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Cra ze THE OBSESSIONS ISSUE Issue 4 // Volume 5 // February 2014


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A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS... A semester ago, Craze began the new school year with a fresh staff and a brand new mindset. At the beginning of 2014, we’ve found ourselves in a remarkably similar situation. Our staff size and class time doubled this semester, bringing stress and creative power in equal numbers. Still, it is the creativity that shines through in this issue. As the 18 of us pondered our theme, everyone came to their own conclusions about what ‘Obsessions’ meant to them. For some, it meant lighthearted fun and fascinations. For others, it had a darker tone. After all, obsessions can be amazing, but they can also be debilitating. Despite the range of emotions associated with the theme, it’s one that everyone can relate to. We all have obsessions, whether we’d admit to them or not. This issue, we ask you to do more than just admit to them. We ask you to be proud of them.





















9) Abegale Headlee 1) editor-in-chief EVA PHILLIPS 10) Jacob Larson 2) managing editor LIA HAGEN 11) Audrey McCann 3) design editor ALLIE LAING 12) Casey Arritt 4) photo editor ALLY STARK 13) Maddie Look staff 14) Jenna Hynek 5) Kirsten McCormack 15) Lilli Marvin 6) Estella Fox 16) Tom Huerter 7) Sarah Lemke 17) Jaylee Johnson 8) Camile Messerley 18) Grace Wolfe



story and illustration by Eva Phillips, photo by Ally Stark

“ “OBSESS ABOUT WHAT YOU OBSESS” ABOUT” ” “The quote I always mention to students (that an artist friend told me once and I really took it to heart, as it works!) is: ‘Obsess about what you obsess about’ when you are making art. This is great advice as I always think that ‘if you love it, other people will hopefully love it, too.’ When you are making work, no one is paying you enough to compromise your intentions, and making art truly is an expression of the self. You don’t want to compromise who you are or your voice.”

- Artist Keith Mayerson While brainstorming for this issue’s theme, I immediately thought of a quote my mom told me years ago. She had heard it from one of her professors at NYU, Keith Mayerson. This quote really stuck with me throughout the years, and I’ve found that it applies to so much more than just art. I decided to email Mayerson with the hopes that he would elaborate on this concept, and he kindly responded. An excerpt of his response is quoted above. Mayerson is a profesional artist living in New York City. His work is in many renowned collections including: the MoMa, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Corocoran Gallery. Learn more about Keith Mayerson and his work here:

in-brief // february


FACTS AND FIGURES TO KEEP YOU IN THE KNOW story by Audrey McCann, design by Eva Phillips

WESTSIDE' VOTES Seahawks won the Superbowl by 35 points.

GOOD Month BAD MONTH Even Macklemore admitted that Kendrick Lamar deserved ‘Best Rap Album’ at the Grammys.


58 MILLION LBS of chocolate eaten on Valentine’s Day. *according to The Nielsen Company data

‘ I'''''’ll be damned if I

raise my daughter

around ignorance and flat-out blatant

racism.” -Kanye West


spent on candy every Valentine’s Day. *according to CNN


inches of snow resulted in a much needed snow day this week. *according to the Omaha World Herald

Said in response to a racist comment directed towards Kim Kardashian. He also punched the commentor in the face.

$1.1 MILLION spent on the One-to-One laptop program at Westside each year. *according to Westside Administration


33% The Notebook

28% Beauty and the Beast

8% 10 Things I Hate About You

19 % Valentine’s Day

12 % Pretty in Pink


new students joined Westside this semester.



Make Custom T-Shirts Online! ADDRESS 14931 Industrial Rd; Omaha, NE 68144;United States PHONE NUMBER 402-333-0498 WEBSITE


opinion // regrets

ACCEPTING MISTAKES HOW REGRETS MOVE US FORWARD story and design by Tommy Huerter, graphic by Allie Laing


New Year’s Eve, a day to remember the past and look forward to the future. It’s 11:55 p.m., five minutes left in the year. So many things have happened this year: Miley twerked back into the spotlight, Amanda called everyone ugly, the NSA listened to all of our fascinating conversations, and the government decided to take a 16-day vacation in October. The world saw a lot in 2013, but I didn’t. I began the summer with aspirations for adventure, but the most adventurous thing I did was a cannonball into the pool. I kicked off the school year with New Year’s resolutions, promising myself my grades would be better than ever, but they have reached an all time low. I can’t help but think that the change of date will only produce a year just like the others: full of regret. My life hasn’t been a never-ending cycle of regret, but sometimes, it feels like it. I’m usually focused on two things: the future and the past, creating a daily struggle just to stay in the present. In Pre-Calc, I think about the points I missed on my last test, rather than focus on the new information in front of me. In APUSH, I think about the colleges I dream of attending, rather than the details of World War I. I could give you an 800 word rant on what I regret and why, but I don’t think I’m alone. Humans are engineered to care about the mistakes we have made. It’s what makes us different from other animals. My boxer mix only cares about the chew toy he is currently gnawing on and not the bacon strips he missed out on this morning. We continue to focus on our regrets and allow them to dictate the way we live our lives. While this does have its benefits, it can keep us living in a state of fear. Our brain’s basic instinct tells us not to do something if it doesn’t work out the first time. This keeps us from making mistakes, but it also keeps us from growing and getting better.

