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W W W. C R C D S . E D U


From the President The Rev. Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D.

“And yet we cannot be absolutely sure that any earthly instrument is necessary to God. Times change, and methods change with them. Our part is to do our work, to stand by the institutions Christ has put into our charge, to make them, by our liberality, our teaching, our influence, what they ought to be. The present is ours; the future belongs to God. We trust that the Seminary shall abide so long as the world stands. But, after all, the Seminary is but a means to an end. That end is the progress and triumph of the kingdom of God.” —Augustus H. Strong, President of Rochester Theological Seminary from Historical Discourses delivered as a part of the exercises in connection with the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Rochester Theological Seminary in 1900.

I recently came across these words from a distinguished past president while

preparing for the bicentennial of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (CRCDS). Reflecting on them now, I am struck by just how true these words ring today. Despite the passage of almost 116 years since Augustus Strong penned these words and almost 200 years since the founding of our beloved CRCDS, our core commitment remains the same. The CRCDS mission is not, as President Strong reminds us, an end in itself. Rather, CRCDS is a means to an end—the education of women and men who uniquely serve to bring the Kingdom of God into our midst! CRCDS and all those who love and support it are collectively working toward a world that is more just, more humane and more peacefilled. People continue to cry out for the healing that only God’s love can bring, and so they continue to cry out for 2

leaders who are equipped to bring God’s transformative healing to them and to all God’s people, particularly those who lack power, lack voice and lack advocacy. This is the mission of CRCDS—to educate and form those called by God to be agents of God’s love and witnesses to God’s call for justice and mercy. I am privileged by the opportunity to oversee the good and faithful work of CRCDS as it charts a course for bringing in the Kingdom in the 21st Century and I am so grateful for partners like you who support us on this journey. The following pages document the many people who have supported us during our 2014–15 fiscal year. Though we all have a tendency to seek out our own name, I ask you to take time to read all of these names and to give thanks, as all of us in the CRCDS community do, for each and every person listed here. In a very real and ever-present way, each of these people make CRCDS a reality, providing the essential resources we need to carry out and carry forth our mission of preparing leaders who are pastoral in their approach, prophetic in their vision, and always intellectually prepared—the hallmarks of the CRCDS education. Be assured of this, without the prayerful and generous support of you and of the many people whose names are contained within these pages, CRCDS would be no more than a wishful hope, a mere idea incapable of being put into action, instead of the progressive life-giving institution it is today. In a very real and direct way, your gifts and your prayers make the education of future leaders possible. When I look back on the quality of the thousands of graduates CRCDS and the Baptist Missionary Training School (BMTS) have sent forth over our almost 200 years, I am truly awed. Few institutions can claim a legacy on par with ours and few have had a greater, more broadranging, more profound impact than ours. For this, we

should all be enormously proud. Each of our graduates, past and present, could not have reached graduation without God’s blessing and without the help and support of hundreds of thousands of people who, like you, have supported CRCDS—from its earliest beginnings in the early 19th Century right up to our present age. Throughout the following pages, we introduce you to just a few of our current students (our future graduates) who are benefitting from your generosity and who will soon join the long and distinguished line of CRCDS graduates. Each one of them embodies the signature traits of the CRCDS education—Pastoral, Prophetic and Learned— and each one holds our collective hopes and prayers for the future as they answer God’s call to work for the coming of the Kingdom. We remain ever grateful for each of our students and all those whose unceasing prayers and steadfast support allow us to fulfill the CRCDS mission. I pray God’s continued blessing on you and on all the members of the CRCDS family. Let us give thanks to the Lord for the gift of each other, for the gift of our students and for the treasure that is Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. Let us each do our part, as President Strong urged so many years ago, to stand by CRCDS, this blessed instrument of God. May our Lord continue to use CRCDS to prepare servants and may God continue to bless all those working to bring in the Kingdom. Your servant in Christ,,

The Rev. Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D. President 3

Honor Roll of Donors 2014–2015

The following honor roll includes donors who made gifts of cash or securities from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

The Tower Society (gifts of $1,000 or more)


$50,000 +

C. Eugene Bennett Foundation

MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. CIRCLE $25,000 + Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hamlin IV Rev. Dr. Everett L. Perry* HOWARD THURMAN CIRCLE $10,000 + Mr. Richard DiMarzo The Hutchins Family Foundation (Ms. Jeanne B. Hutchins) Dr. Marvin A. McMickle and Ms. Peggy McMickle Mr. and Mrs. John S. Prigge, Jr. SAMUEL CROZER CIRCLE $5,000 + Anonymous Rev. Judith B. Bryan and Mr. Richard Bryan, Jr. Episcopal Diocese of Rochester (Rochester, NY) The Rev. Dr. Sumner M. Grant The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Jack M. McKelvey Dr. James C. Miller Rev. Hugh D. Outterson* and Ms. Barbara Outterson Ms. Virginia S. Pacala Rev. Dr. Albert Rowe James B. and Vera A. Sadler Fund of the Sioux Falls Area Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Tupitza Mr. John Urban Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III


SUZANNE RINCK ARMSTRONG CIRCLE $2,500 + Rev. David Evans and Ms. Grace Norton Evans Mr. Darrell Geib and Ms. Mary Anna Geib Priscilla Gipson* Ms. Georgia Gosnell * Dr. Annie Marie LeBarbour, Ph.D. and Rev. G. Rheanolte LeBarbour Dr. Katherine J. Mayberry Rev. Thomas G. Poole, Ph.D. WILLIAM NEWTON CLARK CIRCLE $1,000 + American Baptist Churches of the Rochester/Genesee Region (Rev. Alan Newton) Aenon Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Anonymous Ms. Jean Bartlett * Mr. Steven Bartlett and Ms. Linda Bardenstein Rev. and Mrs. Thomas G. Bayes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Colby H. Chandler Rev. Kenneth I. Clarke Sr. Rev. Thomas E. Clifton Rev. Garland Criswell and Ms. Joan Criswell Rev. James M. Dick Dr. Kenneth V. Dodgson and Ms. Sally Dodgson, D.Min. Rev. Dr. Ralph H. Elliott Ms. Mary Erzinger Dr. James H. Evans, Jr. Ms. Susanna Ferris Rev. Dr. Lowell H. Fewster and Rev. Julie P. Fewster First Baptist Church (Penfield, NY) First Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) First Presbyterian Church (Pittsford, NY) Rev. Dr. Michael Ford Rev. Sue Forsyth Mr. and Emerson Fullwood Mr. Burton Galaway and Ms. Natalie Wigandt Galaway

