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From Olin’s Desk Dear St Helena Colleagues,

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We as an organization experienced a tragic loss this past week. Words won’t do justice to those that lost their lives, but when there is tragedy there can always be triumph. Mark said “we are not as important as we think we are” and “hug the ones you love”. I implore all of you to listen to that and take the time to do so with those that you love. Just as every night closes with the dawn of a brand new day so courage and perseverance will in good time triumph over tragedy and misfortune.

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August has arrived and around the corner the schools will fill up, summer vacation will have ended, the leaves will start to fall, the smell of harvest will fill the air and opportunity comes to the valley. As the grapes start to come off the vine, more visitors come to the valley and more people fall in love with the place we call home. Wine month is approaching fast as most of you take some late summer time off and prepare for the bustling beauty of fall, please take this opportunity to “hug the ones you love”, appreciate the beauty where we live and prepare for the opportunity of new b uyers as they flood the valley during harvest. Thanks to everyone on the team for all their hard work and support as I continue to get up to speed in the office and back in the industry. Teammates, we’re the ones who push you, then try to push past you, get you up before the alarm, dark or rain, outrunning us tastes sweet, tackling us tastes sweeter, we’re the ones who know you well enough to get under your skin, and that’s exactly why we take you further, this is where we bring it home, one speed, fast, one goal, win, one way, together, we will make it count! We will succeed as a team together! See you all on Monday! Thanks, -- Olin Russum

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$4,485,000 Tim Hayden 1296 Dealy Ln

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Losses of Lower-Paying Jobs Drags Down California’s Employment Growth in June • The Golden State created 800 jobs (seasonally adjusted) in June, which is the lowest number since the recovery began in 2010 and follows an upward revision to 7,200 jobs added in May, according to the latest numbers from the state Employment Development Department. Nevertheless, notable losses in seven California industries dragged down the overall number of jobs added. Interestingly, industries with job losses generally employ lower-paid employees. The four industries that gained jobs added 16,200 positions, with half of them in education and health services, followed by information, government, and professional and business services. Among the seven industries that reported 15,400 job losses, the largest decreases were in leisure and hospitality; construction; trade, transportation, and utilities; and financial activities. Note that these industries have had some of the strongest job growth so far in 2018. In sum, while the overall number of jobs added appears low, the employment picture is very solid and suggests continued strong wage growth for California workers. • Over the year, California created 269,100 jobs, with nine industries adding a total of 272,800 positions and two industries losing a total of 3,400 jobs. The largest job gains were in educational and health services, up by 75,800 jobs; professional and business services, up by 42,200 jobs; and leisure and hospitality, up by 41,700 jobs. Other sectors that added jobs over the year were construction; trade, transportation, and utilities; government; information; manufacturing; and financial activities. Other services and mining and logging posted job declines. • California’s unemployment rate remained at a record-low 4.2 percent in June. Many metropolitan areas showed increases in unemployment rates.

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Sales of Property Held in a Trust PART 2: Disclosures DETERMINING IF A TDS IS REQUIRED: To understand whether or not the Trustee must complete the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (“TDS”) is not always easy. To better understand this issue, the historical perspective may prove to be useful. The original 1987 statute (Civil Code Section 1102.2) made ALL TRUSTEES exempt from completing a TDS. The statute was later modified to create an exception to the Trust exemption. The exception to the exemption was designed to require that some, but not all, Trustees fill out and sign the TDS when transferring the Property. It was the creation of this “exception” that leads to most of the confusion. As it is currently written, the Trustee exemption does not apply if “the Trustee is a NATURAL PERSON who is the SOLE Trustee of a REVOCABLE Trust and he or she is a FORMER OWNER of the Property or an OCCUPANT IN POSSESSION of the Property WITHIN the PRECEDING YEAR.” (Emphasis added.) To work through this muddled exception, it is easiest to ask four (4) simple questions. If all four (4) questions are answered “YES,” then the exception applies and the Trustee fills out and signs the TDS; however: If there is one (1) or more “NO” answers to these 4 questions, then the Trustee(s) are exempt and the TDS is not completed or signed. 1. Is it a revocable Trust?

If “NO,” then the Trustee is exempt from completing the TDS.

It is important to recognize that the key words are “revocable Trust” (not a “Living” or “Family Trust”) which is sometimes in the title of the Trust, but that status can change over time. Most Living and Family Trusts originate as a revocable Trust but these Trust often become an “irrevocable Trust” when the original Trustee dies. If you cannot determine whether the Trust is revocable or irrevocable, the Title Company can assist with that. If the Property is held in an irrevocable Trust, then you have a “NO” as to 1 of the 4 of the required elements and you do not need to go any further – the Trustee(s) are exempt from completing the TDS.

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2018 Advertising Online & Print Distribution, deadlines, and rates

*Some details will be updated as information becomes available. Advertising rates are subject to change. If you are interested in a specific publication that is not on this list, please contact your Marketing Coordinator directly. Co-op advertising rates are at your manager’s discretion.

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Product Trainings Topic: Moxi Listing Presentation When: 8/13/18 Time: 10:00-11:30am Trainer: Ashley Jennings Where: Larkspur Office 490 Magnolia Ave Larkspur, CA 94939

Let us know if you can make it!

What is Moxi: Create a listing presentation that will help you stand out from your competitors. This program displays your content in a digital interactive way that keeps your clients engaged!

See you there! If you have any questions about the trainings please send an email to:

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Weekly Update Aug 10