Regret is a manifestation of our conscience. It keeps us in line. It sounds a lot easier to live without regrets than it actually is. Living without them is living as if you have done everything right. No lessons to learn, no mistakes to correct. The fact is, they follow us around like shadows. My bad grade on my last Chem quiz will haunt me until I go to retake it, and I definitely regret not studying for it the first time. However, you can’t always fix your mistakes. There won’t always be extra credit to do. YOLO is the perfect example of how society has glamourized living without regrets. It may have had good intentions, but you can’t expect to go far in life without caring about the repercussions of your actions. This is especially true in the digital age. Everything we do is recorded, and every careless thought we have is tweeted. Your future school and/or employer may not like that picture of you YOLOing as much as your friends do. The world has taught us that living without regrets is the best way to live, but I disagree. Throw your regrets away, but I think I will keep mine. I hate to be cliché, but you truly do learn from your mistakes. Regrets are little reminders of the mistakes that we have made. Instead of dwelling on your regrets, think of how you can do things differently next time. Living without regrets won’t keep your life in order. Living with nothing but regrets will leave you crippled and stuck in the same place for the rest of your life. You have to find that balance in the middle, regretting enough to learn from your mistakes, but also learning to move on and accept your mistakes. At the end of the day, nobody is perfect, and everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet. Don’t get stuck regretting your year at your next New Year’s Eve party. Keep your regrets close, but not too close. Then again, why would you trust me on this? Who knows, you might just regret it.


fashion // on the street


BETTER OFF RED Pink is not just for Wednesdays anymore. From hats to sneakers, students this month have been decked out in bright reds, pinks, and purples. Fortunately, there’s nothing that pops better against our dreary winter landscape. As the season drags on, take advantage of the style. Emulate these Westsiders with red shoes, jackets, or even hair. After all, who isn’t better off red? photos by Grace Wolfe, Camile Messerly, Sarah Lemke, and Ally Stark, design by Eva Phillips



PML Construction is a full-service interior contracting company capable of handling your drywall, acoustical and plastering needs. Contact: PML Construction Inc. 14320 Industrial Rd Omaha, NE 68144-3334 TEL: (402) 896.8860 EMAIL:


Me and My obsession

INSIDE THE MINDS OF FOUR WESTSIDERS story by Jaylee Johnson, design by Kirsten McCormack, photos by Estella Fox and Kirsten McCormack

In fifth grade, I would spend my nights sitting on my bed, flipping through Tiger Beat magazine. I’d rip out all of the pictures of the Jonas Brothers and stare into their dreamy eyes. It’s safe to say I was in love. My whole life revolved around the Jonas Brothers, and trust me, that wasn’t a good thing. Although I’ve overcome my undying love for the band, the feelings still come rushing back to me when they’re brought up. You know that feeling too. You’re taking a math test, and it runs through your mind. You hear your crush’s name, and it feels like fifteen million butterflies just made their home in your stomach. Or it’s 14th mod and all you can think about is getting home to watch the next episode of Gossip Girl. You like that thing enough to devote most of your time to it, and when someone bashes it, you will defend it to the ends of the earth. Whether it’s beating your high score on Flappy Bird or watching a whole season of your new favorite show on Netflix in one night, high school is definitely an acceptable time to be fixated on those things. No matter what our obsessions are, they’re a part of who we are, an extension of our personalities. You never know, that boy in your math class could love Breaking Bad just as much as you do. In the next few pages, you’ll be taken into the minds of four students who tell us about their passion and why they love it.


feature // obsessions

ERIN TOY grade:: 10 obsession: :


“Taylor Swift’s music is always there for me when I need it. She has a song for every situation, and so that’s where I go whenever I’m upset or even really happy. She’s a great role model and inspiration. She’s taught me so much about life, and I learn things by listening to her music. I bought a couple songs from her first album when it came out and a couple from Fearless. I have always liked her a lot, but when I got Speak Now and loved it, I bought all of her songs and couldn’t stop listening to them. After the Red Tour, my obsession became even bigger.

I love all of her songs and her as a person. I support her in every way I can. I defend her whenever someone talks bad about her. For her birthday, I wore everything Taylor Swift. I also have an Instagram fan account for her, and that’s really fun because I get to interact with people who have the same obsession as me without being judged. I just reached 2.5K followers on it. If Taylor Swift didn’t exist, I’m sure I would be obsessed with another artist like her. If she disappeared today, I would be devastated. I’d lose my role model and inspiration. If her music disappeared too, then I don’t know what I would do with myself.”w


Tong kim grade:: 9 obsession::


“I have loved comic books since I was a kid, as any kid does, but I got to that level where comic books weren’t enough. So I started watching cartoons. After watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, I started liking the concept of anime. As I continued along, I started finding all these new books that I had never heard of. I thought it was cool that I had to read them right to left. Then my mom’s friend gave me 42 magazines about anime. I read them, and I got hooked.

There is a popular magazine called Shonen Jump, and that’s where I really got into it. I loved all the action and all the fight scenes. Who wouldn’t like that? So I started getting into anime. In middle school, I would read every single manga and watch all the anime I could. Some people like the art style, some like the music, and some like the plots. In the anime world, there is this thing called the ‘big three’ which is Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. The grandfather of all anime is Dragon Ball Z, which got the anime going in the Western world. I usually read manga because I can read it faster.”


feature // obsessions

SUMMER KHALIL grade:: 12 obsession::


“Every time my life becomes hectic, I release my stress by using a paint brush and a bare canvas. Painting is my true obsession. I know it is because I pour my emotions, my hopes, and the beauty I find in the world into my work. I have loved art since I was little. Last year my passion began to evolve when I picked up painting. I used to always sketch when I was little, but now my favorite medium is paint. I guess what makes me obsessed with painting is that it’s my own. I can create anything I want, the way I want to.