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred O. Ginkel Ms. Roberta Grimm Rev. Lawrence Hargrave and Ms. Brenda Lee Rev. and Mrs. Douglas E. Hess Dr. Bennie L. Hildebrand Mr. Kenneth L. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Holmes IBM International Foundation (Armonk, NY) Mr. Martin E. Johnson III Mr. William A. Johnson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Kaczmarek Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kraushaar Lake Avenue Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Rev. Dr. H. Darrell Lance Rev. Dr. Marcus Matthews Rev. Dr. Samuel B. McKinney Mr. and Mrs. James R. McMillen Rev. Willis J. Merriman Dr. James G. Miller MillRace Design Associates, LLC (Ms. Kathy D’Amanda) Rev. Stuart J. Mitchell III and Ms. Martha Neubert Mt. Olivet Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Dr. Richard N. Myers and Ms. Elizabeth Myers North Hills Community Baptist Church (Pittsburgh, PA) Paramount Baptist Church (Washington, DC) Ms. Marilyn J. Partin Rev. and Mrs. Elmo Pascale Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Peterson Providence Baptist Church (Baltimore, MD) Ms. Kikue Rich Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Richards Dr. and Mrs. Bobby Joe Saucer Rev. Dr. Stephanie L. Sauvé Susan J. Scanlon, Esq. and Mr. Croft K. Hangartner Rev. and Mrs. Roger Seidner Rev. Dr. Granville A. Seward The Rt. Rev. Prince G. Singh and Dr. Roja Singh Rev. Nelson B. Soggs

SPX Foundation (Princeton, NJ) Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Stahl Dr. Brian J. Thompson Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Thompson, Sr. Ms. Sybrnee J. Thompson Ms. Mattie Thurman Ms. Patricia W. Tingley Rev. Dr. June Totten Rev. Frank D. Tyson Unitarian Universalist Congregation Lake County (Eustis, FL) Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Van Strydonck Rev. Anne B. Waasdorp Rev. Dr. Thomas White Wolf Fassett Ms. Rachel Wynn Xerox Foundation (Stamford, CT) ____________________________


Dr. Nancy E. Abrams Gaess and Mr. Peter Gaess Mr. and Mrs. John A. Anderson Mr. Scott W. Anderson and Ms. Sue A. Anderson Ms. Patricia C. Ashbrook Dr. Jeffery S. Atwater Mr. James S. Badger Dr. William F. Barr Dr. Mark Brummitt Ms. Esther Cable Rev. Edward I. Carey Dr. Jin Young Choi Rev. Gary Clinton Rev. Winifred Collin Ms. Mary Jean M. Covert Rev. and Mrs. Lee Crane Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. DeBellis Mr. Samuel E. Deibler, Jr. Ms. Phyllis Derby Rev. William P. Diggs, Sr. Dr. Melanie Duguid-May and Rev. Deborah Duguid-May Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Ewell First Baptist Church (Peoria, IL) First Baptist Church (Hamilton, NY) * Deceased

First Baptist Church (White Plains, NY) Rev. Barbara A. Freiert Ms. Katie Pringle Gerecke Darwin and Tangee Gibson Rev. Cheri B. Grizzard Rev. and Mrs. Steven Hartman Ms. Carol Hellwig Mr. and Mrs. Preston T. Henderson Ms. Alice Hunnicutt Rev. and Mrs. Charles B. Hunt Ms. Elizabeth Iwan Rev. David W. Jones Dr. William Jones Winterbourne L. P. Jones Dr. David M. Kilpatrick Dr. David Kim Rev. Dr. James W. King Ms. A. Melissa Kiser Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Kutter Mr. James A. LaRue Rev. and Mrs. Donald L. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Ligon Rev. Dr. Helene H. Loper Ms. Claire Elizabeth Loughhead Rev. Dr. Richard C. Malmquist Rev. Dr. J. Wendell Mapson, Jr. Ms. Katherine McCurdy Mr. James B. Moseley Rev. James M. Pollard Dr. Marcus C. Pomeroy Rev. Cheryl P. Price Mr. Steven M. Price and Mr. Norman Geil Ms. Barbara Purvis Rev. Dr. Alan Ragland Mr. James Reynolds and Mr. Michael Lombardo Rev. Dr. Gail A. Ricciuti Second Baptist Church (Mumford, NY) Rev. Joyce E. Sirianni, Ph.D. Ms. Elizabeth A. Snodgrass Dr. Kenneth H. Spitzer and Ms. Lois Stuber Spitzer Ms. Dorothy R. Tasker Third Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY)

United Church of Christ First Congregational (Norwich, NY) Rev. and Mrs. Paul A. Vick Dr. Cynthia A. Weaver Webster Baptist Church (Webster, NY) Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Witmer


Ms. Deborah A. Abbott Ms. Margaret Ackley Anonymous Mr. Thomas R. Argust Ms. Roxie Ash Rev. and Mrs. Scott L. Barton Mr. Donald Beech Rev. Dr. David C. Bergner Rev. Willem Bodisco Massink Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James A. Braker Rev. Garth E. Brokaw Ms. Essie L. Calhoun-McDavid Paul and Mary Allison Callaway Ms. Janet I. Cameron Central Baptist Church (Wayne, PA) Rev. Phyllis A. Chaffee Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Cohen Rev. Eleanor G. Collinsworth Dr. Austin B. Creel Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James V. Davison Mr. and Mrs. Mark DeVincentis Rev. Larry W. Dobson Mr. L. David Easton Mr. and Mrs. James S. Emrich First Baptist Church (Birmingham, MI) First Baptist Church (Penn Yan, NY) First Baptist Church (Lewisburg, PA) First Baptist Church, DeWitt Park (Ithaca, NY) General Electric Foundation (Fairfield, CT) Dr. Douglas J. Green Rev. Ossie Heath-Crump Cincinnati-Tuskegee Alumni Club (Ms. Tracie Hill) Rev. and Mrs. Ronald G. James Mr. David A. Kolassa

