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22nd October, 2013 Reflection Our Year 12s graduate this week. All our thoughts are with them as they ‘steel’ themselves for the upcoming exams, for them we pray an Irish prayer………. May God give you... For every storm, a rainbow, For every tear, a smile, For every care, a promise, And a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, A faithful friend to share, For every sigh, a sweet song, And an answer for each prayer. Year 12 Final Day Our Year 12 students dressed up in all sorts of 'fancy dress’ for their last day today. They enjoyed a cooked breakfast courtesy of staff and enjoyed the company of their friends and staff alike. The PE Faculty organised some activities for students in the Hall, and after some awards and affirmations were presented, the students departed to go home and prepare for the Graduation Mass to be held tonight at St Catherine's Church. Please have a look at the speeches made by our student leaders at last week's assembly. They show the calibre of our student leaders here at CRC Melton. Mark Sheenan Principal

Parents & Friends Meeting There will be a Parents & Friends meeting Wednesday 30th October at 7.30pm.

Deputy Principal - Student Welfare News

2013 College Captains - Bryce Robinson & Annika Miesen

Year 12 Final Assembly Last week at our full school assembly we farewelled our Year 12 students of 2013 and inducted the 2014 Senior Student Leaders. The College Captains of 2013 and 2014 addressed the students, included below is a copy of their speeches. As you read them no doubt you will be impressed by their insights and their leadership qualities. As a school community we are fortunate and blessed to have such fine young people leading the students of CRC.

Annika: 2013 is a year that all of us will remember forever. There have been countless moments of fun, laughter and success that we have all shared as a group. Many memories have been made and hopefully a legacy to follow. This year has consisted of hard work, but also many rewards for all the effort we have put in. The athletics and swimming carnival have been highlights of the year, the energy and commitment to those days was incredible, and as a group we were successful in making the most out of those events, knowing they were our As a community we wish every success to our Year 12 last. Also, our final Celebration Day gave us the students of 2013 as they prepare for their exams starting opportunity to enjoy this community we are part of. So next week. from the classroom, to carnivals, to assemblies, to dress ups, to study and to all things Year 12, this year has 2014 College Captains - Julien Johnson and Hannah certainly been one to remember. Robinson Bryce: Good morning everybody. As I’m sure you’re all aware, completing Year 12 is no minor feat. This year has taken an immense amount of effort on the part of every individual, and the Year 12 students should be commended on their willingness to work hard, to sacrifice and to strive for excellence. However, Year 12 also requires having the confidence to know that we It is an honour to be representing this College. We would have the support of our peers - to help each other, like to take this opportunity to congratulate the other challenge each other and ensure that everyone has the students on their leadership roles. It is a great same opportunity to succeed. Annika and I would like to achievement by all the students and we are really both thank and congratulate our peers, in terms of both looking forward to working with the members of the hard work and mutual support of each other, for setting leadership team. As school captains in 2014, our goals a great example of what a senior cohort should be. include; Striving for success within the college, we will do this through our support to the sporting, social, Annika: Before we say farewell, it’s only right to say environmental and academic aspects of the college, and thank you to those who have made our secondary we will persevere to make a positive influence. schooling possible: Thank you to the Homeroom and subject teachers from Year 7 to now. Thank you for your We would especially like to acknowledge our current support, knowledge, expertise and guidance; we would school captains; Annika Miesen and Bryce Robinson, for not have made it this far without you. their outstanding leadership and involvement within the student body. We would like to thank them for their To the year level Co-Ordinators, thank you for your ongoing support throughout the year and the example leadership and excellent direction each year, and for they have set for the students in the college. You have being the glue of our year level. We appreciate all the been great role models for Julien and I and we hope to hard work you have done for us. live up to the high standards you have demonstrated throughout the year. On that note, we would like to wish Thank you Mr Sheehan, your passion for education and all of the Year 12s the best of luck for their final exams drive for success has influenced us and made this school and for the future whether it be in further studies or what it is today. We are proud to say we are from CRC entering the workforce. Melton. Good Morning Staff and Students. We would like to thank the teachers and the Year 11 student body for giving up their time to vote for our School Leaders. We feel very privileged to fulfill this role in 2014.

Thank you

As a year level, we are sad to leave CRC behind but we also look forward to the future that lies ahead of us. We are nervous, yet excited about the diverse paths that await each of us, however we know that the lessons we have learnt here will guide us in the right direction for years to come.

Deputy Principal - Staff Year 7 - 9 End Of Year Exams and Timed Assessment Tasks Exams and Assessments for Year 7 – 9 classes take place soon. We have brought forward the dates of these (rather than at the very end of year) to enable greater feedback and review of key skills and knowledge required for progression into the next year level. Year 7 Year 7 students will undertake timed assessments beginning Tuesday October 28 until Friday November 1. These will take place in normal scheduled class times. Timed Assessments in Mathematics and English will take place in Homerooms as set out below. Year 8 Year 8 students will undertake timed assessments beginning Thursday October 24 until Wednesday October 30. These will take place in normal scheduled class times. Timed Assessments in Mathematics and English will take place in J Block as set out below. Wed October 30

