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MegaSpin Slots MegaSpin Double Magic Slot

With MegaSpin Double Magic, you can win big, bigger and biggest prizes ever. If multi-tasking is one of your strong points, then you should set out to win on MegaSpin Double Magic. Nine Slot games show up on your screen at the same time. Each one has three Reels and One-Payline. That means that there are nine winning combinations or Paylines, for you to stake your claim on. The maximum coins accepted are 18 as you can play up to two coins per Payline, and you can play with coin sizes between 0.10 and 5.00, while the minimum bet you can place is 0.10 and the maximum bet that you can place is 90.00. The maximum Jackpot that you can win is a mega 1600 coins when you spin in three Blue Stars in a row on the Activated Payline. The Blue Star is the Wild and can substitute for any other Symbol on the Reels. If you whirl one Blue Star onto the Reels, then your prize is multiplied by two, and if you spin in two Blue Stars, your prize is quadrupled. Thus, the Blue Start is a magical treat as it is a Wild and a Multiplier all in one. You can play as many of these games at the same time as you wish. You can set the Reels to Stop together or sequentially or in parallel motion. However, it is best that you play, you can play to win, all you need to do is spin those Reels and the rewards could be coming fast and furious!

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MegaSpin Slots MegaSpin Fantastic 7’s

In this exciting game, you can play four, six or nine Reels at the same time. Playing multiple slots will test your versatility to the hilt, as well as giving you more opportunities to win more often. The maximum bet you can wager is 30.00 per Spin. Coin values that you can wager range from 0.10 to 5.00, but you can bet up to 3 Coins per line, which makes the total maximum bet that you can place, 15.00 on a Reel, or 135.00 on all nine Reels simultaneously. That makes the game one that can fit any pocket. It’s always better to play all the Reels, as this gives you ever more winning opportunities. If you spin up three of the Kaleidoscope 7’s on the activated Payline, then you stand the chance of winning up to 2500 coins. Three Red 7’s Symbols on the Payline should bring you 240 coins. There are no Wilds or Scatters in this game but the Multiple Reels makes up for this in a huge way. You aren’t going to have time to think about any extras because you’ll be on a spinning-winning mission! You are in for a Mega Deal with MegaSpin Fantastic 7’s. Look out for the Multi coloured 7’s, as you want them to spin onto the activated Payline. This simple game is as addictive as it is fun. You are going to have a fantastic time playing MegaSpin Fantastic 7’s.

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MegaSpin Slots MegaSpin High 5

MegaSpin High 5 is a 3-Reel, 1-Payline, 3-coin Reel Slot game, whereby you get to play multiple slot games at once. The default Six Reels show up on your screen at the same time, however you can play four Reels or nine Reels too. You can play part of these or all of these games. Each game has a Wild, Multiplier Symbol. The Wild in this game is the High 5 Symbol. If you spin up one High 5 Symbol to complete winning combinations then you are rewarded with a five times Multiplier on your total bet. If you whirl in two High 5 Symbols, then you could win a 25 times Multiplier. That means that you could be winning enormous prizes along the way. The Wild High 5 cannot be used to complete a line with single cherries. You can bet up to three coins per payline. You can bet a maximum of 30.00 per Spin. That is a healthy bet and you can win ultra amazing rewards. The Maximum Prize is 15000 per game. All you need to do in order to win this fantastic prize is spin in three High 5 Symbols onto the Reels. You can even employ the services of the AutoPlay function in this exciting game. This way you can sit back and watch as the rewards Spin in for you. MegaSpin High 5 will have you high fiving all the way to the Bank. With so much to choose from, you are going to love the intensity of this thrilling game!

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Megaspin Slots Catalogue  

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