Rev. and Mrs. Robert F. Lester Rev. Glenn Loafmann Rev. Roanne C. MacEwan Dr. Margaretha J. Markesteijn Rev. Kenneth L. McCarthy Ms. Kelly McLaughlin Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Morral and Rev. Melissa Morral Mountain Rise U.C.C. (Fairport, NY) Rev. Robert J. Nelson Rev. and Mrs. Alan Newton Chaplain C. Vernon Northrup Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Todd Overfield Rev. Stephen L. Peterson Mr. A. Thomas Quindlen Rev. Paul Raushenbush Mr. Walter Raushenbush Mr. Ray Raycroft and Ms. Catherine H. Raycroft Ms. Lorena M. Ritter Mr. Ray Shero Rev. Kenneth H. Simpson Ms. Epp K. Sonin Tabernacle Baptist Church (Utica, NY) Rev. Joellyn Tuttle Mr. Doug Tyson and Ms. Lisa Tyson Union University Church (Alfred, NY) United Church of Pittsford (Pittsford, NY) University Baptist Church (State College, PA) Ms. Marion B. VanArsdell Rev. Lucille Weaver Rev. Richard L. Wereley West Henrietta Baptist Church (West Henrietta, NY) The Rev'd Dr. W. Kenneth Williams and The Rev’d Peggy Nowlings Williams The Woolbright Group (Webster, NY)


Ms. Deborah L. Allen Tish and Henry Allen Anonymous (5) Ms. Leslie J. Apetz Rev. Merle S. Arnold Rev. Dr. Glenn Asquith, Jr. Rev. Dr. Marcia Bailey The Baptist Temple (Rochester, NY) Mr. Scott Bartlett Esq. Ms. Maxine Bascom Dr. Russell Becker Dr. Jimmy A. Beshai Rev. E. Astuti Bijlefeld Rev. Russell H. Bishop, Jr. The Reverend Dr. Donald P. Boardman Rev. Dr. Anthony Bonds Mr. William Bross Rev. Gary V. Burdick Ms. Gudrun Busch Rev. Dr. Venus L. Butler Mr. C. Stanley Camp Gerald Cantey Rev. Pamela R. Carey Caroline Valley Federated Church (Ithaca, NY) Dr. W. Kenneth Cauthen and Rev. Dr. Gloria Fish Kalyn J. Chandler Children of James R. Roy Christ Temple Apos. Faith Church (Rochester, NY) Rev. Dr. Charles F. Christiansen Ms. Elizabeth T. Clay Rev. Joseph P. Clay Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Clemmons, Sr. Rev. Jack W. Coates Reverends Douglas L. and Elizabeth Congdon-Martin Rev. Saundra L. Cordingley Corning Incorporated Foundation (Corning, NY) Covenant United Methodist Church (Rochester, NY) Rev. R. Edwin Crabtree Rev. C. Burtis Crooks, Jr. Ms. Juliette Rhodes Cummings * Deceased


Honor Roll of Donors 2014–2015

The following honor roll includes donors who made gifts of cash or securities from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

Mr. Kenneth D. Curry Rev. E. Alan Dailey Rev. Dr. Andrew C. Davison* and Dr. Beverly C. Davison Rev. Richard E. Deam, CFP Dr.’s Kenneth L. and Mary Dean Ms. Chelli Devadutt Ms. V. Sumati Devadutt Rev. Larry A. Deyss Rev. John P. Dick Mr. Donald Hanks and Ms. Gwendolyn P. Dickerson-Hanks Mr. Wendell Discher Rev. David Durham Rev. Edward D. Ellmore Emmanuel Baptist Church (Albany, NY) Dr. Harvey A. Everett Mr. Daniel A. Eves Dr. Peter Fabian and Rev. Aurelia Hale-Fabian Ms. Doris Farnsworth Ms. Jennie A. Findley First Baptist Church (Freehold, NJ) First Baptist Church (Arcade, NY) First Baptist Church (Cooperstown, NY) First Baptist Church (Fairport, NY) First Baptist Church (Geneva, NY) First Baptist Church (Macedon, NY) First Baptist Church (Kenosha, WI) First Baptist Church of Detroit (Southfield, MI) First English Baptist Church (Nanticoke, PA) Ms. Elizabeth B. Fisher Dr. L. Faye Flemister Ms. Barbara Fradenburgh Rev. William L. Frederickson Ms. Joy Gale Ms. Anne S. Gardner Ms. Betty Garrett Rev. Dr. G. Kenneth Gates Genesee Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Ms. Paula G. Gianforti Rev. Janet Gifford Rev. Clifford M. Gilson Rev. Ernest R. Gipson


Mr. Charles Goldsby and Andra Goldsby, Ed.D. Rev. Richard Grant Rev. Mary Lynn Gras Rev. Everett H. Greene Dr. and Mrs. Larry Greenfield Ms. Mary Lou Grevatt Ms. Mary E. Griffes Rev. Mary K. Guy Dr. G. Thomas Halbrooks Ms. Linda Hammar Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Hammer Rev. Paul J. Hardwick and Ms. Linda Rae Hardwick Rev. Paul J. Harrell Rev. Donnell Harris Rev. Clifford H. Haskins Rev. Dr. William L. Hathaway Ms. Patsy L. Hayes Rev. Gail Heimberger Ms. Karen S. Hibbard Rev. and Mrs. Wade D. Hiltabidel Hilton Baptist Church (Hilton, NY) Dr. Stephen Hirby Mr. William B. Hitchens Dr. Fredrick H. Hoffmann Mr. James K. Hoffmeister Hope Baptist Church (Albany, NY) Rev. Vincent Howell, D.Min. Dr. Patricia L. Hunter Immanuel Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Ms. Linda R. Isham Rev. Janet A. James Dr. Rosa V. James Rev. Dr. Mark P. Jensen Rev. Arthur P. Johns Rev. Dr. Karl A. Johnson Dr. Emma J. Justes Rev. Lucille Kelley Rev. Edward E. Kennedy Mr. William R. Kenyon Rev. Marie E. King Ms. Marietta P. King Rev. James Knighton Rev. Lee E. Koon Rev. Dr. Mary J. Korte Ms. Nancy E. Krody

