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The gentle, rhythmic movement of qigong reduces stress, builds stamina, increases vitality, and enhances the immune system. This ancient Chinese health care system integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Instructor, Barbara Gleisner. No classes June 5, July 31 and August 1. ◆ 6655 5/1-8/7 Tu 5:30-7pm *$126/$145 ◆ 6656 5/2-8/8 W 10-11:30am *$126/$145



Turn walks into a whole body workout that are fun, increases aerobic capacity and strength, and burns 50% more calories. Learn techniques and how to select the right poles. Loaner poles available. Walks are 30-60 minutes. Instructor, Renee Reed. ◆ 6691 5/19 Sat 1-2:30pm *$15/$20 ◆ 6692 6/23 Sat 1-2:30pm *$15/$20 ◆ 6693 7/14 Sat 1-2:30pm *$15/$20 ◆ 6694 8/18 Sat 1-2:30pm *$15/$20

PICKLE-BALL DOUBLES TOURNAMENT September 8, Yost Pool 9535 Bowdoin Way $25 registration and $10 each additional event. For more information call 425-771-0229. Sponsored by Taki Tiki Bar and Grill.


Matches start at 6:30pm Tuesdays. 6 matches followed by a single elimination tournament for the top 4 teams. Registration starts April 9 and June 4. DOUBLES ◆ 6509 Men’s Upper ◆ 6510 Men’s Lower ◆ 6511 Women’s ◆ 6512 Mixed Upper ◆ 6513 Mixed Lower ◆ 6514 Men’s Upper ◆ 6515 Men’s Lower ◆ 6516 Women’s ◆ 6517 Mixed Upper ◆ 6518 Mixed Lower

4/24-6/5 Tu 4/24-6/5 Tu 4/24-6/5 Tu 4/24-6/5 Tu 4/24-6/5 Tu 6/26-8/7 Tu 6/26-8/7 Tu 6/26-8/7 Tu 6/26-8/7 Tu 6/26-8/7 Tu

$70/team $70/team $70/team $70/team $70/team $70/team $70/team $70/team $70/team $70/team


Join us for free community walks June 19-August 30. More details at or 425-582-8600. MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, Saturdays 9:30am

Come and join us in America’s fastest growing sport! Instructor Roger BelAir will teach you the forehand, backhand volleys serves return of serves and give you some general tips about playing the game. Handouts available. Balls and paddles provided. ◆ 6519 Beginners 6/21 Th 6:30-8pm $10 ◆ 6520 Intermediate 6/22 F 2-3:30pm $10

Mountlake Terrace Recreation Pavilion


EDMONDS, Tuesdays 9:30am

NEW TURF FIELDS! Register for Adult Men’s, Women’s and Coed Leagues. Multiple divisions will be available for each league. Sign up for the night of week you want to play (pending availability) Sunday-Friday. The $960 league fee includes 16 games (8 double headers) with the top 4 teams in each division qualifying for a single elimination tournament. USSSA team affiliation fee included. Games officiated by USSSA and played at Meadowdale Playfields weekdays starting at 6:10pm and Sundays at 5pm. Registration for returning teams begins 4/23/18 and new teams begins 4/30/18. On-line registration starts at 6am at and Call in starts at 9am Edmonds 425-771-0230 or Lynnwood 425-670-5732. For more information contact Todd, 425-771-0229 or Travis, 425-670-5517. ◆ Coed Su, Tu, F 5/20-8/10 $960/team ◆ Men’s M-Th 5/20-8/10 $960/team ◆ Women’s W 5/20-8/10 $960/team

Edmonds Senior Center

LYNNWOOD, Mondays 6pm

Verdant Community Wellness Center LYNNWOOD, Thursdays 6pm

Lynnwood Recreation Center


Participants must register prior to participating. $3/ adult; $2/youth/senior (60+). Punch pass available. No drop in May 28, June 7-18 and July 4. Hours subject to change. Fee includes 10.3% sales tax. OPEN GYM BASKETBALL

Maximum 15 – Call 425-771-0230 for schedule. OPEN GYM PICKLE-BALL

Maximum 20 – M-F 9am-1pm OPEN GYM VOLLEYBALL

Maximum 18 – Th 6:30-8:30pm WEIGHT ROOM

Cardio and strength training machines, dumbbells and more! M-F 8:30am-8:30pm, Sat 9am-1:30pm.



Learn how to correctly set yourself up on the weight machines and how to use them. ◆ 6680 5/4 F 9-10am ◆ 6681 6/1 F 9-10am ◆ 6682 7/6 F 9-10am ◆ 6683 8/3 F 9-10am

Matches consist of six games, two hours in length. Limited to 16 teams. Fee includes a 7-week round robin with a season ending tournament for all teams. Matches 6/11 and 6/18 will be at City Park all other matches will be at the Frances Anderson Center Field. Space is limited. Call 425-771-0229. ◆ 6505 6/11-8/13 M 6:30-8:30pm $130/team

Register now! Call 425-771-0230 • EDMONDS


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2018 Craze May-August  

A collaborative Parks and Recreation publication by the cities of Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace.

2018 Craze May-August  

A collaborative Parks and Recreation publication by the cities of Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace.