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25th June, 2013 Reflection When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear. Keep your faith and drop negativity. The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling.

Term 2

Staff Farewells

Term 2 comes to a close this week and I wish all CRC families a restful and safe break.

Mrs Anna Smethurst leaves us after over 10 years of service in the Office area. Her role as VASS Administrator (ensuring all our VCE studies and results are entered correctly) will be hard to fill. We wish Anna a relaxing and fulfilling retirement. Mrs Venera Riley finishes her maternity leave cover and heads off to Caroline Chisholm College. Venera has been excellent in her role as a Year 7 and Year 9 English and RE teacher. Mr Andrew Laul leaves us to take up another role after completing his tenure as a maintenance worker in Mr Peter Drew’s absence. Andrew’s good work stays with us as evidenced by the improved state of the grounds and changes around the Arts’ area. Finally, Mrs Sue Waddell leaves us after providing valuable support to our senior students in VCE English with Ms Sullivan’s absence. Sue has also provided us with advice in developing our VCE English Language area for which we are most grateful. We welcome our Principal, Mark Sheehan back for the start of Term 3. I would like to thank Mark for the opportunity to fill his shoes for the time he has been away. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

We have mailed home this week’s newsletter to ensure that all families receive the information enclosed. Our last week of term has been full of learning and faith opportunities. The Year 10 City Experience is always a highlight, with the students being involved in a number of activities over the week. Our Year 9’s had alternative days of attending Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and participating in a Year 9 Reflection day where they had the opportunity for Liturgy, self-reflection and working with REACH presenters. Our Year 12 students celebrated Mass on Wednesday afternoon as a way of concluding their Semester One Religion & Society unit. Semester One Reports Semester One Reports will open this Friday, June 28 after 4pm. Reports will only be available through the Parent Portal during the break with paper copies to be mailed home at the end of the first week back of Term 3.

Office hours The College office will not be open during the school holidays. John Christie Acting Principal

School Spirit Awards Term 2

Tempest Ardley - 9 Mackillop

Congratulations to the following students for being nominated and recognised as worthy winners at our school assembly last week.

Tempest is an all round asset to 9M. She is a part of many different after school activities including dance and the production and has also excelled in her studies across a large range of subjects. Tempest is also a productive and helpful member of the 9M classroom.

Culain Ardley - 7 Bernard This award acknowledges Culain’s ability to take responsibility for his own performance outcomes within the College production. He manipulates his expressive skills with ease and takes direction extremely well. Culain is a pleasure to work with because of his enthusiastic approach to his co-curricular activities. Natasha Paproth - 7 O’Reilly Natasha has entered the College with a ‘can-do’ attitude. She participates in the College production with the confidence of a much older student, unafraid to do her best. Natasha manipulates her expressive skills with considerable sophistication, she takes direction extremely well and watching rehearsals one would never guess she was a Year 7 student. Brittany Jakeman - 8 O’Reilly The theme for this year at Year 8 is ‘Considering others, considering yourself’. Brittany will often live out this theme through her day to day activities at CRC Melton, through seeing a need and doing something about it. She is friendly to staff and students and works to the best of her ability. Jeremy Cinel - 8 Anthony Jeremy is a mature young man that has always impressed with his commitment to schoolwork. Polite and courteous, Jeremy has shown that there is no substitute for hard work. His teachers remark his behaviour is impeccable and he tries very hard in class. Jeremy works well with his teachers and peers, is well organised and punctual with his work. Mitchell Wills - 9 Anthony Mitchell is a diligent worker who gives his best both in and out of the classroom. He is one of the Class Captains in 9A, he has achieved good results across a range of subjects and has represented the College across a range of sports including SACCSS Swimming and Cross Country.