Rev. Vernon E. Kuehn Rev. Robert Lacker Rev. Michael Ware and Rev. Barbara J. Lacker-Ware Rev. and Mrs. John A. Lake Dr. Leo R. Landhuis Rev. John W. Laney Dr. Lewis Leitner Rev. Robert J. Lovett Rev. and Mrs. David Lubba Rev. Dr. Kathleen E. Madigan and Ms. Juleen Carter Dr. William L. Malcomson Rev. L. Edwin Martin Rev. Mary E. Martin Rev. Dr. David C. Marx Ms. Andrea Mason Dr. David R. Matteson Dr. John S. Mayo Rev. Dr. Richard McCaughey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDade Clay Rev. Rachel McGuire Rev. Dr. John W. McNeill Rev. Charles B. Mercer Rev. Steven Middernacht Rev. and Mrs. James H. Middleton Mr. Neal P. Miller Rev. Dr. John H. Minott Dr. Henry H. Mitchell Dr. Mozella G. Mitchell Ms. June Morin Morris Street Baptist Church (Charleston, SC) (Rev. Leonard Griffin) Rev. Jimmie A. Morrison Rev. R. LeRoy Moser Richard and Ruth Myers Ms. June Nealy Ms. Althea Nelson Rev. Virgil K. Nelson Rev. Phillip R. Newhart Mr. Robert Nixon Dr. William R. Northrup Rev. and Mrs. G. Travis Norvell Rev. Leon Oaks-Lee Dr. W. Mason Olds Rev. David J. Olson

Rev. Harold E. Owens Ms. Gretchen Pallischeck Bill and Doris Perkett Dale W. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. David Petherbridge Rev. Ruth E. Phillips Pine City Baptist Church (Pine City, NY) Poquonnock Bridge Church Dr. Bruce R. Pullen Rev. Dr. Claude Pullis Dr. Leon Putnam Ms. Virginia Quiring Ms. Elizabeth Rahal Rev. Phyllis Reed Rev. Robert W. Rice Dr. C. Jack Richards Rev. Lewis E. Robbins Ms. Lou G. Roberts Eckle Erica Roberts Rev. Dr. James E. Robinson and Rev. Ellen W. Robinson Ms. Faith I. Rohrabaugh Ms. Gladys Rudolph Rev. Robert V. Sanders, Jr. Ms. Olgha Sandman Rev. Michael D. Scott and Rev. Marjorie Scott Rev. Marian Shearer Rev. Warren O. Shields Rev. John A. Siden Rev. Dr. Darryl M. Smaw Rev. and Mrs. Arthur G. Smith Ms. Betty Smith Ms. Esther Smith Rev. Dr. Neil Sowards Rev. Robert F. Spencer Ms. Ethel Spiegler St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Caledonia, NY) Rev. Lynnette Stallworth Ms. Marjorie S. Stevens Rev. Alexander Stewart Rev. Allison Stokes, Ph.D. Rev. Elizabeth O. Stroop Rev. Angel L. Sullivan Rev. Dr. Jacqueline P. Sullivan Dr. James W. Swindell * Deceased

S i m o n Ku i ( M a s t e r o f D i v i n i t y )

“Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” —St. Francis of Assisi

Simon Kui doesn’t think in terms of “possible” or “impossible.” Embracing each day with a

positive spirit, he accomplishes more in a day than many of us do in a week. Simon, a native of the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma) balances a demanding schedule that includes a challenging, full-time job at the Hillside Family of Agencies, caring for his wife and three children (ages nine, five and three and a half), fulfilling requirements for the CRCDS Master of Divinity program, and preaching at Lake Avenue Baptist Church (Rochester, NY). Additionally, he is frequently asked to translate Burmese for patients at Strong Memorial and Rochester General Hospitals.

Simon’s biggest obstacle is time, but he regards this as a temporary problem which will eventually resolve itself. The people in Myanmar, he says, have much bigger struggles: since 1962, the country has suffered under a brutal military regime that is deemed one of the world’s most repressive and abusive. Human rights violations are the norm, as is religious persecution, especially among Christians and Muslims. One of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, families typically earn between $80-$100 per month. Known as one of the most unconnected countries in the world, only 25% of the people in Myranmar have electricity; 1% have internet access. Considering the hardships Simon’s family left behind, challenges for his family in the United States are framed as manageable opportunities.

“I said ‘yes’ to God when He told me to come to this country. So many people who helped me get here said ‘yes.’ So I do the same.”

Simon is exceedingly proud of his role at Lake Avenue Baptist, where he preaches, leads Bible study, participates in fellowship and assists in the spiritual formation of Burmese refugees, 50% of whom comprise the faith community. Rev. Dr. Michael A. Ford (CRCDS ’12), Senior Pastor at Lake Avenue Baptist, CRCDS Trustee, M.Div. student and Simon’s mentor, says, “The Burmese people, with their commitment to faith, family and community, have truly taught us what it means to live in community with each other.” Although preaching an “English service” at Lake Avenue Baptist is difficult for Simon, he characteristically views it as a work in progress and has faith that he will improve. His father and grandfather, he says, had extremely strong personalities and taught him the importance of perseverance, a trait he admires—and needs—while helping Burmese friends navigate American life and while teaching his wife, who does not have a driver’s license, to operate a car.

In spite of his rigorous time constraints, Simon is someone who will almost always say “yes” when asked to help. He explains, “I said ‘yes’ to God when He told me to come to this country. So many people who helped me get here said ‘yes.’ So I do the same.” We are grateful for all of the people who say “yes” to CRCDS by supporting the good work of the School.


