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My Cal Rec Sports Story Gordon Bayne , Assistant Athletic Director, Event Management Cal Rec Sports member for 16 years

“I met my wife Tamara at the RSF. She looked at me; I looked at her—it was love at first sight. At least for me it was…” > Read Gordon’s story at

My Cal Rec Sports Story Nurredina Sunshine Workman , Interim Assistant Director Leadership Development Center for Student Leadership

Cal Rec Sports member for 2 years

“Working out makes me feel alive. I can make or break a day with my attitude and working out keeps me super positive …”

> Read Nurredina’s story at

My Cal Rec Sports Story Sydney Kustu , Professor of Plant and Microbial Biology Cal Rec Sports member for 7 years

“Classes at the RSF and the availability of the cardio machines have gotten me past breast cancer, a foot surgery, and a knee surgery. The AARP has come up with the saying, ‘ If it moves, move it.’ …” > Read Sydney’s story at

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