Madison Crooks - 10 Catherine Madison is a student who is always kind, considerate and willing to lend a helping hand. She puts 100% into everything she does and is a positive member of the Year 10 VINCIT classroom. Madison always wears her school uniform with pride. Casey Davine - 10 Mackillop Casey is a student who is always willing to take on new challenges and leadership roles within the College, including peer support leader at the Year 7 camp and was a member of the school cross-country team. Casey has been working hard in class to achieve his best and is respectful to both students and teachers. Sarah Jade Keith - 11 Dominic Sarah has demonstrated an exceptional level of achievement through dedication to work, both at home and at school, and a mastered ability to study for assessment. She is to be commended on her recent high standard of achievement on her examinations. Sarah is a positive member of the College community, participating in all curricular activities including netball, reflection days and sporting carnivals. Jessica Baker - 11 O’Reilly Jessica is a positive achiever. She consistently follows College policies, especially taking pride in the wearing of the College uniform. Within class, she is always polite, courteous and respectful to both fellow students and teachers. Jessica always works to the best of her ability and thinks of others and tries to help out where she can. On Celebration Day Jessica was a driving force for the EDS Fundraiser. Her participation showed initiative and hard work.

Hayden Bensley - 12 Bernard

Semester 1 Reports

Hayden is a student who is extremely conscientious with his studies and consistently applies his best efforts to all coursework and homework. He works independently and seeks advice when required. Hayden is very personable and always willing to give assistance around the school. He is currently completing a TAFE certificate as well his VCAL course of study.

Semester 1 Reports will be online using the Parent Access Module of SIMON from Friday 28 June at 5pm. The report reflects student academic achievement in each study area for Semester 1, 2013. Please note that Year 7 to 10 grade descriptors have been replaced by percentage scores for each assessment task. The legend for report codes is as follows:

Jemma Carmichael - 12 Mackillop Jemma is a diligent and conscientious student who applies her best efforts to her studies. She completes all coursework and homework and attends extra classes when required. Jemma is personable and relates well to both her peers and teachers. She is this year’s College Arts Leader and has been involved in a number of extra curricular activities. Melton Youth Advisory Committee Forum (YAC) The City of Melton conducted a Youth Forum last week, drawing secondary students across the Melton region to discuss issues of concern amongst young people and how Youth Services and the Council can best address these issues. Ten students across Year 7-11 represented us proudly on the day. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive and an enjoyable exercise. Congratulations and thank you to the following students for participating with such enthusiasm and interest Yr 7 Zinah D'Souza & James Whitford Yr 8 Rebekah Hibberd & Dominic Miesen Yr 9 Kitty Robinson & Shania McKenzie Yr 10 Zach Miesen & Tegan Lafranchi Yr 11 Ben Peters & Sophie Martin

S: Satisfactory N: Non Satisfactory NA: Not Assessed IP: In Progress C: Competent NYC: Not Yet Competent H: High M: Medium L: Low Important Notice regarding School Based Assessment in Unit 3 Studies The grades shown on Unit 3 Reports are the result of school based assessment and are subject to statistical moderation by VCAA. If a parent finds errors in a report, please email with all relevant details. This will ensure the error is rectified before the hard copy reports are sent home in Term 3. If parents have any concerns with their son or daughter’s report, please email the subject teacher or the Year Level Coordinator directly. Parent Portal-PAM –Parent Access Module With a single login, you can access the following information for any of your children enrolled at the college. 

Student timetable; Number incidents; Attendance

Assessment: Mid-Semester and End-Semester reports

Rob Blackley Deputy Principal (Students)



You will need to access the school website and click on the parent portal and use your username and password that was sent to all families earlier in the year. If you have misplaced the login details, you can access your child’s reports when they log onto SIMON. Lauren Prout Acting Director of Learning

Anaphylaxis update As part of an ongoing review of our Risk Assessment Procedures we have to complete a series of activities to meet the requirements to provide a safe and secure environment for staff and students. The College is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in which children at risk of Anaphylaxis can participate equally in all aspects of the School’s programs and activities.

Clickview How to Part 2 Either just before, or during the term break, students will receive an email on their College email address. Students will need to keep this email to be able to login to Clickview Online. When you click on the link, you will be prompted to change your password. Your login will remain your email address ( Now that you are set, go to 

Sign in using your email address and password

SRC 2013

You will have 3 options:

Congratulations to the following students for being elected as Year Level Student Representatives for 2013. We look forward to them providing a student voice throughout the year.