Honor Roll of Donors 2014–2015

The following honor roll includes donors who made gifts of cash or securities from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

Dr. Walter Szymanski John and Verna Tetz Dr. E. Shelley Tidy Ms. Mary A. Tomlinson Ms. Billie Townsend Ms. Lois T. Toyama Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY) Rev. Dr. C. Raymond Trout Rev. Donna R. Twardowski Dr. and Mrs. John Tyson Union Baptist Church (Hartford, CT) University Baptist Church (Columbus, OH) Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David Van Arsdale The Rev. Canon and Mrs. Rudolph van der Hiel Dr. Lester B. Vier Ms. Lois Waddington Rev. Gary W. Wagner Ms. Margery Wahler The Rt. Rev. Patricia Walker Mr. Allan Walters Rev. Dr. Daryl Ward Rev. Richard H. Watkins, Jr. and Ms. Estella P. Watkins Ms. Lois A. Webb Rev. and Mrs. Wallace Webb Rev. Gordon V. Webster Rev. William R. Webster Rev. David G. Weidman Ken and Colleen Weisbeck Caitlyn Weiss Rev. Ronald E. Wenzinger and Rev. Cynthia J. Wenzinger Rev. Donald F. Wheeler, Ph.D. Rev. Dr. Edward L. Wheeler Rev. Donald R. Williams The Rev. Amy Williams Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Williams Ms. Olive E. Williams Rev. Dr. Robert W. Williams Rev. Edward Willingham, Jr. Mr. Craig M. Wilson Rev. Thomas Young



John E. and Pamela W. Addison Rev. Barbara J. Alderman Rev. Dr. Ralph Anderson Anonymous (7) Dr. Paul Ashby Rev. David Bailey Sr. Rev. Susan A. Ban Audrose Banks Mr. Bernard S. Baron Paige and Bob Bartlett Robert P. Bartlett Rev. Juanita W. Bastian Gloria A. Battle Rev. Richard D. Bausman Dr. Edward A. Baxter Rev. Carola Beasley-Topliffe Rev. Siegrid E. Belden Rev. J. Peter Belec Ms. Loretta J. Bigger Rev. Bruce E. Billman Mr. Samuel Bishop Rev. Charles H. Bixby Ms. Deborah Blauw Ms. Lisa A. Bors Rev. Howard Bowman Rev. Leland Bowman Rev. Merlin Bradley Rev. Pauline S. Braggins Rev. Dr. G. Stanford Bratton Mr. Rodney Bush and Ms. Polly Bush Rev. K. Wayne Butler Rev. Robert H. Calvert Ms. Anne Campbell Dr. Stuart W. Campbell Mr. Brian E. Carter Mr. Hugh S. Caufield Rev. Thomas H. Caulkins Rev. Shirley M. Chan Mr. Donald S. Chapin Dr. Richard L. Clippinger Rev. Betty L. Cloen Rev. Solomon W. Cochren Rev. Alicia Conklin-Wood Dr. Edward J. Costello Rev. Dr. Roger W. Covell

Rev. Clarence L. Crews Rev. Sarah E. Culp Dr. William Cushman Ms. Katherine G. DaCosta Mr. Thomas J. Dalton Ms. Robyn K. Dean Ms. Sarah V. deBourg Dr. Wendy J. Deichmann Rev. Laurie J. DeMott Ms. Tiersa Dennis Rev. James G. Denny* Mr. Gene Dewey Rev. Allan G. Dickinson Mr. Thomas Diederich and Ms. Deborah Diederich Rev. Dr. Bradley J. Donahue Ms. Margaret Donovan Mr. Robert Drechsler Ms. Ruth A. Dudley Ms. Barbara Eiskowitz Rev. Dr. Victoria E. Eldridge Ms. Charlyn Elliott Rev. William A. Ellsworth Ms. Emma Enoch Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Eldon G. Ernst Rev. Norma Jean Fellows Ms. Deborah Ferguson First Baptist Church (Poughkeepsie, NY) Ms. Mary V. Fisher Brian and Karen Fitzgibbons Mr. Donald A. Forsyth Rev. Orpah R. Francis Rev. Michelle George Yates Rev. Larry M. Gerber Rev. Fred M. Gibson Rev. Mahlon Gilbert, D.Min. Dr. Richard Gilbert Mr. Steve Gingo Girl Friends Inc. Trenton Chapter (Eiral, NJ) Mr. Robert Goeckel Mr. Scot T. Graham-Raad Mr. Tom Hack Ms. Barbara Hall Rev. Derek H. Hansen Ms. Sharon R. Happ-Nothnagle Deena and David Harkins

Rev. Suzanna E. Harriff Rev. Mark C. Harrison Ms. Nancy Harrison Ms. Susan Harrison Rev. Margaret Hart Rev. Keith R. Haverkamp Mr. and Mrs. James Heinlein Ms. Barbara Hessdoerfer Wayne and Wanda Higgins Rev. Dr. Douglas W. Hill Rev. David C. Hoecker Mr. John Holtz Rev. David M. Hurst, D.Min Ms. Nicole Iaquinto Ms. June E. F. Jacobson Mr. Lyle Jenks Dr. Andrew H. Johanson John Calvin Presbyterian Church (Henrietta, NY) Geraldine W. Johnson Rev. Sebrone Johnson Willie Johnson Rev. David Jones Rev. Dr. Stephen D. Jones Mr. Todd Korol and Ms. Michele Kaider-Korol Ms. Patricia Keenahan Rev. Allen S. Keiper Rev. Naomi Kelly Fred Kenters Ms. Audrey Kenyon Ms. Kathryn Ketcham Rev. Brown C. Kinnard Ms. Marcella Klein Ms. Charlotte A. Klose Ms. Germaine Knapp Ms. Cheryle C. Knight Rev. Matthew D. Kofahl Mr. and Mrs. James E. Koller Ms. Carol Kolsti Rev. Stephen Krysalka Rev. James Landrum Rev. Thomas LeBeau Rev. Sandra J. Lemke Mr. Peter Lenox Ms. Nancy Lesher Ms. Eleanor Levy * Deceased

Dr. Jessica Shand ( G r a d uat e C e rt i f i c at e Studies Program)

“Compassion is a verb.” —Thich Nhat Hanh

The majority of students that cross the CRCDS threshold bring with them two qualities: the desire to be of service, and a unique skill set.