It is just another way to keep a diary. It helps me look at the world in a more positive, realistic matter. It helps me release feelings that I can’t on paper. I express my strong feelings about it by looking at certain scenes or situations and thinking, ‘how could I paint this.’ Then I create it using my creativity. I love painting eyes, nature, and faces because I feel like those are the things that hold the most emotion. They are living. To be able to capture emotion within a painting is big. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if painting didn’t exist. I guess if it didn’t exist, I would respond to it as a need or necessity. I would create it.”


NJALI KOWA grade:: 11 obsession::


“I love running because it’s my favorite sport and my number one passion. Most people hate running, but I personally don’t understand why. We have legs for a reason. There are a lot of reasons why I love running. The best reason is that running makes me feel like I have a temporary escape from the stress of reality. When I run, all I have to worry about are the mechanics of the run. They lie in my muscle memory. In a sense, it comes naturally. My interest in track started in seventh grade, when I went out and showed promise in sprints. Since then I have loved it and what it has to offer.

The sport should not be underestimated because of its lack of popularity. Through their performance, track athletes show hard work and dedication. A good indication of hard work is the deduction of seconds or even minutes off your past records depending on your race. I express my strong feelings about track through research about the sport and its athletes. If track were to disappear today, then I would be lost. I would find it hard if not impossible to find something new to be passionate about.”


opinion // fangirl



OF a fangirl A LESSON ON BEING PROUD OF WHAT YOU LOVE story and design by Lia Hagen

Sometimes I wish my life was a high school AU (alternate universe). Being that I am, in fact, a high schooler, you would think the experience would be fairly similar. Of course, you would be completely wrong. In real life, high school is uneventful. There’s no schoolwide rumor chain or overexaggerated rivalries between the freaks and the popular girls. In fact, people pretty much just leave each other alone. At Westside, the most elaborate form of shennanigans to go down is the occasional beach ball game in the Landing. High school AUs, on the other hand, are a wide-reaching fandom trend in which you reimagine your favorite characters as high school students. Their lives are inevitably more awesome than anyone else you know. Here there are the ridiculous high school clichés we’ve been raised to love, from the dumb jocks to the friendless bookworms. Everyone has a place and an interesting story, even the grumpy school principal. These AUs spawn fanfiction, fanart, and thousands of words in character analysis. Last time I checked, no one’s writing 2,500 words about which classes I’m most likely to take or drawing my everyday outfits. Instead, I get to sit around and wonder about the infinitely more interesting lives of my favorite fictional characters. I may not #CutForBieber, but my love for fiction is definitely beyond the norm. In fact, I spend a debilitating amount of time crying, talking, and blogging about the things that I love. For many people, this is a familiar storyline. Westside is full of amateur fanfiction writers, fanartists, and semiprofessional bloggers. That overexcited girl sitting next to you in math? Yeah, she has 3,000 followers on her Sherlock fan blog. The eccentric student teacher? When he’s not doing the actual teacher’s grunt work, he’s tweeting about One Direction. Still, this is about more than just members of fandoms.

Geekery is defined as an obsessive interest or enthusiasm, an excessive love. Everyone has something that makes them geek out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a secret or the only thing you talk about; it’s inevitable. Many mainstream media outlets have even embraced the ‘nerd’ aesthetic. Most teen clothing shops feature at least one shirt that declares the wearer a geek, and thick framed black glasses have become the very symbol of quirkiness. It’s ironic, then, that geekery is still treated like something undesirable by many of our peers. There’s this idea in our society that in order to be cool, you can’t care about anything. Kids proudly proclaim they don’t give a f*** as they skip class or behave rudely. The media has always been filled with images of apathetic teens. What began with the stereotypical smoking, leather-clad bad boy still affects us today. Not everything is such an extreme case, however. Phrases like ‘guilty pleasure’ are often thrown around by people who feel the need to explain their likes. Even people who would consider themselves nonjudgemental can unconsciously shame their own likes or those of others. This will never, ever makes sense to me. Loving things is awesome. Fandom is the only thing in my life that is consistently, unabashedly fun. There’s no complications, no stress. You can just enjoy yourself. It’s something we all need. After a long day at school or work, it’s great to be able to relax and distract ourselves. Whether it’s Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead, secret or your all-consuming identity, we all have things we love to love. So don’t let people shame you for it, and just as important, don’t shame yourself. Follow that fanblog. Watch that movie. Give yourself a minute to daydream during your math homework. Should you need help, just let me know. God knows I have enough obsessions for the both of us.


movies // cult classics

Now Showing:: Cult Classics Usually, when a film is universally acclaimed, it grabs everyones attention but thats not always the case. There are a select group of great films that not everyone has heard of. These films known as cult classics, movies that aren’t considered a modern Casablanca the general public, but rather to a select following. Here, I show you the four movie cults I belong to and why you should too. story by Jakob Larsen, design by Lilli Marvin

Mystery Men (1999) :

Lead actors:: Hank Azaria, Claire Forlani


Director Kinka Usher

In today’s society, it’s an unwritten law that you have to love superheroes. Movies like “The Avengers” and “Thor” are among the highest grossing at the box office, attracting crowds from die-hard fans to those who’d never picked up a comic book in their life. “Mystery Men” (1999) came ahead of this trend. It spoofed these stereotypical superhero movies. Here, wannabe superheroes are forced to rescue SuperMan-parody Captain Amazing after he is captured by his nemesis Casanova Frankenstein. The superheroes in this movie are all average people with strange and pointless powers. One example is the Blue Raja, an expert fork thrower. While it isn’t a laugh out loud movie, it is full of clever lines, and it’s backed by a well puttogether story and cast. Both of these make it the perfect example of how to make a movie.


Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988-1999) :

Lead actors:: Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu


Director joel hdgson

Have you ever watched a movie so awful that you tried to sever your limbs so the pain of whatever you were watching was a lot less painful and traumatizing? No? Then you either have a high tolerance or you made fun of whatever you were watching and tried to make sure you could squeeze the one little drop of entertainment out of it. The true art of making fun of these terrible films was started and quickly perfected by the cast of MST3K, which was a TV show where Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, and two robots who were forced to watch the worst films ever made. When the cast of MST3K makes fun of a film, some of their comments made towards these movies will make you laugh the hardest you have in your life. Seriously, they needed a disclaimer before the episodes, I almost suffered a heart attack laughing my first time viewing this masterpiece.

Zoolander (2001) :

Lead actors:: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell


Director Ben Stiller

Zoolander is... Well i’ll put it this way, how many movies involve brain-washing a dim-witted model into killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia right after his friends are killed in a gasoline fight? Thats what I thought. Zoolander can go down as one of the most quotable movies, and i’ll gladly explain why right here. “Mugatu is so hot right now he could take a crap, wrap it in tinfoil, put a couple fish hooks on it and sell it to Queen Elizabeth as earrings”- Maury Ballstein, Model agent for Derek Zoolander “Well I guess it all started the first time I went through the second grade. I caught my reflection in a spoon while I was eating my cereal, and I remember thinking ‘wow, you’re ridiculously good looking, maybe you could do that for a career’.”-Derek Zoolander on why he became a model You’re welcome. You could also tell that the characters are all hilarious in their own individual way and have personalities that will stick with you for a while. A movie with this kind of unique identity and comedy is one that will be memorable in a lot of viewers minds. If there’s a movie that will leave you and your friends talking, Zoolander does a very good job of doing just that.

This is Spinal Tap (2001) :

Lead actors:: Michael Mckean, Harry Shearer


Director Rob Reiner

When I was 12, I found myself watching an incredibly boring Harry Shearer interview on NET, CSPAN, or some channel only old people watch. During this dustcollecting program, the interviewer told Shearer he was honored to meet the writer of one of the funniest movies ever made, “Spinal Tap.” As he said this, the concert hall erupted in applause. Two things ran through my mind. First of all, why is there an audience for a CSPAN interview of Harry Shearer? More importantly, why are so many people commenting on the comedic genius of “Spinal Tap?” One viewing and millions of laughs later, I’d discovered the meaning of life. “Spinal Tap” had finally answered my questions. The hilarious misadventures and quotes from the British band on their American concert tour dominate the plot. The group is followed by documentarists as their antics and eventual downfall make it to camera. In this film, comedy is clearly “cranked up to 11.”


diy // breakup

Angsty Break-Up art THREE WAYS TO EXPRESS YOUR HIDDEN HATRED story by estella fox, design by abegale headlee, photos by kirsten mccormack

Roses are red My heartbreak is blue But I’m telling everyone That I broke up with you What is the first thing you do when someone breaks up with you? Make art about it, duh! Although this may not be the the first thing

that comes to mind, it will help you get over your ex in a creative way. Direct that teenage angst into something positive... sort of. In this informative D.I.Y., we show you some ideas to spark your imagination and channel all those feelings into some beautiful artwork. Well, depending on your interpretation of beauty. After all, you’re scratching out your ex’s face anyway. Might as well do it in style!


heartbreak COLLAGE Things you need:

paintbrush scissors magazines and newspaper canvas

mod podge red sharpie pictures of you and your ex RAGE!!!

1. Paint the Mod Podge on the canvas and lay down a piece of newspaper as a background

2. Cut out photos of you and your ex as well as words from magazines that describe your relationship. Lay them out on the page.

3. Paint the back of the photos and words with Mod Podge and place them onto the page.

4. Use the scissors to scratch out your ex’s face and draw things on them with the red sharpie.


diy // breakup


CAKE Things you need:

cake mix ingredients on box frosting sprinkles

frosting gel a desire to crush your ex like they crushed you

1. Bake the cake according to the directions on the box. Let it cool completely.

2. Decorate the cake with frosting and sprinkles. Write whatever angry phrase you want.

3. Smash the cake in your hands to symbolize your broken relationship.



DOLL Things you need:

newspaper compression wrap tape scissors

string sewing needles cloth buttons

1. Crumple the newspaper up to form it into body parts. Wrap it in compression tape.

2. Wrap each body part in cloth and sew it shut (or use tape). Make sure each body part is the size you like.

3. Use sewing pins to attach each part to the body. Then cut out a heart and stick pins in it. You can now begin your voodoo rituals.


photo essay // snow day

bright white beauty STORY OF A SNOW DAY story by Tommy Huerter, design by Kirsten McCormack, photos by Ally Stark

Anticipation and procrastination are two words that can accurately sum up the night before a snow day. Nothing beats the moment when you get the call that school has been canceled. While we here at Craze spent our snow day cramming for the upcoming issue, most students spent theirs relaxing. Sledding, Netflix, and hot cocoa are just a few of the things that make snow days so great. Best of all, however, is the natural beauty of a blanket of snow.



playlist // breakup




story by Grace Wolfe, design by Abegale Headlee

School dances and teen movie go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it’s Prom, Homecoming, or Spring Fling, movies throughout the decades have given us style icons to fit everyone’s taste. We’ve shifted through years of iconic outfits to help inspire your Winter Formal look. Here you’ll find examples from

the sweetheart necklines of the ‘50s to the puffy sleeves of the ‘80s. If the ideas aren’t flowing, flip through your parent’s old yearbooks. Paying homage to their high school years can give a unique twist to your Winter Formal attire!


fashion // style icons

3. 1.


