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How To Play Craps – Pass Line Bet

How To Play Craps One of the most exciting games to play at casinos must be the game of Craps. If you happen to hear a commotion somewhere on the casino’s floor, it is usually coming from the Craps table. Because the game creates such powerful amity between players, Craps is often perceived as one of the most social table games at a casino; but this does not mean that the game cannot be played online… The game of Craps is not one of the casino games that you can begin paying without gaining some knowledge first. Take a look at this four-part guide to understand the workings of the Craps table – there is an entire mingle-mangle of bets you need to learn before you can go out there and become a winner.

The Dice Craps is a game played with two dice. This means that the outcome of the dice can be varied from 2 to 12 – in Craps it is completely possible to place a bet on any outcome of the dice, and it is therefore important that you know about the odds involved when you much such bets. In the game of Craps there is always one shooter (the person throwing the dice), whilst the rest of the players at the table bet on the toss and result. In Online Craps you will be the only player seated at the table, which means that you can take your time between rolls and wagers.

The Pass Line bet The Pass Line bet is the most basic bet at the Craps table. You will find the Pass Line bet on the outmost perimeter of the Craps Table.

The Pass line bet is known as a Series Bet, which means that the dice will be rolled a number of times before each betting episode is completed.

The Pass Line bet Roll 1 - The Come Out Roll The Come Out Roll can mean one of three things: Win, Loss or Point. You will automatically gain an even win if the Come Out Roll is a 7 or 11. Note that the most probable dice outcome involving any two six-numbered dice is the number 7. If the outcome of the dice is a 2, 3 or 12 you will immediately lose your bet. A Point outcome will be every other combination that appears on the dice: 4,5,6,8,9,10.

The Pass Line bet Roll 2: The Point Roll and Taking the Odds When the Point is established, the dice will be thrown again until the number is repeated for a second time, in which instance the player wins at even odds as if having gotten a 7 or 11 during the Come Out Roll. On the second roll, the 7 becomes the foe – if rolled, the player will instantly lose the initial Pass Line Bet.

The Pass Line bet An important extension wager of the Pass Line Bet is called ‘Taking Odds.’ This means that you can add a bet to the already existing Pass Line Bet after the Point has been established. The odds are valued as follows: 2 to 1 if the point is a 4 3 to 2 if the point is a 5 6 to 5 if the point is a 6 6 to 5 if the point is an 8 3 to 2 if the point is a 9 2 to 1 if the point is a 10

The Pass Line bet Taking the Odds is a very important type of wager in the game of Craps because it reduces the house edge considerably. Taking the Odds below the Pass Line is capped at 3X the original Pass Line Bet, although this restriction will vary at different casinos, especially in the land based format. In summary, when making Pass Line Bets you will be looking to attain a 7 or 11 on the Come Out roll and the Point combination at the second roll.

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How To Play Craps – Pass Line Bet © 2011 One of the most exciting games to play at casinos must be the game of Crap...

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