from the Library Board, CRPRA Board, and/or COG Committees

By recommendations from COG Finance Committee based on:

Quarterly updates of repairs and maintenance costs

Annual updates of repairs and maintenance costs

By General Forum comments

What Is a Capital Asset/Improvement? 

A value of at least $1,000

A useful life of greater than 1 year

For an asset to be included in the CIP, it must be at least $10,000

These definitions have been vetted by the Finance Committee and Municipal Finance Officers

What Is Different? 

Pools & Parks Between 2018 and 2022, debt service costs were reduced because of 2012 loan refinancing. Debt costs will increase in 2023.

Fire The capital plan was recomputed in 2016 and about $4.85 million has been cut in municipal contributions through 2042 as compared to the 2014 Capital Schedule.

All COG Agencies The accuracy of project cost estimates will be improved through process changes endorsed by the Finance Committee.    

Discussions with PSU regarding its capital budgeting procedures later in 2017 Proposed hiring of Reese Engineering to estimate emergency generator cost Library Facilities study funded partially by a state grant Nature Center Phase II cost estimates revised by architect

What Is Ahead? 

Assess the exact need for an emergency generator at the COG Building during the next 6-12 months and determine if the project should be proposed in the 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Plan.

Should $50,000 be appropriated to construct a fiber connection to the KINBER network?

$449,000 is proposed to be expended at the Library in 2018. The largest two expenditures relate to the replacement of the ILS system and the painting & replacement of carpeting in the Library.

Delayed Parks & Code replacements because the condition of the vehicles/equipment allow for a longer life and delays associated with the construction of Whitehall Road Regional Park.

Two major changes were made to the Nature Center Capital Budget •

Updated estimates for the Phase II construction of Education Building

Asked municipalities for $20,000 in contributions to initiate funding for the replacement of existing capital assets (barn roof, sprinklers, boardwalk)

What Are The Major Capital Projects Proposed For 2018-2019? 

Development of Whitehall Road Regional Park

Construction of Phase II of the Spring Creek Education Building

Construction of a Welcome Center at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

Installation of an Emergency Generator at the COG Building

Cost to connect to KINBER network at the COG Building

Replace the ILS Software at Schlow Library

Paint and replace the carpeting at Schlow Library

Renovate staff offices and the Children & Adult areas at Schlow

Note: No funds are proposed for an engineering study to prepare a depreciation schedule for the existing assets at Nature Center

What Are The Next Steps 1 – CIP referred to the municipalities with the 2018 Program Plan 2 – Municipalities review and comment on the CIP 3 – Municipalities submit responses to Finance Committee by August 17th

4 – Finance Committee reviews comments and gives staff guidance 5 – COG staff will update the CIP and develop the Detailed Budget in accordance with the Committee’s guidance

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PowerPoint presentation of the 2018-2022 CIP  
PowerPoint presentation of the 2018-2022 CIP