Dr. Jessica Shand, CRCDS student and pediatric oncologist at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (URMC) exhibits two added traits—a deep sense of compassion, and a remarkable sense of modesty. Jessica says, “When I tell people I am a pediatric oncologist, their first question is almost always, ‘I don’t know how you do it.’ For me, the decision was a simple one in that I believe God led me to this work in order to apply whatever gifts He bestowed on me to address this particular kind of struggle and suffering for children and their families.”

Jessica credits her “two incredible parents” for her personal philosophy. She and her husband Daniel, an emergency physician at URMC, say they feel blessed to have the opportunity to raise their two young sons, ages four and six, to be sensitive, community-minded young men who will follow in their footsteps of selfless service.

“...finding solidarity and faith through suffering may be one way that we, as a global community of God’s children, may begin to heal and move forward as a humanitarian society.”

Jessica believes her work with critically ill patients, one young woman in particular, led her to study at CRCDS. The patient, who retained and preached her faith right up until her death from metastatic soft tissue cancer, helped Jessica reconcile her faith in God’s goodness with the suffering around her. Realizing her work as a physician is also a ministry in its own way, Jessica views her studies at CRCDS as a means to create an integrated approach between clinical work and Biblical scholarship.

By attending CRCDS and interacting with faculty and a diverse student body, Jessica hopes to develop her own voice as a writer, speaker and educator to bring a perspective on the suffering of sick children that is applicable to both students of medicine and theology. One of her core beliefs is that finding solidarity and faith through suffering may be one way that we, as a global community of God’s children, may begin to heal and move forward as a humanitarian society.

An Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at URMC, Jessica believes that CRCDS is the perfect environment for her to find her own voice within the academic medical establishment, bringing together seemingly disparate elements of clinical medicine, scientific research and theology. She points out that true progressive thinking—and solutions—come when we explore unlikely connections. As such, she has a deep admiration for spiritual leaders Fr. Thomas Merton, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and St. Francis of Assisi, whose teachings she says, “emphasize overcoming perceived differences on the path to peace and humanity, often in contrast to consensus thinking.” Personally and professionally, Jessica views her patients and their families as unbelievably heroic, each in their own way. She is grateful to the nurses who care for her patients through the day and night and says they are, without question, the unsung heroes of the medical field. We are proud to have such accomplished and dedicated students at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and are grateful to those who provide support and encouragement for all of our students.


Honor Roll of Donors 2014–2015

The following honor roll includes donors who made gifts of cash or securities from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

Mr. Donald T. Little Rev. Dr. Jeanne E. MacKenzie Rev. Ivan L. Marable Jerry and Susan Marks Irene T. Mason Rev. M. Theodore Mason, Jr. Ms. Catherine Mathis Rev. Sonya Mauser Ms. Kay McClarey Paul McClellan Ms. Mary A. McMillen Ms. Katherine S. Merriman Rev. Dr. Bobby E. Mills Mr. David R. Mills Ms. Neena Mitchell Dr. Barbara A. Moore, RSM Rev. Elizabeth R. Morey Ms. Betty J. Murray Ms. Margaret A. Nead Mr. Alfred Neelands New Hope Baptist Church (Niagara Falls, NY) Rev. Janet M. Newman Ms. Joyce Newton Mr. William Nikel Ms. Mary A. Obark Mr. and Mrs. David Oberlander Mr. Daniel Osgood Rev. Laura O'Shaughnessy, Ph.D. Rev. Harry B. Parrott, Jr. Penick Chiropractic (Pine Hill, NJ) Rev. Sandra L. Perl Rev. James L. Pike Tobin Pilato Ms. Eleanor Pope Rev. Shirley L. Pudney-Eilers Ms. Winifred G. Ravenscroft Ms. Vivian Ray Rev. Gerald W. Richards Ms. Agnes Roark Rev. Janet Roberts Rev. Charles K. Root Rev. Vernon H. Ross Marie Roth Rev. David Ryan Rev. Dr. Richard W. Scott Constance L. Shepard Dr. Phillis I. Sheppard Rev. Dr. Malcolm G. Shotwell


Mr. Timothy J. Sigrist Rev. Stanley Skinner, Jr. Ms. Beatrice E. Smith Charles and Janet Smith Mr. Vernon M. Sorensen Gale T. Spak Mr. Robert W. Sparkes Rev. Harold J. Staiti Rev. Donald A. Stivers Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Stoneham Mr. William B. Storey Ms. Alida H. Struze Rev. Karen S. Sundland Rev. Shiela E. Swanger Rev. M. Kathleen Talbot Ms. Barbara M. Thomas Rev. Scott Thomas Rev. Randolph Thompson Mark Thomson Ms. Dorothy Tilden Rev. Nancy A. Tripp-Leport Ms. Mary Trowbridge Rev. Richard W. Tucker Rev. Donald D. Turk US Tsubaki (Chicopee, MA) Raymond Vaccari Mr Charles T. Van Goor, Jr.* and Mrs. Carol H. VanGoor The Rev'd Andrew VanBuren Dr. William T. Vandever, Jr. Mr. Will E. Wade Washington Street Baptist Church (Lynn, MA) Rev. Dr. Jane L. S. Watt Dr. Donald L. Weaver Rev. Edwin F. Weeks Father Robert Thomas Werth Dr. Patricia Wheelhouse Rev. Richard A. White Rev. Dr. Thomas M. White Ms. Elaine Williams Ms. Jean H. Williams Ms. Paula Willis Rev. Elizabeth Winslea Rev. Barbara J. Wolin Mr. Wayne E. Wooten Ms. Pat Wynn Rev. Clifford J. York Ms. Barbara Zelter, MSW

R e v . D r . S e a n E . Tu c k e r ( D o c t o r o f M i n i s t ry )

“God is Love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” —1 John 4:16

In Memoriam Baptist Missionary Training School

Ms. Kathleen Hakanson Blankenship


Ms. Sylvia R. Lanham


Ms. Isabella Lupton Garris

Colgate Rochester Divinity School

Rev. Paul Hasel



Rev. M. Jackson Takayanagi


Dr. Joseph D. Ban


Rev. Hugh D. Outterson Rev. James G. Denny Rev. Dr. Robert Doss

Rev. Richard J. Baker

‘52 ‘53 ‘54


Rev. Dr. James E. Garmon, Sr.


Rev. James E. Hammond


Mr. Charles T. VanGoor, Jr. Ms. Pamela J. Keys



Friends of CRCDS

Dr. Calvin S. Garber (CRCDS Board of Trustee) Ms. Elizabeth Stevens

Mr. D. Carl Yackel and Mrs. Frances Yackel CRCDS Student

Mr. Jamaal Young

Rev. Dr. Sean E. Tucker is an exceedingly intelligent, worldly and accomplished man.

His resume is, in a word, impressive. However, in spite of Rev. Tucker’s achievements and accolades, his professional biography simply leads with, “the most important thing about Rev. Dr. Sean E. Tucker is that he loves the Lord and God’s people!

Rev. Tucker, the recipient of the prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship, says he was blessed to be an Assistant to a British Member Parliament in London’s House of Commons, and has lived and studied in Austria, Greece, Yugoslavia, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Italy and the Republic of South Africa. Rev. Tucker began his pastoral ministry at the historic Antioch Baptist Church of Cleveland, Ohio where he served as Assistant Pastor under the leadership of CRCDS President Dr. Marvin A. McMickle. He served as a missionary to the Republic of South Africa, where he assisted townspeople in building a large, new church and job training center.

Rev. Tucker, currently the Senior Pastor of the historic Second Baptist Church in Mumford, New York (celebrating its 125th anniversary this coming November) joins a long line of gifted pastors educated at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School: Howard University President and Former Acting Dean of the Program for Black Church Studies at CRCDS, Rev. Mordecai Wyatt Johnson (RTS ‘ ) and Rev. Dr. Charles A. Thurman (CRCDS ’72). Currently a Doctor of Ministry student in Transformational Leadership and Prophetic Preaching at CRCDS, Rev. Tucker plans to graduate in 2017. He earned his Doctor of Divinity from Master’s International School of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana and a Master’s degree in Theology from Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio. Additionally, he holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the George Washington University’s School of Business and Public Management in Washington, D.C.

“The most important thing about Rev. Dr. Sean E. Tucker is that he loves the Lord and God’s people!”

In the secular realm, Rev. Tucker is the Internal Controls Manager in the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) John Glenn Research Center in Ohio.

Rev. Tucker strongly believes in mentoring, and is an avid mentor to youth in his community. He serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the Akron Youth Summit, an organization that meets the needs of at-risk youth. Rev. Tucker considers himself a boxing historian also enjoys reading, writing, water sports, and hiking. Rev. Tucker is just one of the many gifted and talented Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School students whose education you make possible. Thank you for making a difference by supporting CRCDS.


The Horizon Society

The Horizon Society includes donors who have made one or more deferred gifts to the School or have provided for the School in their estate plans as of July 1, 2015.

Ms. Joy Palmerlee Aprรก Dr. Jeffery S. Atwater Ms. Leona G. Barrows Rev. Barbara W. Baxter Rev. Thomas G. Bayes, Jr. Mr. Raymond N. Bligh Rev. Dr. Robert W. Bermudes Rev. Kevin J. Butler Ms. Janet Cameron Rev. Hugh B. Chittenden Dr. June Clase Rev. Thomas E. Clifton Ms. Sarah A. Corbett Rev. Garland Criswell and Ms. Joan Devening Criswell Rev. C. Burtis Crooks, Jr. Rev. Claudine P. Crooks Mr. Samuel E. Deibler, Jr. Rev. Douglas Deer Dr. Kenneth V. Dodson and Dr. Sally L. Dodgson Ms. Jeanette Dolk Dr. Melanie Duguid-May Rev. Dr. Daniel R. Ellis-Killian Ms. Emma Enoch Ms. Mary Erzinger Rev. Glenn N. Evans Dr. C. McCollister Evarts Ms. Barbara Fradenburgh Ms. Doris Frohock Mr. Burton Galaway and Ms. Natalie Wigandt-Galaway Mr. Calvin Garber* and Ms. Mary Garber Rev. Lester C. Garner and Ms. Pearl Garner Ms. Betty Garrett Mr. Darrell Geib and Ms. Mary Anna Geib Mr. John P. Gleason Mr. George Gray


Rev. Lois R. Gremban Rev. Edward B. Grevatt* and Ms. Mary Lou Grevatt Ms. Linda Hammar Rev. Steven Hartman and Ms. Betty Hartman Rev. and Mrs. Douglas E. Hess Mr. Jay T. Holmes Ms. Carolyn Hood Ms. Virginia Howard The Very Rev. Carol Hull Ms. Jeanne B. Hutchins Rev. David W. Jones Dr. Emma J. Justes Rev. Robert B. Ketcham Rev. Alvin L. Kraatz Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kraushaar Dr. H. Darrell Lance Annie Marie LeBarbour, Ph.D. Rev. Archie D. LeMone Ms. Claire Elizabeth Loughhead Rev. Ritchard E. Lyon Rev. W. Donald Lyon Ms. Mary M. Maxwell Ms. Sheila McDorney Saxby Mr. James R. McMillen Rev. Henry Medd III* and Ms. Virginia Medd* Rev. Dr. John V. Moore Ms. Janet E. Morgan Ms. Althea Nelson Ms. Dora Mae Norton Ms. Virginia S. Pacala Rev. Dr. Susan Panek Polizzi Ms. Marilyn J. Partin Rev. Dr. Everett L. Perry* Ms. Eleanor Pope Mr. Steven M. Price and Mr. Norman Geil Mr. and Mrs. John S. Prigge, Jr. Ms. Virginia Quiring

Rev. Frank Raines III Rev. Rodney E. Reinhart Rev. Janet Roberts Rev. Vernon H. Ross Dr. James B. Sadler* and Ms. Vera A. Sadler* Ms. Mary F. Sage Eisvang Ms. Joan R. Sayre Rev. Robert F. Spencer Ms. Marion D. Strand Ms. Alida H. Struze Dr. Roscoe V. Stuber Ms. Dorothy R. Tasker Ms. Ernestine Taylor Mr. Gorden Torgesen* and Ms. Margaret Torgesen* Rev. Donna Rose Twardowski and Ms. Marilyn A. Kane Dr. Eugene L. Ver Ms. Ethelmae Walter Mr. Randy L. Webster Rev. William R. Webster Ms. Beatrice Wilkins Rev. Donald R. Webster Rev. Dr. W. Kenneth Williams Mr. and Mrs. D. Carl Yackel* Ms. Joan E. Young

Financial Report 2014/2015 Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2015


Tuition and fees Less: Financial aid

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2014

$ 871,171 (199,763)

Net tuition and fees

Gifts and grants for operations Auxiliary enterprises

Return on investment

$ 849,222 (185,689)








Total revenues


Instruction and academic support General institutional support Institutional advancement Auxiliary enterprises Total Expenses














Change in Net Assets



Total Assets



Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities



Fiscal Year 2014 / 2015



Fiscal Year 2014 / 2015


* Deceased





50% 20%

Net tuition and fees Gifts and grants for operations Auxiliary enterprises Return on investment


Instruction/academic support General institutional support Institutional advancement Auxiliary enterprises



From the CRCDS Board Chair The Rt. Rev. Jack M. McKelvey

Dear Friends,

of people to adapt a vitally important mission to the

unique time, place and people it serves. I am often

On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees of Colgate

Rochester Crozer Divinity School, I offer our sincere gratitude. It is a privilege to serve this great school

2015 – 2016 Board of Trustees Governing Board of Trustees

Life Trustees

James L. Cherry, Sr.

Larry W. Dobson (CTS ‘65)

Peter H. Abdella

The Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (CRCDS)

reminded that CRCDS is not an actual physical place

people of faith can have when they come together

testament of a people’s commitment across generations

responsibility for its present and future success,

pages are not simply a list of donor names, but rather a

is the direct result of the combined effort, dedication and

CRCDS family, are with us.

our future success will be determined by our ability to

May God continue to bless you and your loved ones

Michael Ford (CRCDS ‘12)

our fundamental commitments and vision.

to bless the good and vital work of Colgate Rochester

Sumner Grant

Annual Report is a written testimony of the impact that

around a common goal and purpose. The preceding

tied to a specific location. Rather, CRCDS is a living

to a common set of ideals, values and goals. Our work

living witness to the vitally important role that CRCDS

generosity of so many people over so many years and

my life in service to this school, as a Trustee, a

gather future support and wisdom from those who share

plays in our world. I have dedicated over 11 years of denominational leader, an interim President and as

Chair of the Board of Trustees. I can honestly tell you

that reading these names, as I do every year, emboldens

One of the most important responsibilities of my role as

Trustees as we work with the faculty and administration

grateful for—is expressing to you our gratitude and to

me in my service to the school and emboldens all our

to steer this beloved institution and its almost 200

year-old legacy through the challenges of our times. Our collective task is far from easy, but it would be

impossible to achieve without your prayers and your

generosity. The present and future of CRCDS is entrusted

to us all by God and I am heartened by all the good and

faithful servants who have joined us for the journey.

CRCDS and its predecessor schools have occupied a

variety of locations and spaces both in Rochester and

beyond. From beginnings in Hamilton, Chester,

Rochester and Chicago, the combined legacies of

Colgate, Rochester, Crozer and the Baptist Missionary

Training School (BMTS) stand as a witness to the ability


Chair of the Board of Trustees—and one I am truly

and we are truly honored to take up the mantle of knowing that you and all those who make up the

in the days and years ahead and may God continue

Crozer Divinity School. Y urs, in Christ, Yo Yours,

thank you for your prayers and your generosity. Without you and without others like you, there is no CRCDS.

Our school is a tangible, collective hope—a hope for a world that is more just and more loving, a world that is

more Christ-like. Our alumni and alumnae are the living

embodiment of this hope and our current students are, in a very real way, the promise of the world’s future. Thank

you for making their education possible. They are truly

making a difference in the communities they serve and in all the lives they touch. Your investment in them is truly

paying dividends, the most valuable dividends there are.

The Rt. Rev. Jack M. McKelvey

Chair, Board of Trustees

Kenneth I. Clarke, Sr. (CRDS ’86)

Colby H. Chandler Margaret Cowden Grace Evans (BMTS ’52)

Richard DiMarzo— Vice Chair

Nancy Abrams Gaess

Amy Williams Fowler

Alfred O. Ginkel

George Hamlin IV

Katherine J. Mayberry Jack M. McKelvey— Board Chair James C. Miller (CRDS ‘63)

James M. Pollard

Thomas G. Poole (CRDS ‘77) Cheryl L. Price (CRDS ‘85)

Alan V. Ragland (CRDS ‘78)

Albert P. Rowe (CTS ‘62) Prince Singh

Leonard Thompson, Sr.

Anthony L. Trufant

Aidsand Wright-Riggins III

Mary Anna Geib (CRDS ‘64)

Preston Henderson Jay T. Holmes

Jeanne B. Hutchins Jack Kraushaar

Gloria M. Langston

Annie Marie LeBarbour Jerry W. Ligon

James R. McMillen James G. Miller

Virginia S. Pacala

Marilyn J. Partin (CRDS ‘48)

Thomas S. Richards

Granville A. Seward (CRDS ‘67) J. Raymond Sutcliffe Dorothy R. Tasker

Brian J. Thompson

Thomas A. Tupitza

Carrol A. Turner

Paul Vick (CRDS ‘71)

W. Kenneth Williams (CRDS ‘76) Marcus G. Wood


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Rooted in the biblical mandate for justice and mercy, CRCDS prepares women and men for ministry in the local church and beyond that is learned, pastoral and prophetic.

We equip leaders for transforming ministry that speaks truth to power and stands among “the least of these.� We engage the theological disciplines in an ecumenical Christian community of teaching, learning and worship.