1. All shoes from ModCloth; $32.95; 2. Nail polish by Essie; $8.50; 3. Sandy’s dress from honeypieboutique; 149 euros; 4. Frenchie’s dress from Etsy; $399.99; 5. Rizzo dress on Ebay; $44.95


grease “Grease” (1978) has a plethora of amazing fashion examples for both men and women. Good girl Sandy Olsen (Olivia Newton John) is thrusted into a new school and instantly connects with a girl group called the Pink Ladies and their corresponding guy friends, the Thunderbirds. Much to Sandy’s surprise, one of the members is Danny Zuko (John Travolta). He was a boy she had fallen in love with over the summer. Most of the dresses worn by the ladies to prom are expensive and hard to find, but dresses like the one Betty Rizzo (Stockard Channing) wore can usually be found on vixen clothing websites or ModCloth.



2. 6.



1. Dress: from; $99.99; 2. Jacket from ASOS; $83.34; 3. Tux from brightcoloredtuxedos. com; rent - $125, purchase -$129; 4. Nail Polish from; $7.99; 5. Lipstick from limecrime. com; $18; 6. Pumps from Macey’s; $48.30


mean girls


“Mean Girls” (2004) stars Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron in one of her best known roles, playing home-schooled jungle freak gone ‘plastic.’ While other characters stay the same, Cady goes through a number of personality and style changes throughout the film. In the classic dance scene, Cady arrives home from her Mathletes competition just in time for the crowning of Spring Fling Queen. To no one’s surprise, it’s her. As Cady stands on stage giving an inspirational acceptance speech, you get a good look at her running mates’ awesome outfits. Regina George (Rachel McAdams) was recently hit by a bus and wears her clunky, flower-embellished back brace over a skin tight pink dress. Next to her stands Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan) decked out in an all purple tuxedo to match her best friend, Damian (Daniel Franzese). If dressing up just isn’t your thing, try Cady’s khakis and Mathletes letterman jacket. Actually, I wouldn’t advise that for Winter Formal. Still, whatever your choice, you’re sure to look super fetch!


fashion // style icons





1. Men’s tux from; $120; 2. Bow tie from WEBstraunrantsStore. com; $2.99; 3. Tux shirt from; $34; 4. Fake blood from Halloween stores; $4.99; 5. Shawl from; $48; 6. Dress from $130; 7. Nail-polish from Essie; $8.50

6. 7.

carrie “Carrie” (1976) is a lesson about being careful who you make fun of. Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) is the lonely daughter of an abusive and religious mother (Piper Laurie). After an accident in the girl’s locker room results in a lightbulb breaking a mirror, Carrie realizes she has been controlling things with her mind, and she seems to be pretty okay with it. One of Carrie’s tormentors, Sue Snell (Amy Irving), feels bad about her actions and asks her boyfriend Tommy Ross (William Katt) to ask Carrie to the upcoming prom. Carrie rocks another homemade dress, a light pink satin slip-dress and matching silk shawl. Tommy, in all his permed hair glory, wears a blue three-piece suit and ruffle shirt. The couple looks cute until they unexpectedly win Prom King and Queen, only to be drenched in pig’s blood. With any luck, you’ll be able to emulate the look without the mess.



3. 5. 1

6. 4.

8. 7.


1. Disco suit from rustyzipper; $110; 2. Dress from myvintagegowns; $89.99; 3. Jacket from rustyzipper; $38; 4. All shoes from; $34.99; 5. Bolo tie from cavenders. com; $15; 6. Tie: zazzle.; 26.95 euros. 7. Scrunchie from; $5.99; 8. Glasses from Etsy; $12

Napoleon dynamite Quirky and creepy, “Napoleon Dynamite” (2004) tells the story of Napoleon (Jon Heder), a tot-loving and monotonous teenager who finds himself helping his equally languid friend, Pedro (Efren Ramirez), win class presidency. After a failed attempt at asking the beautiful Trisha to the dance with a heavily shaded drawing, Napoleon attends their school dance with Pedro and his date, Deb (Tina Majorino). I know I should be appalled by Deb’s 80s-riffic dress, but I can’t help but fall in love with her puffy sleeves and awful, crimped hair half tied in a scrunchie. This outfit might be for the more ironic type, someone willing to deal with all that tulle. Though it’s difficult to find an exact replica of Deb’s dress online, you can always stop by your local vintage or thrift store. There’s sure to be an awful ‘80s dress waiting for you.


feature // sketchbook


DE’SHAUN SHELLY story and design by Casey Arritt, photos by Abegale Headlee

Expect the unexpected from freshman De’Shaun Shelly. He puts a special touch on all of his sketches with his eye-catching details. Shelly, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, makes every minuscule stroke of his pencil exactly how he wants it. Growing up in a home filled with eccentric décor, Shelly loves pulling colors and textures from his surroundings. He began with a crayon and a coloring book at the age of four, and he now creates at least three intricate sketches a day. Influenced by anime, Italian art, and abstract art, Shelly has created a style that is all his own. After high school, Shelly dreams about living immersed in the world of art.



opinion // body image

BREAKING SOCIETY’S DEFINITION OF BEAUTY story and design by Allie Laing, photos by Sarah Lemke


When I was young, I’d wear bright, mismatched outfits and high pigtails simply because I wanted to. I was never concerned about waking up early for school to do my hair and make up in order to make myself feel beautiful. The last thing I worried about was what people thought as they passed me in the halls. I wasn’t concerned about whether boys would find me attractive, nor did I feel like I had to work on my appearance for their approval. The only concern I had was when the next recess was. I never struggled with staring in the mirror and constantly putting myself down because I didn’t like what I saw looking back at me. Somewhere in the midst of growing up, I lost the ability to think everything about myself was beautiful. One by one, I began to pick out things that weren’t perfect on my body. My legs weren’t toned enough, my face was too round, and my waist would never be small enough. The list could go on and on. Before I knew it, my vision of myself became so distorted that the Allie Laing staring at me in the mirror was far from what everyone around me saw. I let myself obsess over having the perfect image, and it seemed like nothing would ever be good enough. But my question is, why? Because the harsh words spoken, heard, and seen by teenagers are absorbed like a sponge. Through media, we see society’s definition of beauty. Female models flash their flawless cheek bones and flat stomachs. Their skin is perfectly tanned, their make up is precise, and their legs are miles long. Male models always have the dreamy jaw line and six pack abs. Their arm muscles never fall short of being perfectly chiseled. It seems like there’s not a thing wrong with their

bodies. After all, the average female model is 5’9 and weighs 110 pounds. Unfortunately, that doesn’t reflect the rest of us. Now more than ever, there is a pressure to look perfect. Advertised beauty is corrupting teenagers’ confidence. Today, 91% of all girls and 80% of all boys are insecure about their bodies. Isn’t there something wrong with that? Being a member of the insecure crowd, I found myself shopping for clothes that would make me look the skinniest, boots that made me seem taller, and new make up tutorials that claimed to bring out my “best features.” It wasn’t until

The flaws that you see in yourseLf could be another person's favorite thing about you.

this year that I noticed the process of making yourself look “beautiful” was far from worth it. I realized that my appearance was not benefitting society. It was just a way for me to feel accepted. For some reason, I thought straightening my hair and applying countless brands of cosmetics would make me fit in. Since then, I’ve learned that there’s a difference between feeling confident and trying to adhere to society’s idea of beauty. There is no body type I should feel obligated to have or a certain pant size I should wear. No one should feel the need to change who they are for the benefit of anyone other than themselves. The flaws that you see in yourself could be another person’s


favorite thing about you. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, over 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating in the United States. 86% of those suffering from an eating disorder are between the ages of sixteen and twenty years old. We constantly hear people around us talk about how sad it is that teenagers get lost in the pressure to look perfect, but rarely do we see people act on it. It’s easy to tell someone to “be yourself ” or “forget what everyone else thinks of you.” The real challenge is to believe it. Whether you are a boy or girl, your body doesn’t need to look like it came straight from a runway. Being able to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see should be enough. Having features that make you different are proof that you have lived and proof that you are not like anyone else. So wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself, whether everyone else likes them or not. Feel good about your facial features and body type, and know that there isn’t one person who has the ability to tell you what you should look like. Most importantly, love yourself. When it all comes down to it, body image is a mental challenge. If you think negative things about your body, your actions and mentality will be negative too. Everyone has things that they wish they could change about themselves, even the 110 pound models. But your idea of beauty shouldn’t be limited by society’s idea of the perfect body, face, or hair. So don’t think about impressing anyone. Throw on mismatching outfits, or who knows? Maybe you could wear high pigtails.

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CELEBRITIES? story by Estella Fox, design by Kirsten McCormack and Lia Hagen

As you have probably heard (who are we kidding), teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber was recently charged with a D.U.I. Seconds after this information became public, it was worldwide. Twitter feeds were packed with intense hate, his smirking mugshot, and support. Yes, support. Twitter accounts dedicated to Justin Bieber claimed he cried “What about my Beliebers?” as he belligerently avoided arrest. My absolute favorite post, which has over 100 retweets, says that he has been depressed for five months (because she could see it in his smile), and, for that reason, the 19-year-old was compelled to drink and race his yellow Lamborghini through a residential area of Miami Beach. I have no right to impose judgement on my fellow teenagers, but I can objectively say that these supporters are hands-down delusional. And, of course, I have to bring up the question: Would these young fans defend an ugly, overweight 50-year-old in the same position as Bieber? Absolutely not. After wrestling with my conscience and dozens of sleepless nights, I have come

up with the three main reasons that people are so obsessed with celebrities.


We all (well, most of us) strive to love and be loved. When you don’t know someone, it is much easier to love them. This is especially true if they’re attractive. Although fans know only what the media chooses to publish about them, they love all the work that this person has released and, in turn, love them. But how do we fulfill the ‘be loved’ void? Well, here comes the borderlineobsessive behavior. Super fans think that their celebrity crush loves them back. These fans are thoroughly convinced that this person (who has millions of fans and most likely has no idea what their name is) loves them. As crazy as this behavior is, it’s easy to explain. It’s comforting to know that someone loves you, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re good-looking.


Humans have an innate desire to be successful. Our modern-day celebrities are arguably the most


successful people in the world. They have millions of dollars that they don’t even have to spend, and they are able to meet almost whoever they want. Not to mention they have hundreds of thousands of fans who will cherish every word that comes out of their mouth. The average mortal would love to have this society-claimed success, and so they will naturally worship the people who have made it.


Average people are boring, simple as that. I mean, you have two options for water cooler discussions with your awkward co-worker. You can either talk about the unpredictable weather of Omaha, or you can talk about Kim Kardashian’s nationally televised butt-scan. Who wouldn’t want to know that they’re not implants? You’re doing him a favor, really. Celebrity’s ridiculous, outlandish lives are an accessible form of entertainment. They let us escape our own reality for a bit and babble about an opinion of a person we’ve probably never been within a mile of.


opinion // celebrities

BIEBER''' S PARTYING SHOCKER story by Jake Larson

After a hard night of partying with his bros (a group of rich kids who claim to be popular rappers), Bieber’s facing serious trouble with his parents and neighbors. While Bieber’s parents were out of the house, he and his so-called homies were not following the rules. They engaged in dangerous acts such as egging houses, prank calling a local Domino’s, smoking smarties, not getting off the darn lawn, and thinking about smashing a mailbox. The rich, white neighborhood in which these events took place was shocked by the actions as absolutely nothing happens there ever. “We couldn’t believe what had happened until we remembered he’s a child star,” said the neighbors. “Now we can completely believe all


of this happened.” Punishment by the court of Bieber’s parents is still awaiting verdict. It could be as severe as a month without video games. In other news: Three-time NBA champion and formerly sane person, Dennis Rodman, has checked himself into rehab for alcoholism after another trip to North Korea. If you think going to North Korea is a good idea, you’re probably drunk. During a late night snack run gone bad, Honey Boo Boo and her family were involved in a car crash. Georgia state trooper Herschel O’Keefe commented that much of the road needed to be closed down in order to clean up the twinkies destroyed in the accident.


SCANDAL story by Tommy Huerter

In TV news, the E! Network recently debuted their new reality series “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” The show follows around five absurdly privileged 20-somethings living in Beverly Hills on their parents’ dollar. The show mainly focuses on two billionaire bffs, Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart. Wang is unemployed and plans to keep it that way, referring to herself as “funemployed and fabuluxe.” She recently wanted to party with the fictional characters Brittany and Tiffany Wilson from the movie “White Chicks,” and then she required 72 hours of intensive psychotherapy to convince her that they were not actually white chicks, but African American males. As for Stewart, she runs her blog “Boobs & Loubs.” It was named after her vast collection of Christian Louboutin shoes and her self-proclaimed large breasts. However, her blog was recently taken down after she was informed that, contrary to popular belief, Louboutin shoes are meant to be worn on your feet, not your breasts.

]new story by Estella Fox

celeb emerges

THIS JUST IN! An ideal celebrity has been spotted walking along Hollywood Boulevard just last week. With pleasing anatomical proportions and a perfectly symmetrical face, this up-and-coming train wreck has been called ‘more attractive than the average person’ and will now be joining the spotlight with other photogenic people who deserve the nation’s attention. Several tabloids have published photos of this candidate at local restaurants, beaches, and uncomfortably personal family gatherings. On the Today Show, there have been many discussions of their impressive lack of cellulite. There have been reports of this person possibly being featured on a hit T.V. show. It will involve some hilarious catchphrase that will be sold on t-shirts.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing pictures of this person doing mundane tasks all over the Internet, and I will definitely go see their movie,” said Mary Brown, an avid fan of celebrity news. “I would be obsessing over other young celebrities, but this one is new!” Eric Jensen, a paparazzi for a popular tabloid, is looking forward to their exciting job photographing another unique celebrity. “I can’t wait to breach their privacy,” Jensen said. “Before you know it, they’ll be screaming at 4 a.m.. telling me to get out of their garage!” An inside source tells us that this person cannot wait to establish an “unhealthy drug addiction when their 15 minutes of fame runs out.” It will undoubtedly be a much different comeback story than every other celebrity’s.


q&a // mr. brian


Rows upon rows of students sit in large group, surrounded by the sound of voices. Suddenly, a loud voice breaks through the gossip. “Hello, ladies and gentleman! Welcome to large group,” says social studies instructor John Brian in his New Zealand accent. The room goes quiet as everyone twists their bodies to the front of the room. Large group is about to begin. If you’ve had Mr. Brian as a teacher before, you know he has a lot to joke about, but he will always make sure he gets the point of the lecture across. As it turns out, the same applies to his opinions on love. This issue, Westside students submitted the questions they have about love and relationships, and Brian responded with his own expert opinion. Take his advice and use it to reel in your lucky Valentine.

Do you believe in love at first sight? –

How do you ask a girl out?

-Christian, freshman

–-Trenton, sophomore

“Yes. When I saw my first pair of Puma soccer shoes, it was love at first sight. Seeing a beautiful woman at first glance will make you want to get to talk to her and get to know her, but like my grandma said, “sometimes you see a Porsche and they have a Volkswagen engine.” Appearance is important in the beginning, but you need the inner stuff to keep it going.”

“Face to face is the best. Start with something simple like, “So, would you like to catch a movie or something?” Being confident is better than trying to go through her friends. Don’t be creepy. Make her feel comfortable. Make her laugh, and be respectful.”

What is something you’ve done in “How early should you get in a

a relationship that you will never

serious relationship?”

do again?

–-Reagan, junior

-–Cassidy, sophomore

“Sixteen or seventeen. I think anyone younger than that is mentally incapable of having a truly serious relationship. I remember a girl who broke my heart at age 14. I was away for a soccer tournament, and she went out with my brother while I was gone. I found out the next day. It was even worse that neither her nor my brother told me when it happened. I had to hear it for myself from a friend.”

“Compare my girlfriend to an ex-girlfriend. Over a two week period, I compared my girlfriend to my ex-girlfriend a lot. When we would go out to eat and she said didn’t like the food, I would say, “Oh my exgirlfriend liked this.” If we went to a sporting event, and she said “I don’t like this team,” I would say, “Oh well this was my ex’s favorite team.” After a while of that, we both realized it wasn’t really working out.”


When do you get over

How does communication [vary as

heartbreak? –

you get older? –

-Mary, sophomore

-Henry, freshman

“You need to figure that if it wasn’t meant to be, than it is better that it is over so you can move on. Keep yourself busy and try not to pout, dwell, or reminisce. There is usually another “love of your life” just around the corner. During my first heartbreak, I tried to keep myself busy and always be with friends. I also looked back and reflected on the relationship. A few weeks later she came to me and said, “Let’s get back together.” I knew if I couldn’t trust her the first time, I couldn’t a second. During divorce, I tried to keep busy and have something to do so I didn’t dwell. Sometimes it’s not helpful to start seeing someone new right away. You need time to reflect. You learn that there was a reason your relationship didn’t work and learn from it.”

“You tend to be able to read non-verbal clues better. If my wife and I are at restaurant and she isn’t liking the place she doesn’t have to say, “I’m not sure” I can just tell by her facial expressions. When she comes home from work looking slumped over and beat up I can tell she’s tired and I’ll do something nice for her instead of asking if she’s okay. The longer you know someone the easier it is to tell their feelings by body language and expressions. You just get to know them.”

How do you dump your girlfriend?

“You have to realize that there will be ups and downs. [Not] everything is rosy. [It’s] like a new pair of soccer shoes. When you first get them, you don’t want to get them dirty. You want to keep them shiny and new, but soccer shoes will get dirty. Sooner or later, you have step in the mud.”

What can I do to make my relationship last longer? – -Steven, junior

-–Dillon, sophomore

“Give the “we need to talk” speech. It’s used to try and make it look like it wasn’t her fault so you end the relationship on good terms. [This is good] in case you figure out she was special or you want to date her best friend. [Dumping her] in person is the best. Say things like, “I don’t want to waste your time,” “You’ll make someone very happy some day,” [or] “You’re a wonderful person.” Don’t burn bridges because if you realize she was the one, there’s no going back.”

HANGING OUT WITH MR. BRIAN 1. Gimme shelter - the rolling stones 2. Shine on you crazy diamond - pink floyd 3. stan - eminem 4. beds are burning - midnight oil 5. star hotel - cold chisel 6. one tree hill - u2 7. roxanne - the police 8. solbury hill - peter gabriel 9. give a little bit - supertramp 10. sympathy for the devil - the rolling stones


events // calendar

FEBRUARY story and design by Casey Arritt and Maddie Look

Sunday THINGS TO DO ON VALENTINES DAY • Swing Under the Wings @ Strategic Air & Space Museum • 6 p.m. - 11 p.m. • Valentine’s Day Dinner @ Lauritzen Gardens • 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. • A Valentine’s Evening Fit for the Gods! @ Joslyn Art Museum • Kicks & Kisses 5k @ Lancaster Event Center February 15th 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.









Justin Timberlake @ Century Link Center 8 p.m.

Make a Friend Day




Winter Formal

President’s Day

Steven Malkmus @ The Waiting Room 8 p.m.

No School!



AER @ The Waiting Room 8 p.m.

Beginning Kumihimo @ Smiling Turtle Art Spot 6:30 p.m.




Wednesday 5.




Saturday 8. Luke Bryan @ Century Link Center 7:30 p.m.




Love and Laughter @ Omaha Music Hall 8 p.m.

Valentine’s Day

15. Cupid’s Undie Run @ Midtown Crossing 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.









Paint a Silk Scarf @ Smiling Turtle Art Spot 6:30 p.m.

Shrine Circus @ Omaha Civic Auditorium Arena 7 p.m.

State Wrestling @ Century Link Center 9:30 a.m.

Twinsmith @ The Slowdown 9 p.m.


guide // v-day gifts


GIFT GUIDE story and design by Eva Phillips

FEMINIST WHO LOVES SNACKS For when your desire for equality is matched by your desire for food. $22.50

COFFEE HYPED COMPUTER PROGRAMMER This pixel heart heat changing mug will fuel you up for your next game $11.99

YOUR BASEMENT-DWELLING MINECRAFT-PLAYING SIBLING Get them out of the house and into the playing field with this step by step guide to the “epic quest” that is modern dating.

THE FOUR-LEGGED HAIRY CREATURES IN YOUR HOUSE Your cat needs this warm winter sweater right meow. $23.99




Feed your inner carnivore with this bacon candy sampler pack. Your secret is safe with us.

All the young dudes want this phone case.





beyoncé: the visual album


























































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russell brand on living with an addiction

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the new almost music record store


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