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CRA Z volume 3 | issue 3 | october 29 2011

table of contents contributers for this issue: advisor: nathan moseley editor-in-chief: lilly phillips visual editor: tyler schank copy editor: kate laing assistant editor: jordan meradith photographer: alycia olson, tyler schank music editor: eva phillips designers for this issue: leanna klimisch, kate laing, eva phillips, lilly phillips, jordan meradith, tyler schank, samie steed, megan ulrich writers for this issue: jill hoppe, kate laing, cassie mccormick, megan north, laurel oetken, eva phillips, lilly phillips, samie steed


04-05 introduction 06-07 vogue: get classy 08-09 guide: vegetarian 10-11 sounds: fall releases 12-13 the tube: laugh out loud 14-15 snapshot: the undead 16-17 in depth: mystery manor 18-19 feature: all about zombies 20-21 diy: jack-o-lanterns 22-23 extras: procrastination

a note from the staff... We have been looking forward to this issue for awhile. Each new magazine we make presents different challenges for us to overcome, and sometimes in the stressful process we lose sight of our goal. But this issue is different. We have been excited from the start, and a major reason is that this issue is full of individuality. We chose to write about and include things we personally found interesting, and the overall result is a unique touch given by every member of the staff. In Craze, we are all about creativity and trying new things, so you will notice some design changes in this issue as well. However, our favorite thing about this issue is of course the section on Halloween. From zombies to pumpking carving, we’ve got you covered for an awesome weekend. So, without further ado, we present Craze Issue 3! Enjoy!

craze vol 3 | issue 2| october 2011 Omaha Westside High School 8701 Pacific Street Omaha, NE 68114




the fall issue design and photo by tyler schank

“Lemme just talk to you for a second about something that I think is good for America: caramel apples,... I had one last night. Delicious.� - Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Westroads Mall, Omaha NE


vogue: get

classy 3.

1. 2.







charming charlie

story by cassie mccormick, designed by leanna klimisch, photos by tyler schank

1. wallet $14.97 2. boots $29.97 3. elephant earrings $5.97 4. hat $19.97 5. clutch $14.97 6. necklace $12.97 7. ring $7.97 8. leaf earrings $5.97 9. scarf $14.97



am always on the look out for new and unique stores. So when I drove by an interesting little accessory boutique called Charming Charlie, I knew I had to check it out. I had only recently heard about this fashion paradise, but as soon as I walked through the door, I knew it was better than I could have imagined. Charming Charlie is a reasonably priced accessory store that is new to the Omaha area. The first Nebraska store opened in Shadow Lake Towne Center in April 2011. Now there is a location a little closer to Westside district, located in the L Street Marketplace. Charming Charlie is a great great store that provides women with the latest trends in accessories at affordable prices. What really helps to separate

Charming Charlie from competitors is the way the store is organized. All of the jewelry, purses, clothes, and shoes are arranged into different color sections. If you are in a hurry, this color-coded system is a lifesaver. Charming Charlie makes it easy and quick to find just the right accessory to go with any outfit. One of the most surprising things I found was the amount of men in Charming Charlie. There were husbands dutifully holding their wife’s purse and boyfriends on a budget asking the sales clerks for advice on what to get their sweetheart for a gift. Boys beware; it takes a real man to handle the overwhelming sparkle that is Charming Charlie. However, the price may be the best thing about Charming Charlie. For anyone on a tight

budget, Charming Charlie is the place to go, especially because all of the merchandise ranges from $4.97 to $49.97. Of course, with prices so low the quality may go down, but for affordable statement pieces worn on special occasions look no further than Charming Charlie. It is official; I am now a diehard Charming Charlie fan. They have every fashion accessory that I could ever want. I can find exactly what I need in no time, but I could spend hours in there. Charming Charlie is irresistible, plain and simple, and if you don’t believe me, then I invite you to go to Charming Charlie and fall in love.

