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How to plan your oversea trip with little budgets?

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Introduction of working Holiday Scheme

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How to plan a trip? (Application for working holiday visa)

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Get to know the places (Australia and New Zealand)


Transportations Arrangement


Accommodations Arrangement


Jobs seeking ( information about job natures)


Travel Insurances


Cases Sharing




Useful References

Introduction of working Holiday Scheme (WHS) Purpose of the guide The aim of this user guide is to suggest a channel for youths aged 18-30 who want to stay overseas for a year with a limited budget. This book will focus on how to plan a trip in Australia and New Zealand.

Preface Many youngsters have a dream of traveling overseas and experiencing local culture. Limited budgets are the major concern for them. Now, a golden opportunity will be available for those youngsters to make their dreams come true. Let’s get ready for your trip!


Introduction of Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) Many youngsters have a dream of traveling overseas and experiencing local culture. Limited budgets are the major concern for them. Now, a golden opportunity will be available for those youngsters to make their dreams come true. Let’s get ready for your trip!

Introduction of Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) Working Holiday Scheme is a bilateral agreement signed by the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Governments of Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Youth aged 18-30 can stay abroad and work overseas in order to have a better understanding of the local culture and custom.


Details of the Scheme (WHS) Australia Eligibility

New Zealand

*Aged 18-30 without any children *Hong Kong Resident with HKSAR Passport or BNO Starts from July (Every year)

Starts from April (Every year)

Duration of

Short-term employment of not more

Short-term employment of not more


than 6 months with any one employer

than 3 months with any one employer




Asset proof




AUD$14.31 (per hour)(~HKD$116.40)

NZD$12.00 (per hour)(~HKD$73.50)


Passed Medical Examinations

Passed Medical Examinations

Enquiries &

Australian Consulate-General

New Zealand Consulate General


Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Address: 24/F., Harbour Centre, 25

Address: Suite 6508, Central Plaza, 18

Harbour Road, Wan Chai

Harbour Road, Wan Chai

Telephone: 2827 8881

Telephone: 2877 4488

Fax: 2585 4457

Fax: 2877 0586

Website r



Application period

Requirements or


Application for Working Holiday Visa (*The following procedures demonstrated the online Application for Australia’s Working Holiday Visa) 1.

Make sure you are eligible for application (*Check your passport expiry date)


Go to the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website to begin application

and the sub-category of “Vistors” 4.

Go to the “Working Holiday” in left column


Read the application instructions carefully and apply online directly

6. Fill in all the information required step by step


Application for Working Holiday Visa 7.

Prepare all document images (Passport and HKID card) that must be attached to the application form


Prepare a valid credit card with


Settle application fee for AUD$270.00 (~HKD$2200.00) through credit card online or Internet banking service


Remember to save a copy or print out the receipt for reference purpose


Record your application reference number for checking application status

For more details, please refer to the application procedure from the following website:


How to plan a trip? <<Before the trip>> 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Choose the destination and search information of the chosen country like climate, culture, custom and people Search information for applying working holiday visa Make appointment for Medical Examinations Apply for working holiday visa and settle applicationfee online Obtain your working holiday visa from the Government department Prepare sufficient budgets (for at least 3 months living expenses) Book the air ticket from the airline company (be aware of your duration of stay) Book the tickets for inland flights, rail pass or backpackers bus if necessary (*Incredible discount may be available for early reservations) Search a job fromreputable websites (*Minimum wage is AUD$15.51 (~HKD$126.20) per hour or AUD$589.30 (~HKD$7320.00) per week (38 hours) in Australia) (*Minimum wage is $13.50 (~HKD$82.70) an hour in New Zealand) Apply for a job that you are interested in (prepare a resume and application letters) Reserve home stays or youth hostels online (*Some employers may provide accommodations) Purchase Travel Insurance and Medical Insurance Review the tour guidebook and make a plan for tours in local Prepare all necessary personal belongings and convert local currency (AUD or NZD) Ensure that all bookings are ready

<<After Arrival>> 16. Get a Tax File Number from the Government Tax Office 17. Open a Bank Account in local banks 18. Buy a long distance telephone card and apply for local internet service


Get to know - Australia Area:

7.69 million square km

Capital: Canberra Largest City: Sydney Population: Estimated 22,853,893 in 2012 Residence: Over 80% of residents living within 100 km of coastline National Language: English Currency: Australian Dollars (AUD) (~AUD$1.00= HKD$8.14) Climate: Spring - September to November Summer - December to February Autumn - March to May ayy Winter - June to August

Australia is a country located in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the world's 6th largest country by total area, which comprises the mainland of the Australian continent as well as numerous smaller islands. Australia's seasons are reverse to those in the northern hemisphere.