My Library: This is an online version of the Clickview Library which is available at school on our network Clickview Exchange: This is a “public” sharing collection of programs that have been recorded by all Clickview subscribing schools. You are able to view these programs online and you can recommend that titles be added to our local collection by clicking the arrow next to the title in Clickview Exchange. A request will be sent to the Library Media Store: You do not have access to this function which allows us to purchase commercial video titles from different suppliers and add to our Clickview Library - Note that the difference between My Library and Clickview Exchange is that My Library includes access to over 1300 commercial videos subscribed to by the school. Clickview Exchange is a collection of programs downloaded from free to air TV (in most cases). When searching for a program, make sure you highlight which collection you wish to search - You can view Clickview programs on your iPad by downloading the free Clickview App

In our commitment to raising Anaphylactic awareness, a Fact Sheet from Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia can be found on the Schools website under the Policies link. For any concerns or questions please contact Student Reception/First Aid Officer.

11O 11M 11B 11D 11C 11A

Ryan Hawkins Robyn Hockaday Julien Johnson Melissa Hill Sarah Spiteri Bridget Di Mieri

10A 10B 10C 10D 10M 10O

Mathew Previti Anyoup Dau Zachary Miesen Anthony Dik Camille Chua Dyson Miller

9A 9B 9C 9D 9M 9O

Shanai McKenzie Alana Wilson, Liam Martin, Kitty Robinson, Julie DeDomenico Brody Willmott

8A 8B 8C 8D 8M 8O

Jacinta Guirguis Rebekah Hibberd and Billy Metters Dominic Miesen Awal Kuk Shelby Dalton Brodrick Hoult and Alesha Winzar

7A 7B 7C 7D 7M 7O 7R

Zinah D'Souza Mikayla Tyrell James Whitford Emmanuel Nuer Meg Bacchin Madalyn McGill Jackson Muscat

Rob Blackley Deputy Principal (Students)



Should you have any problems with the Clickview Library, please contact the Library. You can send a message by filling in the Ask the Librarian box on the front page of the CRC Melton Library web page (the link is on SIMON). Michael Hill

Peter Pan The College production of Peter Pan will be performed on Thursday 25th July, Friday 26th July & Saturday 27th July at 7.30pm and conclude at approximately 9.30pm. Peter Pan will be performed at The Crate Theatre, Catholic Regional College, Sydenham. Entry is via the Pecks Road car park. Tickets for Peter Pan are $15.00 each and are available from the College office. There are 17 tickets left for the Saturday night performance which is fabulous to note, especially considering we are still four weeks out from opening night. Clare O’Sullivan on behalf of the Production Team Performance Coordinator

CRC Melton Production ‘Peter Pan’ ticket order form Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Student’s name: ______________________________________ Homeroom: ______________ Contact Number: ______________________________________________________________ Number of tickets (each ticket is $15) Thursday 25th July, 2013 Friday 26th July, 2013 Saturday 27th July, 2013

Total cost: $ ___________________Money must be enclosed in order to receive tickets.





Term 2 Term 3

June 28th Year 10 City Experience Term 2 concludes at 2.30pm

July Wednesday 17th 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Term 3

G. Thiele


Wednesday 24th 6.30pm - 7.30pm

15th Term 3 commences - Day 1 Semester One reports mailed home 16th Year 8 Premier League 18th Year 11 2014 Information evening 7pm 19th Year 9 - 10 Dance Excursion 25th SACCSS Senior Soccer Round 2 College Production 26th College Production Year 8 Premier League Round 2 27th College Production Year 12 Drama Excursion

J. Shelly

M. Mullan

R. Mirabelli

Canteen 2013 Term 3 July

Mass Times St. Dominic’s Parish Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Moody Weekend Mass times: Saturday: 6.00pm Sunday: 9.00am & 11.00am St Bernard’s Parish Parish Priest: Fr. Brian Glasheen Weekend Mass times: Saturday: 6.30pm Sunday: 8.30am, 10.00am

St Anthony’s Parish Parish Priest: Fr. Fabian Smith Weekend Mass times: Saturday: 5.30pm Sunday: 8.30am & 10.30am

Monday 15th Tuesday 16th

Debbi Taylor Johanna Blain Karen Normoyle Wednesday 17th Suzanne Smith Thursday 18th Lisa Trethowan

25th june, 2013  
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