Charming Charlie locations: 12320 L Street and 7809 Town Center Parkway in Papillion


guide: vegetarian



the hunt

“If you’re a new vegetarian, I could see a struggle. It’s a busy place.” NAME: Sharon Schaefer JOB: Culinary Manager of Westside High School BIO This is her first year as Culinary Manager at Westside, and while she has kept many things the same, she has been trying to add more diverse options to the menu. She was a vegetarian, and knows exactly what students should look for. Q: What vegetarian options do you offer in the cafeteria? Sharon Schaefer: Every day we have vegetarian wraps in our grab and go section. Vegetarian salads are available on the salad bar and also in the grab and go section. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available by the cashier’s station each day. At the sub station, you can have a vegetarian hoagie or wrap made to your specifications. It depends on what kind of vegetarian you are, a lot of things open up when you’re a vegetarian that eats fish. Q: What suggestions do you give to a vegetarian buying lunch?

navigating the cafeteria as a vegetarian story and design by megan north, photo by tyler schank

SS: My recommendation would be that they get enough protein and they clearly understand the amino acids their growing body needs. Fill your plate correctly. You can always ask the people that are in the service area if there’s a meat product, but in our beans, rice, and vegetable side dishes,

we’re very careful to cook with things that would fall in line with a vegetarian diet. Our black beans aren’t cooked with pork unless they’re listed as pork and beans. Q: How does a vegetarian diet contrast a traditional diet? SS: I think you’re going to have a lower caloric intake. If you’re eating correctly you’re going to consume more fiber, which is a benefit to your body. Lower sodium; a lot of the vegetarian options we cook from scratch. We control how much salt and seasonings are added. For a traditional diet, foods are going to be heavier in fat, heavier in sodium, heavier in calories. Saturated fat would be huge – there’s virtually no saturated fat in a vegetarian diet. And kids that eat a traditional diet normally don’t eat enough vegetables and whole grains, and they’re not eating enough fiber on a daily basis. It’s only a little bit of a problem when you’re a teenager, but it snowballs into a big problem when you’re

an adult. Q: Is it more difficult to find a healthy lunch as a vegetarian? SS: If you’re a vegetarian that knows what to look for, no. If you’re a new vegetarian, I could see a struggle because it’s a busy place, options change every wand you might question what’s in a particular dish. I find some of the vegetarians that we have here don’t know that the grab and go’s have been specifically designed for them and we end up throwing a lot of them away, which is kind of frustrating.

Craze’s Tips for Hungry Vegetarians check the grab and go fridge for salads and wraps the salad bar is usually great; just watch out for bacon mixed in with salad toppings while sandwiches can be made meatless, ask for the staff to change their gloves if it bothers you that they have touched meat when in doubt, ask. the staff is very helpful




season of music a guide to fall album releases. story and design by eva phillips

Many highly anticipated albums are released this fall, including music by artists we haven’t heard from in quite some time. The biggest worry when a long-loved band puts out a new album is whether or not it will meet fans’ expectations. Here are my predictions of whether or not these upcoming albums will live up to, or maybe even exceed, expectations.

We Were Promised Jet Packs In the Pit of the Stomach Oct. 4

listen to: circles and squares

If the name alone isn’t enough of a reason to listen, then maybe their scottish accents and unique indie rock sound is. We Were Promised Jet Packs’s sophomore album was released Oct. 4 and has received mixed reviews. Music critics who gave them high ratings said that their new album takes indie rock to a different level. Their tracks incorporate interesting melodies, energized drumming, and various time and dynamic shifts that give it a unique sound. In the Pit of the Stomach is very similar to their last release, These Four Walls, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. The basic components still carry over to their new album, but they are joined together in different ways, creating a more finished and unified sound that is worth giving a listen.

M83 Hurry Up,We’re Dreaming Oct. 18

listen to: midnight city

M83‘s last album, Saturdays=Youth (released in April of 2008), received outstanding reviews. With Anthony Gonzalez’s ability to mix electronic synthesizers, robotic drumming and gauzy vocals in a way that resembles a fresh, non-tacky, 80’s pop song, its no wonder his album got an 8.5 on the best new music list. It’s been three years since we’ve heard anything from M83, and Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is expected to be just as good, if not better, than their previous releases. The song Midnight City, featured on the upcoming album, was released earlier this year as a preview and has since made its way to the band’s most bought song on iTunes.

Justice Audio,Video, Disco. Oct. 18

listen to: ohio


Justice’s debut album, Cross, was the dance album of 2007 and 2008. Everyone knows their hit track, D.A.N.C.E., because its energetic yet still easy to listen to; two things that often don’t go together. Justice is able to create music that’s electronic beats make you want to get up and move, but don’t make your head pound when you want just simply listen to them. They don’t follow those repetitive computer generated sounds and base lines found in the majority of electronic dance music, but rather Justice includes crisp electronic riffs, gauzy strings, sharp keyboard, and metallic drums to create their tracks. In their upcoming album, Audio, Video, Disco, Justice experiments a lot with various synthesizers and slower tempos and really focuses on the fundamentals of their music.