Thurs October 31



Mon October 28

Tues October 29



Year 9 Year 9 students will undertake exams beginning Thursday October 24 until October 30. Elective exams will take place in normal scheduled class times. Exams in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities will take place in the J Block Exam Centre on the following dates. Mon Oct 28 ENGLISH Period 1 J BLOCK

Tue Oct 29 MATHS Period 1 J BLOCK



Year 11 All Year 11 Exams will take place in our VCE Exams Centre (J Block) Thurs Nov 14 English (Start 9.00 Finish 12.15pm)

Fri Nov 15 General Maths (9.00 – 10.45)

Mon Nov 18 Literature (9.00 – 11.15) Food Technology (9.00 – 10.45) Physics (9.00 – 10.45) HHD & General Maths Adv (1.30- 3.15)

Methods (1.303.15)

Psychology (1.30- 3.15)

Tues Nov 19 English Language (9.00 – 11.15) Physical Education (9.00 – 10.45)

Weds Nov 20 History (9.00 – 11.15)

Thurs Nov 21 Information Tech. (9.00 – 10.35) Legal Studies (9.00 – 11.15) Studio Arts (9.00 – 10.45)

Biology (1.303.15)

Accounting (1.00- 3.15) Chemistry (1.00-2.45) VCD (1.00-2.45)

Business Managment (1.30- 3.15)

Fri Nov 22 Drama Wood Media Music (9.00 – 10.45) Indonesian (9.00 – 11.15)

Year 12 Year 12 students are now on SWOTVAC until Tuesday, October 29. VCAA exams begin on Wednesday, October 30 and conclude Wednesday, November 20. The Graduation Dinner will be held that evening. Students need to be at the College at least 30 minutes before the exam published reading time to ensure smooth entry into the exam venues. Students may wear casual clothes. Tablet Devices for Year 9 Students Year 9 students are in the process of picking up their Windows Tablets. These devices will go through with our current Year 9 students to the end of their Year 12 year. To enable us to better communicate with families if they have any queries regarding these or any other school tablets, we have set up a Tablet support / Information email. It is: These will go directly to David Micallef our Network Manager.

Invitation to all parents to attend a free PD to hear Andrew Fuller speak.

VCE Exhibition The Art and Technology department are holding our Annual VCE Exhibition. The work has been produced to meet the VCE study design for the subjects of Media Studies, Studio Art, Visual Communication Design, Materials Technology - Wood and Food. Come along and view the year long hard work of our VCE students. This exhibition is a must for any junior student looking to study any of the previously mentioned subjects at a VCE level. VCE Exhibition will be held on: Thursday 24th October 2013 at 7.00pm Catholic Regional College Melton, VCE Building (J Building) We look forward to seeing you there and supporting our students. Amy Rowley Head of Art Year 7 2015 Enrolment Evening There will be a Year 7 2015 Enrolment Meeting on Wednesday, 13th November at 7.30pm in the College Hall. Parents who are seeking enrolment for their child at Catholic Regional College, Melton must attend this meeting. Please note if you wish to submit your application on the evening you will need a copy of your child’s Baptism certificate and a $50 deposit. Kerrie-Ann Matthews Registrar Catholic Regional College Fees - 2014 Year 7 to 10 Tuition Fee


Year 11 & 12 Tuition Fee


Family Discount Years 7 - 10

Years 11 & 12

2 students $287 per student 3 students $575 per student 4 students $862 per student 5 students $1150 per student

$333 per student $666 per student $999 per student $1332 per student

St Bernard's Parish For further information or ticket sales please contact the following Veronica Mayne. 0409 952338, Carmel Shea 5367 2647 or Jacqui Segrave 0430 958758


Calendar 2013


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Term 4



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Year 12 Graduation Mass Year 7 Premier League Round 5 Unit 2 Outdoor Education Camp Year 8 Assessments Unit 2 Outdoor Education Camp Year 9 Exams and Assessments Year 8 Assessments Unit 2 Outdoor Education Camp Year 9 Exams and Assessments Year 7 Premier League Round 6 Parents & Friends Meeting Year 10 Reflection Day

Wednesday 23rd 1.00pm - 2.00pm T. Brewis

J. Antony

Wednesday 30th 6.30pm - 7.30pm J. Shelly

N. Woods

November Wednesday 6th

1.00pm - 2.00pm

G. Thiele

H. Breich

November Uniform Packing Day 4th 5th

Student Free Day Melbourne Cup Day

Wednesday 13th 12.00pm - 2.00pm J. Johnson K. Pigott

A. Watson

Wednesday 20th J Harvey

D. Simpson C Bettess

Homework Club Canteen Homework club will run each Wednesday from 16th October in the Library from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

2013 Term 4 October

Mass Times Parish of Melton Parish Priest : Fr Michael Moody Weekend Mass times: St Catherine of Siena Church Bulmans Rd, Melton West Saturday: 6.00pm Sunday: 9.00am & 11.00am St Bernard’s Parish Parish Priest: Fr. Brian Glasheen Weekend Mass times: Saturday: 6.30pm Sunday: 8.30am & 10.00am

St Anthony’s Parish Parish Priest: Fr. Fabian Smith Weekend Mass times: Saturday: 5.30pm Sunday: 8.30am & 10.30am

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22nd october, 2013  
22nd october, 2013