Get to know - New Zealand ealland d


268,021 square km

Capital: Wellington Largest City: Auckland Population: Estimated 4,414,400 in 2011 National Language: English D$1. D$ 1.00 00= HK HKD$ D$6. 6.13 13)) Currency: New Zealand Dollars (NZD) (~NZD$1.00= HKD$6.13) Climate: Summer - January to February (Around 20-30ยบC) Winter - June to August (Around 10-15ยบC)

New Zealand is an island country located in the North and South as well as numerous smaller islands. The seasons are the reverse of the northern hemisphere. New Zealand was one of the last lands to be settled by humans.

- 10 -

Transportations Arrangement Australia

Train â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Rail Explorer Pass For those who need to travel long distance among Australia frequently, Rail Explorer Pass is your best choice, 6 months unlimited travel pass are available for AUD $590.00 (~HKD 4,800.00) (*Excluding fuel surcharge AUD $8 (~HKD 65.00) per each route)

Bus - Backtrackers Pass

AUD$420 for 6 months unlimited travel near the New South Wales district. Backpacker Bus - Oz Experience Provide the backpacker bus service, which covers most of the places in Australia. All pass holders can access the Guide and Express services, which are popular among travelers.

- 11 -

Transportations Arrangement New Zealand Train â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Scenic Rail Pass Train may not be the major transportation option because of the relatively low speed and few frequencies. However, it is the best choice to experience life there as you can enjoy the unique scenes along the journey Suggested Trip: (Christchurch <---> Greymouth) NZD$150.00 (~HKD$950.00)

Bus â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Backpacker Bus (Three Types)

1. Kiwi Experience

2. Magic Transportation Network

3. Stray Travel These companies are major in providing service for backpackers it is easy for you to make new friends on the bus too.

- 12 -

Accommodations Arrangement Australia Bed and Breakfast (B&B) The quality of B&B in Australia is better than one would expect, most villa are rent at reasonable price. With limited budget, you can take a short break from the cost saving holiday and staying in the ultimate comfortable villa. Campervan/caravan Staying in the camping car is one of the popular choices for supplies for tourists costing around AUD 50-80/day (~HKD$407.00 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; HKD$652.00) VIP Backpackers A hostel organization also found in Australia, which owns more than 1,200 hostels over 83 countries around the world. Most hostels are located at Australia and New Zealand; room charges AUD 25/day (~HKD$204.00), VIP card are available at AUD 49

- 13 -

Accommodations Arrangement Australia Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Similar quality as Australia, average double room cost: NZD 120/day.

Campervan/caravan The price is lower for choosing campervan in New Zealand; which costs only NZD $40-60/day (~HKD $250-380/day) BBH â&#x20AC;&#x201C; World traveler accommodation NZ An independent hostel organization found in New Zealand, providing small scale hostels for travelers, each of which has more than 36 beds. VIP card are available at NZD $45 )(~HKD $280), it comes with a phone card valued at NZD $20 (~HKD 130). All VIP members can exclude the NZD $3 (~HKD $20) booking fee each night, and a double room cost only NZD $25/day, (~HKD $160/day), which is less than the accommodation fee in Australia.

- 14 -

Jobs seeking (Job natures) Travelers with working permits can work legally overseas. Working there also helps them to broaden their horizon

Fruit picker Fruit picker are most commonjobs in Australia for travelers and New Zealand, the jobs can be found in advance in Hong Kong. Website like â&#x20AC;&#x153;Anywork Anywhereâ&#x20AC;? can help job seekers

Hostel helper Working in hostel can solve the problem of accommodation and budgeting problems. Working where you stay can reduce the transportation fee and the room booking fee at the same time!

- 15 -

Jobs seeking (Job natures) They provide pair up service to increase hiring opportunities and help to reduce the accommodations fee too.

Tax: High tax rate is a concern for backpackers, so tax refund information is important for backpackers. You can search the refund detail via these two websites: 1. Tax Back ( 2. Tax Site (


2. (QR - Codes)

Tips: Resumè Always bring along the softcopy and hardcopy of your CV, a personal portfolio so as to increase the chance of getting a job.

- 16 -

Insurance Working Holiday Scheme is one of the best ways to experience the life and culture in Australia. To secure a superb holiday, buying an insurance policy is a must. There are several insurance companies providing protection plans. Some insurance plans are listed as below:

Remarks: Travel insurance is different from the working visa health insurance. The former one only covers a shorter period of time of protection, (most likely 180 days) while the latter one provides a year-round protection.

- 17 -

Insurance Option 1

For more details, please visit the following website

- 18 -

Insurance Option 3

For more details, please visit the following website

- 20 -

Case Sharing 1 Carol Chan Period of working holiday scheme: September to December, 2007 Place: New Zealand Working experience: Clerk â&#x20AC;&#x153;I had worked as a clerk in a hostel for several months. Although people come and go in haste every day, we would still find some time to chat with each other as well as cooking together. Gradually, we developed a close friendship. Surprisingly, even though some of the working holiday makers met by chance like patches of drifting duckweed, they would always introduce me the latest jobs by sending me SMS. I felt so warm! Despite being without Internet connection, we could still take care of each other by using conventional communication tool mobile phone. The working holiday scheme is a golden opportunity to widen our horizon, make friends and experience a different cultural life.â&#x20AC;?

- 21 -

Insurance Option 2

For more details, please visit the following website

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Case Sharing 2 Kenneth Lau Period of working holiday scheme: August 2006 to May 20 Place: Australia Working experience: vineyard worker Victoria has long been hailed as The Garden State in Australia. “I had a taste to experience the life of being a vineyard worker in Murray River in Victoria.” The mighty Murray River forms the border between New South Wales and Victoria before heading south to the ocean. “Working in the Murray River was an unforgettable memory. There is only running water supply in Murray River. It was quite cold in Australia. Without hot water supply, I could only take a bath twice a week! It was incredible to me because I have a morbid fear of getting dirty!”

- 22 -

Case Sharing 3 Katherine Chow Period of working holiday scheme: August to December, 2007 Place: New Zealand Working experience: Vineyard worker “Life in New Zealand was amazing. I had a golden opportunity to make lots of friends. We shared lots of interesting things in our hometown with each other.” “Although the working and living environment were a bit harsh, I have become more tough and independent. I learnt how to cope with my boss and different workers in the vineyard. I did not mind working in such unsatisfactory vineyard because all these experience is valuable in my life.”

P- 23 -

Tips Malaria is a common disease in Australia. Best preventions 1.

Wearing long-sleeved clothes and long trousers when going out at night


Applying effective insect repellent (containing DEET) over exposed parts of the body


Taking antimalarial pills ,eg, Chloroquine, Proguanil, Mefloquine, Doxycycline, Atouaqune & ProguailHydcochlo **


Applying anti-mosquito sprays or insecticide dispensers indoor

(**Remarks: Please refer to the direction and advice of your doctor when taking the pills)

- 24 -

Useful reference Book: 1. Delaying the Real World USD $11.66 (Amazon) Author: Colleen Kinder Publisher: Running Press The author is a graduate from the well-known university-Yale University. He has suggested various types of jobs during working holiday. 2. The Big Trip USD $19.99 (lonely planet online shop) Author: Rolf Potts Publisher: Lonely Planet plan for a backpack trip.

3. The Art of Travel USD$ 6.49 (Amazon) Author: Alain De Botton Publisher: Penguin The author shared the valuable experience acquired through the trip. He discovered that living abroad or traveling around the world could bring unprecedented happiness and inspiration. Readers are able to be enlightened by the plendid experience from the author. - 25 -

Useful reference Website:

Forums: Travel Life Forum

Backpackers Forum Traveler notebook Forum The International Traveler Association

Group members:

- 26 -

Serena, So Hoi Jing (09904785T) Shadow ,SzePui Shan (11913457T) Vanny, Wong Lam Lam (11900787T)

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