Coldplay Mylo Zyloto Oct. 24

listen to: paradise

Throughout the five studio albums they’ve released, Coldplay’s music style has evolved, for better and worse. Coldplay’s first album Parachutes was brilliantly simplistic and genuine; with its sincere lyrics and soft vocals, making it one of the best pop albums of the decade. A debut album like that can leave high expectations, many of which people think Coldplay has not lived up to. Their albums since then have received positive feedback, but their music has evolved to a point that it is not even comparable to that of their first couple albums. Mylo Xyloto (pronounced MY-lo ZY-letoe), while still being a good upbeat pop album, is not looked forward to by many of Coldplay’s original fans because it’s missing that unique sound Coldplay once attained.

Florence + The Machine Ceremonials Nov. 1

listen to: shake it our

With appearances on Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, and The Ellen DeGeneres show, Florence and the Machine’s popularity has exploded over the last year. Their hit, The Dog Days Are Over, has been on the iTunes top charts for quite some time and their November release is expected to follow suite. Florence and the Machine has a unique sound and Florence Welch’s intense and powerful vocals are part of what separates them from the rest. This, along with the band’s pounding beats and mystic pop sounds, have caused their sophomore album, Ceremonials, to be one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Beach Boys SMiLE Nov. 1

listen to: brian wilson’s SMiLE

SMiLE was a project recorded in 1966 and 1967 by the Beach Boys, but was never finished or released. The band’s frontman, Brian Wilson, took parts of the project and re-recorded them for a solo album released in 2004, but the original material recorded by the band has yet to be heard by public ears. Now, with participation from the original members, Wilson, AL Jardone, and Mike Love, the long lost Beach Boys album SMiLE is finally being finished. The studio sessions double-CD set is meant to reflect how the album would sound had the band completed it in the 60’s. It’s been a long wait (44 years to be exact) but anyone who appreciates the Beach Boys would agree its been worth it.

upcoming fall concerts (and my recommendation) 11/1 They Might Be Giants@The Slowdown 11/2 Future Heads@The Waitingroom Real Estate@The Slowdown 11/5 Owl City@Sokol Underground

11/8 Guns N’ Roses@Century Link 11/14 Crooked Fingers@The Waitingroom 11/16 Mates of State@The Waitingroon Ra Ra Riot@Bourbon Theatre (Lincoln)

11/16 Delicate Steve 11/17 The Appleseed Cast@ The Waitingroom


the tube: laugh out loud

the millionaires youtube’s most watched videos and our awesome recommendations story and design by samie steed


s of September this year, the famously adorable video “Charlie Bit My Finger” has more than 375 million views, making it the most viewed user generated video on YouTube. Videos like this have become a part of pop culture, and are well known all over the world. People quote them on the streets, and dress like them for Halloween. But, even the classics can get old sometimes. Youube has so many videos and it can be challenging to find something new. So check out our suggestions for alternative videos. They are lesser known, but equally awesome, and sure to produce laughs every time.

if you like:

then you’ll love: Unicorn after Wisdom Teeth

David after Dentist Nearly everyone has seen “David after Dentist,” perhaps on YouTube, or various talk shows like Ellen. David is a kid who’s drugged up after going to the dentist and consequentially says silly things. If you liked watching David talk nonsense (let’s face it, who wouldn’t?), then you’ll love watching “Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth.” It’s the same concept, with a grown woman talking about a unicorn in a “magical palace to the land of the blueberries”. In “David after Dentist,” the patient questions his sanity, while in “Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth,” the patient questions her mom’s sanity, while acting insane herself. If you love watching people say funny things as much as I do, watch both of these videos. They’re so funny that you will be asking, “Is this real life?”

Harry Potter Puppet Pals

Harry Potter Book of Mormon Wizards and Muggles alike have seen Harry Potter Puppet Pals, but there is a lot more Potter hilarity in youtube. I would recommend the “Harry Potter Book of Mormon Parody,” even for people who don’t know what a Muggle is. The video is in the same musical vein as the puppet pals, except the characters are all acted out in person rather than puppets. Tessa Netting dressed up as each character, then edited them together in one shot, setting it up like the introduction sequence to the Brady Bunch. Similar to the “Harry Potter Puppet Pals,” the video starts with one character, then adding more and more overlapping characters, dialogue, and therefore laughter from you.


then you’ll love:

if you like: EpicMealTime

The Evolution of Dance

Pounds of bacon, thousands of calories, and hundreds of grams of fat... what’s not to love about “EpicMealTime”? Most students have seen these videos, in which a group of friends cook up interesting meals, which include pizza with fast food items and chocolate covered bacon. There has been a positive reaction to these videos, with many Americans subscribing to the channel. However, some find it downright disgusting, but that’s probably a reason for its popularity. In “Kids React,” a group of kids watch popular YouTube videos and talk about what they viewed. The kids reacted to “EpicMealTime” by being completely grossed out and confused. When you watch “Kids React,” you will surely be entertained. Both “EpicMealTime” and “Kids React” have channels with tons of videos to suit anyone, and you’re sure to find one that you like.

“The Evolution of Dance” is one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time, featuring an older man dancing to popular crazes throughout the years, including the chicken dance and the running man. The video has had million of views due to its sentimental value. However, I think I’ve discovered a kid who will become more popular than the unknown man. His name is Trevor and he dances to popular music, such as Lady Gaga, in the middle of an Apple store. Lip-syncing Trevor goes full-out when jamming to the hits, and isn’t embarrassed when people walk by. The look on the faces are hilarious, and so will the one on your face. “The Evolution of Dance” may seem impressive, but trust me...Trevor can dance!

Kids React


Star Wars According to a Three-Year-Old

Charlie Bit My Finger Everyone loves a toddler... especially one who is getting his finger bitten by a kid named Charlie. “Charlie Bit my Finger” is an adorable video that has captured our hearts, and I’ve found a similar video you will love. In “Star Wars According to a ThreeYear-Old,” a toddler discusses the depths of the Star Wars world and the ‘evil guy.’ Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, the video is enjoyable. You might learn something from the little girl, she sounds convincing. “Star Wars According to a Three-Year-Old” has the same laugh-out-loud humor that “Charlie Bit my Finger” does. So take a bit out of life, use the force, and watch both of these videos.

Diet Coke + Mentos

Microwave This What do you get when you mix Diet Coke and Mentos? If you’re a teenager, you will like the answer: it’s an epic explosion. What do you get when you stick a My Little Pony in the microwave? You may not know the result, but I’m guessing you might be interested in finding out. “Microwave This,” featuring experiments similar to that in the “Diet Coke + Mentos” video, can help you find the answer. In “Microwave This,” the hosts of the show microwave a bunch of random everyday items such as My Little Ponies, a lightbulb and batteries. “Diet Coke + Mentos” is only one experiment, while “Microwave This” is a series of different videos and experiments in microwaves. There must be something you want to see microwaved, and is a fair chance that “Microwave This” has a video on it. Come on... who doesn’t love a giant explosion?


snapshots: the



zombie walk living dead walk for charity story, design, and photos by eva phillips


he annual Omaha Zombie Walk in Benson attracted nearly 2,500 to 3,000 of Omaha’s living dead on Saturday, Oct 15. This year’s walk was a benefit for the Sienna Francis House, with a “Rave to the Grave” after-party at The Waitingroom. The wide range of undead, including zombie brides, brain-hungry children, and even mutant pets, crawled the streets searching for victims (who were marked with a large duct tape ‘X’). Not far from sight, a militia of zombie hunters planned their attack, armed with Nerf guns and Segways, ready to strike at any moment. Whether you’re a zombie, victim, hunter, or just an observer, the Benson Zombie Walk is a great way to get into the Halloween mood. Just remember, when you’re a zombie, you must stay in character at all times. There’s no chatting with the zombie next to you or texting your undead friend. And never forget, the only word you’re allowed to say and the only word zombies know is, “BRAINS”.


in depth:mystery


don’t turn out the lights the mystery behind the manor story and design by jordan meradith, photos by alycia olson



he creepy Victorian duplex was built in 1886 by an Omaha shoemaker. 20 years later, the Omaha World Herald reported an infant death on the property. The body was buried somewhere in the yard, and to this day it isn’t known exactly where. Strangely, the owners moved out less than a month later and the property was sold. The manor shifted owners and purposes over the years. They sold it to a landlady, who turned it into a boarding house, and used it as a bordello until prostitution was outlawed. It was turned back into a boarding house, and in the mid 1960’s it was turned into apartments. The building was occupied until it was condemned in 1983. Wayne Sealy bought the condemned apartments, and turned them into Omaha’s longest running haunted house, Mystery Manor.

From the start of the Halloween season to Halloween night, Mystery Manor leads thousands of terrified guests through the Nightmare of William Hall. The haunt begins on the second floor in the haunted hallway, where the story of William and Greta Hall is revealed. From there, guests are taken through caves, the fisherman’s lodge, a swamp, castle and more. On the third floor people make their way through the house’s newest attraction, the Terror in the Dark. Guests are led into an eerie pitch black room filled with fog. At first it is silent, then 16 gunfire sounds go off at rapid fire. Screams fill the house. “The room that we are in right now is actually right below it,” manager Matt Wood said. “When the house is open and you’re sitting here and people are walking through the house, you can hear people just drop to the floor.” The infamous Black Hole, otherwise known as “the slide” is also on the third floor. Guests are sent sixty feet down, in two to three seconds flat. “When I was a kid we used to polish it with car polish, and we would wear choir robes and just go down the slide over and over,” the owner’s son, Mark Sealy said. Although the ghost of William Hall doesn’t roam the manor, some spooky occurences happened there. Both Sealy and Wood have had paranormal encounters. “There were four of us in the building and we were doing art inspections in the fall before we opened,” Wood said. “We heard my name, a girl yelled ‘Matt’. All of us heard it and nobody else was around.” Sealy recalls another ghostly experience. “There was one time about two seasons ago, we had painted a room black, it was up on our third floor, just the two of us,” Sealy said. “Matt noticed a handprint, very titanic like on a transom window we had just painted. You could see where the fingers started and the thumb where it pulled down through the

paint. He says to me ‘Mark do you have paint on your hands?’ And I said no, neither of us had paint on our hands. It was the weirdest thing.” Paranormal activity is difficult to detect during the season with all the commotion. It is during the off season when the really scary stuff happens. “I would rather be in here with fifty actors trying to scare me, than be in here by myself,” Wood said. During the off season, Mystery Manor offers paranormal tours. They will take people through the house and give them a tour and a complete history. The guests can spend the night in the house. Often times, guests will bring equipment to detect paranormal activity. “There is a trunk up in our attic scene, and during the last investigation that we had, it knocked for nintey minutes,” Wood said. “Something was inside it knocking. We’d take the lid off and the knocking would stop nothing was on the inside, put it back on and it would start again. It was almost replying to questions.” “You could even put your hand on the hardwood floor and the other hand on the trunk, and when it knocked you could tell it was just coming from the trunk,” Sealy said. “They even had spoke lights on the trunk, and when it would knock the lights would light up.” Although they don’t always need loud noises and bloody actors to do it, the ultimate goal is to scare the audience. “[The goal is] really what’s going to make you feel the most uncomfortable that you’ve ever felt, and still have fun,” Wood said. Every phobia is addressed in the house. From spiders, snakes, heights, the dark, clowns, and the unintentional ghost. No matter your fear, Mystery Manor is sure to give you a scream.




about zombies

history of the dead I

so it turns out zombies are real. well, kind of. story by lilly phillips, design by lilly phillips and eva phillips, photo by eva phillips


t wasn’t until George Romero’s 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead, that zombies became the brain-eating monsters we think of today. The real origin of zombies began in Haiti, where zombies are more than urban legend; they are documented fact. The story begans with a member of the family who was so annoying, no one could stand it any longer. This person was then sold to the witch doctor, or bokor, who slyly poisoned his victim with a mixture of toad skin and pufferfish. Pufferfish contains a a deadly neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin that can cause cause paralysis and slow all vital signs, making a person appear dead. Then the person was buried, dug up by the bokor and

force fed a paste containing strong hallucinogens. These drugs broke the links with reality and caused a perpetual state of delirium. The person could not form new memories, had no idea who he was, and felt completely lost. The zombie was under the power of the bokor. Often, the zombie was sold as a slave to a sugar plantation, and would be slipped more drugs if he were to ever begin regaining consciousness. Luckily, the practice of zombification was rare and is no longer performed. However, it may have produced some positive effects in the long run. A few scientists believe that the potion used by Bokors may have ingredients that could be key in making medicines and treatments for serious illnesses.

survival guide in case of a zombie emergency


ith the advancement of genetic engineering and the new strains of drug-resistant bacteria, it is only a matter of time before a Hollywood-esque zombie epidemic occurs. There is no guarantee as to whether they will be fast or slow, dumb or slightly intelligent. The research of zombies is limited, and predictions are nearly impossible. Although the first response to this realization is fear, there are some preventive measures you can take to ensure your survival in a world plagued by the living dead. If the zombies are slow, they are probably dumb as well. Clearly the have had extensive brain damage to their fine motor skills and thus it is safe to assume that they will easier to escape.

