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13th November, 2012 Reflection A Prayer in Praise of God's Greatness Almighty, true and incomparable God, You are present in all things, yet in no way limited by them. You remain unaffected by place, untouched by time, unperturbed by years, and undeceived by words. You are not subject to birth and in no need of protection. You are beyond all corruption, above all change, immutable by nature. You live in unapproachable light and are invisible, yet You are known to all those who seek You with hope and love. You are the God of Israel, and of all who hope in Christ. Amen

School fees in 2013 From the commencement of the 2013 school year all CRC Melton families will be billed a tuition fee, which is based on the current lower school fee. This change does not, in any way, diminish the commitment that families have to their Parish, including the expectation to contribute financially to their Parish. Simply stated, the ongoing enrolment of a student here at CRC will depend upon their family’s contribution to the Thanksgiving Program of their local parish. This financial commitment to the Parish will be monitored on a regular basis throughout the year, in particular, during the reenrolment process, which happens annually in September. The fee increase for the 2013 school year is 3%, which is well below the secondary education CPI which was 7.7% according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In conclusion, can I say that the College relies on the payment of school fees to provide extensive programs to students and to plan our expenditure on an annual basis. In living up to your responsibility of paying your child’s school fees, you are supporting the whole school community. Mark Sheehan Principal

Facebook Anti-Bullying Campaign: Be Bold, Stop Bullying A message for Parents and Students from The Hon Julia Gillard MP Now is your time to Be Bold and Speak Up against bullying. Bullying hurts. It hurts our kids. It hurts our families. And it can hurt for a long time. I want to raise awareness of the simple, yet powerful, things everyone can do to help prevent bullying. By logging onto your Facebook and taking the pledge against bullying, which you can find here: https://, we can all commit to working together to create a school culture that doesn’t tolerate bullying. At its core, the pledge is a public statement to your friends, family, and the community that you will take action when you see bullying occur. This can contribute by starting a conversation to educate and empower people about how to speak up against bullying, both online and offline. We also encourage you to view the parents section of the website for further information and resources. You can also visit my own Facebook page for updates and information: Yours sincerely

The Hon Julia Gillard MP Prime Minister Member for Lalor

Deputy Principal - Student Welfare News

Year 7 2014 Enrolment Application Meeting

Two weeks ago in the College Newsletter reference was made to the misuse and danger of the social media in particular cyberbullying and sexting. A very powerful and factual presentation was made to all Year 7 & 8 students by the Victorian Police of these dangers. During Term 3 the Year 7 & 8 students also had the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops run by Project Rockit, designed to address the issues of bullying and building positive relationships.

There will be a Year 7 2014 Enrolment Application Meeting on Wednesday, 14th November at 7.30pm in the College Hall. Parents who are seeking enrolment for their child at Catholic Regional College, Melton must attend this meeting. Please note if you wish to submit your application on the evening you will need a copy of your child’s Baptism certificate and a $50 deposit.

The Federal Government has teamed up with Project Rockit, Facebook and Headspace to launch a national proactive anti-bullying campaign and help create an online world that doesn’t tolerate hate, prejudice, humiliation or discrimination. Their shared goal is to ignite a national conversation about how we can all join forces to bring a stop to bullying: In school, outside of school, and online. We see this campaign as our chance to together reclaim Facebook for what it was originally intended – positively connecting and sharing with the people in your life. Secondhand Book Sales 2012 As mentioned in last week’s newsletter a new process of buying and selling secondhand books has been established to streamline and simplify the exchange. As of this year there will be no secondhand book sales held at the school, all buying and selling will be through an online provider Sustainable Schools Shop The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The service provides access to second-hand textbooks, calculators, stationery and musical equipment all year round. Parents can even trade with other parents from different schools and sell textbooks no longer in use at our school. Information on how to access the website will be sent with the 2013 booklist. Robert Blackley Deputy Principal

