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Baccarat The History of

The History of Baccarat Legend has it that the game first originated when it was played by an Italian gambler, Felix Falguierein with a deck of Tarot cards. It is said that this version of the game was based on an Etruscan ritual of the nine gods. These gods would pray to a blonde virgin and wait for her to throw a nine-sided die that would then decide her fate.

The History of Baccarat If she threw an eight or a nine, she would become a priestess; if a six or seven was thrown, she would be banned from any further religious activities; if a number less than six was thrown, she would walk into the sea. Not quite the game we all know today.

The History of Baccarat Baccarat is thought to have been introduced into France from Italy during the time of King Charles VIII (1483-1498), and once the game had entered French territory, it became a game of the nobles. Although it was initially considered illegal and had been played in secret, when the game was legalised its popularity quickly grew.

The History of Baccarat The game was also taxed and proceeds given to the poor. But, alas, this did not last forever. In the time of Napoleon and Louis Phillipe, Baccarat was once again banned. When it was again legalised, its popularity soared at the casinos sprouting up all across France.

The History of Baccarat The French were in love with the game and everyone from princes to paupers were trying their hand at the game. The variation of Baccarat that was consistently the most popular was Chemin de Fer or ‘railroad’. Nonetheless, while Baccarat was still relatively underground in France, it was gaining popularity in England.

The History of Baccarat The games popularity was helped greatly when it was discovered that Queen Victoria was an avid baccarat player. It was surely this surge in popularity that allowed Baccarat to set sail and travel across the Atlantic Ocean. Baccarat hit the shores of America where steps were taken to increase its popularity including providing fashionable settings in which to play Baccarat.

The History of Baccarat And thus baccarat grew to dominate the gambling landscape as the glamorous casino games to play. Amongst the more successful known baccarat players were the Greek Syndicate, who in the 1920’s made over five million dollars at various French casinos, by counting cards and reading body language.

The History of Baccarat Although Baccarat was introduced as an elite game, with time this has evolved and changed: Mini-baccarat is now offered at casinos. Baccarat is, without doubt, one of the oldest games you can play at a casino. It is rich with a wealth of history.

The History of Baccarat So, the next time you sit down to play, allow yourself to feel you are more than just a player at a table (online or land-based): you are part of a narrative.

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Baccarat The History Of  

Baccarat The History of The History of Baccarat Legend has it that the game first originated when it was played by an Italian gambler, Felix...

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