However, they are relentless in their quest for human flesh, so protect yourself by doing the following: buy deadbolts for your door, have things ready to block windows, collect a HUGE stash of food and water and other such necessities. Of course you will need weapons (metal baseball bats are great), armor of sorts (gardening gloves), flashlights, batteries, a radio and paint to write messages that let people know you are alive. Other things to consider: parkour training will make for better getaways. If the zombies are fast... nice knowing you!

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), here are some essentials you will need: Water (1 gallon per person per day) Food (stock up on non-perishable items that you eat regularly) Medications (this includes prescription and non-prescription meds) Tools and Supplies (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.) Sanitation and Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, etc.) Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family member and blankets) Important documents (copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate to name a few) First Aid supplies (although you’re a goner if a zombie bites you, you can use these supplies to treat basic cuts and lacerations that you might get


diy: jack-o-lanterns

coolest pumpkins on the block story and design by kate laing, photos from


magine yourself as a third grader again. It’s Halloween night, and you’re dressed up as your favorite character, envisioning your plastic pumpkin filled to the brim with delicious chocolate bars and lollipops. Of course, you know that you’ll have to run up to each door, ring the bell and exclaim, “Trick-or-Treat!” in anticipation of getting a few pieces of candy. Part of the excitement of this night is taking in all of the creepy decorations surrounding each house... after all, they aren’t just houses tonight. A few are creepy, “haunted” houses, that require a certain amount of bravery to approach. In the midst of the graveyards, spiderwebs, eerie music and flashing lights, your eyes always land on the refreshing glow of a jack-o-lantern. It’s a tradition for many families to carve pumpkins in the days before Halloween. Doorsteps are typically decorated with jack-o-lanterns with a variety of designs to greet trick-or-treaters. However, many feature a cliche face with triangle eyes and a toothy grin. Instead of this, consider getting more crafty and create a unique scene. Make several pirate jack-o-lanterns and have them set up as “walking” on a plank, with one laying in a pool of water. If you’ve got a few hours, you could grab a pumpkin and glue candy corn on the surface to create hundreds of orange, yellow and white spikes. If you simply want to carve a pumpkin, don’t take the generic route. Try carving a tribal/tiki pumpkin. Whatever design you choose, make sure that your jack-o-lantern isn’t one to melt into the decorations. Make the pumpkin stand out as the most experimental and original one on the block.

walk the plank You will need:

several pumpkins pumpkin carving tools pirate clothing, eye patches, etc. wooden plank small tub of water

your pumpkin to look like a pirate. Include 1 Carve squinty eyes, a growling mouth, and perhaps some snaggly teeth.

you want, you can wrap some black cloth or 2 Ifplace a pirate hat on top of your pirate jack-o-lan-

tern’s head. To achieve the whole pirate package, put on an eye patch and attach a hook to the side.

a plank outside, sticking out above a tub of 3 Place water to mimic a plank on a pirate ship on the ocean. Make the pumpkins sit on the plank, and put one in the water. This is the perfect, spooky setup for Halloween night.


deformed & creepy

You will need:

a very deformed pumpkin pumpkin carving tools paint for details peanut shells for the teeth hot glue gun

the pumpkin so it is laying on it’s 1 Turn side, with the stem in position to be a nose.

a wide grin for the mouth. Also 2 Cut scoop out some of the skin for the eyes, but do not cut all the way through.

3 Paint eyes. the hot glue gun to glue peanut 4 Use shells around the mouth to create teeth. give me some candy You will need:

a pumpkin pumpkin carving tools several bags of candy corn hot glue gun a few hours

1 Carve a face into the pumpkin. gluing the candy corn on the 2 Begin pumpkin, yellow end down. Do

this until you completely cover the pumpkin.

your tired hand, and eat the 3 Rest leftover candy corn.


extras: procrastinate

the best of the web craze staff’s fave websites for wasting time. story and design by lilly phillips


pending too much time on NoodleTools? Need a break? We know how you feel. Putting together a magazine requires a lot of inspiration, and sometimes we stumble upon awesome stuff. So, look no further than our comprehinsive list of some of the best sites for creativity, DIYs, videos, news, entertainment, and more. If you have any sites we should know about, or have comments on this issue, please email us at We’d love to hear from you!

creativity: tunes and games: sports and news:


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