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CRC CARE is a multi-partner research organisation at the forefront of research and technology development for the assessment, remediation and prevention of soil, water and air contamination. World class researchers from universities across Australia work with industry on global contamination issues, engaging with major end users such as the mining and petroleum industries, environmental regulators, government organisations, SMEs and consultants. In addition to its substantial research program, CRC CARE also plays a key role in training and educating students, consultants and end users in the field of environmental risk assessment and remediation.

RESEARCH CRC CARE’s research is divided up into four programs. Best practice policy Developing new principles, indicators and strategies to support the development of new policy frameworks and an Australia-specific national guidance framework for remediation. Producing strategies and techniques to effectively and positively engage with communities to manage perceptions surrounding remediation technologies and their application.

Better measurement Developing next-generation analytical methods and innovative field technologies to provide faster and more efficient assessment of site contamination. Identifying, measuring and delineating contamination with sufficient certainty to make good decisions within the available budget.

TRAINING AND EDUCATION CRC CARE’s postgraduate students work in conjunction with its researchers to find solutions to local and global issues, producing a new cohort of highly qualified, suitably trained and industry-ready scientists to help in the fight against environmental contamination. The industry training program enhances knowledge and encourages professional development of environment industry professionals, and raises the awareness of new concepts and technologies in contamination assessment, remediation and prevention. Training is designed to meet end user needs, and is often organised in conjunction with other industry peak bodies.

Minimising uncertainty in risk assessment Researching the fate and dynamics of volatiles, semi volatiles, groundwater discharge into surface water ecosystems and flux, and the effect of time on contaminant behaviour. Assembling and indexing information on the level of risk estimated for compliance with Australian regulations, and developing statistically sound methods for estimating the reasonable maximum exposure and risk to human health and ecosystems.

Cleaning up Developing the necessary new technologies, indicators and strategies for in situ management of contaminated sites, taking into consideration triple bottom line principles for their remediation and management. Addressing the limitations of existing assessment and remediation technologies by establishing parameters for effective risk reduction in remediating unique Australian soils and aquifers.

Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment



The National Contaminated Sites Demonstration Program (NCSDP) provides an opportunity to demonstrate and validate how CRC CARE’s skills and technologies can be applied in real, current situations.

Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association Inc. (ACLCA)

The NCSDP is a unique feature of CRC CARE and is mutually beneficial for researchers and industry alike –industry partners are able to investigate and assess potential clean-up options for their sites, while CRC CARE researchers are able to fast-track the application of science to the field by working directly with industry in contaminated environments to test scientific ideas and technology.

CH2M Hill Australia Pty Limited

INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIONS In addition to its Australia-based partnerships, CRC CARE also links with other globally renowned environmental research groups and universities to tap into leading and emerging research from around the world. CRC CARE’s partnership with HLM Asia Group Limited furthers its research internationally, investigating cost effective and sustainable technologies to assist in remediating contaminated sites and to better manage wastes in China, as well as supporting postgraduate students in China.

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Australian Institute of Petroleum Ltd BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd ChemCentre (WA) Chevron Australia Pty Ltd CSIRO Curtin University of Technology Department of Defence Department of Environment and Conservation (WA) Department of Environment and Resource Management (Qld) Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research – National Measurement Institute Environment Protection Authority (South Australia) Environment Protection Authority (Victoria) FibreCell Australia Pty Ltd GHD Pty Ltd HLM Asia Group Limited Soil and Groundwater Pty Ltd

WHAT IS A CRC? CRC CARE was established in 2005 under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program, which provides funding for research ventures to link researchers with end users to tackle large issues faced by end users innovatively and effectively. After an initial funding term of seven years, CRC CARE was granted a second term of funding in 2011 for an additional nine years, taking its funding up until 2020.

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P.O. Box 486 Salisbury South SA 5106 Australia

Tel: +61 (0) 8 8302 5038 Fax: +61 (0) 8 8302 3124 Email: Web:

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Established and supported under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program

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CRC CARE is a multi-partner research organisation at the forefront of research and technology development for the assessment, remediation an...