Year 10 & 11 Exams Year 10 and 11 exams will be held over the next few weeks. The last day of Year 11 classes is Wednesday, November 21. Year 10 classes finish on Monday, November 26. I have attached our Year 10 & 11 Exam programs that notifies dates, times and venues. Note that students are only required at the College for exams. We will provide study rooms for students during the day. If any students have concerns regarding their exams, then they should contact their Year Level Coordinator. 2013 Subject Selections All Year 11 and Year 12 Subject allocations for 2013 have now closed. Students will be given a final copy of their subjects for next year this week. Our Year 11 and Year 12 2013 Jumpstart program begins on Monday, December 3 and students will be given a timetable. Current Year 8 and 9 students have also been given their electives for 2013. Any changes requested must be processed this week. John Christie Deputy Principal (Staff) Catholic Regional College - Melton - Year 11 Exam Timetable November 2012 Time

Thursday Nov 22

Friday Nov 23

Monday Nov 26

Tuesday Nov 27

8.50 – 10.30 (90 + 10 min)

English (Start 9.00am Finish 12.15pm) J BLOCK

General Maths Maths Methods J BLOCK

Biology Media J BLOCK

Chemistry Business Management N BLOCK

Psychology VCD J BLOCK

Design Technology Studio Arts Physics J BLOCK

Drama Food Technology Physical Education N BLOCK

Accounting Literature N BLOCK

Geography Legal Studies J BLOCK

Information Tech General Maths Adv Italian N BLOCK


10.55 – 12.35 (90 + 10 min)

1.40 – 3.20 (90 + 10 min)

1pm – Farewell Mass (Hall)

Wednesday Nov 28 History N BLOCK

Thursday Nov 29 Year 11 Catch Up Exam Day

Catholic Regional College - Melton - Year 10 Exam Timetable November 2012 Tuesday Nov 27 Religious Education J BLOCK

Wednesday Nov 28 Maths Core Maths Core Plus J BLOCK

Time 8.50 – 10.15 (75 + 10 min)

Thursday Nov 29 Science – Body & Mind General Science Methods/General Maths J BLOCK

Friday Nov 30 Physical Education J BLOCK

English 10.40am – 12.55pm (120 + 15) J BLOCK

People & the Past J BLOCK

10.40 – 12.05 (75 + 10 min)

People & Places Science Consumer VCE Outdoor Ed Unit 2 J BLOCK

Science Earth & Space Science Human Biology Italian J BLOCK

Indonesian J BLOCK

1.55 – 3.20 (75 + 10 min)

People & Profits J BLOCK

1.40pm Start VCE Legal Studies VCE Information Technology J BLOCK


Calendar 2012


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Term 4



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Year 10 VCAL Camp VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examinations VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examinations Year 7 Premier League Grand Final Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp 4 Year 7 2014 Enrolment Meeting VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examinations Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp 4 Year 9, 10 & 11 Study Skills Sessions Kenya Immersion Activity VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examinations Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp 4 Kenya Immersion Activity Year 8 Welfare Activity VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examinations VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examinations Year 10/11 VCAL Activity Year 10 Hospitality Event VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examinations Last day Year 11 classes VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examinations SACCSS Awards Year 11 Examinations Year 11 Examinations Year 8 Welfare Activity

Wednesday 14th 6.30pm-7.30pm D. Cutajar T. Penza T. Agius C. Schembri Wednesday 21st PACKING DAY 12.00pm - 2.00pm D. Taylor K. Piggot D. Simpson M. Mizzi Wednesday 28th 6.30pm - 7.30pm A. Peacock M. Salvatore G. Thiele N. Woods December Wednesday 5th J. Barbara

1.00pm - 2.00pm L. Fawcett

Tuesday 11th


10.00AM - 12.00 J. Johnson D. Day

A. Watson C. Arthur

12.00 - 2.00pm

T. Davine

S. Theuma M. Suttie

Canteen 2012 Term 4

Mass Times

November Wednesday 14th

St. Dominic’s Parish Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Moody Weekend Mass times: Saturday: 6.00pm Sunday: 9.00am & 11.00am St Bernard’s Parish Parish Priest: Fr. Brian Glasheen Weekend Mass times: Saturday: 6.30pm Sunday: 8.30am, 10.00am

St Anthony’s Parish Parish Priest: Fr. Fabian Smith Weekend Mass times: Saturday: 5.30pm Sunday: 8.30am & 10.30am

Friday 16th

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Debbie Taylor Joanne Websdale Teresa Wheadon Tess Galea Tabatha Hehir

Thursday 15th

Homework Club Homework Club is held every Wednesday in the Library from 3.30pm-4.30pm

13th November 2012  
13th November 2012  

13th November 2012