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Book Description Wall Street Journal Bestseller 2013 RITA® Finalist for Best First Book

If Sadie Turner is good at anything, it’s putting stuff in order. So when she finds her “perfect” life in disarray, she hopes a summer vacation at her aunt’s lake house will help her piece it back together. She wants to relax, reboot, and heal the wounds left by her cheating ex-husband. And that requires time away from men. All men.

Or so she thinks.

With two slobbering dogs and two cousins living there—one a flamboyant decorator intent on making over Sadie—it’s hard to get a moment’s peace at eccentric Aunt Dody’s house, especially with everyone so determined to set her up with Desmond, the sexy new neighbor.

Desmond is Sadie’s worst nightmare. Tall, tanned, muscular…and to top it off, he’s great with her kids. But he must have a flaw—he’s a man—so Sadie vows to keep her distance.

As summer blazes on, the life Sadie is trying so hard to simplify only becomes more complicated—a new career presents itself, her evil ex haunts her, and Aunt Dody reveals a tragic secret—but maybe a little chaos is just what Sadie needs to get her life back in order.

Reviews When I'm looking for a quick, light-hearted, funny read, I'll often grab a wellloved Jennifer Crusie or Kristan Higgins. New author Tracy Brogan is definitely getting added to the list. I thought "Crazy Little Thing" was a hoot! I laughed out loud so many times that my husband started giving me the stink eye. The dialogue between characters may have been a little over the top sometimes, but other times was so real that I felt like the author had listened in conversations I've had with my own friends (a band of smart-mouth, sarcastic chicks if there ever was one). Were there some character cliches? Sure, but it didn't make it any less funny. The book had its quiet moments too, which made for a nice breather in between antics. If I want a serious, deep, insightful read, I'll grab War & Peace (has anyone ever actually read that book?). If I want to laugh and sigh and dream about a gorgeous Scottish hunk who inexplicably falls madly in love with me, I'll come back to Tracy Brogan.

About the Author Past or present, Tracy Brogan loves romance. She read her first swashbuckling adventure at age sixteen and knew right then she was destined to a novelist. She now writes fun and breezy contemporary stories about ordinary people finding extraordinary love, and lush historical romance full of political intrigue, damsels causing distress, and the occasional man in a kilt. Tracy is a two-time Romance Writer of America速 Golden Heart Finalist and the best-selling author of Crazy Little Thing and Highland Surrender. She resides in Michigan with her husband, their children, and their overly indulged dogs.

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Crazy Little Thing Kindle Fire  

Book Description Wall Street Journal Bestseller 2013 RITA® Finalist for Best First Book If Sadie Turner is good at anything, it’s putting...